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Chapter 2416 - Enough Nonsense, Let’s Fight(2)

Chapter 2416: Enough Nonsense, Let’s Fight(2)

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At the moment, all Qiao Chu and the others thinking to do was to beat everyone into the hell in revenge for the death of Yan Bu Gui!

“You ungrateful brats, quit being so shameless when the opportunity is given to you!” The presumptuous behaviour of Qiao Chu had aroused the dissatisfaction in Xie Chang Ming, causing his pair of eyes to narrow menacingly.

“I don’t want your opportunity, the only thing I want is your lives!!” Qiao Chu sneered. It had been five years, who else would be able to understand the wrath and discontent that had been suppressed within them for so long?

The death of their Master who was meant to be a great benefactor to them and the missing of their friends who they sworn to live or die together. In more than one thousand and eight hundred days and nights, everyday appeared like a year in length, they were living in endless regret and anger. Even when it was in their dreams, they were waiting for the day for them to clean the dust on Yan Bu Gui’s grave with the blood of the Upper Realm to come!

“You!!” Xie Chang Ming was so incensed because of Qiao Chu that he nearly coughed up blood. These people from the Lower Realm were each getting more dauntless than the other. At first, it was Jun Wu Xie who had openly provoked the Upper Realm, and then it was Qiao Chu and the other few brats who didn’t know how to tell good from bad at all. One after another, they were all insane!

“You guys really think that you are completely invincible after becoming a Gold Spirit? There are so many Gold Spirits in the Upper Realm. It’s just that I am thinking of promoting you to the Upper Realm since I feel you guys have got some talents. But if you refuse to appreciate it, then just die.” Wei Ya sneered. Train the talented people if they were usable, if not, kill them before they could even have the chance to grow!

“Die or live, that’s not up to you!” said Hua Yao in a cold voice. Even if it was someone who was calm and mature like him, there was killing intent raging in his eyes.

The emotions of both sides were slowly getting uncontrollable. Both the armies rolled up their sleeves, getting ready for battle.

However, at the moment, Jun Wu Xie suddenly urged her horse to step forward. She raised her hand and stopped Qiao Chu and the others who were eager to rush forward and fight.

“Little Xie?” Qiao Chu looked at Jun Wu Xie’s act in confusion. Stunned.

The fact that they gathered here today, wasn’t it because they wanted to fight with the Upper Realm to death?

But why did Jun Wu Xie stop them all of a sudden?

Instead of speaking a word, Jun Wu Xie just stared at Luo Qingcheng who was not far away from her with her cold eyes. The moment both their eyes came into contact with each other, it seemed like Jun Wu Xie was back again in the past five years. The stinky smell of the blood was still whirling around her nose. The students from the Spirit Jade Palace were all covered in wounds, screaming in pain while collapsing in pools of blood during the slaughter of the Gold Spirits from the Upper Realm. It seemed like she had once again witnessed the moment Jun Wu Yao turned his back and left her, the very last gentle and loving look in Ren Huangs’s eyes before he exploded himself and the bloody and tangled body of Yan Bu Gui!

Every single scene in the past five years came into her mind in this moment, as if everything had just happened yesterday.

“What now? Are you scared?” Luo Qingcheng fixed her eyes on Jun Wu Xie’s, a brutal murderous intent emerged from the bottom of her eyes. She found it ridiculous that Jun Wu Xie still hadn’t countered with anything uptil now.

“Why act like you aren’t afraid to die when you aren’t courageous enough to do so? You are just the same you five years ago. Still being useless and still the same rubbish that only knows how to run away and live in the dark, hahaha…” Luo Qingcheng looked up and let out a loud laugh. The Jun Wu Xie five years ago wasn’t strong enough to be her opponent, and it was still going to be the same after the five years had passed!

Nothing had ever changed.

Luo Qingcheng’s words had caused the expression on the faces of Qiao Chu and the rest of them to turn worse. The moment they were going to dash forward, Jun Wu Xie suddenly spoke her words. “Luo Qingcheng.”

“Your grandma is here!” Luo Qingcheng sneered.

The cold and clear eyes of Jun Wu Xie glared at Luo Qingcheng’s arrogant eyes. She spat out her words one by one. “Do you dare to fight one-on-one with me?”

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