Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 21.1: My treasure.

Chapter 21.1: My treasure.

Chapter 21 Part 1

Xi Jia had once heard Pei Yu mention this pair of siblings from the Jiang clan.

In Pei Yu words, “Jiang Tong is a little bastard. Jiang Qiong and him are carved from the same mold. These two little scoundrels will group up every single time to hunt ghosts. Brother Jia, what do you say, aren’t they cheating? Jiang Qiong is innately closer to yin energy. Although her physique is not as frightening as yours, she also has a physique of extremely heavy yin energy and can easily find malicious ghosts. Jiang Qiong will find ghosts and Jiang Tong will hunt ghosts. The two of them join hands to deal with me. This is too unfair!”

Now, at a glance, how’re this pair of siblings little scoundrels? They’re completely little devils.

Once Pei Yu’s words fell, he immediately rushed towards the siblings sitting on the tall wall. Jiang Tong happily laughed as he dodged to the left. Jiang Qiong also happily laughed, dodging to the right. Pei Yu threw himself into empty air, glaring at the pair of little devils in rage. Who knew these two people would actually make a silly face towards Pei Yu at the same time.

Jiang Tong laughed merrily, “Ninth Place Pei, come catch me ah~”

Jiang Qiong’s mouth twitched, “Ninth Place Pei doesn’t sound good, Chatterer Pei still fits him better. Chatterer Pei, when you’re little, you always come to my house to play. Everyday, you said so much nonsense. If you’re not bothered, I’m bothered. Come on, Chatterer Pei, you come catch me, ah~”

The two little demons cheerfully laughed as they ran to either side. Pei Yu was only one person. There’s no way he could chase after both. He decided to chase after Jiang Tong, but Jiang Qiong got angry, “What’re you chasing him for? Why aren’t you chasing me?” As she said this, the little lady resentfully turned around and rushed over, chasing after Pei Yu again.

In a moment, it became a scene of Jiang Qiong chasing Pei Yu and Pei Yu chasing Jiang Tong.

Xi Jia who was silently watching at the side, “……”

I already don’t want to roast your Xuanxue world anymore.

From the seventh to the ninth place on the Modou Rankings, the excellent figures of the younger generation were just like this.

The Xuanxue world would be done for sooner or later.1

After chasing for a while, in the chaotic situation, Pei Yu finally caught the little girl, Jiang Qiong. Big brother Jiang Tong was sitting on top of the tall wall on Zhu Que Street, laughing as he watched his own sister get carried by the collar by Pei Yu, “You’re too useless, and even got caught by Ninth Place Pei.”

Pei Yu coldly laughed, “Can’t beat you two little bastards to death.”

Jiang Qiong happily laughed at Pei Yu, completely not panicking from getting caught.

Looking at her appearance, Xi Jia faintly sensed that something’s not right, and he wanted to open his mouth to warn Pei Yu. Suddenly, Jiang Qiong unexpectedly cried out a “wah” and started crying. No joking, she’s bawling as her tears continuously flowed down. She’s already 17 years old, a big girl. Jiang Qiong was actually still crying like a child, making Xi Jia who was watching at the side stupefied.

Pei Yu widened his eyes, not sure what was good.

However, in the next moment, “Pei Yu! What’re you doing?”

Pei Yu’s body stiffened, and the hand that was grabbing onto Jiang Qiong’s collar immediately released. Jiang Qiong actually directly fell down to the ground. Jiang Qiong, with the strength of Modou Ranking’s eighth place who could make Pei Yu chase until he was out of breath, actually just fell to the ground like this!

Once she fell, Jiang Qiong cried even louder.

Xi Jia, “……”

Pei Yu anxiously said, “Master, she did it on purpose, she set me up on purpose. Look, with her skill, how could she fall!”

Jiang Qiong wiped her tears, “Because I got scared by you……hic……”

Tianci-daoren slapped his own disciple’s head, “Nonsense! How could Master not know that she’s pretending?”

Jiang Qiong started to merrily laugh, not pretending to cry anymore. She tiptoed and jumped onto the city wall, sitting together with her own older brother.

Pei Yu felt extremely wronged, “Master!”

Tianci-daoren nagged, “Do you know why they only bother you and not anyone else? Because you can’t beat them! If you can be like Zi Wei Xing Hall’s Nan Yi, two slaps will make them scram far away, then do they still dare to bother you again?”

Xi Jia, “……” How come it feels like Pei Yu’s master is also quite unreliable.

Tianci-daoren turned his head to look and just now noticed Xi Jia who was eating melon for a long time at the side.2 Suddenly noticing an outsider, upholding principle of “family shames must not be spread abroad,” Tianci-daoren coughed twice and affectionately cared after his disciple, “Alright, alright. Isn’t Master here to help you take away those two little scoundrels? Their parents are searching for them. I guess they won’t come tease you again. You should properly hunt ghosts to earn points. Master will help you take away those two little scoundrels.”

Once Jiang Tong and Jiang Qiong heard these words, they quickly said, “Tianci-daoren, you’re a senior bullying juniors,” and then the siblings fled in different directions with extremely well coordination. Tianci-daoren wasn’t worried and allowed them to flee. First, he said a few words to his disciple and then went to chase after the siblings of the Jiang clan.

Pei Yu was extremely depressed. Until the Jiang siblings left, he was still muttering, “Those two little bastards, next time we meet, I’ll skin you guys.” Once he raised his head, he saw Xi Jia and was suddenly shocked silly, “Crap! Brother Jia, you’re here! I’m finished, I’m finished! It was all seen by you, my perfect image is completely ruined!”

Xi Jia, “……what misconception made you think that you still have an image to uphold in my eyes?”

Pei Yu noisily cried, “I have been bullied like this, Brother Jia, can’t you say a few good words?!”

Xi Jia pondered for a moment and seriously patted his shoulder, “Thank you for letting me see your……harmonious and friendly Xuanxue world. Rest assured, I think……not bad, you guys are all pretty good.”

They’re done for sooner or later!

On the way back to the hotel, Pei Yu talked to Xi Jia about the situation between him and the Jiang siblings.

In the Xuanxue world, besides Zi Wei Xing Hall, Tianji School, and Tian Gong Pavilion these types of sects, there’s some Celestial Master families that have existed through countless generations for thousands of years.

The Guangling Jiang family were well-known amongst Celestial Master families.3

Pei Yu’s master, Tianci-daoren, was originally a self-taught genius Celestial Master and was later accepted as a disciple of their sect. When Tianci-daoren was young, he met the Jiang siblings’ paternal grandfather. The two of them were good brothers. 30 years ago, the Jiang siblings’ paternal grandfather passed away in an accident. Tianci-daoren regarded his old friend’s children as his own and often took care of them.

Nothing was wrong until the Jiang siblings were born.

This pair of siblings were great seedlings to become Celestial Masters. One was born with strong yang energy and the other was born with strong yin energy. Tianci-daoren often went to see the twins. When he went, he would definitely bring Pei Yu. After several times, Pei Yu became familiar with the twins.

“These two little bastards were extremely cute when they’re young! Brother Jia, really too cute. Who knew they would grow up crooked and would become like this now!”

Pei Yu felt aggrieved as he talked. Xi Jia listened for a while and asked, “What’s Master Ye like?”

Pei Yu was suddenly stunned in place, “Hell King Ye?”

“En, he has a master, that I know. You just said that a lot of the younger generations of Celestial Master families can also enter a sect. Is Master Ye also the same?”

Pei Yu was really not familiar with Ye Jingzhi. Once he saw Ye Jingzhi, he would hide if given the chance. Thus, he said after thinking for a moment, “Anything else, I’m not too sure, but Hell King Ye is an orphan and was adopted from an orphanage by Senior Yi Lingzi. Senior Yi Lingzi passed away early. When he died, Hell King Ye was only six. Originally my master also wanted to accept Hell King Ye as a disciple, but Hell King Ye refused. At that time, a lot of seniors appeared and wanted to accept him as a disciple, and Hell King Ye rejected them all. He has an unprecedented Body of Three Fiends! How frickin’ awesome is that!”

Xi Jia wrinkled his brows, “Body of Three Fiends?”

Pei Yu said, “En, the Three Fiends are the Plundering Fiend, Calamity Fiend, and Year Fiend. 12th earthly branch for the Plundering Fiend, 1st earthly branch for the Calamity Fiend, and 2nd earthly branch for the Year Fiend.4 To conform with the Three Fiends, ordinary people with this kind of physique, if light, their entire family will die, and if heavy, disaster will befall 9 generations and will be a bane of others’ existence. A person with this type of fate is usually not born because the fetus will cause the mother to die. However, Hell King Ye was born for some reason. So he’s the Xuanxue world’s first Body of Three Fiends to be ever recorded.”

Bringing up this kind of gossip, Pei Yu could talk forever, “Actually, Hell King Ye being thrown to a orphanage isn’t completely not understandable. Body of Three Friends is really too horrible. Ordinary families won’t be able to take on the burden at all. Even our people of the Xuanxue world can’t shoulder a Body of Three Fiends. Although it’s an excellent sapling for cultivation, if you want to be his master, he will immediately cause you to die. Who will still dare accept him as a disciple?”

Xi Jia, “I saw an article on ‘Ghosts Know,’ Master Ye’s master died with the thousand year drought demon for the Xuanxue world.”

Pei Yu quickly waved his hand, “I didn’t say Hell King Ye caused his master to die. Who’s Senior Yi Lingzi? How can ordinary people compare? Right now the strongest person in the Xuanxue world is the hallmaster of Zi Wei Xing Hall, Cengxiu……coughcough, can’t say the old man’s name, he will hear it. Anyways, the owner is the strongest. But back then, Senior Yi Lingzi threw the owner across a few streets. It’s been said that the owner was once pressed against the ground and beaten up. So after Senior Yi Lingzi accepted Hell King Ye, he helped him by performing a spell and sealing his Year Fiend. Since then, while ordinary people still can’t bear Hell King Ye’s baleful energy, but for those of us part of the Xuanxue world, we already can resist.”

Speaking of this, Pei Yu nervously moved closer to Xi Jia’s ear and whispered, “It’s said that the spell consumed ten years of Senior Yi Lingzi’s cultivation in order to seal the Year Fiend in Hell King Ye’s right eye. I don’t dare to closely look at Hell King Ye’s eye. Brother Jia, have you seen it yet? Is there really a Year Fiend in it?”

Xi Jia slowly widened his eyes, suddenly remembering the mole hidden in Ye Jingzhi’s eye.

It’s actually not a mole, but a seal?!

Looking at Xi Jia’s flabbergasted expression, Pei Yu was very pleased, “En, Brother Jia, this is quite normal. It’s just a seal. It’s nothing for it to be sealed in his eye. But, Hell King Ye now has one sealed Fiend, there’s still two Fiends left, and he’s already that powerful. If he removed the seal, then he will be higher than the heavens……”

After returning to downtown Chang’an, Xi Jia went towards the hotel, and Pei Yu decided midway to go hunt ghosts.

Xi Jia felt it was funny as he asked, “Didn’t you say that with so many Celestial masters, all the malicious ghosts were scrapped clean, and that you wouldn’t be able to find any ghosts even if you went?”

Pei Yu became extremely depressed, “I was pushed down to ninth place by that pair of little bastards. If I don’t hunt a few ghosts to raise some points, then the Big Dipper Array later won’t involve me.”

The two of them parted ways under the An Ding Gate of Chang’an’s ancient city walls.

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Translator’s Notes:

1 “done for sooner or later”: the original is a relatively newer internet lingo which literally means “to eat a jujube pill.” 吃枣药丸 “to eat a jujube pill” is a homophone for 迟早要完 “to be done for sooner or later.” ↵

2 吃瓜 to eat melon: internet lingo to be a bystander, not involving in the matter and not expression their opinion, and just standing around and watching. ↵

3 广陵江家 Guangling Jiang Jia/family: Guangling is the location, their place of residence. If you’re more familiar with GDC or MDZS, same like GusuLan and YunmengJiang. ↵

4 Plundering Fiend, Calamity Fiend, and Year fiend are other names for Qingyang, Wuji, Qingniu. The Earthly Branches is a system used in ancient calender and timekeeping as well as astrology, etc. ↵

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