Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 4: Who is Hell King Ye to you?!

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Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Author: Mo Chen Huan

Translator: Aeryn

Editor: ReluctantEditor

Chapter 4

When Xi Jia’s words fell to the ground, the youth standing at the door was immediately stunned. He never thought that the young man in white would actually not hesitate to say “don’t believe” these two words. The reply was quick. It seemed like it didn’t even go through his brain since there wasn’t even a little bit of hesitation.

The youth originally wanted to casually tease a few words, but after seeing Xi Jia’s unconcerned appearance, he now gradually became more serious.

Then next, Chen Tao, the owner of the ward, saw an unforgettable scene in his life.

The stylish, sloppy youth happily said with a smile, “In a hospital, the qi is yin. It is very easy to nourish ghosts. Little friend, you really have a little ghost on your lap right now. From the looks of it, it should be a resentful infant who could not be born due to a difficult birth. It is leaning on your chest, with one hand on your shoulder.” In a place where others can’t see, the youth’s finger moved, “Do you think your shoulders feel a bit cold?”

Xi Jia suddenly felt a burst of coolness on his left shoulder, but he calmly asked, “Is it?”

The youth blanked for a moment. Raising his right hand from behind his waist to toy with him again, a breeze that was hard to detect with the naked eye quickly flew from his fingertips, heading straight towards Xi Jia’s left shoulder.

The youth asked, “Not cold?”

“It’s quite hot. It seems like it has become hot lately?”


Xi Jia smiled, “This……master, the small ghost you mentioned, how does it look like?”

Chen Tao widened his eyes, “Brother Jia, why are you asking so attentively for!”

The youth raised his brow, “A resentful infant, unborn due to difficult birth. Its skin is green. Eyes are completely black. The flesh of its mother’s uterus is in its nails. Hair stained with blood. Oh right, it’s now climbing onto your friend’s bed. This little fatty, do you feel that your leg is a bit cold? It’s now on your left leg.”

Chen Tao’s entire body trembled. He bored straight into Xi Jia’s arms in horror, not at all caring about his broken leg and ribs, “Brother Jia, Brother Jia! My leg’s cold, my leg really is cold! Suddenly very cold!”

Xi Jia grumpily slapped Chen Tao away, “You listen to his nonsense.”

Chen Tao, “Really, it’s cold ah, the hairs on my leg are standing up, see for yourself!”

Xi Jia pushed his buddy away again, and was speechless, “The ‘master’ by the door is playing with you. If you don’t believe, go ask him. In this room, if there is no ghost, then he will be single for his whole life. Does he dare to bet?”

Chen Tao turned to look expectantly at the youth by the door, “……Master?”

Pei Yu: “……”

I would be especially crazy to pick this losing bet with you!!!

Pei Yu felt he was very wronged.

As a leader of the younger generation of the current Xuanxue world (one out of many), whenever he, Pei Yu, went anywhere, there would be people serving him, respectfully calling him Master Pei.1 Just taking Director Wang as an example, if it weren’t for Director Wang’s blood related uncle being his Martial Uncle, he would be too lazy to even come here to help resolve such a small issue even if you add ten Director Wang’s together.

However, this morning, he went to the crew with Director Wang and found out the crew was really permeated with yin energy, not dispersing for a long time. Due to the intensity of the yin energy, Pei Yu, unable to avoid it, was forced to deal with it. He took out a compass, and started looking for evil spirits. Who would’ve expected that it took a full five hours, and he was still unable to find a single ghost. Therefore, he lifted his finger to contemplate. The strongest resentment energy nearby belonged to a malicious spirit of a child from a village in the distance that died from drowning. There wasn’t a single ghost at all amongst the crew.

How was this possible?

With this much yin energy, how could there not be ghosts?

After remaining perplexed after much thought, Pei Yu heard from Director Wang that a staff member fell down from the cliff yesterday night. So in order to get an answer, he deliberately rushed all this way to this county hospital. He planned on asking about Chen Tao’s situation of that night. He hasn’t even entered the door when he heard yet another secular person with much disdain against the existence of demons and ghosts. Therefore, he said a line to fool them without much thought.

In actuality, Pei Yu also really wanted to point out where a ghost was, and really scare this little friend who didn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth. However in this sickroom, even the nearby five or six sickrooms, surprisingly there’s not even a single ghost to be found. There’s not even a bit of yin energy either.

This was not scientific, ah!

Hospitals, graves, crematoriums.

These three places have the most yin energy and ghosts. There may not necessarily be any malicious or evil spirits, but there would inevitably be drifting ghosts that haven’t reincarnated. At the moment, Pei Yu mouthed a chant silently, using Yin Yang Eyes to look at the sickroom. He only saw the bright sun, and the air was fresh. Don’t even talk about ghosts, living in this ward would probably even make people feel delighted mentally and physically, and could recover sooner.

……What the hell! This sickroom was more “clean” than many residential buildings, weren’t hospitals said to have the most ghosts?

Chen Tao only saw the master’s expression change between green and white, not opening his mouth the entire time. Upon seeing this, he now understood that the person at the entrance really was a fake mystic, coming out to cheat a few dollars when there’s nothing wrong.2 Chen Tao sighed, “What Brother Jia said was right, how are there ghosts in this world? I see there’s more ghosts in people’s hearts.”

Pei Yu, “……”

He wanted to refute but was unable to answer. He couldn’t always go grabbing two little ghosts and throw them before these people. That really would be too intentional. Lightly coughing twice, Pei Yu stepped forward, making clear of his identity. Once hearing that the other party was Director Wang’s friend, Chen Tao looked at Pei Yu quite a few times, astonished. The gaze seemed to be saying “no wonder he’s so weird and incomprehensible, he turned out to be Director Wang’s friend.” Then, he started to tell what he had encountered the night before.

Everything was the same as what he had said before. Chen Tao remembered seeing a woman wearing white crying, crouching on the ground. He wanted to go comfort her, but before he could get close, he just fell off the cliff.

According to this calculation, that woman ought to be crying in midair.

Pei Yu already took off his large sunglasses and put it by his chest. He crossed his arms across his chest, a finger tapping on his arm. He asked, “That woman should indeed be a ghost. The crew filmed till it was late. Once zishi (11pm-1am) arrives, the yin energy would be very abundant.3 Pinghu Scenic Area is located at the mouth of a harbor with a sea breeze blowing over. And with the miasma combining with misty wind in the mountain valleys, it’s very easy for ghosts to take advantage of it and create an illusion.”

Chen Tao scratched his head, “No ah, I think it’s probably the same as what Brother Jia said. I haven’t seen a pretty lady in a long time and was blinded.”

Pei Yu was stunned, “But didn’t you see the ghost with your own eyes?”

Chen Tao chuckled, “My eyes must have gone blurry. Master, how about you directly go to our crew and see. If there really is a ghost, maybe that ghost is still within the crew.”

Pei Yu, “……”

If it’s really with the crew, would he still run all the way here to endure both of your attitudes?!

Pei Yu asked Chen Tao more questions again. The little fatty answered truthfully, but these honest words didn’t make much of a difference.

When Chen Tao was talking, Pei Yu used his right hand to lightly draw two runes on his sunglasses. A light colored ray flashed by the surface of the black lens. Chen Tao didn’t notice at all, but Xi Jia glanced at him, surprised.

Pei Yu inadvertently put his sunglasses on again. He carefully observed Chen Tao, and was surprised to find that this little fatty unexpectedly had a lot of yang energy. The yang energy in his whole body was ten times higher than that of normal person.

Ghosts and demons normally wouldn’t find trouble with someone with a lot of yang energy. Yin and yang restrict each other. The stronger the yang energy, the more troublesome it would be for the ghost to harm them.

Before taking off the sunglasses, Pei Yu conveniently glanced at Xi Jia at the side. With this glance, he didn’t have any reaction whatsoever. Directly taking off his glasses, he said in a low voice, “At the moment, I haven’t figured out why the ghost would harm you. But little fatty, don’t go back to the crew for the time being. I will help you talk to Director Wang. Since the ghost created a deceptive trick against you, it certainly wanted to harm you. You escaped this time, but you may not be able to escape next time. Wait until the ghost is caught, it won’t be too late to go back then.”

Chen Tao simply didn’t take it seriously, halfheartedly skimped though the matter.

The questions that needed to be asked had been asked. Pei Yu got up to leave. It’s clearly a day in March, but he’s wearing only a simple t-shirt and pants, like he wasn’t afraid of the cold at all. When he walked to the door, he stopped in his footsteps. With a hand on the door frame, he turned and looked behind. Creating a model-like pose, he pretended to be crestfallen and said, “Although, if you believe, then it exists. If you don’t believe, then it doesn’t exist. But the little friend wearing white, you better advise your friend, don’t let him foolishly go back to the crew immediately.”

Voice pausing, Pei Yu reached to pull down his sunglasses. Gazing profoundly at Xi Jia, he said with a smile, yet not a smile, “The world has ghosts. Even more, there are malicious spirits. Malicious spirits won’t speak of good or evil things with you. Karma and retribution.”

The warm sunshine passed through the window and landed on the young phony mystic’s white and clear face, casting a reflection like yin and yang alternating together. Ineffably, Chen Tao just felt a little panic in his heart. He definitely already determined that the youth was a fake, but listening to him speak these words, Chen Tao thought again…..Maybe the world really wasn’t as simple as he had imagined.

Looking at Pei Yu’s solemn but acting cool kind of appearance, Xi Jia slowly curled the corner of his lips. He stood up while saying, “Master, if what you said is true, then what do you think we should do?”

Upon hearing this question, Pei Yu suddenly felt that he finally convinced this little friend who was not afraid of death. He had difficulty covering up his complacent look. He walked back into the ward, and assuringly discussed, “In this case, you should consult with me. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. A person with civility like me, is also always filled with compassion. Since you believe in me this time, then I can give you, this friend, a talisman for free. Wear it on the body and it can expel evil……W-w-w-wu……Wu Xiang Qing Li?!!!”

The young fake mystic’s pleased look suddenly revealed a look a horror. His entire body jumped backwards. He pushed Chen Tao’s IV stand, and ran. While running, he still hid behind the single pole of an IV stand.

The single, bare iron rod couldn’t hide Pei Yu at all, yet his whole body shivered. The two people in the ward both looked blankly at him dragging the IV stand and running. Chen Tao was the first to react, howling in pain, “I’m still getting an infusion! My stand, give it back to me!”

At this moment, Pei Yu was already hiding in a corner. Using the IV stand to block his face, he cautiously stared at Xi Jia in the middle of the sickroom.

The elegant and pretty young man slowly lowered his head. He just noticed that when he stood up, the bronze die that had been hanging around his neck accidentally fell out of his clothes. He raised his head and looked at the young fake mystic not far away. He saw that this weird, hugely fake, scamming, and nonsense talking mystic was currently hiding behind an iron rod, endlessly shivering.

“Y-y-you……Who is Hell King Ye to you?!!!”4

The Author has something to say:

Wu Xiang Qing Li: ╭(╯^╰)╮Am I that scary!

Translator’s Notes

1 玄学 Xuanxue – Wei and Jin philosophical school combining Daoist and Confucian ideals. Can also be translated as metaphysics. ↵

2 神棍 fake mystic – a term that refers to a person in the shaman/medium/psychic sort of trade, that is a fake, has a glib tongue, and scams money. Not sure if there’s an English equivalent. Literal translation is god stick, and this term will be attached to Pei Yu a lot (lolll). ↵

3 They will use China’s archaic time system of two hour intervals. I’m just gonna put the modern equivalent in parentheses. ↵

4 阎王: King Yama, King of Hell, King Yan, Yan Luo, etc. He’s calling Ye Jingzhi by attaching his last name to King Yama like a title/suffix and I’m indecisive on what to translate it as. Ye King Yama, King Yama Ye, Yama Ye, Ye Yama, or some other variation. Maybe just Hell King Ye……↵

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