Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 9: I can only hit ghosts until their souls flies and scatters, who wants to try first?

Chapter 9: I can only hit ghosts until their souls flies and scatters, who wants to try first?

*this chapter contains profanities and sensitive topics, may be a trigger warning*

Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Author: Mo Chen Huan

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Translator: Aeryn

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Chapter 9

In the deep, dark night, it was already strange enough for a young man to sit in the garden and play with a cat. Now there’s suddenly two weird and incomprehensible people, a woman and a daoist. This night was bound to be not peaceful.

However, the woman and the daoist didn’t go upstairs to capture the ghost. Not a few minutes later, a middle aged man rushed up and slapped the woman across the face. The woman covered her cheek, and glared at the man. Baring her fangs and brandishing her claws, the woman’s nails ferociously slashed one bloody cut after another on the man’s face.

One man and one woman very quickly started to scuffle. Xi Jia was sitting not far away, watching.

After fighting for a few minutes, the sound of their fight caused many families in the neighborhood to turn on their lights and stand around to watch. At three in the morning, this pair fought until they bled. In the end, the man hit the woman until she fell to the ground. The woman’s hair was disheveled and her eye was bruised black. She cried and cursed, “This old woman has fucking shitty luck, marrying you this useless animal!1 You said it yourself, your father lived to eighty-six. He got cancer twelve years ago, and still hasn’t died until now. How could he have lived this long! Explain!”

The man spat out a mouthful of bloody spit on the ground, “My dad is already dead, what are you doing still talking about this!?”

The woman simply didn’t get up, directly staying on the ground, and let loose. She tore apart her throat, yelling in a loud voice, “You let the neighbors all hear! My Da Bao and Xiao Bao weren’t even 10 years old, all dead!2 Last year, the one in my stomach that was only six months, also flowed away. You don’t feel bad for your sons, I feel bad for my sons! They are all my flesh and blood, I gave birth after carrying for ten months! How your father lived for this long, you know it clearly in your heart. That old thing that won’t die is living off his grandchildren’s life, ah!!!” By the end, she had already begun to loudly wail.

The man rushed over to grab the woman’s hair and threw her towards the ground, “My dad is already dead, you whore, say that to me again!”

“You animal…Ahhh!”

Looking at this scene, Xi Jia frowned and stood up. But he hadn’t had time to stop it when the old daoist by the side suddenly threw a yellow cinnabar paper talisman in front of the man. The paper talisman burst into flames in the air, giving the man a big scare, but also stopping Xi Jia in his footsteps.

He really was a ghost hunting Celestial Master?

The old daoist flicked his horsetail whisk. He faced the man, and seriously said, “Madam Zhao didn’t say anything wrong. Mr. Li, this building’s yin energy is extremely strong. It should be the ghost of your father haunting here. Live offsprings for a long life…has a practical existence. Wait for this daoist to remove the evil spirit. You will no longer have a nightmare every night, and can also have children again.”

With a heavy expression, Xi Jia looked at the old daoist.

Longevity from living offsprings.

Xi Jia naturally heard of this theory before.

Because of his special physique since young, his father took him to see a lot of “masters.” He had also heard many mysterious things, such as gaining longevity from living offsprings.

There had been a saying since ancient times, if an old person lived for too long, it was because they were living off of the lives of the living descendants. For every year that they live, the descendants would have less blessings and shorter lives. Thus, in the ancient times, when some children were born into the families, they would throw the elderly in their family into a cave in the mountains and be given three days worth of food and water. Afterwards, the children’s duty were finished, and would let these old people’s life run its course.

Yet, when Xi Jia was bored yesterday and browsed through “Ghosts Know” official account’s news history records, he just so happened to flip through an article called 《8 Greatest, Most Hilarious Mortal Superstitious Cases》. Tapping it open, the one ranked six was precisely “longevity from living offsprings.”

Below the article, the Xuanxue world’s group of off-key fake mystics were bragging wildly, scoffing at these 8 greatest superstitious instances. In particular, they simply didn’t feel like glancing at “longevity from living offsprings” even out of the corner of their eyes.

【 This old man is 96 this year. If my worthless son dares to throw this old man, this old man will send heavenly lightning to hack him to death, get struck by lightning! 】

Underneath the comment, this master’s son also came out to reply,【 Dad! I’m already 64! Give me some face, okay!? I always say to you, dance more public square dances, and get to know pretty aunties. Show concern for life, stay away from “Ghosts Know,” listen to me, okay!? 】

And now, this old daoist solemnly talked about the existence of “longevity from living offsprings.”

Probably because he was stunned by the charm catching on fire just now, the man hesitated for a long time. But in the end, he still went with the daoist and woman upstairs, “You want to catch a ghost, then I’ll watch at the side. You stinking woman, if there’s no problem, laozi will break your legs!”3

The two swore as they went upstairs. Xi Jia stayed downstairs, eventually not following them up. First, they didn’t know each other. If he casually followed them up, that husband and wife pair would probably drive him away. Second, he and Pei Yu already went to the 7th floor yesterday, and nothing happened. Pei Yu also didn’t find a shadow of a malicious ghost on the 7th floor.

Furthermore, Ye Jingzhi’s blood was currently suppressing the 7th floor of this building.

Five minutes later, from the window of the 7th floor’s stairwell, Xi Jia saw a fire drift in the air. The old daoist was holding a yellow paper talisman and chanting. In one moment, he used a peach wood sword to pierce through the talisman. In another moment, he sprayed realgar wine into the air. After he did everything, Xi Jia saw that the black qi that was all bounded up on the 7th floor didn’t move in the slightest. The four blood threads firmly locked the black qi within.

Until a minute later, Xi Jia unexpectedly saw a light shine on the 7th floor. He stood up suddenly, staring at the light with a grave expression. Through the shadows in the window, he could vaguely see a woman holding a child by the hand, slowly moving about in the house. They walked extremely slowly. If compared to the the daoist currently doing his techniques outside the door, they were like snails crawling.

Then, they walked step by step to the front door. The woman slowly lowered her head, looking through the peephole at the daoist, husband, and wife.


The black colored yin energy suddenly expanded, and the four blood threads shook fiercely.

In the distant capital, a cold and indifferent man was currently talking to a monk. Suddenly, he turned his head and looked towards the south, his gaze like a burning torch.

The monk put his hands together, smiling, “Fellow Daoist Ye, what happened?”

A dark light flashed through his pitch black eyes, Ye Jingzhi turned around and indifferently said, “My Blood Drop is about to break.”

The monk was flabbergasted, “Those Blood Drops that you put on Tian Gong Zhai? Those were 72 points, unexpectedly there’s really someone with more money than sense that would buy?” Pausing for a moment, the monk continued, “Something that could break your Blood Drop should be an evil spirit that should at least go down to the 4th Layer of Hell.4 But someone who could spend 72 points to buy your Blood Drop, if it’s not the seniors of the older generation, then it’s also the top ten fellow daoists of the Modou. Don’t worry too much.”

Ye Jingzhi lightly nodded. However after one second, his eyes contracted, “It broke.”

The monk faltered, “What?”

Ye Jingzhi expression slowly sunk, “My Blood Drop broke.”

The monk was alarmed, “That fast?!”

The handsome without rivals, black clothed man coldly stared in the southern direction, “I’ll be going ahead, that place seems to be……S City.”

S City.

Xi Jia raised his head, blankly staring at the the black qi that continuously expanded. The four blood threads shuddered, enveloping the black qi within. However, the black qi continued to grow larger and larger, rolling more and more turbulently. After a very light sound of shattering, the four blood threads broke into countless bright specks in front of Xi Jia’s eyes, dispersing in the air.

It was clearly fine the whole day, but after the daoist and the husband and wife went upstairs, things became weird.

The instant the blood threads completely collapsed, the lights in the woman’s house also suddenly went out. The black qi rushed out from the 7th floor once again, wrapping up the building. So much so that it started to fill the entire neighborhood unrestrained.

Song Song in his arms shivered in fear, and Xi Jia put it on the ground, heading towards the building. He didn’t go far when Song Song just jumped right back into his arms. Xi Jia stunned, “There’s an evil ghost in there, you’re not scared?”

As if it could understand, Song Song shook its head with all its might. But, its tiny body shrunk into Xi Jia’s arms, unable to stop trembling.

Looking at this terrified and sticky black kitten, Xi Jia softly sighed. He pulled Wu Xiang Qing Li from his neck, and passed it into Song Song’s paws. He stuffed the little black cat and the bronze die together into his pocket. Then he glanced at the building covered in black, and rushed inside.

At this moment, Charlatan Pei was currently stuffing a huge pile of things into his little dark green bag. He was humming to a popular song while shaking his head. Halfway through the song, his cell phone abruptly vibrated. Pei Yu opened WeChat to take a look.

【 Xi Jia: Master Ye’s Blood Drop broke. The yin energy is chaotic, I’ll go up first to check the situation. Come quickly. 】

His mono-lidded eyes suddenly opened wide, Pei Yu couldn’t believe it, “How could Hell King Ye’s Blood Drop break?!” As soon as he said it, Pei Yu swept all the treasures on the table into the Qiankun bag, then rushed into the living room, “Martial Uncle, please help me arrange a military plane. I want to take off right away. S City’s probably in trouble!”

Not even half an hour later, a plane took off from the military airport in the southern suburbs of the capital. Also at the capital in a different direction, a black clothed man broke through the skies, rapidly flying towards the south.

Currently, Xi Jia entered the hallway. It was silent all around. There were only the strong black qi twisting and climbing towards his body. However, the black qi didn’t touch Xi Jia at all. Wu Xiang Qing Li in his pocket ferociously shook a bit, and the yin energy scattered to the side in fear.

The elevator doors were tightly shut. The display screen above the elevator was completely black. There was no number flashing, and no floor information either. This building was like a haunted house. There’s no lighting. The hazy moonlight shining through the window barely provided some illumination.

Xi Jia looked at the deathly silent elevator, and turned towards the direction of the stairs. He slowly walked up the stairs step by step until he reached the 7th floor. Upon exiting the staircase, he saw the front doors of the two households and the hallway in the middle. Just five minutes ago, a husband and wife pair and a daoist still stood in this hallway, practicing his techniques. But now, they disappeared into thin air. On the floor, there was no burnt talismans, only the iron basin in the corner with the ashes of paper money in it.

The fragments of fire flickered in the iron basin, as if someone had burned some paper here just a moment ago.

Xi Jia looked down at the iron basin. After a good while, he walked to the front of a door, and raised his hand to knock. The banging sounds once again rang through the house. Seeing the person through the peephole, the front door creaked open. Xi Jia smiled and looked at the deathly pale woman and the little boy she was holding by the hand.

“I’m not a Celestial Master. I don’t have Master Ye’s ability and I’m not as good as Pei Yu either. I don’t know who is a ghost and who is a human. But, my fist can’t beat a person to death, and can only beat a ghost until their soul flies away and scatters. So…who wants to try first?”

The Author has something to say:

God Stick is a bastard,

C+ is really lovable.

Mirror has scenes today,

Five Boxes of Pears is not enough to sell!

Ah! Very moist! Very wet! Applause!

God Stick Pei: You want to rhyme, but why say that I’m a bastard?

T/N: It sorta rhymed in the original, and each line had 7 characters. I ran out of creativity to think of an alternative poem xD

God Stick 神棍: Pei Yu’s nickname literally translates to god stick. Decided to use the literal as his nickname in the author’s comments because everyone else has a different nickname.

C+: Xi Jia. Xi sounds like the letter C. Jia sounds like to add in Chinese and therefore, the + sign.

Mirror: Ye Jingzhi. The character for Jing is same for mirror. Jingzhi sounds very close to mirror which is jingzi.

Five Boxes of Green Pears: Wu Xiang Qing Li. Sounds the same, but different characters to make “Five Boxes of Green Pears.” See Author’s small theatre in chapter 7.

Translator’s Notes:

1 倒了八辈子血霉: fig. to have realllly shitty luck. Lit. to throw 8 generations of blood mold/fungus. ↵

2 大宝 & 小宝 Da Bao & Xiao Bao: Big treasure/baby and Little treasure/baby. Usually nicknames for kids. ↵

3 老子 laozi: Colloquial term for father, also “I” used arrogantly. This old man/I, your father/This daddy etc. ↵

4 孽镜地狱: The 4th Layer out of 18 Layers of Hell. Basically translates to Evil/Sin Mirror Hell. ↵

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