Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: “Healing Hands (4)”

Jun Wu Xie was a little startled as she looked over with a slight frown.

He casually made his way to the nearest chair as he sat down and lazily plopped his head on his hand as he gave her a charming smile. His long black satin hair draped down the side and framed his gorgeous face.

That picture itself was a sin.

Jun Wu Xie had not seen him for the past few days and had almost forgot about his existence. Didn’t think that he would appear so suddenly.

With his appearance, she could vaguely smell the familiar scent of blood, despite it being covered by the strong fragrance of herbs, with her sensitive nose, she could still sniff out that faint trace.

Jun Wu Yao looked at her happily but his expression almost crumbled when he saw her frown at him as she covered her nose with her hand. His handsome smile was frozen.

“Next time, if you have not completely removed the smell, you are not allowed in the pharmacy.” She warned him with a deep frown. She did not care where he’s from, as long as he didn’t provoke her and Lin Palace, he could do whatever he want.

Jun Wu Yao slowly stood up as he looked at her with a distressed expression.

The smell was barely discernible moreover this place had such strong pungent herb smell, how keen was this nose of hers to be able to sniff that out from this myriad of smells?

“You dislike that smell this much?” He chuckled.

“Yes!” She saw him walking towards her slowly. She subconsciously took a step back as he came closer. This smell made her feel really sick if she wasn’t treating any patient!

“Really… sorry” as he looked at the Jun Wu Xie was out outwardly avoiding him, an evil smile flashed by as he suddenly disappeared. Before she could even react, she was embraced by a pair of strong arms.

Her delicate little face was forcibly pressed into his broad chest as the smell of blood assaulted her nose as it was many times stronger. Jun Wu Xie stood there petrified.

“Let go!”

“Be good, next time I will not let you smell it.” Jun Wu Yao not only did not let go, he actually hugged her even tighter.

So petite, so soft, it was like a small little animal hiding in a safe place but the little one he’s holding onto seems to have sharp fangs and was baring it.

She was in a frenzy as he hugged her tightly and rubbed her head as if she was some kind of pet! The clothes which she had just changed into had to be changed again as it now had the stench of blood. When he finally let her go, she rushed out of the pharmacy and scrubbed herself many times before she willingly came out.

After being abandoned by its master, the little black cat could only glare at Jun Wu Yao. Jun Wu Yao could not help but laugh out as he saw the fleeing shadow of Jun Wu Xie. The black cat could feel some strong energy fluctuations and realised how dangerous this man really was! He immediately followed his master’s’ footsteps and fled the pharmacy.

Master! Don’t leave me alone with this crazy man!


Jun Qing finally stirred as he groggily saw a familiar silhouette sitting by his bed. As his vision slowly restored, he realised that it was his worried Father who seemed to have aged since he last saw him.

“Father?” Jun Qing struggled to sit up but his body felt as if the bones have all been broken up and it was so intense he could not move.

“Don’t move! Lie down!” Jun Xian quickly reached out.

“What happened to me?” Although his whole body felt as though it was breaking apart and he could not move, he still felt a hint of comfort and ease.

“You really almost scared your Father to death!”

“………” Jun Qing helplessly looked at the sullen figure by his bed.

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