Genius Girl

Chapter 266 - Genius 266: The video Part 2.

Chapter 266 - Genius 266: The video Part 2.

Genius 266:

The first clip ended so he opened the next attachment.

This time, it was a boy with the same body built like the girl from the other video.

"Where is my sister?" the boy yelled in a rough voice as if he had just used the remaining strength in his body.

"Don't worry, your sister is sleeping. In the meantime, why don't we have a chat, Danny Chen?"

Ken's body froze after hearing that name. His eyes slowly swelled while his hand holding the phone trembled.

"Where is my sister! Where is my Dan-Dan!"

Ken bit his lower lips, his heart was pounding rapidly.

"Daniella will be safe as long as you cooperate. "

Ken quickly closed the video and opened the third attachment. When he pressed the play button, a loud scream of a small girl screeched from his phone speaker.

Then, his eyes witnessed every slice of the scalpel on the girls back. The slice that Roman Lee did start from neck to her waist down to her bottom.

Ken's body has turned statue, the blood, the bones, the scream and the face of the girl, he saw everything.

Midway of the video, someone took the phone from his hand. Ken's blurry eyes looked up to see Novie looking at him with trouble.

Novie had just finished cleaning up the kitchen when she heard faint voices of a kid crying. Her eyebrows creased, she was certain that there was no one in the lake aside from her family and Ken.

She walked towards the back door leading to the lake. Shock registered on her face when she saw Ken sitting on a wooden bench by the lake holding a phone with a complex expression.

The weep of the kids came from the phone he was holding, Novie walked closer. The crying voice and pleading words of a girl were so disturbing. When Novie stood in front of Ken her eyes dropped on the phone only to see a gruesome video playing.

A girl on the bed both hands and feet were tied up while she laid on her chest.

There was blood on the bed coming from the long cut on her back, Novie could see the bones and the flesh, causing her stomach to churn.

When she noticed tears dropping on the screen, she immediately snatched the phone from Ken.

The man looked up to her and there she found a man which was opposite of what Amy described.

He was not the heartless man with cold eyes, instead, tears were wetting his glossy grey eyes. She gulped hard, there was too much emotion on his face. An emotion that even she could not bear to see.

Biting her lower lips, Novie sat on the space next to him.

She didn't know the story behind the video, whether Ken knew the girl or not but she was certain that he was hurting and it made her realize that he was not the man that Amy described.

"What are you doing?" Ken said in a broken voice.

His voice was so rough and broken to hear and it was breaking Novie's heart.

She didn't know what came to her, suddenly her hand moved and pulled his head closer to her. She buried his face on her shoulder when Ken didn't move, she stroked his hair gently.

"Just cry, after this, we can both forget about this."

She could feel his body hardening but soon her skin felt his tears going through her clothes.

She kept stroking his hair while he continued shedding tears with no sounds.

He must have kept it for so long time. That's what Novie thought. For a man to cry in front of a stranger, the pain inside must be eating him out.

She looked at the screen with a paused video on it, the girl on the bed was in despair. The white sheet of the hospital bed has turned red from her blood while the doctors around her were acting as if she was not a human.

She gulped hard and turned off the phone when Ken pulled away. He got up, snatched the phone from her hand and walked away.

Novie watched him until he disappeared from her sight, then she leaned on the wooden chair and looked up ahead


After Jared and Daniella arrived at the lake house, the two went straight to the gate.

Daniella opened it while Jared followed her.

"How did you know that they are here?" she asked with curiosity.

"The same way I found out that Kierry is alive," Jared replied.

Daniella stopped in her track, with confusion on her face she turned to look at him.

"So you had people watching us?"

Jared nodded in response.

"So, why did you ask The President to use his soldiers to look for me if you know exactly where I was?"

She clearly remembered the reason why Jared took Allan and it was because Lemuel couldn't find her.

"If I do that then Kim would have been still alive. There is a reason why I didn't deliver you to Kim, Daniella."

Daniella felt so troubled by his words. She could read her mind, all the plan he had made but she couldn't understand why did he follow that plan instead of just abducting her.

Jared blew out a sigh and held her hand, "my plan was to blackmail your friend into killing my father and then I will use you to get my family but," he paused and slightly shook his head. He let his guard down when he thought Daniella died. If he knew that she was faking it, he would have probably gone to his original plan. In that way, he won't need to marry her and give her half of his money.

"You fooled me and found out my weakness. So, we need to work together and get home to the people we love and cherish."

Daniella blankly stared at him. When Evan's figure popped in her head, she pulled her hand away.

"I will get Ken so you and your family can talk."

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