Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Chapter 1210 - 1210 Omniscient

Chapter 1210 - 1210 Omniscient

1210 Omniscient

[Hint: The player team has killed an intermediate-level game unknown lifeform-Sydney’s mutated form.]

[Hint: For the player team’s main storyline trial mission-the inheritance of the Empire’s ancestors, the team has received an additional 26 hours of trial time. The player team’s trial score has greatly increased.]

[Hint: The player has received guidance for the next stage of the main storyline trial mission. Please go to the designated place according to the game prompt to trigger the next stage of the mission.]

[Hint: The player’s contribution to killing creatures has exceeded 80%. The player’s trial score has increased.]


[Hint: The player has obtained Tier 3 mutation crystals*3.]

Fang Heng was pleasantly surprised.

The mission was completed!

A yellow arrow appeared on his retina.

It should be the trigger point for the next phase of the mission.

The indicated direction was still very far away.

There was also a kill reward.

Tier 3 mutation crystal.

To level up to the next level, he needed a large number of Tier 2 and 10 Tier 3 mutation crystals. He had obtained three of them by killing Sydney!

Fang Heng noticed the game prompt that popped up and waved his hand downward.

Three dark mutation crystals quickly flew over and were absorbed by the mark on the back of his hand.

It was finally resolved.

As for the next stage of the mission, he would put it aside for now. He would make plans after he escaped.


Suddenly, Fang Heng saw a light purple spot of light appearing beside the dead Sydney.

A light spot?!

An item had dropped!

All of a sudden, Fang Heng’s heart started beating violently.


What kind of good stuff could a high-level creature like Sydney drop?

It was an intermediate game, a boss with SSS-level difficulty!

Unlike the mutation crystal, most of the treasures that were dropped in the game could not be directly obtained. It required an action to obtain it and did not require one to be very close to it. However, it was definitely not possible to obtain it from such a far distance.

Fang Heng was about to turn back and pick it up when he frowned again.

“Ka ka ka…”

Huge cracks appeared on the ice below, and it was already on the verge of breaking.

Once the ice completely shattered, the strong wind from the abyss would appear again.

Under the current situation, should he return to get it?

What was the success rate?

He would take a gamble!

His mind was still in a state of chaos, and Fang Heng couldn’t think clearly at all. He had to rely on his body’s instinct to make decisions.

He had to get it!

“Mingyue, Wangnet!”

In his Tier 3 transformation state, Wangnet was the fastest. He was already at the top of the rock wall, carrying the slower Qiu Yaokang and Sandy with both hands. He heard the shouts behind him and could not help but turn back.

Fang Heng pointed to the ground and then to himself.

Then, he dashed toward Sydney’s body without looking back.

Tang Mingyue, who was slowly floating upward with Warren, was shocked.

What did Fang Heng mean by those two movements just now?

Before she could comprehend it, Fang Heng jumped down directly.


Fang Heng flew straight down and landed beside Sydney’s body. He waved his hand.

The purple object fell into his hand.

This was…

Fang Heng’s heart skipped a beat.

An eyeball?!

The game notification appeared on his retina.

[Hint: You have obtained a special item-omniscient eye (alchemy).]

[Item: Omniscient eyes (alchemy).]

Type: Support-type, special, consumption.

Description: The eyeball of the Empire’s legendary alchemist, Sydney. It is rumored to have the power to see through the truth of alchemy.

Description: Without the nourishment of power, the eyeball cannot be stored for a long time in the current environment. It is estimated that it will completely die within 3 hours. Please try to find a more appropriate storage method to delay the death or use the eyeball immediately.

Description: After a successful eyeball transplant, there is a high chance of obtaining an S-level passive innate skill-omniscient eyes (alchemy).

Description: There is a chance of backlash and rejection when transplanting this eyeball.

Description: Transplanting this eyeball requires the assistance of a special skill.

Description: This eyeball can also be used as a consumable. It is an extremely rare material.

Fang Heng’s heart thumped hard.

S-level talent skill!

Although there was a chance of suffering a backlash after the transplant…

If he successfully obtained an S-level talent, he would definitely not lose out!

Fang Heng took out a petri dish from his backpack, put the eyeball in it, and screwed on the lid.

He took another look and saw that the eyeball’s survival time had increased by another hour.

It was almost time. The eyeball had a total of four hours to survive, which should be enough for him to escape.

“Ka ka ka ka…”

As he was thinking, Fang Heng’s eyelids twitched.

Huge cracks appeared on the ice under his feet.

The huge cracks quickly spread out along the bottom of the depths worm’s body!

“Fang Heng!!”

He looked up and saw that Wangnet and the others were approaching the exit at the top of the stone steps.

Fang Heng took a deep breath and stood firmly on the ice with both feet. Then, he directly raised his fist and smashed the ice hard!


Like the last straw that broke the camel’s back, the entire tottering ice surface was blown apart by Fang Heng’s punch!

Fang Heng felt a sense of weightlessness under his feet. His body fell rapidly along with the surrounding ice and rocks.

The feeling of free-falling did not last more than half a second.


Immediately after, a violent gust of wind from the bottom of the abyss instantly enveloped his body and sent him flying upwards!

“Bang! Bang Bang Bang!”

Fang Heng didn’t control his body, and he couldn’t control it either. He was directly swept up by the strong wind and kept hitting the rock walls around him!


His body was like a ping pong ball, constantly hitting the rock wall, and he once again entered a dizzy state.

[Hint: You are affected by the airflow. Your impact damage is -677. You have entered a 3.29-second stun state…]

“Bang! Bang! Bang Bang Bang!”

Above them, Tang Mingyue was being dragged upwards by Warren, still looking down anxiously.

She noticed that Fang Heng’s body was constantly being carried by the strong wind and slammed into the wall, but he was also constantly moving upward. She immediately understood the meaning of Fang Heng’s hand gestures just now.

He understood.

He wanted to use the force of the strong wind to quickly escape the explosion and he could also rely on his strange self-recovery ability.

This was really…

A crazy idea!

Perhaps only Fang Heng could do it.


Once the underground ice lost its effect, Warren had no choice but to stop his means of floating and flying. He continued to run up the stone steps with Tang Mingyue.

He was already not far from the cave entrance.

Wangnet, who was walking faster, brought Qiu Yaokang and Sandy to the platform at the exit.


Wangnet could not hold on any longer. As he let go of his hand, he immediately withdrew from his Tier 3 demonized state and spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with black blood.

“Big Brother! How are you?”

Seeing this, Sandy and Qiu Yaokang quickly supported Wangnet.

Wangnet gritted his teeth. The excruciating pain that came from his body was unable to make him say another word. His physical condition was extremely bad, and his body was trembling uncontrollably.

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