Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : “Lin Palace (1)”

The mysterious man raised his eyebrows as he sought to calm his own emotions as the deep black obsidian eyes stared back at him coldly, almost as if it could freeze him over. How he wanted to rouse her calm demeanor and mess up her pace! This girl was unbelievable, how can she be so calm in such a situation?

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you die” he said gently.

“Send me home.” She retorted.

Considering how badly injured she was, the best option and only use for him was to send her back to her own ‘home’.

He gave a devilish smile, leaned down and kissed Wu Xie right between her eyebrows.

“As you wish.” He chuckled.

The little black cat hidden in the depths of Wu Xie was petrified, it’s mistress had just been taken advantage of!


Jun Wu Xie felt her surroundings slowly fading away as she slipped into darkness. When she finally stirred, her long eyelashes fluttered open and she found herself lying down on a nice warm bed in a luxuriously decorated room.

A white-haired old man was sitting by her bed and when he saw that she had awoken, his whole face lit up and exclaimed :”Silly girl, you finally woke up! Don’t scare your Grandfather!”

“Silly girl, it’s just a contractual spirit. So what if you don’t have any? Who do you think I am? I am the almighty Lin Wang! I’ll support you no matter what. There’s nothing to be afraid of!” Jun Xian huffed.


Wu Xie furrowed her brows as the body’s memories flashed through her mind. The old man sitting by her bed was none other than Kingdom of Qi’s Lin Wang which is also the former’s Grandfather – Jun Xian.

What Jun Xian mentioned – “contractual spirit” was unique to this world.

When a baby is born into this world, contractual spirits will form a bond with the human soul and the contractual spirits will sleep in the soul and only awaken at the age of fourteen. A ring will appear on the right hand’s ring finger, each spirit is like an evolution of the soul where each person’s contractual spirit’s form is different. Some can be condensed into a powerful weapon while some can morph into mighty beasts.

A few days before was Jun Wu Xie’s fourteenth birthday and there should have been a spiritual awakening, but the whole day nothing happened…

She was henceforth labelled as a waste.

In this world where one’s future is determined by the strength of their contractual spirits, those that didn’t have any were regarded as wastes.

Jun Wu Xie refused to believe it and had never received such a heavy setback in life. She actually went missing for 2 whole days! Jun Xian was shocked, thinking that this proud granddaughter of his couldn’t take this heavy setback and had actually attempted suicide.

Jun Wu Xie remained silent.

Commit suicide? I don’t think so.

After inheriting all the memories of this body, Wu Xie was clearer than anyone else that it definitely wasn’t suicide. The reason she left Lin Palace was simply because three days ago the Second Prince had arranged to meet up with her.

As the previous Jun Wu Xie was depressed that she did not have any contractual spirit, when her beloved Second Prince asked to meet up with her she had agreed in a heartbeat. She yearned to be consoled by her beloved prince.

However, when she arrived at the appointed place, in place of her handsome prince stood a mysterious masked man in black instead.

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