Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 283

Jiang Xiu's ambition laid elsewhere. He was paying more attention to how the descent of the other world was influencing this world and how much assistance it would provide towards his cultivation. After becoming a God, his progress in cultivation had become very slow, and though he could increase his power after absorbing the 5th Longevity Stone, the amount of increase in power was almost negligible for a God.

That kind of increase was equivalent to consuming a medicinal pill on the Immortal Martial Continent. For a divinity cultivator to rank up from a Low God to Mid God stage, an astronomical number of pills would be required so consuming just one didn't count as anything.

Due to the lack of cultivation resources, Jiang Xiu could only place hope in comprehending the laws, but due to being restrained by this world, he hadn't made much progress in cultivating the laws as well. He hoped that the descent of the other world would lift the restraints placed on this world.

Therefore, he was willing to hear about the matters of the Heaven Treading Biocorp from Wang Xintong. Bodhi Gene was also working hard to recruit divinity users and research the awakening genes. This was key to his future plans.

Jiang Xiu said frankly, "I haven't met with Mayor Gu yet…"

Tang Zhenshan nodded with a solemn expression on his face, "A change of Governor in Jiangnan is a huge matter. All powers of Jiangnan have been making moves lately and everyone's opinions differ."

From his tone, it seemed like the Tang family had also been attacked.

"Jiang City is the only exception since we have Mr. Jiang suppressing them. Furthermore, Old Man Jiang is also present here as well. But no matter who becomes the Governor of Jiangnan, it would cause ripples in Jiang City."

Jiang Xiu knew that ever since Jiang Yi had become the Deputy Mayor of Jiang City, Tang Zhenshan had done his utmost to provide support to him and was almost acted as a money bank.

"Send your Tang family's children to Heaven Treading Biocorp for testing. If their aptitude is good, they can join the group and work there."

Tang Zhenshan was overjoyed after hearing this.

As a martial artist, he had also sensed the recent change which had occurred to this world, but his level was too low so he didn't know the true reason it was happening. Even so, he strived to fight over for a higher position than ordinary people who were totally oblivious to it.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Jiang…"

Tang Zhenshan said, "Mr. Jiang, I heard about something recently but I don't know whether it's true. Someone said that Mr. Jiang has slaughtered the Ji family and even killed Duke Wuxie's son as well."

"It is indeed true!"

Tang Zhenshan's expression morphed immediately as he said with worry, "Mr. Jiang, this matter isn't appropriate. Duke Wuxie has been a legend in our nation's martial world for 60 years and was someone who could even survive an atom bomb. Everyone thinks he's a demigod, but stories about Duke Wuxie have been passed on in Western Sichuan for over 200-300 years. According to what I heard from my friend from those days, Duke Wuxie is a God!"

Jiang Xiu stood up and faced the river channel ahead. The lighting reflected clearly on the waves. It was impossible for a demigod to survive an atom bomb which worked based on the powerful nuclear fusion with his physical body intact. From the very beginning, Jiang Xiu knew that Si Wuxie was a god. Moreover, there were many legends of a sword immortal in Western Sichuan. As the adage went – without wind, there cannot be waves – It was very likely that Si Wuxie was a sword immortal.

Only, Jiang Xiu had seen his share of sword immortals on the Immortal Martial Continent. It was pretty normal for there to be 2-3 sword immortal among cultivators. The only question was how powerful Si Wuxie was. Si Wuxie, I hope you don't disappoint me.

"So what if he's a god?"

Tang Zhenshan stood up in astonishment, "Is Mr. Jiang also…" It was widely rumored that Jiang Xiu was also a god but he hadn't admitted he was one. A demigod wasn't a god's opponent as the disparity in ranks couldn't be crossed. Jiang Xiu's words just now were equivalent to admitting it so Tang Zhenshan became excited, "I understand it now…"

If both of them were gods, it all depended on who was stronger!

This would really be a confrontation which would shake China to the core, an unprecedented battle!

As he was chatting, Cheng Lingsu came over with a smile on her face. This smile really made Jiang Xiu feel unwell. What's this little girl getting happy for? It couldn't be that she won money, right?

"Jiang Xiu…"

Tang Zhenshan adapted to the situation immediately, "Mr. Jiang, I'll take my leave then…"

After he left, Jiang Xiu looked at Cheng Lingsu's flowery appearance and felt a little upset internally. "You look so happy. Did you make money or what?"

"It's vacation time now. I don't want to think about work!"

This little girl's attitude was really abnormal. If a normal person had lost that much money, they wouldn't feel at ease until they won back the money they lost.

"Do you need something from me?"

"Most of our high school classmates are at Hang City. They are conducting the first get-together tonight. Do you plan to go?"

Jiang Xiu was surprised, "Aren't you at odds with those people?"

"It's all in the past now. Although we couldn't become true best friends, we had after all been friends for 3 years so I have to show some face on the outside. I can't just refrain from meeting my high school classmates because of them, right?"

Jiang Xiu shook his head. "I won't be coming. You can go if you want."

Ouyang Qian, Lin Shu and the rest knew about Jiang Xiu's identity. If he didn't say that he won't be coming, those students would also feel uneasy. Moreover, he wasn't in the mood to deal with them and would rather cultivate under closed doors.

"I'll be going then…"

Jiang Xiu felt regretful not long after Cheng Lingsu had left because Lin Yueling had seen Tang Zhensan leave and came over to glare at him so that he would go see Gu Dezhi. Jiang Xiu knew that this matter couldn't be dragged on any longer so without any other choice left, he decided to call Gu Dezhi.

"Mr. Jiang!"

Gu Dezhi was a little surprised when he got a call from Jiang Xiu as he had never received one from him directly. Each time, Wang Xintong would talk to him.

"Mayor Gu, I've returned to Jiangnan."

"I was hoping you would return. How about this? I'll arrange a welcoming dinner for you at West Lake Manor at 7 PM tonight. We can speak there in person."

At 6 PM that evening, Gu Dezhi especially let the driver drive his car to pick in Jiang Xiu to express his respect for Mr. Jiang. This car enjoyed the highest privilege at Jiang City. Even if you speed up, the traffic police would clear the route for you in case you had an important matter to deal with.

When Jiang Xiu arrived at the manor, a party was going on inside. The place was brightly light and celebs from all parties had converged there. Graceful violin music was also audible from inside.

This party had been arranged earlier. As it was close to the end of the year, there were many parties going on. Gu Dezhi naturally wouldn't shirk on anything related to Jiang Xiu so he personally received Jiang Xiu.

Ever since Crown Prince Ao had come to Jiangnan back then, West Lake Manor had become the party location where celebs associated. It seemed like the qualifications required to book this place wasn't the same as before.

Gu Dezhi didn't want Jiang Xiu to know that there was a party going on at this place as that would be disrespecting him so he told the driver to enter through another entrance. It almost felt as if someone else was conducting the party while he personally waited at the entrance to meet Jiang Xiu.

In all of Jiangnan, Gu Dezhi only treated Jiang Xiu this way!

Before Crown Prince Ao had arrived in Jiangnan, Gu Dezhi's control over Jiangnan was very weak. Several families contended against him but after Crown Prince Ao arrived in Jiangnan, Jiang Xiu had got rid of those officials and businessmen in one swoop, which allowed Gu Dezhi to thoroughly grasp the authority in Jiangnan. Merely, it was a pity that these good days didn't continue much longer as he had reached the end of his term and would have to give up the seat.

"Mr. Jiang, it's been a long time!"

"Please come inside!"

Gu Dezhi welcome Jiang Xiu as if he were receiving the leader of the nation, "Elder Brother knew Mr. Jiang had returned to Jiangnan and also planned to come but he couldn't as he had too many matters to deal with. He asked me to greet you for him and also hopes that Mr. Jiang will keep the army division's matter in mind."


Regulating the army didn't happen within a day or two. This matter was too big so the progress was a little slow, but the strength revealed on the surface played a major factor into it as well. Jiang Xiu thought that he should make some preparations to deal with any accidents which might arise due to the descent of the other world.

The two of them entered inside the quiet clubhouse.

The feast had already been prepared,

Only, the two of them didn't have anyone accompanying them. Wang Xintong would've been the best choice for that.

"Mr. Jiang, after a year and a month, it'll be the end of the term for me. The superiors have been discussing whether I should stay or retire recently…" Gu Dezhi felt quite melancholic. The feeling of retiring really felt quite unwell. "Mr. Jiang, would you be able to influence those in the Diaoyutai with your position?"

He still harbored a bit of hope as he wishes to walk another step further.


Any human wished to obtain more benefits by ascending higher in position. Gu Dezhi wasn't an exception to this as well. After the battle at Heaven's Gate, Jiang Xiu naturally had a little influence on Diaoyutai. Moreover, he also had a lot of influence over Jiangnan. It was just that he wasn't interested in meddling in this playground.

And right now, Cheng Lingsu, as well as her classmates, had also arrived at West Lake…

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