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Chapter 2480 - Twisted Love (3)

Chapter 2480: Twisted Love (3)

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No one thought that Luo Qingcheng would have made such a request.

Bai Yunxian was stunned and could only look at Jun Wu Xie.

“You don’t deserve to see him.” Jun Wu Xie replied coldly.

“Then, I won’t tell you anything.” Luo Qingcheng insisted.

Jun Wu Xie did not speak further, she only looked at Luo Qingcheng. After a while, the pain that was extinguished by the cold water once again shrouded Luo Qingcheng’s body, and she could not speak anymore due to the torment.

This torture lasted throughout the day, from dawn till dusk, Luo Qingcheng’s vocal chords were bleeding from her screams, and her consciousness became more and more blurred.

But she’d rather die than speak, stubbornly wanting to see Jun Wu Yao.

Nevertheless, until the end, Jun Wu Xie did not accede to her request.

Jun Wu Xie was unable to obtain the answer she wanted even as it became night. So she left the jail cell for now and let Luo Qingcheng continue to suffer the pain.

In the hazy moonlight, Jun Wu Xie walked the streets of Qi City where it was brightly lit all around.

The black cat stood on her shoulder as it lazily swiped its tail.

Actually, even if Jun Wu Xie had acceded to Luo Qingcheng’s request, there would not have been any loss. Jun Wu Yao had never considered her, and Jun Wu Xie was not worried that one meeting would cause any changes, she just wasn’t willing to.

She was not willing to remind Jun Wu Yao about anything regarding the Upper Realm. Whatever Luo Qingcheng wanted to say, whatever she wanted to ask, to Jun Wu Yao, that was just a shapeless form of disturbance.

Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie each were using their own ways to protect one other, silently. That warm, tacit understanding of each other, although it was not hot and fierce, it was very heartwarming.

Returning to the Ghost City’s palace, Jun Wu Yao was waiting for many hours and as he saw Jun Wu Xie’s return, his face lit up in a smile.

“You are back?” His face is as usual as he stood up to walk towards his little fellow, and he wrapped Jun Wu Xie in an embrace.

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly, and leaned into Jun Wu Yao’s embrace, feeling the warmth which radiated from him.

“Half a month later, let’s go to the Upper Realm, all right?” Jun Wu Xie suddenly spoke.

Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly, and asked nonplussed.

“Why do you suddenly want to go to the Upper Realm?”

“I forced myself to cultivate the ways of the Soul World, my powers are messed up. Before I had the help of the Spirit Envoy in controlling it, so it was not a problem. But I can’t carry on like this, it’s not the right way. I want to go to the Soul World to try and find a solution. Also…..” Jun Wu Xie said lowly, “I am concerned. This time, Luo Qingcheng and the others failed, but the Upper Realm would not give up easily on their Blood Sacrifice plan. Our powers are unable to reach the Upper Realm, and we don’t know their further plans. Only by going to the Upper Realm can we grasp their movements.”

There was one more point which Jun Wu Xie didn’t vocalize.

In order to get rid of the Life and Death worm within Jun Wu Yao’s body, the only way was to head to the Upper Realm. These three reasons were why Jun Wu Xie was unable to continue staying in the Lower Realm to enjoy her moment of happiness. This one minute of happiness might result in shouldering greater risks.

“Alright, if you want to go, then we shall go. Half a month is sufficient for us to make preparations.” Jun Wu Yao laughed lightly. In fact, even if Jun Wu Xie hadn’t brought it up, he already had the intention to head to the Upper Realm. Because of Jun Wu Xie’s condition, the only way was to go to the Soul World to find a solution. He could suppress her condition but he could not truly cure her.

Jun Wu Xie nodded her head obediently, and patted Jun Wu Yao’s chest lightly.

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