Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation

Chapter 29

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Jiang Xiu said, "If it's a construction or demolition of a building, it might be due to various reasons. It could be the Five Immortals, Evil Ghosts or even some immovable underground existence."

Nangong Kou'er revealed a smile, "You're really an expert."

Jiang Xiu made a proud face, thinking - Evil spirits on this insignificant Earth are nothing.

"Let's go!"


"To the scene, where else?" Nangong Kou'er took out her phone to call her uncle, "Uncle, it's me, Kou'er. Where's your construction site in Jiang City located at?"

"Oh, you're there right now? Is Aunt also there? Good. We'll come over right now."

Ending the call, Nangong Kou'er led Jiang Xiu towards her Ferrari.

Jiang Xiu asked, "What's the name of your uncle's real estate company?"

Nowadays, the real estate business expanded vigorously. It was a small capital and huge returns investment. With funds and connections, it was easy to enter the circle and then the real estate company grew exponentially.

Nangong Kou'er replied, "Myriad Base Estates!"

Jiang Xiu was shocked. Although the Myriad Base Estates wasn't that popular now, almost everyone knew about it ten years later. It became one of the top ten real estate magnates in the country.

So Nangong Kou'er's uncle was the owner of Myriad Base. With such a strong political background and it being a money-making profession, it's no wonder that Myriad Base developed to such an extent.

Only, Myriad Base had just started operating and specially chosen Jiang City instead of a 1st tier city like the Imperial Capital's Shanghai in order to evade risk. Even if that was the case, it'd be an embarrassing matter if a real estate project didn't start with at least a few hundred million in funds.

Nangong Kou'er's uncle, Qing Weiping was a proud and arrogant man. He believed that he had set out late and so he brought in a huge amount in order to catch up. He almost threw all the capital he owned and even took a loan of 300 million from the bank.

He didn't expect an incident to occur. There was an old temple there and during the demolition, all the elderly advised that it mustn't be demolished. However, Qin Weiping made light of it as nothing was taboo for him when it comes to making money. He made his men demolish it and the result was that an accident took place.

People got into accidents in succession while working on construction. First time could be marked as a coincidence but the second and the third time it happened, the matter became stranger. A lot of the workers started fainting while working and some even said that they saw a ghost. Later, they said there was an Immortal inside the old temple and that the Immortal was offended. The matter became so big that the workers became anxious and refused to work. Finally, the project had to be stalled.

Days kept passing by and with each day, an interest amount of 3 million was added by the bank. After 3-5 days, it crossed 10 million and no one would be willing to waste this amount of sum.

Qing Weiping compromised in the end to invite a Shaman. However, even after the Shaman had exorcised the place, there were no changes. If the workers entered inside the construction site, it'd lead to an incident.

"The problem is quite serious!"

Shaman Zhang made a solemn face. As a famous Shaman of Jiangnan, he knew very well that real estate development encounters inconvenient matters and had also settled many of them, but they were never so strange like this one.

If a region with a temple needs to be demolished, ample preparation needs to be done before demolition. It was too late to try rectifying the problem after demolishing it.

The Ferrari stopped outside the construction site. Nangong Kou'er and Jiang Xiu got down. The construction site was surrounded by people as far as the eyes went. Most of them were high-level executives from Myriad Base and a few were Shamans. These Shamans weren't ordinary men, Qing Weiping had spent a lot of resources to invite them from the provincial capital.

"Uncle, Aunt, I invited a Shaman over."

Nangong Kou'er came over.


A middle-aged couple in the middle of the crowd was keenly listening to Shaman Zhang's suggestions. The beautiful woman of the couple saw Nangong Kou'er and furrowed her brows, her complexion changing colors.

"The construction site is such a mess right now. What's a girl like you doing here? Quickly go back."

Nangong Kou'er was quite confident towards Jiang Xiu. She believed he had true skills as he had figured out about the matter of her childhood engagement. She smiled, "I heard that all the Shamans that Aunt has called over were useless so I invited a Shaman over…"

This woman was around 40 years old and wore luxurious clothing. Her appearance and Nangong Kou'er's had a 20% resemblance but it was far from Nangong Kou'er's but she could be considered a beauty too.

This was Nangong Kou'er's aunt, Nangong Qin.

Her anger subsided a little when she heard that Nangong Kou'er had invited a Shaman as this was also the kind intentions of her niece.

It might be better for another Shaman to add in suggestions.

But when Nangong Qin saw the person Nangong Kou'er brought over, she was completely disappointed. It was an 18-year-old youngster who also looked like a student. Was it even possible for such a person to be a Shaman?

"Right, what's your name?"

Jiang Xiu said, "Jiang Luoxia!"

In those days, his master had conferred him a Dao name - Descend, the nine mythical arts, cleanse the heavens, a thousand years of karma, an artless heart yet romantic.

As it was too long, he decided to take only the first word, Luoxia (Descend).

"Yes, this is Master Luoxia!" Nangong Kou'er said, "Aunt, he's quite skilled. He can do a lot of things. His powers are truly boundless."


Uncle Qin Weiping groaned, feeling a bit resentful. He was facing a lot of pressure but he couldn't get angry towards this Young Lady Nangong as she was harder to deal with than his own wife. You bring in someone but don't even know his name and even say he's quite skilled? How can I believe you?

As a high-level intellectual, he shouldn't have believed any of this exorcism-related stuff, but he had no other choice. And now? Seeing that he was a rich guy, all of them were coming over to earn a sum.

This time, it was too much for him. An 18-year-old youngster was actually pretending to be a Shaman.

The couple thought that a genuine Shaman ought to resemble someone like those people beside them who were well versed in the Book of Changes and the Eight Trigrams. Keeping aside the topics of Yin and Yang as well as Fengshui, they should possess magical powers and methods.

The couple called out to Jiang Xiu as a display of social etiquette and bestowed a change of few hundreds as face to Nangong Kou'er.

After that, they continued to listen to Shaman Zhang's suggestions. The Shaman was holding a compass in his hand and speaking some or the other thing. Qing Weiping listened to him and then nodded.

Nangong Kou'er scowled her brows when she saw her uncle act in this manner towards Jiang Xiu. As Jiang Xiu was able to accurately divine about her childhood engagement, she was sure that he possessed real skills.

Nangong Qin said, "Kou'er, your Uncle's busy so don't cause trouble there."

"Aunt, when did I cause trouble?"

"Aunt is busy with company matters so I can't entertain you. If there's nothing to do, you better return to the capital first so that your parents aren't worried about you. Be obedient now and listen to my words."

Nangong Kou'er knit her brows and asked Jiang Xiu to the side, "Did you figure out anything?"

Jiang Xiu narrowed his eyes and used his divine eyes to sweep past the entire construction site. His point of view changed from the usual, all the colors has changed into a dull grey. If there was any presence of supernatural energy, it'd be displayed as a red color, which was very conspicuous.

This was a unique skill of the Heaven Treading Sect, Spirit Seeking Immortal Pursuit.

When Nangong Kou'er saw this, she understood that he was using a magical skill, so she held her breath and blinked her big and bright eyes from time to time, hoping he's able to find the cause.

"Just a scammer!"

One of the Myriad Base staff member mocked. He believed that this Young Lady Nangong was too naïve, lacking any experience in society and hence was cheated by Jiang Xiu. He was the Deputy Director of Myriad Base and Qin Weiping's most competent assistant, so he naturally thought himself to be smart.

Shaman Zhang shouted suddenly, "I understand now!"

The couple was exalted, "Has Great Master Zhang found the cause?"

Shaman Zhang pointed towards a crossroad with 3 three junctions, "Do the two of you see that place? Doesn't it look like a pit?" The terrain there indeed seemed to look like a hollow pit. "This is called 'Three Forks Inviting the Fiend', just like a stream of a river, the fiendish energy starts accumulation in the low places. After accumulating, if this fiendish energy is breathed in by humans, their Yang energy scatters which causes them to hallucinate and even faint because they can't endure it."

What he spoke about was related to Fengshui, so it was easy for a cultured man like Qin Weiping to accept it.

"So, it was like that!"

Qing Weiping asked, "Does Master Zhang have a plan to solve this?"

"It's nothing. Wait for me to arrange a Yin and Yang Fengshui Grand Formation here, it'll gather the Yang energy from nature to neutralize the Fiendish energy in this place. After the buildings are built and people move inside, the natural energies from the humans will suppress the Fiendish energy then this matter will be settled."


Qin Weiping actually didn't believe all of this but since such a strange matter has happened, he had no choice but to believe it.

"Utter rubbish!"

As the couple and the high-level executives of Myriad Base were feeling happy from the surprising news, a voice suddenly intruded into their conversation.

Everyone was astonished and turned back to look, the one who spoke was the young Shaman who Nangong Kou'er had invited.

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