Global University Entrance Examination

Chapter 5: Gif

Chapter 5: Gif


You Huo slouched over on the sofa. Crossing his two long legs, he nonchalantly played with his earring.

Hearing Qin Jiu’s words, he lifted his half-lidded eyes and it coldly swept past the other person’s face before looking back down again.

No explanation, no reflection, no regard for him.

This attitude of his was clearly the most difficult type to deal with.


When 154 entered his boss’s office, he felt a strong sense of suffocation.

“You were looking for me?”

There was an examinee in the room so 154’s expression was even more serious. His words were accompanied by respect.

“What’s the punishment for the second violation?” Qin Jiu slowly turned the pen in his hand and looked at him, “I haven’t been here for a while, so I don’t remember well.”

154 fell silent for a moment. He then said: “Solitary confinement.”

Qin Jiu: “…………..”

You Huo’s fingers moved and he finally looked up.

His expression was still very cold. Apart from laziness, there weren’t any other emotions but for 154, he felt like he was being ridiculed.

Perhaps it was in the genes.

Or perhaps their boss just had a tendency to attract these types of people.

Qin Jiu: “Apart from solitary confinement, there’s nothing else?”

154 opened his mouth.

Something in the room went ‘beep’.

You Huo’s gaze moved and it fell onto Qin Jiu’s wrist. Something over there lit up. The sound seemed to be coming from there.

154 said: “You see, adding punishments is against the rules.”

Qin Jiu lowered his eyes and casually adjusted his shirt cuffs. That faint light dimmed back down.

When he looked up again, his eyes met with You Huo’s.

“Only having a table and chair in the confinement room is a bit boring.” He looked at You Huo but his words were directed at 154.

154 nodded: “Indeed.”

“Why don’t you stay with him? At least there’s something to do.”

154: “……………”

Who are you punishing?

Qin Jiu laughed: “Just kidding. Don’t take it too seriously.”

154 had already grown accustomed to his ability to spout out unpredictable bastard lines. He quickly breathed a sigh of relief and said: “Then……..I’ll take him downstairs to sleep for another three hours and then take him back when it’s over?”

“Is this place a hotel?”

154 didn’t speak back.

He waited for a while, but he didn’t receive any new instructions. He casually glanced over.

On the sofa, You Huo was looking out the window. Not knowing if he was just in daze or something, he had a “do whatever you want, if you kill me then I lose” expression. His attitude was cold and arrogant.

As for his boss Qin Jiu………

He had his hands clasped loosely together as he watched You Huo’s pale side profile.

154 felt that, for this extremely difficult to deal with examinee, his boss probably grew curious about him but for some reason his boss also didn’t seem to be in a very good mood.

“Boss?” 154 reminded him.

Only after a while, Qin Jiu looked back. He suggested to 154: “Go trick another examinee into violating the rules and confine them together.”

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154: “………………”

What nonsense are you speaking?

The wrist once again let out a ‘beep’.

It was probably the same as earlier, an indication and warning. 154 kept his mouth closed. Qin Jiu didn’t seem to mind.

“Not confining. Just send him away?”


Qin Jiu snorted.

He thought about it and asked 154: “Have you cleaned the confinement room that was used earlier yet?”

154 glanced at You Huo. He was very confused: “There was something that needed to be cleaned up?? The ropes have been stored away, the paper ball with the curses have also been thrown away.”

Hearing the word paper ball, You Huo’s hand that was fiddling with his earring stopped for a second but he continued to look outside with a cold expression while pretending to be both deaf and mute.”

Qin Jiu: “The other room.”

154: “Oh, no not yet. I originally wanted to clean it up, but the rule violations happened too closely together so 922 and I haven’t been able to deal with it.”

“Then let’s let this special guest…….” Qin Jiu stopped. He looked at You Huo, “What should I call you?”

You Huo coldly humphed.

“Let Mr. Humph go clean it up.”

You Huo: “…………….”

Seeing that a murder case was about to happen in the office, 154 quickly responded and led the dangerous man downstairs.


Downstairs utility room.

922 and 154 were picking and choosing through the equipment. The examinee who was going to go through the punishment leaned against the door with his arms crossed and expression gloomy.

“Don’t have such a bad expression. If you really fought, you definitely won’t be able to beat him.” 922 said.

Perhaps it was because the word “answer” was just too amazing, 922’s attitude towards You Huo had changed a little. His tone was no longer as official as before.

You Huo didn’t say anything but from his expression you could tell that he thinks he’s bullshitting.

“Did you think that he’s called 001 just for show?” 922 said, “When I first met boss…..Which one was it? It was in a military base somewhere, I can’t remember anymore. Anyway, it was a whole street! A whole street covered in blood. In his hands he was carrying some type of bazooka———”

“Go find your bucket.” 154 sternly interrupted his words.


922 had not completely reminisced his past experience and was forced to stop under 154’s firm look. He said to You Huo: “You can go over first. I’ll take the bucket over later.”


You Huo and 154 went down the long corridor first.

“Those blood all need to be cleaned.” 154 pointed at the blood on the ground. He then unlocked the confinement room that held the bald man earlier.

“You used to be an examinee?” You Huo suddenly spoke up.

154 hesitated. He nodded: “Yes, several years back.”

“How did you turn into an invigilator?”

154 considered it for a moment: “Successfully passing the exam, excellent results.”

You Huo wrinkled his eyebrows: “What exactly is this exam?”

154 looked at him. He answered vaguely: “A sort of……….special screening I guess. Exams are all like this.”

You Huo said sarcastically: “Screening? Looking for the bravest champion?”

As they spoke, he once again felt the same sensation from earlier of being watched.

You Huo looked up but only saw a white ceiling. There wasn’t anything that was looking down at him from above.

“What kind of people would be pulled into this?” He ignored that feeling and continued to ask.

154 thought about it: “Extremely dangerous people.”

You Huo remained expressionless.

154 recalled the room filled with the old, weak and pregnant. He then said: “………But it sometimes might not be very accurate.”

You Huo: “What is this? Supernatural event?”

154 shook his head: “It’s not a supernatural event, it’s ——–”


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It was that sound again.

You Huo looked back and thought that the annoying invigilator 001 had followed over.

Seeing that there wasn’t anyone behind him, he realised that the sound came from 154.

154 rubbed his finger.

On his index finger, he wore a silver ring. A red warning light glowed faintly from below the ring. When he saw that red light, he immediately shut his mouth.

“What is this?” You Huo asked, “That 001 guy earlier had it too.”

“Warning for breaking the rules.” 154 turned the ring around to block the light.

“You also have constraints and regulations?”

“Of course! More than enough!” 922’s voice travelled over.

He carried a metal bucket and stepped over the bloodstains, “Forbidden to talk about dangerous topics, forbidden to abuse power and bully examinees, forbidden to help examinees to cheat, forbidden to have a relationship with examinees———–”

You Huo: “……………”

“Oh, of course that is basically impossible.” 922 said, “It’s good enough if you don’t get into a fight. If you really fought, the invigilator is prohibited from killing the examinee…….and so on.”

“Can an examinee kill an invigilator?” You Huo asked.

922: “………..”

“So, what are the consequences of violating those rules?”

154’s face paled.

922 who was relatively easy to speak with fell silent for a few seconds. He then smiled awkwardly and said: “Don’t ask. Anyway, it’s very scary. I haven’t experienced it yet, and I also don’t want to experience it in the future.”

“So, don’t ask anymore dangerous questions. Isn’t it better to be safe?” 922 placed the metal bucket down in front of You Huo, “Pass the exam properly and try to get out alive. These are the things you should focus on.”


154 no longer spoke. He unlocked the confinement room.

The moment the door opened, strong odour travelled out.

In addition to blood, there were some residues stuck on the ground and walls.

You Huo had a disgusted expression: “…………Do you usually clean the confinement rooms?”

“Of course not by hand.” 922 pinched his nose and said, “Otherwise what’s the difference from that and punishing us?”

“It’s a bit disgusting but cleaning is better than solitary confinement.”

You Huo looked coldly at him.

922 said cautiously: “Uh……for you, it would at least be better than sharing a room with our boss right?”

When he was done, he ran off while dragging 154 behind him.

The corridor was silent again.


Proper cleaning was impossible.

You Luo leaned against the door and coldly scanned the room. He then picked up the bucket of water and poured it directly into the room.

The water washed away part of the blood, and some of the residue’s stuck on the floor and walls were also washed off.

You Huo bent down and examined a piece in front of him. Looking carefully, it looked like bone and on top of it was long black hair.

What horrific scenes does that bald man have in his mind?

You Huo suppressed his disgust and coldly entered the room.


The whole room was cleaned up, and the bloody water and residue filled up a whole bucket.

At the very top of it was a pile of hair and a piece of skin that came from who knows where. The skin had become pale from soaking to the point that it even looked a little fake.

On it was a small tattoo that was particularly conspicuous. It was a small and simple bellflower.


After three hours, 922 once again set off and brought You Huo back to the examination centre.

Qin Jiu stretched a little and decided to go find 154 to get some food. When he opened the office door, a bucket of bloody water and flesh residue was placed respectfully outside. Next to it was a small torn off piece of paper with slender scribbled handwriting. It wrote:

Gift for you. You’re welcome.

154’s voice travelled over: “Boss, I’m thinking of grilling some meat. What do you want to eat?”

Qin Jiu: “……….I won’t be hungry today.”

154: “???”

922 turned around the corner with oven gloves on and stared at the bloody bucket for a total of three seconds. He said: “I think I won’t be hungry for the rest of my life.”

Qin Jiu took off the piece of paper and examined it for while as he leaned against the wall. He asked 154: “What’s the punishment if the same examinee violates the rules the third time?”

He asked this slowly and he even dragged out some of the words. It was as if he was carelessly trying to challenge something.

154: “………There shouldn’t be a third time?”

“What if.”

154 said carefully: “The one being punished is us……….All invigilators for full time on-site invigilating.”

Qin Jiu: “………………….”

The building went scarily quiet.

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