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Chapter 2482 - To the Upper Realm (2)

Chapter 2482: To the Upper Realm (2)

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Life and Death Worm was what the master of Luo Qingcheng used to deal with Jun Wu Yao. Luo Qingcheng only listened to her master’s instructions, but her master did not reveal more details.

Jun Wu Xie caught onto something in a haze, when Jun Wu Yao helped Qiao Chu and the others extract the Soul, he also used his soul power. But that was more used as a form of traction to draw out their powers, hence his soul power did not actually leave his body. However, in order to suppress the chaos within her body, he had to pass his soul power through her body as a guide…

Jun Wu Xie could not understand before why the Life and Death Worm could have activated but after hearing Luo Qingcheng’s words, she finally understood.

“What is the relevance of the copper ball to the Life and Death Worm?” Jun Wu Xie questioned again.

She did not forget that Luo Qingcheng had took out the copper ball to threaten Jun Wu Yao.

“The copper ball contains the bait for the Life and Death Worm… and it can force the Life and Death Worm to attack…..” Luo Qingcheng muttered breathlessly. Her mind was a blank and she no longer resisted. She only wanted to be relieved of the intense pain, and she was willing to do anything.

“Apart from the copper ball, is there any other items that will force the stimulation of the poison?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“No….. No more….. I don’t know.….”

Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath, finally obtaining the answer she needed. For now, she did not know how to get rid of the Life and Death Worm within Jun Wu Yao’s body, but at the very least, in order to refrain from activating the poison, firstly, he cannot use his soul power and secondly, they must destroy the copper ball.

Only then, they can ensure his safety.

Having obtained her answers, Jun Wu Xie did not want to stay in prison any longer. She departed after leaving some instructions with Bai Yunxian.

Bai Yunxian sent Jun Wu Xie off at the outside of the palace, she stared at the departing back of Jun Wu Xie and as she turned to go back, she saw a familiar figure on the palace wall.

Mo Qianyuan was hidden in the dark, observing all this but he dared not appear in front of Jun Wu Xie.

Bai Yunxian’s heart was bitter, but she could only bow her head to hide her desolate eyes.

Qiao Chu and the rest ran to the palace in Ghost City first thing that morning. The couple of days after Jun Wu Xie’s marriage, they were very considerate and did not come forth to disturb the newly weds as they were deeply afraid that they would cause Jun Wu Yao to be unhappy and he would collectively hang them outside the Ghost City and display them to the public. However, now that they were about to leave, they dared to come to the palace.

“Little Xie, where did you go?” Qiao Chu looked smilingly at Jun Wu Xie. They had arrived earlier but did not see Jun Wu Xie. Even Jun Wu Yao had to leave for the Ghost Army camp to make further arrangements.

Unlike the Night Regime who had been following Jun Wu Yao, the Ghost Army had been deeply hidden in the Lower Realm. Now, Jun Wu Yao had to take up the mantle once again. It required certain arrangements in order to determine the fighting strength of the Ghost Army.

“Nothing much, I just went out for a walk,” said Jun Wu Xie lightly. She was not intending to tell anyone about what happened with Jun Wu Yao. Even if it could not be solved at the moment, there was no need to worry anyone else.

“So….. We are going to Upper Realm tomorrow, and thinking about it is making me slightly excited. I wonder what it is like in the Upper Realm.” Qiao Chu rubbed his hands together in excitement. To them, the Upper Realm was shrouded in mystery; where the strong were abundant like clouds, this trip they were embarking on, they had to be very careful.

“Wu Yao will leave a contingent of people along with the Rui Lin Army, they will monitor the Middle Realm for any movements. We will proceed to the Upper Realm with caution. Until we are clear about the situation, we cannot show our hand.” Jun Wu Xie was serious as she spoke. The journey to Upper Realm was sudden but it was a necessary journey.

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