Global University Entrance Examination

Chapter 32: Punishmen

Chapter 32: Punishmen


In this moment, Qin Jiu didn’t seem like an invigilator but more like an unruly examinee. From within that arrogance, there was also a hint of wildness.

Admittedly, it was something that was very attractive to many.

Despite clearly only knowing him for a few days, You Huo’s instinctively had a strong thought.

He felt that……This was the moment that was closest to Qin Jiu’s true nature. It was also much more pleasing to the eye.

Qin Jiu stopped before him. From his pocket, he pulled out a lighter, “I found this by the river. I wonder which not very well-behaved examinee is throwing things around?”

You Huo’s expression instantly turned cold. Internally he felt that he must have gone crazy. Pleasing to the eye my ass.

Qin Jiu flicked the lighter causing a small flame to appear. He then blew it out and closed it.

“No one wants it?”

You Huo snatched it back. He coldly scowled, “Can’t you speak without provocation?”

Qin Jiu laughed. He said modestly, “Back at you.”

You Huo’s expression turned tense.

He didn’t want to give Qin Jiu anymore attention but a few seconds later he asked, “Did you start such a big fire?”

Qin Jiu: “Not necessarily. It could also be the examination centre spontaneously combusting.”

You Huo: “……….”

Seeing the great master’s massive eyeroll, Qin Jiu laughed again, “Who else would have the time to start such a big fire? If you must ask a question with such an obvious answer, I can only cooperate and answer you with an interesting answer.”

You Huo ridiculed, “That must’ve been hard on you.”

Qin Jiu: “You’re welcome.”

You Huo: “………..So when did you find the time? When I was gifting the dolls out by the river, you were still around.”

“Oh, you would need to thank those army of limbs. This time they weren’t crazy enough to also chase after the exam invigilator.” Qin Jiu looked around and said, “You all moved faster than rabbits and disappeared into the woods in a blink of an eye. I was bored and the doors to the houses just happened to be open so I went and looked around. On my way, I borrowed a few barrels of oil.”

You Huo: “And you poured it around the woods?”

Qin Jiu: “A foolish trick.”

You Huo: “……..”

He had only said it casually and it didn’t mean that he really did that but there seemed to be a strange meaning behind Qin Jiu’s words. This was particularly when he said the word “foolish” and he just happened to glance at You Huo at the same time.

He really was looking for death.

Qin Jiu admired his stink-eye and he didn’t seem to have any intention to stop his teasing, “Foolish methods may be useful but it’s boring. I don’t like it.”

You Huo also felt that it was boring, but he didn’t say anything.

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“I was too lazy to circle the woods, so I just drenched the passing limbs in oil.”

Then, those severed limbs scattered out like dandelion seeds. It took along the oil and spread it in all directions.

Whenever Qin Jiu found a barrel, he would pour it onto a nearby group. In total, twelve barrels were found and eleven and a half were poured out.

Those severed limbs eventually understood that he didn’t not have any good intentions and started to avoid him.

So Mr. Invigilator took the last half barrel of oil into the woods with the thought that “since it was open, he shouldn’t waste it”.

You Huo finally could no longer hold himself back. He wondered, “With you pouring the oil out in advance, would that be violating the rules?”

“All invigilators should have the ability to predict and prepare in advance.” Qin Jiu said.

Having been an invigilator for so many years, he had been very accurate in his ability to predict when an examinee would ask for help.

Making the necessary preparations in advance was something many invigilators would do to avoid being a step too late when the time comes.


Qin Jiu pulled out the help card from his coat pocket. With it sandwiched between his two fingers, he waved it around in front of You Huo, “With this card as a premise, how can it be considered as a violation?”

“You mean the help card has been used?” You Huo asked doubtfully, “How can that be? I didn’t write 001.”

“Didn’t write?” Qin Jiu thought he was just too embarrassed to admit it. He laughed, “If you didn’t write 001 then why would I be standing here?”

You Huo: “Who knows.”

Qin Jiu narrowed his eyes, “If you didn’t write 001……then what did you write? It couldn’t have been my name.”

You Huo internally thought: Who knows your name? Don’t be so narcissistic.

He said stiffly, “Forget it. I wrote it in a haste. In any case, it wasn’t you. If it was you, why has the help card not changed?”

As he said that, the card in Qin Jiu’s hand suddenly burst into flames. It had spontaneously lit up.

The moment it turned into ashes, a crow nearby flapped its wings and perched onto a dead branch.

It opened its beak and said with a rough voice: 【Examinee You Huo obtained a total of 1 help card, and have used 1. A total of 0 remains. 】

You Huo: “………….”

Rubbish system.

Qin Jiu spread open his hands, allowing the ashes of the card to fall through his fingers.

“See? The system approves.”

See your grandmother.

You Huo maintained a handsome deadpanned expression and walked away with the lighter in his hands.

He went to find the other examinees.


Behind Qin Jiu was the tree You Huo was supporting himself on. In the centre, there was a faint grey mark. It appeared to be stains left by a finger.

If you examined it carefully, you could see that the grey marks formed two English letters: GI

Qin Jiu’s eyes glanced over. Just as he was about to move closer, someone suddenly rushed out from the fire.


That person paused and stared at invigilator 001. His eyes swam around.

His face revealed signs of haggardness and there were multiple rips in his clothes, making him look very pathetic but his eyes were still bright, like the stars during a winter night.

It wasn’t anyone else. It was Zhao Wentu who had run off madly earlier.

After a long, long time, Zhao Wentu said, “Qin…..Jiu? Qin Jiu?”

Qin Jiu stopped. He furrowed his brows, “Do you know me?”

Zhao Wentu looked like he had just woken up, yet he also seemed like he was still stuck inside a dream from many years ago.

He smiled. In that instant, he seemed to still possess the youth and vitality he once possessed like the photo at his gravestone: “How could I not know you? We went through three exams together. You may not remember me, but I remember you.”

“Why are you here?” He sighed softly. He then added: “What about that invigilator you’re always against? Not here?”

“Which invigilator?” Qin Jiu asked in a low voice.

Zhao Wentu lowered his voice and moved closer: “Invigilator A.”

Hearing this title from another person’s mouth, Qin Jiu frowned slightly. He couldn’t tell whether he was in a good or bad mood.

Zhao Wentu also said: “Wasn’t your luck extremely bad such that you always end up in the same exam as him? Is he not here?”

Qin Jiu didn’t immediately burst the other party’s dream state and just made a sound of acknowledgement.

“Long time no see. How many exams have you finished? Can you get out safely?” Zhao Wentu finished saying this and then whispered: “I probably asked a stupid question. You’ll definitely have no problem passing. I on the other hand………”

He turned around and looked at the sea of fire. He whispered: “I can’t do it……..I can’t get out. Even if I get out, it’s pointless. I probably can no longer be considered human anymore.”

Qin Jiu looked at the other party.

Zhao Wentu stood there and watched the fire for a long time. He seemed to be trying to etch this scene into his memories.

After a long time, he took something out from inside his clothes: “I should go. Can you hold onto this for me?”

Qin Jiu looked at the waterproof bag he handed over. The diary was still lying fully intact inside. In addition to that, there was also a dusty phone that clearly looked like it hadn’t been used in a long time.

“I just remembered that I had hidden these for a long time.” Zhao Wentu pointed to the phone and said, “I don’t want to disappear completely. At least these will be able to prove that I once lived.”

Qin Jiu: “………Okay.”

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Zhao Wentu breathed a sigh of relief.

“I am Zhao Wentu.”

“My name is Zhao Wentu…..”

He laughed out loud. He then turned and ran back into the sea of fire.

Qin Jiu held the waterproof bag and stood there for a while. It was like he was seeing off a distant friend.

It wasn’t until the fire came closer that he stowed away those items.


In the distance, there were sounds of people speaking.

You Huo managed to find the others one after another. Qin Jiu had fortunately set the woods alight in time and no one had died.

Fire was burning all over the place but the area they stood was fine.

Perhaps the system left a small foothold for them so that they could hear the final results of the exams.

The crows flew out from the several houses and perched in a row onto the dead branches above their heads.

The moment Zhao Wentu’s figure completely disappeared, they called out “Ahh” and said:【Examination centre has collapsed and cannot be recovered. Examination has been terminated. 】

Everyone: “…………..”

This exam was divided into two parts.

For the three listening questions, the total score was 15 points.

Black widow’s name (5 points)

Where is the black widow’s family? Please find them. (5 points)

How many people are there in the black widow’s house? (5 points)

The two reading questions:

Help the black widow send out her gifts (9 points)

Find the way home (3 points)

The black widow’s name was 5 points, sending out gifts was 9 points and finding the way home was 3 points.

It was Chen Bin’s first time hearing a result like this. He was completely shocked. After a long time, he finally couldn’t help but ask; “When did we find the way home? I even suspected that there was no way home in the first place.”

Yu Wen was the one who stretched his arm out and answered: “In a while after the fire is gone, will there be any more trees? Without the trees, everywhere is the way home!”

Chen Bin: “???????”

The system continued to report the final examination results.

The total points obtained by the examinees total 17 points, exceeding the average score of 12 points.

The total time used was two and a half days. Compared to the average time used, 7 days and 5 hours were saved.

Another high score!

Another early paper submission!

And they even destroyed the examination centre!

Everyone was about to cheer when the examination system added:

【Examination centre was inflicted permanent damage. 5 points will be deducted from the examinee’s total score. The total score is 12 points.】

You Huo tsked.

【Invigilator will be punished once.】

Qin Jiu: “Hah.”

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