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Chapter 2723 - I Am Proud That I’m Cowardly (1)

Chapter 2723: I Am Proud That I’m Cowardly (1)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Not only did Qiao Chu not understand what happened, even the always calm Jun Wu Xie was also surprised when she saw the white underwear fluttering in the wind. She subconsciously looked at Zheng Weilong, who was equally surprised, and said:

“What does it mean?”

Raising such things as the white flag, Jun Wu Xie knew the meaning of it from her previous life, but in this world… she was not sure.

Zheng Weilong came back to her senses and looked at Jun Wu Xie’s serious look and that made her want to smile. This was because the impression that Jun Wu Xie had given her was always calm and bold, wise and unflappable, so she did not expect that Jun Wu Xie would take such on such a serious manner and asked her what it meant to raise the white flag.

Although she felt amused and intrigued, Zheng Weilong’s face still tried to maintain a serious expression: “I think … it should mean surrender.”

Jun Wu Xie froze slightly.

It is actually the same meaning as my previous life?

In this regard, she found it unacceptable.

“East Peak City is about to surrender?” Jun Wu Xie’s voice was full of doubts and puzzlement.

The battle had yet to start, the soldiers from both sides have not faced each other, yet East Peak City surrendered?

Jun Wu Xie, who has always been out of the blood, could not accept this sudden victory.

Her expression was slightly frozen, her gaze moved to the white underwear that was swaying on the gate tower of East Peak City, her mouth twitched slightly.

Qiao Chu and others were also dumbfounded. They thought that they could start killing again immediately. However, the other party had surrendered with a white flag before showing his face. In an instant, it was like a bucket of cold water had been poured onto those passionate friends, dampening their mood immediately.

At this moment, a low voice came from the walls of East Peak City.

“The Lord of the Sea Spirit City, I’m the East Peak City Lord, Dongfang Ku Bi. I have heard your words. East Peak City has always loved peace. There is no need for a fight between the two cities. The Sea Spirit City is so powerful that I am willing to surrender and submit. There’s no need for fighting or killing”

Dongfang Ku Bi’s voice was mixed with spiritual power and spread from the upper part of the gate tower. The thick voice sounded powerful, but the words spoken made everyone who heard laughed with tears.

There were cowardly people but never seen to this extent of cowardliness such words could only be spoken by Dongfang Ku Bi.

“We …can pretend we didn’t hear it, and continue to fight?” Qiao Chu turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes filled with expectation.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head in silence.

The hope in Qiao Chu’s heart was completely extinguished. He looked resentfully at Zheng Weilong, and said with a bitter face: “Is the person who spoke really the City Lord of East Peak City?”

Zheng Weilong nodded.

“In the 72 cities, how can there be such a cowardly City Lord?” Qiao Chu mourned.

Zheng Weilong chuckled and said, “The character of Dongfang Ku Bi is interesting. He dares to fight against others who have the same strength as him. But if you are a little bit better than him, he will immediately give up resistance. Among the 72 cities, he is the City Lord who is most afraid of death.” “That’s why I said Er Qiao shouldn’t have shot that arrow! It’s all his fault!” Fei Yan raised his hand and gave Qiao Chu a slap to the back of his head.

Qiao Chu didn’t even resist this time.

How did he know that Dongfang Ku Bi was so easily intimidated!

Qiao Chu and others were still lamenting the “cowardliness” of Dongfang Ku Bi, while Dongfang Ku Bi himself was secretly grateful for his “knowledge of current affairs”.

Ye Sha yelled a few more words. Dongfang Ku Bi answered every question and quickly determined the gesture of surrender. He happily brought a group of soldiers to open the gate to welcome the Sea Spirit City army as they entered the city …

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