Global University Entrance Examination

Chapter 29: The Villagers Secre

Chapter 29: The Villagers Secre


Chen Bin still held some psychological trauma towards these things so when he suddenly saw a large group of them, he was scared stiff.

“What is happening here?!”

“Did they mention sewing dolls just now?” Yu Wen hid behind a tree and watched them, “None of us sewed anything this afternoon. The only one who sewed was my brother?!”

He quietly gasped, “Those things are looking for my brother! He must be over there!”

Old Yu finally understood what You Huo meant by ‘getting prepared’.

No wonder he sewed the dolls….

He had planned ahead and marked himself first so that ghosts would come and find him if he was selected to enter the coffin.

He even felt that one wasn’t enough and made sixteen of them.

Was he regarding those monsters as dogs?

Oh, that’s not right. It isn’t just dogs.

He was practically using them as living excavators.

Influenced by their eagerness, the excavators were particularly efficient.

The blades glistened in the moonlight and they didn’t seem to feel tired no matter how much they dug. After a few moments, the wet mud in the area had been turned inside out.

Everyone watched on in daze.

Fortunately, they didn’t stand there in daze the whole time.

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Old Yu held the rope and swallowed fearfully as he looked at the bright knife blades, “That’s my nephew. I can’t just stand around and do nothing. You guys…….I won’t ask for much but in a moment I’ll go……..”

“There’s also me!” Yu Wen said.

Chen Bin looked over. Every time the blades glistened, he trembled in fear.

He slapped his face to motivate himself and whispered, “Although….although I didn’t act as a group with you before, I’m not someone with a bad heart. With so many monsters, just the two of you won’t be enough to suppress them. Don’t count me out………”

Everyone agreed enthusiastically.

Old Yu nodded, “Okay then! Then after a while, we’ll do this——–”

If they couldn’t fight it, they should take advantage of the moment the opponent is at its weakest.

Moreover, as the saying goes, “those who have nothing to lose are the scariest”. Those arms and legs didn’t have anything to lose so you could imagine how crazy they could get.

Old Yu brought out the skills he had learnt from back in his younger days and made a loop with the rope.

“You can do this?” Chen Bin was surprised.

“Don’t think of me as just an alcoholic. I’ve also trained myself twenty years ago.” Old Yu chortled.

But he had been drinking for many years and his fingers were no longer as dexterous. His act of knotting the rope was rather clumsy.

“Okay, okay stop bragging. Your stomach is almost bigger that Sister Yao’s.” Yu Wen hated it the most when his father mentions anything about alcohol. He grabbed the remaining rope over and quickly tied it up.

The method was obviously the same, but he was much more skilled than Old Yu.

“You can too?” Yu Yao asked softly.

“I taught him!” Old Yu was a little proud and a little emotional, “I taught him when he was young. I didn’t think that he would still remember.”

Yu Wen rolled his eyes.

He made a knot in a few seconds and very quickly finished knotting up all the ropes.

“Here, hold this end and throw it over. Have you seen things like this on TV before?” Yu Wen demonstrated it and then distributed the rope to the others. “Accuracy is important.”

This classmate had not worked hard his whole life and was completely hopeless in exams, but he was able to achieve high scores in things like darts and archery. Since a young age, he had been playing hoops with Old Yu and had become very skilled in his aiming ability.

Apart from his face, he was basically able to date in high school because of this skill of his.

The old man received the rope and tugged at it, “Later, we will use these to catch those legs. Their centre of gravity is unstable so they should be easy to get. It’s also not as scary as the arms………”

Yu Wen muttered, “Weren’t there a few heads? We could just smash it over after catching them.


Suddenly, everyone fell silent for a few seconds.

They realised suddenly that……..they were actually discussing how they should hit the exam subject.

“No matter.” Old Yu gritted his teeth, “We’ll see what happens later. If worst comes to worse, we can just run!”


In the blink of an eye, You Huo’s coffin had emerged and the ground around him trembled.

He knew that as soon as the lid was off, multiple knifes would pummel down.

Dozens of bone-cleavers fell onto the coffin lid like heavy rain causing sawdust to scatter around.

The corners of the coffin lid that was nailed shut instantly loosened. The coffin was unable to withstand the large amount of force exerted onto it and cracks formed. Fresh air leaked in through those cracks.

You Huo stretched his body a little and quickly knocked one side of the coffin down before rolling out.

Within a few seconds, he had managed to steal a knife from one of them. As he got ready to fight, those ghost arms and legs suddenly stopped their movements. The knives that they held couldn’t reach him.

You Huo looked carefully and saw that they were all bound by rope.

The other ends of the rope were held firmly by the others, stopping them from venturing any further ahead.

“Brother!!” Yu Wen and the others jumped out from behind the tree.

You Huo grabbed the rope from them and, whilst the arms and legs were in confusion, he quickly tied them up and seized their weapons.


This twist happened almost instantaneously.

Despite their great victory, they were all covered in cuts and bruises.

Yu Wen and Chen Bin weren’t strong enough and ended up rolling around the ground for a while as they wrestled with the ghost arm so their faces and necks were all scratched up.

Old Yu’s arm had bumped into a tree causing it to be a little dislocated.

You Huo held the ropes and walked out. Yu Wen anxiously called out, “Your hand!”

Bright red blood flowed down from his forearm onto the back of his hand before staining his fingers and falling to the ground.

Everyone who saw it was startled.

“It’s okay. It’s just a cut.”

You Huo shook his hand causing the blood to scatter across the ground.

That wound wasn’t deep, but it was rather large. It was probably a wound caused by the knife when he snatched it.

He took off his muddy coat and used the inside of it to wipe off the blood.

“Why are you like this?! You should at least treat it.” Old Yu tried to persuade You Huo while he gritted his teeth and realigned his arm.

It was currently in the middle of winter and the temperature was very low. The blood exuding out from the wound quickly coagulated into a line.

“The blood stopped.” You Huo stretched his arm out and showed it to him. He clearly had no intention to treat it.

Old Yu: “………..”

After angering his uncle, You Huo was about to walk away but when he looked up, his line of sight met with the invigilators gaze.

“What are you looking at?” You Huo asked.

He had just been stuffed inside a coffin and had also lost a bit of blood, so his face was paler than usual. Even the light from the fire torch couldn’t warm his complexion up. Instead, it made his earring appear even more dazzling to the eye.

Qin Jiu’s eyes seemed to move from his arm and then briefly to his earring.

He held up a scarf in his hand and said: “Nothing. I originally wanted to demonstrate some care for the examinees and lend you a temporary gauze, but it looks like it’s not necessary now.”

You Huo’s lips moved a little.

But he couldn’t think of anything to say in response. Qin Jiu moved to put his scarf back on.

You Huo’s eyes briefly swept across the front of his shirt.

Despite the piercingly cold winter wind, the first two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned.

He watched Qin Jiu stuff the end of the scarf inside his coat collar and felt that this man was really strange.

Over the past few days, he had come to know that Qin Jiu wasn’t afraid of the cold, but he still liked to wrap himself with a scarf.

He didn’t wrap it properly and just habitually used it to cover the first of his shirt.

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You Huo watched him for a moment before taking his eyes off the scarf, “The jacket can be thrown. If the blood stains the scarf, I would have to wash it and return it to you. Don’t you know how difficult it is washing off blood?”

Qin Jiu chuckled a little, “I don’t usually get hurt like this so I don’t really know.”

You Huo: “……………”

Looks like he’s taunting him.

His expression turned cold and he turned to leave. Qin Jiu behind him suddenly asked, “Are you planning on helping the system save the card? What were you going to do if those monsters came later in the evening? Suffocate to death?”

You Huo internally commented: I’m not mentally retarded.

But on the surface, he just said “Oh, try and guess?”


That night, despite being unable to answer the question, they had learned a lot.

This time they made most of this opportunity and used the large group of arms and legs as guide dogs in the woods.

The woods were still filled with fog, but they were prepared for this.

The black widow had some rejuvenating tea in those rooms. Everyone had grabbed a handful and they desperately smelled it as they went to relieve them from dizziness and nausea.

After about half an hour, those frantic arms and legs finally slowed down.

They wandered around a barren field covered by grass and appeared to be trying to drill into the ground.

Under the light from the fire torch, something that was dully shiny appeared deep amongst the dark mud.

“What’s that?”

“Seems to be a gravestone?”

Everyone cautiously approached it.

You Huo used his feet to clean off the dirt before bending down.

“Where’s the fire?”

Yu Wen and the others who were holding the fire torches moved closer.

It was a flat gravestone. There were photos of the deceased, their cause of death and also an address.

The reason why they could understand it so easily was because the words engraved on the gravestones were written in Chinese.

The name was Zhao Wentu.

Examination ticket number: 8651112091327745

His friend Villager D missed him and had set up a grave for him in hopes that he could rest in peace.

At the very bottom of the gravestone was information of the one who set up the gravestone.

Villager D.

Address: Chars Village, house number 4.

In the woods, a cold and wet wind blew through bringing along a sharp whistle.

Everyone’s face was pale. They stood there in dead silence.

On the gravestone was a photo of the dead examinee. He had big eyes, thick eyebrows and was filled with vitality. After looking at it more closely, they couldn’t help but feel a faint sense of familiarity.

If he grew a stubble, grew his hair out a little more and made it a little more messy, and then changed into some dirty and ragged old clothes…..

Then he would look like that crazy villager that claimed to have seen Qin Jiu before.

As for house number 4 in Chars Village, the address of villager D, it just happened to also be that crazy man’s house.

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