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Chapter 2762 - What a loser(1)

Chapter 2762: What a loser(1)

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Jun Wu Xie did not say anything but there someone was waiting to see Nangong Yan’s embarrassment.

A burst of laughter suddenly echoed across the silent banquet. Nangong Yan frowned immediately and looked at the person who made the noise.

As a result, he saw Bai Zhu, that smiling tiger.

“Lord Bai’s laughter?” Nangong Yan chuckled coldly.

Bai Zhu’s eyes were smiling, and he was not afraid of Nangong Yan’s displeased looks. “It’s nothing, it’s just a little interesting to see Brother Nangong get embarrassed. I wonder if Brother Nangong had something to explain to the City Lord about the Five City Coalition? ”

Nangong Yan’s expression turned sombre. He was going to wait for Jun Wu Xie to speak, and follow along. However, when he thought that Bai Zhu was so shameless, he just exposed his intention.

Nangong Yan snuck a peek to have a look at Jun Wu Xie’s reaction. He saw that she was getting impatient. “The Five City Coalition was a misunderstanding. Only a few of us followed Master Nangong’s order. How can we destroy the peace of the 72 cities? I don’t think I need to explain much about this matter. With the wisdom of Lord Yan who is wise, I am confident that you will understand the truth. ”

Nangong Yan’s words were said beautifully. In fact, he was not trying to explain anything. But the purpose was to give himself and Jun Wu Xie a step back. He had already shown in advance that Jun Wu Xie was not a fool and did not want to be the enemy of the five cities. As for the real reason for sending troops, who really cares?

Bai Zhu looked at Nangong Yan, with a lot of emotions. He had never seen anyone shameless like him.

In a certain sense, Nangong Yan could take setbacks.

“What Brother Nangong said was reasonable, I have learnt.” Bai Zhu cupped his hand, and said it in a sincere tone, but his smile showed disdain.

Jun Wu Xie hadn’t spoken, Nangong Yan and Bai Zhu had started first. The City Lords just watched the show, and they didn’t dare to speak.

Jun Wu Xie waited until the two had finished speaking, and then lowered the tea cup in her hand. She looked up at Nangong Yanyan and said, “It means Nangong Lie?”

Nangong Yan nodded.

Jun Wu Xie said nothing, just raised her hands and clapped them.

The crisp clap was not loud, but it resounded particularly clear in the silent night.Read the next chapter on our

Everyone thought that Jun Wu Xie was signalling for a dance performance to start, but did not expect that at the entrance of the banquet, a tall figure suddenly came.

Everyone looked up. When the man walked under the lights, he showed his true face in front of everyone. Everyone was stunned!

They were all jolted and rooted to the ground in shock!

The wine cup in Nangong Yan’s hand fell onto the ground directly!

Nangong Lie walked into the banquet dressed in a black robe with dark gold embroidery. The proud demeanor and the cold features were clearly visible under the candlelight.

Everyone was shocked, they had never dreamed that Jun Wu Wie’s clap would summon Nangong Lie instead of the banquet performers.

Nangong Lie was not dead!

He was still alive?

Everyone was shocked by the fact that he appeared in front of them. In addition to the shock, the corners of their eyes flew to the stiff Nangong Yan involuntarily.

Nangong Lie wasn’t dead, so if Nangong Yan had poured dirty water on his head, had Nangong Lie heard it?

If he heard this … there would be a great show ahead…

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