General, Your Wife Is Requesting Your Return Home For Farming

Chapter 934: Wei Xu ‘s Power

Chapter 934 - 934: Wei Xu ‘s Power

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Su Xuan’s expression did not change.

Su Li exploded. “Jade-faced Rakshasa? My fourth brother? Wei Ting, is your brain damaged or are my ears damaged? My fourth brother can’t even kill a chicken. How can he be the number one killer, Jade-faced Rakshasa?”

Su Xuan spread his hands and smiled quietly. “General Wei thinks too highly of me.”

Su Li nodded and said to Wei Ting, “That’s right. Even if you suspect me, it’s better than suspecting my fourth brother.”

Su Xiaoxiao gave Su Li a sidelong glance. “In what way do you look like a jade-faced Rakshasa? Is the similarity that you’re both men?”

Su Li was speechless.

“Little sidekick, are you done talking to Su Xuan? Eh? Where is he?”

Princess Hui An looked around and came to the back door.

She looked at Wei Ting and Su Li, who had appeared out of nowhere, and a

trace of surprise flashed across her eyes. “Are you… together? This is…”

Su Li had slept in the open all the way. He was ravaged to the point of being unbearable to look at. Princess Hui An did not recognize him for a moment.

Su Li recognized her.

Then he was even more surprised.

He looked at Princess Hui An and then at his fourth brother.

If he was not seeing things, the two of them came out of the same courtyard!

His fourth brother and Princess Hui An..

His tiger body trembled. “Fourth Brother! You kidnapped Princess Hui An to the southern border?!”

Su Xuan was speechless.

And so was Princess Hui An.

Su Xiaoxiao burst out laughing.

Now, he smelled like a biological brother.

Young man, you’re right. Your fourth brother was the one who kidnapped Hui An!

Princess Hui An said seriously, “I wanted to come myself! Your fourth brother is my accompanying guard!”

Su Li didn’t believe it.

With his fourth brother’s weak body, how could he be a guard? It was already good enough that others did not need to protect him.

He did not know how Fourth Brother and Princess Hui An eloped to the southern border. He was really a brother who made him worry!

Su Li had already concluded their relationship in her heart and did not accept any form of rebuttal.

Wei Ting looked at Su Xuan with a deep gaze. “Let’s talk in private.”

Su Xuan smiled. “Alright. Princess, please bring my siblings into the courtyard to rest.”

When Su Li heard this, she was even more certain of their relationship. It was the tone of a man instructing the female lead!

Princess Hui An didn’t think too much about it and brought Su Xiaoxiao and Su Li to the central room.

Wei Ting and Su Xuan came to a big tree diagonally opposite.

The shade of the tree blocked the sun, and a cool wind blew.

Wei Ting changed his calmness from before and was enveloped in a layer of coldness. ‘Who are you?”

Su Xuan said calmly, “I’m the fourth son of the Su family, Su Xuan.”

Wei Ting said in a dangerous tone, “Does Su Xuan know the elder of the Holy Maiden Temple? He even moved into her house? Does Su Xuan know martial arts and came to assassinate my father in the middle of the night?” Su Xuan smiled faintly. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Wei Ting said coldly, “Stop pretending. Your move is useless against me.” Su Xuan sighed softly. “You’re really a couple. Your words are exactly the same.”

Princess Hui An stuck her head out of the back door. “Su Xuan, come over. The servants in the residence have gone out. I don’t know how to make tea!”


Su Xuan followed suit and entered the back door.

As Wei Ting watched him leave, a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

Su Xiaoxiao and the others did not stay at Elder Lou’s house for long. They sat for an hour before leaving.

Princess Hui An was a little unhappy.

After Su Xiaoxiao promised to visit her tomorrow, her expression barely improved.

Wei Ting and Su Li sent Su Xiaoxiao back first and took the Cheng family’s carriage.

In the carriage, Wei Ting said nothing.

Su Xiaoxiao thought of how he had taken Su Xuan for the Jade-faced Rakshasa and couldn’t help but ask, “Is it that similar?”

Wei Ting paused and realized what she was asking. He replied, “I was just testing him. I didn’t see his face clearly that night.”

Su Li leaned against the wall of the car and said casually, “Are you talking about the Jade-faced Rakshasa again? My fourth brother really doesn’t know martial arts. He fell seriously ill when he was five years old and injured his foundation. He can’t practice martial arts anymore.”

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Wei Ting.

Wei Ting was thinking about something and did not refute SuLiXuan.

Su Xiaoxiao thought of what her second sister-in-law had once told her. If a person who had injured his foundation wanted to practice martial arts, it was no different from breaking every bone in his body and tearing his meridians.

That extreme pain was not something any normal person could withstand.

A noble young master who had never experienced inhuman pain and torture… He had cultivated such a tenacious temperament.

After Wei Ting and Su Li sent Su Xiaoxiao back to the Cheng family, they went to the shop on West Street to buy rice cakes for Wei Xiyue and Wei Xu.

Wei Xu was not picky about food, but he could always eat two more bites of rice cake.

At this moment, in the courtyard in Changliu Lane, Wei Xu was asleep.

He slept most of the day.

It was better to sleep than to be tortured by medicine when he was awake. Therefore, his family usually wouldn’t disturb him.

However, just as Wei Xu was in a daze, a melodious flute sound came from not far away.

Wei Xu suddenly sat up and was stunned for a moment. He got out of bed with dull eyes, opened the door, and walked out.

Wei Liulang was repairing a water bottle for Wei Xiyue in the courtyard.

She watered her father and the Thorn Flower every day, three times a day, and the water bottle was spoiled.

Wei Liulang heard the commotion and turned around in surprise. “Dad, you’re awake? Are you hungry? There’s food in the kitchen for you…’

Before he could finish, Wei Xu suddenly leaped onto the roof and disappeared.


Wei Liulang hurriedly put down the water bottle and chased after him.

But how could he catch up to his father’s qinggong?

In the blink of an eye, his father was gone!

Wei Xu followed the melodious sound of the flute to a desolate old street.

The night closed around them, and the eaves covered the moonlight on the horizon.

The woman playing the flute looked at the approaching figure, put away the flute, and turned to look at Wei Xu. “You’ve finally appeared. I’ve searched several places.”

Wei Xu’s eyes were dull and he said nothing.

The Saintess came to him and sized him up before walking around him.

She grabbed his wrist again and took his pulse.

Right on the heels of that, she frowned. “What happened? Why did your internal injuries worsen? Where did the burning aura come from? Did someone hurt you?”

The first person the Saintess thought of was Jade-faced Rakshasa.

But soon, she shook her head.

Jade-faced Rakshasa’s cultivation technique did not involve a burning aura. Instead, it was an ice-cold sword qi.

With the combination of new and old injuries and the fact that he had not taken medicine for so many days and had been suffering the backlash of the broken medicine, he had not completely gone crazy. Wei Xu’s strength exceeded her expectations.

The Saintess brought him into her carriage.

All the puppets in the Holy Maiden Temple had to be cleansed. Wei Xu was an exception.

The Holy Maiden had her own selfish motives.

There was no light in the carriage, but there was a huge night pearl embedded in the roof. The gentle pearl light fell as if it was covering their faces with a cold veil.

The Saintess put down the flute in her hand.

The King of the Southern Wilderness had ordered her to send Wei Xu to the palace as soon as possible to be taken care of.

Before sending him over, she had something to do.

She pushed the statue-like Wei Xu onto the soft carriage couch and covered her clothes with her fair hand..

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