Global Cultivation: First-time Top-up for the Ultimate Destiny Treasure

Chapter 355(End) - The Battle between Humans and Demons, New Path (Grand Finale)

Chapter 355: The Battle between Humans and Demons, New Path (Grand Finale)

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In the Oriental Moon Province, a white-robed Zhao Xuening was staring at the azure sky of the central sky region.

She had been in the central sky region for a year, but she still could not find any news about Su Yi.

The sect she was in was one of the top three sects in the Oriental Moon Province, the Moon God Sect.

Due to the existence of the Mystic Female body of the Nine Heavens, her cultivation level was actually on par with Su Yi’s. They were both in the advanced stage of the core formation stage.

However, it was difficult to say how strong she was.

At this moment, a beautiful figure descended from the sky and arrived in front of Zhao Xuening. She spoke in an indifferent manner.

“Junior sister, this is a letter from an old friend of yours. It says that it is to be passed on to you.”

After she received the letter from her senior sister of the Moon God Sect, she slowly opened it and was suddenly shocked.

The letter was from Nie Ling, and the letter mentioned that there was news about Su Yi.

When she saw this, she ignored the surprise and question from the Moon God Sect’s senior sister and flew out, following the contents of the letter to a certain destination.

At the same time, under a second-grade sect, Li Mengxi also received Nie Ling’s letter and flew out.

In less than half a day, the three women actually met in a small city.

At that moment, they saw Su Yi. The valiant and heroic posture of the past had already disappeared. What was left was only tender and gentle expressions on their faces.

A year later, the few of them once again gathered together and once again slowly advanced towards the ultimate goal of immortal cultivation in this central sky region.

What surprised Su Yi was that the sects behind the three women all had great backgrounds.

For example, Nie Ling and Li Mengxi had both entered a second-grade sect. Zhao Xuening was even more amazing, actually entering one of the top sects in the Oriental Moon Province, the Moon God Sect. She had even become one of the inner sect disciples’ chosen ones.

In contrast, the Spirit Firmament Sect where Su Yi was from was only a third-grade faction.

After a few days of gathering, the acquaintances separated. Everyone was safe and sound. As immortal cultivators, they still had a long life ahead of them.

A few months later, Su Yi slowly opened his eyes on a peak. At this time, he had already broken through the bottleneck and transcended the heavenly tribulation to become a nascent soul stage cultivator.

Among the nascent soul stage cultivators in the central sky region, he was one of the best. Moreover, he himself had the ability to fight above his cultivation level. His strength was even stronger than his cultivation level.

The strength of the other three girls had more or less increased, and at this moment, a big event happened in the central sky region. It was related to the entire human domain.

The demon race had gone crazy and launched an attack on the humans.

Due to this, Su Yi was summoned back to the Spirit Firmament Sect. He learned from the sect master that the three top sects wanted all the human forces to join forces to resist the attack of the demon race.

In just a few days, all the sects and factions had arrived at the border between the human and demon race by spirit energy ships.

This border was barren as far as the eye could see. It was not like the scene in the mountains and valleys of the three great prefectures.

Every few days, some sects and factions would head to the border. Su Yi’s Spirit Firmament Sect had also arrived at this border a few days ago.

Su Yi looked at the barren land in front of him. There were demon beast limbs and some corpses of the demon race. He knew what kind of cruel battle they had experienced before they had arrived?

Even so, the demon race did not seem to have given up on attacking the humans. Every few days, the demon race would drive the beast tide to cross the border.

However, how could the sects and forces of the three great states allow these demons and beast tide to enter the human territory?

So, such an unprecedented war broke out.

This was the battlefield between the humans and demons. The border had become a complete mess. The booming sounds of cultivators’ spells could be heard everywhere, as well as the endless roars of the demons and beasts.

As a nascent soul cultivator, Su Yi was naturally fighting against a nascent soul demon.

Therefore, he was famous on the battlefield. Such a young nascent soul cultivator was almost unheard of in the central sky region, and there had never been such a prodigy among the three top sects.

When some attentive cultivators asked around, they found out that Su Yi came from a third-level sect, which shocked countless cultivators.

Not only were the humans shocked by Su Yi’s strength, but even the demons were impressed by Su Yi’s bravery.

The strength that Su Yi displayed was the last point of the nascent soul realm. If they wanted to subdue him, the demons could only ask the soul formation realm experts to take action.

However, there were only so many soul formation realm experts in the central sky region, especially among the demons. There were fewer demon soul formation realm experts than humans, so how could they spare the effort to eliminate Su Yi, a rising prodigy?

The soul formation stage demons were being held back by the human soul formation stage cultivators. Under the leadership of Su Yi, the demons at the nascent soul realm were all surrounded and killed.

Without the command of the demi-humans at the nascent soul realm, the remaining demons and the beast tide were nothing to be afraid of.

Although in terms of numbers, the human cultivators might not be as good as the demons, but in terms of quality, every cultivator at the border of the battlefield was a cultivator who had been through hundreds of battles.

With the existence of Su Yi, this battle between humans and demons only lasted for three months.

During these three months, many of the human cultivators’ sects were destroyed, and countless cultivators died as a result.

However, compared to the miserable state of the human race, the demons were in a worse state. The soul formation realm experts of the demon race were almost killed by the human cultivators, not to mention the nascent soul realm demons. Almost all of them were killed.

As for the demon beasts and low-level demons, they had almost no ability to resist when the experts participated in the battle.

The battle between the demon race and the human race ended in a miserable defeat for the demon race.

Oriental Moon Province, Shenyue City.

Shenyue City was the most central human city in Oriental Moon Province, and it was also the most prosperous place.

In this most central city… Su Yi was sitting in an extremely tall loft, leisurely drinking tea.

Suddenly, a slightly mocking voice sounded from behind him. Zhao Xuening, who was dressed in a snow-colored muslin robe, had unknowingly arrived here.

“Yo, aren’t you busy? Are you in such a leisurely and elegant mood today to come and chat with me?”

After this voice sounded, it was not just Zhao Xuening who had arrived in this loft. Nie Ling and Li Mengxi had also arrived here.

However, they did not speak. The three women were very clear about their own intentions. Perhaps the only one who was not clear was Su Yi.

Su Yi looked at the three women and smiled. He did not speak but asked them to sit down. They quietly enjoyed both silence and the noise of the central sky region.

They relied on each other. The four of them had experienced many calamities and disasters. Even the war between the two races could not erase the fate between them.

Fate was like a bond that linked the four of them together. No matter what storms they experienced, they would eventually find each other.

There was no need for anything that was engraved in their hearts, nor did they need to swear an oath of eternal love.

This was their fate, and if this was all they had, then they were glad.


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