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Chapter 2700 - Who is Getting Hit in The Face? (2)

Chapter 2700: Who is Getting Hit in The Face? (2)

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Ruan Zhongshan thought that Jun Wu Xie was frightened and did not dare to come forward and instead, sent Ye Sha out to ask for forgiveness. Thus, in his heart, he dismissed Jun Wu Xie even more.

“Go back and tell Yan Hai that little bastard that it’s too late! I gave him enough opportunities yesterday to make a choice. He was too arrogant and gave up his last chance. He wants me to retreat today? Don’t say it is you, even if he climbed out of the city in person, and knelt in front of me, begging for mercy, I will not retreat! Let him wait for his impending death!” Ruan Zhongshan sneered proudly, showing his arrogance.

The 20,000 Long Xuan City soldiers behind him let out a resound roar at his mad words.

Ruan Zhongshan was very proud, and he increasingly felt that Sea Spirit City already belonged to him.

However, at this moment when the vigour of the Long Xuan City troops was at its peak, a harsh, shrill sound suddenly ripped off the soldiers’ roar. An arrow burst into the air and shot straight at Ruan Zhongshan’s horse’s hoof!

The sudden appearance of the arrow shocked the originally calm horse, causing it to whine!

Ruan Zhongshan was almost kicked off his horse!

Long Xuan City’s noisy army also fell into silence at this moment!

Suddenly, rows of soldiers started appearing along the city gate towers of Sea Spirit City. Each person held a longbow, bowstring pulled taut, ready to fire. There were nearly a thousand people in number, and nearly a thousand arrow tips, all aimed at Ruan Zhongshan!

Ruan Zhongshan’s face became extremely ugly in an instant!

Ye Sha looked at the 20,000 soldiers who had finally “calmed down”, and then he said, “Did no one tell you that you should wait for others to finish speaking before you respond?”

Ruan Zhongshan’s eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to speak again. There was a bang on the city wall, and all the archers moved the tips of their arrows slightly forward. The intent was obvious. All the arrows were facing Ruan Zhongshan. Ruan Zhongshan had a strong sense of self-confidence, but under such intensive attacks, he was afraid he wouldn’t emerge unscathed. He could only gnash his teeth and stared at Ye Sha.

Ye Sha raised his lower jaw slightly, and with a hint of coldness and pride: “If Lord Ruan does not understand the rules, our Lord said that he doesn’t mind letting a thousand archers ‘teach’ you.”

Ruan Zhongshan’s eyes widened at once. He thought with the soldiers that he brought, Jun Wu Xie would be scared witless. Who could have imagined that Jun Wu Xie had prepared so many archers waiting for him early in the morning!

One person was not enough to fight against the 20,000-strong army of Long Xuan City but all of the thousand Sea Spirit City people were archers with bows and arrows, and their target was not others, only Ruan Zhongshan!

Even if Ruan Zhongshan was ignorant, he already knew the meaning of Jun Wu Xie’s threat.

If he dared to mess around again, the thousand archers will not bother with attacking the soldiers of Long Xuan City, and instead, turn him into a porcupine!

Ruan Zhongshan stared at Ye Sha as he gritted his teeth and pressed down the bitterness in his heart, but he didn’t dare to say a word. His hands behind his back had begun to condense Spiritual Inscriptions, yet he still maintained his composure.

Ye Sha looked at Ruan Zhongshan’s “cooperation” with satisfaction, and raised his eyebrows slightly: “Our City Lord said that today, if anyone from Long Xuan City dares to take one step towards Sea Spirit City, he will kill your 20,000 troops!”

Ye Sha’s ruthless voice spoke out Jun Wu Xie’s admonition; the cold intent in his voice was transmitted to the soldiers’ ears and made them stunted.

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