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Chapter 2631 - Resistance(3)

Chapter 2631: Resistance(3)

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Jun Wu Xie drew in a deep breath. While looking at the enormous green sphere of light on the Soul Ascending Altar, she moved closer to the light sphere, step by step, indomitably.

The light sphere was still constantly exuding the engulfing light. Force after force came surging towards her just like the waves of the sea while the golden light on Jun Wu Xie kept shielding the strong hits away again and again. The colour of gold was so dazzling and striking in the green light, betokening the hope of the Soul World.

At the moment, Jun Wu Xie felt that there was a kind of energy gushing out from her body. When she walked to the bottom of the light sphere, the energy in her soul lifted her up, making her float in the mid air. She would just need to raise her hand up, and was then able to touch the light.

Jun Wu Xie stretched her hand out. Just as the moment both her hands that were enfolded with the gold light went into the green light, the gold light that was covering all over her body too, flooded into the sphere!

At the instant, countless beams of gold light spread all over the green sphere, and the light sphere began to distort. Even when she was being protected by the power of the Spirit Tree, Jun Wu Xie could still vividly feel the aggressive energy that was coming from the green light, as if those energy was an invisible blade in the air, slashing her entire soul so much that it felt so painful.

Nevertheless, at this moment, Jun Wu Xie did not dare to slacken any bits of her effort. The hands which she stretched into the light did not shrink even half an inch back.

She must stop the Soul Sacrificing Event.

No matter if it was for the sake of the Three Realms, or for the sake of herself and Jun Wu Yao!

And suddenly!

A golden light blast out of the green light sphere, and in a twinkling, the gold light shrouded the sphere while engulfing the green light rapidly!

The Soul Sacrificing Event that almost annihilated the entire Soul World and the Three Realms was shredded into pieces at this moment, with the one hundred and eight beacon towers exploding alongside with the green sphere of light!

Clusters of green flames spattered in all directions from the beacon towers, but they were then swallowed by the golden light before even falling onto the ground.

The explosion had caused the whole person of Jun Wu Xie to be blown away, with her entire vision being occupied by the colour of gold…

While being enshrouded with the colour of gold, Jun Wu Xie’s soul had experienced a huge tremor. With her sight abruptly turning black, she then lost all her consciousness.

In the dark, Jun Wu Xie seemed to have seen the figure of Jun Gu. The familiar, but at the same time, strange figure was just standing a few steps away from her. In the complete darkness, it seemed like there was a bit of faint warm and soft halo radiating from the figure of Jun Gu.

He was standing in the dark, looking straight at her with a gentle smile hanging on his face.

But the moment when Jun Wu Xie wanted to stretch her hand out and touch him, just like the flower in the mirror and the moon in the water, the figure turned into nothing and just vanished in the darkness, and even the very last beam of light had completely been swallowed up by the blackness!

Jun Wu Xie was startled and she suddenly opened her eyes.

The moment she opened her eyes, the thing that first came into her sight was the peerlessly handsome face of Jun Wu Yao.

“You’re awake?” Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie who had regained her consciousness with a sense of relief flashing across his eyes.

With her head feeling a little painful, Jun Wu Xie managed to sit up from Jun Wu Yao’s arms and raised her eyes to have a look at the surroundings. Wherever she looked at, it was just a complete wreckage.

The Soul Ascending Altar which was originally magnificent had turned into a ruin, where the scattered debris and wood piled up together and the floor was all blackened.

“I…” Jun Wu Xie’s mind was in turmoil. She could still vaguely remember that following the guidance of the Spirit Tree, she had tried to destroy the Soul Sacrificing Event, but… she didn’t seem to remember anything that happened afterwards.

“You’ve succeeded.” While looking at the stunned little face of Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Yao said in a soft voice.

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