Genius Summoner

Chapter 1180

1180 I’ll End You (1)

“Hahahaha!” Er Lei raised his head and laughed crazily with excitement in his eyes. “That’s what I’ve been waiting for!”

The Sound Badge suddenly lit up at this moment. Yun Feng suddenly stopped. “Girl, what’s the matter?” The Fifth Elder’s voice was relaxed and there was nothing unusual at all. Yun Feng frowned. “Master, I know everything about Juxing.”

The Sound Badge suddenly fell silent. Then, the Fifth Elder’s serious voice came. “Since you know about the matter, there’s no need for me to hide it anymore. You don’t have to come back. Just do your own thing. Juxing will be fine!”

Yun Feng was startled. Er Lei mumbled, “Pretentious.”


“Master! What are you talking about? I’m also a member of Juxing! How can I stand by and do nothing when Juxing is in trouble?”

“Kid, I know how you feel, but Juxing can’t be a burden to you. You still have your own road to walk. Besides, this isn’t a life-and-death situation…”

“Master!” Yun Feng interrupted the Fifth Elder. “You once told me that if I’m in trouble, Juxing won’t stand by and do nothing. Now, I’m saying the same thing. If Juxing is in trouble, I won’t stand by and do nothing! I’m a member of Juxing. I’ll go back.”

“Kid, you…”

“There’s already a grudge between me and the Wei family. I’m partly responsible for the Wei family’s attack on Juxing this time. This grudge should have been ended a long time ago!”

“Ah…” The gratified but helpless sigh of the Fifth Elder came. Yun Feng smiled. “Master, wait for me. I’ll be there soon!” After cutting off the connection with the Sound Badge, Yun Feng’s speed even increased to a new level. Her black eyes glittered and she suddenly changed her direction!

“Yun Feng, where are you going?” Er Lei couldn’t help but feel stunned when he saw Yun Feng change her direction. Yun Feng turned around and said coldly, “Of course, we’ll ask where the Wei family is and destroy their home!”

Feng Lin didn’t expect Feng Yun to come to find him. More precisely, he didn’t expect that Feng Yun would be in such a state when she came to find him a year and a half later. Shouldn’t she go back to Juxing? With the current state of Juxing, how would she still have time to come to see him? What made Feng Lin more concerned was Yun Feng’s strength. The Emperor Level… She had entered the Emperor Level!

“What’s the matter?” Feng Lin glanced at Yun Feng and Er Lei, who suddenly appeared next to him, with a hint of fear in his eyes. He also quietly prepared for battle. His fighting energy lingered in his hand quietly. If Feng Yun did anything unusual, he would immediately fight back.

“Feng Lin, why are you so nervous? Are you feeling guilty?” Yun Feng sneered. Having advanced to the Emperor Level, she didn’t have to call him Elder Feng Lin with her current cultivation. Feng Lin frowned slightly. “Feng Yun, why are you looking for me?”

“I’ve thought about it. Someone must’ve fanned the flames of hatred between the Wei family and Juxing. The person who fanned the flames should be… you, right?” Yun Feng’s sharp gaze was like an ice sword, which made Feng Lin frown even more tightly. “I’ve heard the Fifth Elder talk about you, but your current behavior is truly far from respectable.” Yun Feng’s mocking tone finally made Feng Lin furious.

“Feng Yun, it’s not your place to teach me a lesson!”

“I don’t have time for that! You added fuel to the fire and caused the current situation of the Juxing School. I’ll settle this score with you slowly. Now, tell me where the Wei family is!”

“Who do you think you are? Why should I listen to you!”

“Old bastard, are you going to tell me or not? If you don’t, I’ll destroy everything here!” Er Lei suddenly waved his hand and swung it. A powerful lightning element instantly flew out, collapsing a wall! Feng Lin’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink when he saw this. Yun Feng’s red lips curled up. “Do you remember the beasts I summoned?”

“Feng Yun, you…” Feng Lin looked at Yun Feng in disbelief. She wouldn’t do that…

“Feng Lin, there’s nothing I can’t do! Can you tell me where the Wei family is now?”

Looking at Yun Feng’s sharp, clear black eyes, Feng Lin could only sigh fiercely in his mind. He, an elder of Huafeng, was completely defeated in front of this junior. He was unwilling and humiliated in his mind! However, he knew that Yun Feng’s threat wasn’t vague at all.

In this year and a half, even though the Wei family lost the pillar of support, Wei Ting, they kept launching Magic Beast attacks on Juxing, which made everyone in the Wei family high-spirited. Juxing became the vent of the Wei family. Every time Juxing was attacked or someone was injured, the Wei family would always be happy from the bottom of their hearts. It could be said that hatred had already completely distorted the Wei family.

“Hahahaha, have you heard? A few more people from Juxing died!”

“Really? That’s great. It would be great if more people died. It would be best if they were all dead!”

“Hahaha, don’t worry. They’ll all die sooner or later! They deserve to die if they don’t hand her over!”

In the Wei family’s house, the few young people of the Wei family didn’t participate, but they were also delighted by the news that came back. The message of the casualties of the Juxing School was like good news to them. They spoke with delight and even more vicious words.

“Who asked them to provoke the Wei family? Look at the bloodline of the Wei family! Thousands of Magic Beasts can’t kill them? Hahahaha…”

“What bloodline does the Wei family have?” A voice suddenly came. The few young people couldn’t help but shiver and look around in panic. “Who? Who is it? How dare you break into the Wei family? Come out!”

“Pa!” An invisible wind hit the face of the person who spoke. The young man was immediately slapped aside and fell on the ground, spitting out blood. His skin and flesh were torn.

A figure suddenly appeared with coldness around his body. He looked at the few young people with a gloomy face. “W-Who are you… You… You…”

“Bloodline? You’re just tamers…” Yun Feng said in a low voice as a fiery red Ring of Contract appeared. The few young people immediately widened their eyes. “S-S-Summoner…”

“Roar…” As a ball of bright fire appeared, the giant Fire Cloud Wolf stood next to Yun Feng with cruel killing intent surging in its wolf eyes. The few young people immediately stepped back in panic. Why would a summoner appear here and… why would she attack them?

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