Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 11: Brother Jia tears a ghost with his bare hands!

Chapter 11: Brother Jia tears a ghost with his bare hands!

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Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Author: Mo Chen Huan

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Chapter 11

Time is of the essence. Unlike Pei Yu who could only stand there and not move, Ye Jingzhi flipped his hand and laid down an enchantment, directly sealing the mother and child within. Inside the barrier, the little boy was still crouching on the ground and biting the meat with all his might like a dog without humanity. The woman rushed at the barrier again and again, but was firmly sealed inside.

Ye Jingzhi looked at the mother and child. He made pinching hand gestures, and without any incantations, he raised his finger towards the direction of the enchantment. In a split second, a dark green thread appeared on the child’s body connecting to the woman’s bloody right arm.

Xi Jia’s eyes became stern, suddenly understanding something. Ye Jingzhi once again drew a spell in the air. Gold colored runes appeared where his fingers drew. After drawing the final stroke, a golden radiance illuminated the entire room. At the woman’s broken right arm, the gold light gathered to form a hand. A weakly transformed little boy of golden light was held in the middle of the hand.

This scene paired with reality was too ironic. In reality, the little boy crouched on the ground eating his mother’s flesh. Underneath the golden light, the woman was holding the child’s hand.

Seeing her own right hand shine gold and suddenly holding the little boy, the young woman all of a sudden stopped ramming against the barrier. She sentimentally looked at the little boy formed from the golden light. Ultimately, she fell to the ground and started to wail.

Ye Jingzhi took a glance, and turned to talk, “Soul Bind is a kind of secret technique from Xiangxi Ganshi Sect.1/2 Often, by using blood to feed corpses, they can lead the ghost soul by the hand, manipulate the corpse, and take them back to their hometown for a peaceful burial.”

The clear and cold voice rang through the thick pitch-black fog as Xi Jia listened attentively.

“Cutting flesh to bind the spirit is actually very rarely seen. Soul Bind isn’t considered a dangerous secret method, and feeding a bit of blood should suffice. However, the mother didn’t have any magic power, and shouldn’t be able to bind a spirit. Therefore, she could only use her own flesh to bind the departed soul. Everyday, by using her right hand as the medium to bind the child, her flesh acts as a lure in order for the child’s soul to stay in the mortal world.”

Before Ye Jingzhi came, Xi Jia followed behind Pei Yu, looking at this charlatan hold the compass and wandering around. After Ye Jingzhi came, an enchantment was formed with a flip of a hand, sealing the mother and child. He also calmly explained the situation of the mother and child.

Thinking to here, Xi Jia couldn’t help but turn around to look at Pei Yu at the side. Comparing you and him, how come there’s such a huge gap?

Pei Yu widened his eyes. How could I even compare to him? That is Hell King Ye! You go ask a few people in the Xuanxue world who would dare to compare to him! It would too late to even hold onto his thigh even if you wanted to, alright!?

Xi Jia shook his head, hating iron for not becoming steel.3

If this was his son, he would definitely slap him back into the womb.

So unpromising!

Ye Jingzhi only looked at Pei Yu at this time, his indifferent face was void of any expression. He lightly nodded his head, “Fellow Daoist Pei.”

Pei Yu forced a laugh a couple times, unconsciously retreating behind Xi Jia, simultaneously smiling, “H-h-h-h-hell…Fellow Daoist Ye!”4

As if he didn’t hear the other’s words, Ye Jingzhi indifferently said, “I felt my Blood Drop break, so I came here to see what happened. I didn’t think it would be Fellow Daoist Pei.”

Pei Yu immediately began to bootlick, “I bought them, I bought them. I spent 72 points to buy them. This little devil was stronger than I thought. I don’t know why, Fellow Daoist Ye, your Blood Drop unexpectedly broke. Truly did not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth. Fellow Daoist Ye, I’ll go take care of that little ghost so that he can’t cause chaos again. Hey! Little ghost, come and accept your fate!”

Saying this, Pei Yu rolled up his sleeves and entered the enchantment.

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi glanced once, undisturbed, letting the other snatch some points. He turned to face Xi Jia. After observing for a moment, he wrinkled his brows, “Your yin energy is more concentrated than what I saw before. Wear this Buddhist relic on your body first. Later, I’ll cast a blessing on this relic everyday. After 49 days, it can absorb your yin energy like the Mt. Tai stone. Right now, it can help you block most of the yin energy.”

Meeting again in this place was a little awkward. Xi Jia took the transparent relic from Ye Jingzhi’s hand, somewhat embarrassed, “This…is it a bit precious?”

Ye Jingzhi, “Malicious spirits are fond of eating mortals with strong yin energy. After eating the mortal, they could increase in power making them harder to handle. If there’s nothing hiding your yin energy, perhaps there would be countless malicious spirits coming to find you here. It would cause a major commotion in the Xuanxue world.”

Xi Jia, “……” I wasn’t talking about this!

After a moment of silence, Xi Jia found a statement with great difficulty, “Master Ye really has…a merciful heart.”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

After being embarrassed for a very long time, a muffled, indifferent male voice sounded, “Many thanks for the compliment.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Must be the moral model of the Xuanxue world, didn’t run away!5

Xi Jia only saw Master Ye once before. Later, all he heard from Pei Yu was how frightening and how scary the other was. Now, meeting again in this situation, neither of them knew what to say and could only look at each other. However, not long after, they heard a loud bang. Both of them immediately turned to look.

Pei Yu’s head was covered with weeds. He urgently said, “They ran! The woman took advantage of when I wasn’t paying attention, took her son, and ran!

Xi Jia, “……” You tell me what use do you even have!

Within the thick pitch-black fog, where could you still see the figures of the mother and child again? For a moment, they landed in a standstill once again.

Pei Yu was both agitated and anxious. Still, Xi Jia remained silent, strongly desiring to raise a sign to inform the whole world, “I don’t know this loser.” However, Hell King Ye, in the end, was Hell King Ye. Without a change in expression, Ye Jingzhi raised his left hand and called, “Wu Xiang Qing Li.”

The small and exquisite bronze die was currently in Xi Jia’s pocket playing with Song Song. Hearing this voice, it suddenly shook a couple times. Song Song blinked its eyes, curiously looking at this little ball. After a moment, Wu Xiang Qing Li became calm again, but still decided to play with Song Song some more.

Ye Jingzhi, “……Wu Xiang Qing Li!”

At the cold and strict tone of voice, the eighteen faced green-black bronze die suddenly flew out from Xi Jia’s pocket and fell into Ye Jingzhi’s palm. He swiped his finger, and the bronze die immediately flew up and floated in midair. The eighteen bronze sides were constantly spinning. Suddenly, one side stopped in front of Ye Jingzhi. Ye Jingzhi’s finger tapped once. From within that side, a golden long sword was sudden drawn out.

A sword unsheathed……from the die. The rolling black qi in the surroundings unexpectedly froze. Ye Jingzhi’s right hand grasped the sword, and slashed forward. The sword’s power was broad and powerful. Golden light soared, directly hacking a hole in the black colored yin energy.

Wherever the golden light was, the yin energy dispersed.

Not long after, the black qi completely dissipated. Xi Jia surprisingly discovered that he had returned to the 7th floor, and stood just in front of the staircase! The iron basin with burnt paper money was still in the corner. The two families’ front doors on either side were wide open. The old daoist and the married couple were lying in the corner unconscious. There wasn’t any sound of activity in the empty 7th floor.

Ye Jingzhi closed his eyes, and opened them soon after, “I’ll go here and see. You guys go there.”

Without ever coming to this building before, Ye Jingzhi nevertheless firmly entered the door of the mother and child.

Xi Jia said, “Master Ye is so powerful, and actually knew which door belongs to the mother and son?”

Pei Yu trembled and shook, “……A Hell King Ye with Wu Xiang Qing Li, no, that’s too scary, I want to go home!”

Xi Jia couldn’t help but send a slap over, “Go in!”

Since Ye Jingzhi picked the dangerous door, then on Xi Jia and Pei Yu’s side, it was equal to taking a walk and touring inside the other door. The couple’s house had the same layout as Xi Jia’s. Xi Jia relaxingly walked all over the master bedroom, second bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. When he finished walking through the living room, he abruptly stopped in his footstep, “If they used to be a family of five all living together, the master bedroom is the couple’s, and the second bedroom are the two children’s. Then where did the grandfather stay at?”

Pei Yu didn’t think about it and pointed towards a door in the corner, “Isn’t there still another door there?”

Xi Jia frowned, “My apartment’s utility room is there, only three square meters in size.”

“Then where else would he stay at, he can’t always make the bed on the floor, right?”

Xi Jia didn’t answer as he walked forward and opened the door. The instant the door was opened, the ice-cold and cruel moonlight came through from the narrow skylight window. Xi Jia slowly narrowed his eyes, staring at the old man curled up on the metal bed.

Pei Yu also went up to him. After seeing the room, he was shocked, “Someone can live here?!”

Xi Jia, “Pei Yu, use your Yin Yang Eyes to see.”

Pei Yu immediately drew a seal, and looked at the room again. He widened his eyes, “Ghost?!”

The room was damp and dirty. The hideous mess of junk was piled up to the ceiling. At the center of the room, there’s a half meter wide metal bed. On the bed, there’s an emaciated old man struggling to sit on the edge of the bed. His pair of pitch-black eyes looked at Xi Jia and Pei Yu. Slowly, he cracked open his mouth, exposing his blackened teeth and the flesh in between them.

“Why…would you destroy such a wonderful world?”

Pei Yu’s expression became cold, and quickly pulled out a charm from his Qiankun bag. He hadn’t had the time to cite the incantation when it was sent flying straight back by a gust of powerful yin energy.

“My oldest son is sending me to the hospital tomorrow. Da Bao and Xiao Bao are still here. Son’s wife still hasn’t cursed at me everyday to die……Why, why would you destroy such a beautiful world?”

The old man on the iron bed stood up, the bones making a creaking noise. His four limbs twisted. There’s a bloody hole the size of a bowl at the back of his head. He crawled, rushing towards Xi Jia. His face was stretched into a smile, “Your yin energy is very rich. If I eat you, it would definitely be more useful than the little kid. If I eat you…Big son and his wife can still come back and spend their days with me…If I eat you…I want to eat you!!!”

Shrieking suddenly, the old man was like a spider, using his four limbs to crawl towards Xi Jia. Pei Yu immediately chanted and drew a rune, but it was swept away by the strong yin energy again and again, completely unable to resist.

And he also didn’t know that Xi Jia stood at an area where the yin energy was the most concentrated. With his eyes wide open, Xi Jia was shocked to see a strand of red colored yin energy twisting around on the old ghost’s body.

“I want to eat you!”

The old man opened his mouth wide. His bloody mouth opened wide to the size of a skull. Xi Jia dodged to the side, still staring at the strand of blood red yin energy.

Pei Yu worriedly called out in a loud voice, “Xi Jia! Quickly come here! That ghost is too powerful, much more powerful than the little ghost! We need to quickly find Hell King Ye, only he could subdue this evil…ghost…The! Fuck!!!”

Xi Jia smashed his fist over. The old ghost didn’t take it seriously, still rushing straight at him. After that, Pei Yu saw the seemingly powerless fist slam into the head of this old ghost. Yin energy splattered everywhere. The old ghost howled in pain, wanting to retreat at all costs. But Xi Jia grabbed his neck, smashing a hole in his face, one fist after another.

Pei Yu was frightened to the point that he couldn’t speak clearly, “Brother Jia……no, B-b-brother Jia!!!”

Xi Jia kicked out with his left leg, kicking the old ghost into the wall. Just a moment ago, the old ghost still had a domineering side, was an aggressive and frightening evil spirit. At this moment, as if seeing the most frightening thing, the old ghost’s eyeballs have already been beaten out of their sockets, with only a bit of flesh still connected to the eyes. It stared at Xi Jia in horror, voice shaking, “Who are you! You…You…AHHHHHH!!!”

Xi Jia punched again, and one of the old ghost’s eyeball thoroughly broke apart. Grabbing the old ghost by the neck, he smashed the evil spirit into the wall. His complexion was icy-cold, he asked one word and one sentence at a time, “You ate a child. Did you…eat the boy of the family across the hall?”

The old ghost’s whole body trembled, not daring to lie at all, “I…I just died, he just so happened to knock on the door, I……I-I-I-I ate him right away……”

Pei Yu immediately ran over, “No wonder. With his type of character formerly, he didn’t do too many evil deeds, even if he died with grievances, he wouldn’t be this powerful. It turns out that he ate a child’s soul, and gained that child’s resentful energy and spiritual power.”

“That is not all.”

Pei Yu was startled, “That is not all? Brother Jia, what else is there?”

Ignoring “Brother Jia” this appellation, Xi Jia’s cold and ruthless gaze was like a grim reaper’s scythe, coldly boring into the old ghost’s body, “On you…why does it have my yin energy? Talk!”

Frightened, the old ghost explained, “After I ate the kid, I discovered a lot of very strong yin energy all around. I just quickly ate some. I don’t know, I don’t know anything!”

At a loss, Pei Yu blankly looked at Xi Jia and this old ghost.

After hearing the old ghost’s words, Xi Jia’s entire body of vicious energy suddenly disappeared. He closed his eyes, lightly exhaling a breath, “So you first harmed the child, then ate my yin energy? You died six days ago. Six days ago…six days ago, was that day.”

It wasn’t me, I didn’t harm that kid……

Pei Yu asked, “What happened six days ago?”

Xi Jia clutched the old ghost’s neck with one hand while turning his head, “Six days ago, I happened to see Master Ye that day. The jade that I wore for many years broke. Perhaps at that time, some yin energy leaked out. This ghost just happened to die then, therefore, eating some of my yin energy.”

Once this was said, Xi Jia let go of his hand, and kicked the old ghost into the corner.

Xi Jia’s cold and detached voice sounded in the narrow utility room, “So it turns out that in the thick fog, what I saw wasn’t reality, but the life that you yearn for even in your dreams. In reality, your son was not filial at all, your daughter-in-law hoped for you to die everyday. That is their fault, they’re not filial, why would you harm an innocent child?”

As an evil ghost, the old ghost really wanted to say: So what if I ate that child, I just wanted to eat. It’s none of your business. If I don’t eat, then am I still an evil ghost!?

But now, it could only be scared, curled up in the corner, and not daring to speak.

Xi Jia’s ice-cold gaze was like a knife, cutting into the old ghost’s body. His right hand tightened into a fist, blood red yin energy swirling around his fingers. The old ghost was frightened. The entire ghost stood by sticking to the wall, wishing to find a crack to squeeze into so the scary humankind in front of him couldn’t see him. Xi Jia slowly raised his fist.

Right when he was ready to pulverize the old ghost’s brains, a hand suddenly stopped his fist. His waist was also held by someone. Like a scene in every dog blood idol drama, Xi Jia spun 360° in the air, steadily falling into a warm embrace.6 He leaned into this person’s steady and reliable shoulder. Startled, he looked up to see the other person.

Ye Jingzhi’s phoenix eyes looked down towards him. In the darkness, the mole in his eye looked to be especially profound and unfathomable. Ye Jingzhi asked in a low voice, “I didn’t expect to be fooled by this ghost. That little ghost wasn’t a malicious spirit, only being bound by the spirit to stay in the mortal world. This old ghost is the mastermind of everything. Are you alright?”

Xi Jia, who was being protected in his embrace, “……I’m okay.”

Pei Yu, who was stupefied at the side, “……”

What could even happen to Brother Jia, ah!!!

If you came one step earlier or one step later, you could’ve seen our Brother Jia tear a ghost with his bare hands, alright?!!!

The Author has something to say:

God Stick Pei bragging about Strength Brother Jia: My family’s Brother Jia, full of power, grandeur, and formidable might! Give Brother Jia a CALL!

T/N: 打CALL – internet slang to express your approval and support for someone or something.

Additional author’s comment:

Actually, Mirror originally wasn’t supposed to show up this early. Originally planned to have him appear in a “Hero saving beauty” manner. But now, I want to write dog blood kind of hero saving beauty~ Even if our C+ doesn’t need saving, he would still rescue. Dog blood just like this haha~ You all come bite me OVO

Translator’s Notes: I realized author uses a lot of Northeast (Dongbei) China dialect and slang. My fam is from the south. Baidu is my friend.

1 牵灵 Soul Bind, Binding Spirits/Souls, Qianling: more literally as guiding or leading souls/spirits. But I feel binding is more appropriate. ↵

2 湘西赶尸 Xiangxi Ganshi: Xiangxi is the location. Ganshi is the sect name which literally means overtaking corpses. ↵

3 恨铁不成钢 hate iron for not becoming steel: It’s to feel resentful towards somebody/something for not meeting expectations. ↵

4 Pei Yu’s not stuttering hello, he was about to stutter Hell King Ye straight to his face lol ↵

5 没跑了 lit. didn’t run away: Northeast China dialect/slang, fig. definitely or for sure. ↵

6 狗血 lit. dog blood: fig. melodramatic (*cough* yassss, my cup of tea. And commencing all the dog fooood~) ↵

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