Ghost Marriage, the Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures

Chapter 84.1 - Soul eating bell, Ling Qiushui’s intention (Part 1)

Chapter 84: Soul eating bell, Ling Qiushui’s intention (Part 1)

“Clean up Ling Qiushui?”

Mu Yunhan was quite interested.

“Qi’er, why didn’t you say it early? Uncle can pick you up, Yuncheng is heavily guarded… …”

Suddenly, Mu Yunhan shut his mouth. What is he arguing? If the guards were tightly guarding, how did the two brothers get into Yunxian hall?

Looking at Su Li’s expression, his expression was like saying ‘only you believe that’, which made Mu Yunhan dumbfounded.

“Haha!” Zi Mo couldn’t help but laugh.

It was true that the Yun City was heavily guarded, but it seems it was useless to these two little ghosts.

*Tock, tock!* A knock suddenly sounded outside the door.

“What is it?”

Mu Yunhan asked.

“Han’er, your mother has been quarreling with me every night to make your elder brother marry Ling Qiushui, but now it’s even worse. Please send a letter to your elder brother and let him take your mother to the ghost doctor.”

Mu Yufeng’s anxious voice came from outside the door.

Mu Yunhan got up to open the door.

“Dad, you come in first, Li’er and Qi’er are here.”

“Really?” Mu Yufeng’s eyes were filled with joy and hurried in.

At first glance, Mu Yufeng was dumbfounded.

Both brothers were wearing the same clothes. He repeatedly looked at them, but he couldn’t tell who was who.

“Which of you is Li’er, and who is Qi’er! Grandpa can’t tell you apart.”

Mu Yufeng smiled, trying to soften his expression.

“Hello, Grandpa. I am Qi’er.”

Su Qi got up and bowed to Mu Yufeng very politely.

“Good, Good! Grandpa will remember, you are Qi’er.”

Then he looked at the cold Su Li.

“You are Li’er?”

“Grandpa.” Su Li stiffly said.

He doesn’t like being close to anyone except his mother.

“Brother, let’s go to save Grandma first! After saving Grandma, we will go to clean up Ling Qiushui.”


Su Li was still expressionless. He had no affection for this so-called grandmother.

“Qi’er, you said you will save your grandma?”

Mu Yufeng looked at him in shock.

“Grandpa, I am now in the 7th grade of Xuan Class. I will participate in the alchemy competition six days later. I heard that in Haoyue Country, the youngest xuan class alchemist is second uncle. Unfortunately, second uncle can no longer participate in the competition at his age. Otherwise, I will compete with second uncle head-on. ”

Su Qi never failed to show off himself wherever he was.

Mu Yunhan’s lips twitched. Didn’t he already admit defeat? So, why this little devil still hang with this matter? Looking at his appearance, he was very proud.

Zi Mo almost kneels on the floor. Mu Yunxuan was blessed enough. But now, he also had two genius sons and a beautiful little princess. He really won’t let other people live a good life than him ah!

Mu Yufeng’s eyes widened. His face was full of shock. His two grandchildren were genius. God really loved the Mu Family very much.

“Li’er, Qi’er, you are the pride of our Mu family!”

Mu Yufeng was so excited that he almost burst into tears.

He was very happy inside his heart that the child who defeated Zhen Guogong’s grandson in public that day was his own grandson.

“Hehe! Grandpa, let’s talk about this later! Now let’s go and see grandma.”

Su Qi said with a smile, but deep inside his heart he thought that, if his mother learns that he accepted the Mu Family right now, his ass would blossom.

“Oh! Right, right.”

Mu Yufeng remembered his intention.

“Uncle, you sent someone to stop Ling Qiushui. You can’t let her go to grandma’s room. When she finds out of this, grandma will be in danger.”

Su Qi gave a solemn explanation.

“Alright! Qi’er, don’t worry! Uncle will let more people guard outside the gate of Lan Ruoyuan.”

Mu Yunhan promised.

“Uncle, I’m afraid you can’t stop her like that. If my guess is right, Ling Qiushui should be a member of the Wu Clan. Only the people of Wu Clan can use the ice silkworm and turn invisible, which can make people defenseless. Xin’er was stolen and placed in the carriage, but no one found out about it. This shows that someone took Xin’er away by someone using stealth. ”

While talking about this matter, Su Qi’s face looked very serious. The cunning look in his face disappeared.

“The Wu Clan?”

Mu Yunhan, Mu Yufeng, and Zi Mo looked at each other quickly.

“Qi’er, how did you know about the Wu Clan?”

Mu Yunhan was shocked. The Wu Clan rarely appeared in the four countries. If the Mu family and the Wu Clan don’t have a relationship, they will not know their existence.

“Because I and my brother’s master knows the world. In short, you people who are kept in the dark should put this gold powder in your eyes, so that even if they use stealth, you can still see them very clearly.”

Su Qi handed a porcelain bottle to Mu Yunhan.

“Good!” Mu Yunhan took the porcelain bottle.

“At dinner, Ling Qiushui asked about the ghost doctor. It seems that she is worried that the ghost doctor will know her identity.”

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