Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort

Chapter 292 - You are a hot potato

Chapter 292 – You are a hot potato

Chu Qing-Yan sliding down really surprised Dongting Wang-Yu. He hastily reached out to pull her arm, that scalding hot feeling startled him. Immediately, he no longer hesitated and emfolded her into his arms.

In an instant it seemed as if he was embracing a ball of fire, it was that kind of heat.

Dongting Wang-Yu immediately lifted his hand and placed it on her forehead, it was very hot she has a fever.

What’s going on?

She was fine just now, how come she started to have a fever?

He suddenly recalled she had madly rushed for a long time in the rain that night, then she still needs to take care of Xiao Xu. He suddenly understood.

When Dongting Wang-Yu retracted his hand it touched her sleeves, it was cool and wet.

He was somewhat shocked. How did she get so wet?

He immediately shook the person in his arms and patted her face. “Little girl, you wake up. You can’t sleep like this!”

Right now the sun had already slanted to the west, winter’s nights always arrive earlier than in other seasons. Once night arrives then this forest would be even colder. The little girl really wouldn’t be able to stand it.

But no matter how he called, there was no reaction from the person in his arms.

“Zi-Mo, this young master order you to come out.” Dongting Wang-Yu bellowed.

Xuanxi Zi-Mo appeared after hearing this. “Master, what matters do you have to call this subordinate?”

“The little girl has a high fever, what ought I do?” Dongting Wang-Yu immediately asked.

“Very simple, first reduce the fever.” Xuanxi Zi-Mo used the expression of master is an idiot to look at him.

Dongting Wang-Yu resisted with great difficulty the 十 word emitting from his forehead. “This young master also knows to reduce the fever first. But what this young master asked was how to reduce the fever! If your brain full of paste?”

Xuanxi Zi-Mo looked at his family’s master with a serious expression. Just when Dongting Wang-Yu thought he might have a brilliant ideal, he said somewhat awkwardly. “Master, subordinate is not good at medicine, so I also don’t know.”

Dongting Wang-Yu slanted him a cold glance. “Don’t know then say it earlier!”

Finished speaking, Dongting Wang-Yu called Chu Qing-Yan again. A pity he still got no response. “Now what to do? Now she is getting hotter and hotter!”

Xuanxi Zi-Mo having been scolded reacted quick wittedly. “Master, although we don’t know a way to reduce the fever but there are people who knows how to reduce the fever ah. Before hasn’t Miss Chu been staying in a medicinal hall?”

These words make Dongting Wang-Yu’s eyes lit up. “That’s right ah. In any case, Xiao Xu is also inside, before he took care of the little girl. He had experience in taking care of a child!”

Till now he still don’t understand why that cold and icy guy would suddenly had the cute idea of raising a child. Now only he had the experience, as long as he toss this hot potato in his hand to him, he naturally had ways to treat the little girl’s illness.

Thinking up to her, Dongting Wang-Yu carried the person in his arms and flew toward the medical hall.

Xuanxi Zi-Mo seeing this also immediately followed up.

Now the sky had already darkened. Winter’s day the medical center had already closed for business.

Dongting Wang-Yu place the person on the ground in front of the door. He hesitated a bit then took off his cloak and spread it on the ground. After, he moved her onto the cloak while saying. “Really must have owed you in a previous life, otherwise in this life only others will wait upon this young master. I never had to so diligently and tenderly wait upon other people.”

Xuanxi Zi-Mo’s mouth twitched, master really is a supreme god when it comes to lying through one’s teeth. Could his actions still be considered tender? If Miss Chu wake up at this time, reckon she’ll beat him up!

Donting Wang-Yu picked up a piece of rock and smashed toward the wooden door. “Retreat.”

The two people had just left when the door opened behind them.

“Who is it? Who is so lacking in moral to use stones to smash the door ah!” Little eleven opened the door and looked all around. Seeing there was nobody there he was just about to close the door when he discovered Chu Qing-Yan laying on the ground.

“Older sister Chu, you wake up ah. People come ah!” Seeing he couldn’t wake her up eleven immediately shouted at the top of his lungs.

Very quickly people came out, then quickly carried her inside.

Xuanxi Zi-Mo glanced at his family’s master standing in a corner. In fact master is very concerned about Miss Chu ah!

Seeing she had already been discovered, Dongting Wang-Yu straightened the creases on his sleeves then said to the person at his side. “Okay let’s go!”

Little girl, will see you again in the future.

At this time Xiao Xu laid on the bed, his eyes that was tightly closed for many days was already open. He was still somewhat shocked about today. Everything the little fellow did for him.

Why didn’t he tell her he already woke up? Was it because he was afraid she would be embarrassed and shy?

The bible to raising a child had written, a child after ten years old would have even more abundant feelings. The child would become more shy and independent.

Therefore in order to avoid her feeling uncomfortable he didn’t wake up at that time. However it was also because of this he would see her other side.

The smart, crafty and steadfast side.

This whole way she had already matured a lot, when he wasn’t paying attention.

Right now his heart was full of gratitude.

Moreover when not one realized he was awake he just so happened to have time to straighten out things that happened during this period of time.

He still remembered what the little fellow said by his ear. “If you survived this time’s crisis then your life is mine. I tell you to head west you are not allow to go east. I tell you to put down those so called responsibilities, you are not allowed to carry it on your shoulders again. Otherwise this young lady won’t be polite to you!”

If he could live a lifetime for himself he was also willing.

Only don’t know why the little fellow that went out still haven’t returned. Don’t know where she ran off to!

And just at this moment the door was pushed open.

Xiao Xu turned his head after hearing this. When he could see the person clearly the faint light in his eyes disappeared.

Cheng Yan-Luo saw the person laying on the bed mockingly said. “What, seeing I’m not the person you want to see you adopted this icy cold appearance. Can’t you see I’m still the person who saved your life! Careful I’ll let you enter laying down and exist still laying down.”

“Nice to meet you Miss Cheng.” Xiao Xu ignored the thorn in her words.

“You actually know me?” Cheng Yan-Luo was somewhat surprised. But very quickly she found the reason, maybe it’s because the little girl had prattled this to him while unconcious.

Xiao Xu didn’t deny it.

Seeing him being so dull, Cheng Yan-Luo had suspicions of how he had interacted with the little girl. She came over originally to look for the little girl, but she wasn’t here. She was about to turn and withdraw, moreover this person was someone objectionable in her eyes. She doesn’t want to stay in the same room with him.

“Miss Cheng, at that time if there are places that Air Spirit had offended you this king apologizes on his behalf. If this king accidentally offended Miss Cheng this king feel very apologetic.”

Faintly a voice that doesn’t have any ups and downs sounded behind her. But the apology inside really was hard to ignore.

These words surprised Cheng Yan-Luo. She turned her head back in disbelief as she looked at the person laying in bed. She heard Prince Ying says something and meant just that, he was coldblooded and ruthless. How could he apologize to people?This simply was scarier than having the sun rise from the west.

Xiao Xu didn’t pay attention to Cheng Yan-Luo’s mood right now. The matter the little fellow mentioned the most at his ear was the matter between her and Air Spirit. To the extent he had just said it out loud without a second thought. It seemed he was somewhat influenced by the little fellow.

At this time came the sound of bursts of urgent footsteps.

“Senior Sister, older sister Chu fainted.”

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