Genius Daddy in the City

Chapter 1229 - Blasting open the forbidden area with a single punch!

Chapter 1229: Blasting open the forbidden area with a single punch!

“Boom boom boom!”

Almost at the same time, a loud noise was heard, and a Valley appeared from the cliff.

The valley was divided into two sides by two cliffs.

Instantly, a peerless celestial Valley was revealed.

The essence of heaven and earth gushed out of the valley, accompanied by a dazzling white holy light, as if it was the place where the sun rested.

“What dense Heaven Earth essence Qi!”

Jiu Luan turned into a bald man, his eyes shining as he sized up the entrance of the valley that had suddenly appeared. His rough face was moved.

It had lived in the Jade Lake Holy Land for a long time, and it was only at this moment that it realized that this so-called forbidden area had such a mystery.

“Those damned Holy Masters of the past generations are so unkind. This old man has been protecting you like a horse or a cow for so many years, even if I don’t have any credit, I have worked hard.“

“With such a rich place, if you don’t share it with me, you deserve to die in front of me.”

It cursed in its heart.

The tens of thousands of people behind him were also stunned by this scene. Even the purple Lotus Peak Master and the Jade Lake Holy Land’s people were no exception.

“Brother ye, this is the Jade God Valley!”

Shi qianhan walked out of the crowd and said seriously,””It’s said that the first Holy master of the Jade Lake Holy Land was known as the Jade Lake old deity. This person suppressed the primordial times and plundered countless rare treasures in the valley. He even developed Dao patterns and didn’t let others enter.“

“I’ve also heard my Imperial father mention it. ”

Behind him, Hua qianqi’s beautiful eyes flickered with a strange light.”Senior ye, you have to be careful. This generation’s Holy master of the Jade Lake has existed for longer than my father, and he is also the most low-key …”

Ye chen closed his eyes and sensed everything between heaven and earth. He sensed the dispensable sense of familiarity in the valley and then opened his eyes with a faint joy.”That girl’s aura …”

“Let’s go!”

He glanced at the nine puppet worms and Blackie, who had followed behind him. Then, he walked towards the celestial Valley with determined steps.

“Little girl, your father is here to save you!”

“My dear daughter, daddy won’t let you and I be separated this time. I’ll kill anyone who stands in my way!”

At this moment, he was powerful and decisive. A terrifying fighting intent surged from his body, almost encompassing the entire world.

Blackie followed him without hesitation, but the nine-holed puppet did not move. Its eyes kept rolling.”I wonder if this kid is a match for that old man. If not, then I’ll be in an awkward situation …”

After a moment’s hesitation, it finally chose to follow, for no other reason than the fact that the essence Qi in the valley was too rich.

Seeing the three of them enter the valley, some people from the Jade Lake Holy Land subconsciously wanted to follow them.


Shi qianhan’s aura burst out as he stared at the man coldly.””One more step and you’ll die!!!”

“Shi qianhan!”

The man was instantly enraged, and his face darkened.””This is the Holy Land of the Jade Lake. What right do you have to restrain us?”

“Bang …”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was cut in half by a sword Qi. He didn’t even have time to scream.

“Why are you so noisy with this old man?”

Hua qianren, the princess of great Xia, put away a sword pellet and pouted,””I’ll just cut it with my sword!”

“You …”

The rest of the Jade Lake Holy Land’s experts were furious, but they didn’t dare to attack Shi qianhan and his companion.

After all, most of their powerhouses had been slaughtered by ye chen. Although the remaining people were not afraid of Shi qianhan and Shangguan Fei, they were afraid of their background.

“That brat forced his way into the forbidden area, he’s dead for sure!”

Some of them looked extremely resentful.


The valley was full of life. The vegetation was green, and the towering mountain peaks stood like swords. Silver waterfalls hung upside down above them, and strange beasts ran in the forest occasionally.

The mountains were surrounded by strange phenomena and dense mist. Ancient medicine grew one after another. It seemed to be the residence of an immortal, and the fragrance of strange fruits could be faintly smelled.

“F * ck, F * cking dogs!”

Jiu Ming Ming’s eyes were red as he watched the scene, cursing in his heart: “F * cking Saint sovereigns, I’ve been in the mountain Gate suffering from the wind and rain, but you guys came here to enjoy your life. Just you wait, I’ll go and dig up your graves …”

Although it said this, its hands and feet were extremely nimble, and every catty it passed by would unceremoniously collect the precious fruits and ancient medicine.

Ye chen walked slowly in the valley and found that his divine sense could only cover a radius of a thousand feet.”It seems like this place is a separate small world.”

“But so what? even if I have to break this small world, I will find my daughter!”

As he thought about it, he did not stop walking. The deeper he went, the thicker the fog became. In the end, he could not even see his fingers.

“Master, be careful!” Blackie followed closely behind, looking around vigilantly.


Ye chen suddenly shook it away and then struck out with his palm toward the southeast corner.

“Boom …”

The deafening sound was so loud that the entire Valley seemed to be unable to withstand it and was about to collapse.

In the mist, an extremely old figure slowly appeared. The person held a horsetail whisk in his hand and stood like a peerless old immortal. His face was neither happy nor sad.

“Jade Lake Saint Lord!”

Blackie immediately acted as if it was facing a great enemy.

“He’s not!”Ye chen and Jiu zhirou said in unison.

Then, he saw Jiu Yao Yao coldly stare at the old man with the horsetail whisk, as if she was a little surprised.””He’s the Jade Lake sacred land’s great elder, li muxian!”

“F * cking past Holy Masters, even li Mubai this old fellow can enter, but he won’t let this old man in!”

It was getting more and more indignant.

Ye chen looked at the old man coldly.”Another one who’s here to die?!!”

The old man with the horsetail whisk looked deeply at Jiu zhirou and shouted,””Jiu Luan, you’ve brought outsiders into the forbidden area of my Jade pool without permission. You’ll be punished by the Holy master after this.”

Jiu Ming Ming’s expression was a little ugly.

Then, the old man looked at ye chen again.”Young man, last time you tried to break into the forbidden area of the Jade Lake, and this time, you have killed many people. You have crossed the line.”

“You hid my daughter and obstructed me from meeting her. Shouldn’t I kill you?” Ye chen said coldly.

The old man shook his head.”Your daughter is still alive. She’s doing well. As long as you don’t do anything stupid, I’ll take you to her!”

After saying that, he flicked his horsetail whisk and slowly turned around to walk forward.””Follow me!”

“Master, be careful of a trap!”

Blackie said subconsciously.

Ye chen shook his head. He took a step forward and followed the former closely. He was prepared to attack without hesitation if the former made any rash moves.

An hour later, the group of people arrived at a special Pure Land. The vegetation was flourishing, and the ancient trees reached the sky.

“Your daughter is there!”

The old man pointed into the distance.

Ye chen looked in the direction he was pointing at and saw a young figure swinging on a swing between two ancient trees in the distance. He could faintly hear the sound of joyful laughter.

“It’s an illusion!”

Ye Chen’s fiery golden eyes suddenly brightened. Then, a sky full of killing intent swept toward the old man with the horsetail whisk.

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