Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 18 - Flowers Flying All Across The Sky

18. Flowers Flying All Across The Sky]

Chu Zhongtian had not played “Shenzhou Shenlu” for two days. Recently, he had finally saved up his living expenses and converted them into e-book currency, which meant that he no longer had to endure advertisements, pop up windows, illegible characters and he didn’t have to bother with waiting for chapters and missing chapters. As such…..”Shenzhou ShenLu”? What’s that?

But just yesterday, after Bai Lian Hua borrowed his computer for a while, the icon of “Shenzhou Shenlu” appeared on his desktop again. Chu Zhongtian glanced at his favorite author’s works, and left a -1 in the comments section. [You still haven’t updated! ].

To leave a comment for every chapter, it must be true love!

Chu Zhongtian who was bored out of his mind eventually logged onto Shenzhou ShenLu.

Once he was online, he heard about the Hunter and Tong Meng Hua guild war. The guild that loses will disband…

Once he was online, he heard that Great God had cleared the BaraBara Dungeon, and collected a set of red gear….

Once he was online, he heard that White Lotus had once again shown his lower limits. But the problem was that Bai Lian Hua had not logged in….

Chu Zhongtian mourned for two seconds for Bai Lian Hua and decided to leave this dangerous game world! – This is too unscientific, too confusing!


Bai Lian Hua at this moment is struggling with his computer case. He had planned to bring his computer case to the schools computer department to find some senior brothers who could help him out but looking at his physical fitness, it appears that the military training he had gone through had been put to waste. As such, he had to stop several times and had only gone two thirds of his way there. It normally takes only 20 minutes to walk from the civil engineering department to the computer department yet it had been almost an hour and he had not yet arrived. He could only sigh at the computer case that actually could not be considered to be heavy.

Resting on the wooden bench by a tree-lined path, Bai Lian Hua decided to take a breather before continuing to carry out this difficult and inhumane “physical task”. He took out his mobile phone, logged onto penguin and began chatting.

Roommate 10:37:35

White Lotus, you know, Hunter and Tong Meng Hui will fight!

White Lotus 10:38:02

I already knew it! (#‵’) 凸

Roommate 10:39:05

But they said that whoever loses will disband!

White Lotus 10:40:48

Love Heart King is just an elder of the guild. How can he have the right to make these decisions?…..

Bai Lian Hua’s question had not yet been answered by Roommate when he suddenly found himself shrouded by a shadow. He slowly looked up and saw that there was a person standing before him. Unsure if it was because of the angle, the person before him appeared to be like a tall, deep-rooted mountain….ok ok Bai Lian Hua admits that this description is kind of strange.

”Student, Where is the computer department?” As the two men looked at each other uncomfortably, the person standing before him took the lead and spoke. There was no hint of respect or inquiry in that sentence yet it did not make others feel resentful. The young mans’ voice was very clear and resonating, like the sound of water as it moves along a river.

Bai Lian Hua stood up and smiled at him: “En, are you new to this school?”


Nice! Bai Lian Hua’s smile continues to get bigger and bigger. To others, it may have looked very strange: “You help me carry the computer case and I will lead you. Okay?”

“Good.” The young man agreed and lifted the computer case in a smooth and fluid manner. He was clearly doing a blue-collared job, yet his actions revealed a hint of elegance…..”Let’s go.”

Silently leading the way, Bai Lian Hua picked at the corner of his clothes, and for a long time didn’t know what to say. He could only silently lead the way.

Sure enough, having someone help was an entirely different story. Heavy work was clearly not suitable for our lovely White Lotus lady. Together with the new student, they were able to each do what they were best at……within five minutes, they had reached the entrance of the computer department. Bai Lian Hua directed the new student to place the computer case onto a table in a small lab of senior of his who had confidently claimed that there would be no problem. He then turned his head and looked carefully at the new student.

Strangely, although it is summer, his hair was quite long. According to Lotus Mama’s words, he could be described as the pretty boy in a Korean drama. His glasses had no frame and the lenses were lightly tinted.

”Um….Hello, my name is Bai Lian Hua/White Lotus.” Bai Lian Hua added, “Thank you.”

”White Lotus?” The tone of the new student rose slightly. If you didn’t listen carefully, it could have easily been missed. “Hello, my name is Song Qingge.”

”Please take care of me in the future, White Lotus, White Se-ni-or.” Shattering his worldviews, the underclassman Bai Lian Hua had deemed to be a cold royalty actually obediently reached out his hand. Looking at his gesture, did he want to shake hands?

As he was thinking this, he thought he saw Song Qingge smiling at him. While Bai Lian Hua zoned out for two seconds, the expression of the person before him was again calm, as if the smile from earlier was just Bai Lian Hua’s imagination. He quickly took out his hand and completed the handshake.

Bai Lian Hua left his computer case at his seniors place, had a quick chat with Song Qingge and then happily headed back. Although he had a chat with Song Qingge, it was mainly Bai Lian Hua’s passionate introduction to the school’s customs, cultural history and campus architecture. Song Qingge only from time to time made comments of “Hmmm.””Oh.””Really?”. His overall response in the conversation was quite dull making Bai Lian Hua even more convinced that the smile earlier was just an illusion.

Back at the dormitory, Bai Lian Hua had not thought about how to spend the rest of the day without his computer and without any games to play. As if he remembered something, he quickly raised his head.

”Chu Zhongtian! If I remember correctly… New students will come to the school to report in September?”

”Yeah.” Chu Zhongtian replied from the upper bunk, “Remember to help me sign in.”

Strange…. but it’s only July now. Even the college students have not yet taken their exams yet. Why would a new student enrol at this time? Bai Lian Hua thought seriously and couldn’t work out a reason….but anyway, what does that have to do with him? He might as well prepare for his next class. He had heard that the old professor loves to pick on people who look pleasing to the eye……….

When his senior returned his battered computer case to him, it was already the afternoon of the third day. Bai Lian Hua was excited to the point of tears and had almost given him a kiss in appreciation. He was, in the end, stopped by Chu Zhongtian who shouted, “Don’t keep showing your lower limits!”.

In an excited mood, he logged into the game and without any notice, everything had changed.

[Email] Half-hearted Smile: The guild, Hunter, lost the war. Disbanded.

[Private chat] Roommate: Online now? Hunter disbanded!!!

Bai Lian Hua looked at his list of friends and saw that the ID of Half-hearted Smile was actually lit. Without a word, he started a private chat.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Why did you lose the guild war?

[Private chat] Half-hearted Smile: …

[Private chat] White Lotus: ???

[Private chat] Half-hearted Smile: It’s my fault….what guild war can I fight in when my hardware conditions are not up to par…

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