Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 23 - My Heart’s Direction is Pure

[23. My Heart’s Direction is Pure]

Chu Zhongtian found the situation both frustrating and funny. Frustrating because he is still thinking about that computer game when he is sick to this extent and funny also because of this very same reason.

He finally understood why the ancestors created the idiom ‘cannot cry or laugh’: it really fits some specific occasions.

He recalled that once, because he couldn’t stand the sound of Bai Lian Hua’s game music interfering with his Korean drama watching experience, Li Bei had raised a white flag and pleaded for him to stop. He had even promised to “buy him food for a week”!. The only answer he had received from Bai Lian Hua was an arrogant and disdainful, “Humph”.

Bai Lian Hua once told Li Bei stubbornly: “Even if you promise to buy me food for whole month, I will not turn off my game music. Of course, if you are willing to eat sh*t then I would be willing to stop playing for a week until you finish watching ‘Sweet Princess KISS ME’”.

Bai Lian Hua’s love for the game was as stubborn as a woman’s period, even if it temporarily stops due to pregnancy, it will return sooner or later. If you want to completely eradicate it, the only option was to undergo sex change……

Bai Lian Hua was almost unconscious when they arrived at the infirmary. An almost 50 year old doctor measured his temperature, asked about his symptoms and poked around Bai Lian Hua’s abdomen asking where it hurt to finally come to the conclusion…….

”High fever plus acute gastroenteritis. There also might be slight food poisoning. You should go to the hospital!” Said the old doctor. After finishing, he also squeezed out a smile causing the original chrysanthemum on his face to turn into a sunflower.

Chu Zhongtian nodded, said a few thank you’s and, with difficulty, managed to drag him out to the campus gates to only be confronted by peak hour traffic.

It is 11:30 in the morning and almost time for school and work to end and for students and workers to head out or head home for lunch.

The last time Chu Zhongtian tried to leave at this time, he was stuck in traffic for almost two hours. Chu Zhongtian could not help but fall silent. In fact, the university isn’t too far from the hospital. On foot, it would only take about half an hour…but…he had already carried Bai Lia Hua for a long time, and is exhausted. For him to carry Bai Lian Hua all the way to the hospital…this.. .even ‘Iron Tiger’ in the military department might not be able to complete this feat!

Should I ask someone for help? But will they be willing to lend hand? … Chu Zhongtian considered his thoughts for a whole, partly embarrassed and partly distressed. However, it was at this moment when Bai Lian Hua started retching as he leaned against the wall. He had already emptied his stomach earlier and all that came out were stomach bile….

Bai Lian Hua turned to face Chu Zhongtian and although he spoke very softly, Chu Zhongtian could make out what he had said: “Chu Zhongtian…I think it’s better to walk…”

Hearing this, Chu Zhongtian made up his mind. With the motivation to ‘take a knife for a friend’, he pushed his dignity aside and quickly stopped a student passing by.

”Hello classmate. Sorry to disturb you. Can I trouble you for something… My roommate is sick and needs to go to the hospital. The traffic is bad now and I have been carrying him for a long time bringing him from the dormitory to the gates here. I no longer have the strength left…can I bother you to help take him to the hospital?”

Chu Zhongtian, seeing the students’ cold and unresponsive expression, thought that there was no hope. However…something unexpected came out of the mans thin lips, “Okay.”

As he said this, he really proceeded to carry Bai Lian Hua on his back.

Chu Zhongtian eyes filled with tears – there really are still good people around!

”Classmate, what is your name? I will send you my gratitude in the future…”

”Song Qingge.”

”Such an elegant name! I can see that your parents put a lot of thought into it~”



Chu Zhongtian and the student was originally not familiar. He had wanted to fine some common language between the two but Song Qingge didn’t seem to want to cooperate and only answered with simple sentences….He had thought that for someone to be willing to aid a person in need, they must be very warm hearted and outgoing. He didn’t expect that his character would be as cold as his expression.

Chu Zhongtian couldn’t help but think of the Korean drama that he saw Li Bei watching last time called “I Fell in Love with the Kiss from an Iceberg Prince’…. During that time, Li Bei constantly commented on how sacred, beautiful, charming and lovable the Iceberg Prince was. If Li Bei saw this real life version, he wasn’t sure if he could continue to make those comments.

Chu Zhongtian continued to think ridiculous thoughts and soon, they had arrived at the hospital.

Firstly, they used a sharp object to pierce the slender middle finger of Bai Lian Hua’s to retrieve a drop of blood and then they proceeded to attach an intravenous drip to his arm….from the beginning to the end of the procedure, Song Qingge actually accompanied them the whole time.

At the end as they are making the final payment, Chu Zhongtian was shocked.

”How is is 600?!!” It must be a scam!

The nurse kept a polite smile and said to him: “Sir, our account details will be listed on the invoice. We are a genuine hospital and there will never be any fraudulent incidents.”

Of course I know that you are genuine hospital – but….. his mother, he only has a hundred and fifty-seven yuan! Even if you sell him, he won’t be able to pay up!

As if he was aware of his predicament, Song Qingge who had remained silent until now pulled out a bank card from his bag. “Do you accept card here?”

The nurse nodded and gestured to the position of the card machine.

Chu Zhongtian suddenly felt that, in fact, there was one point of commonality shared between himself and Bai Lian Hua….and that is — hatred of the rich…


[ 【The Truth? ! 】 Once again about White Lotus][2][3][4][5][6] poster: Mr. Liu


Let me introduce myself first. I am Mr. Liu. I am called this not because my surname is Liu but because I am just a passer-by who makes objective and fair observations. Please believe what I am about to say.

I am a doctor in a hospital in Jiayu District of B City. My specialty is gastroenterology. Today I saw a patient whose name on the medical record was Bai Lian Hua (White Lotus).

He was not the patient I was attending. He had been admitted yesterday and I saw him when I went on my rounds. He is a male who looks about 16 or 17. There was a guardian who stood by him called Chu Zhongtian claiming that he is a friend of White Lotus.

As everyone knows, the only people who dare to get close to White Lotus are very few: Great God, Half Crazy Smile, Hundred Days Red, Roommate and Chu Zhongtian.

I had thought that White Lotus and Chu Zhongtian were just their online names and I didn’t expect that there were also people with this name in real life. I was surprised, but I also couldn’t guarantee that the person I saw was the same “White Lotus” and “Chu Zhongtian” as the ones in the game.

But just this afternoon, when I went and pretended to be on my rounds, I found that the patient was playing a game. It was “Shenzhou Shenlu.” When I asked him the name of the game, he smiled at me and didn’t say anything.

I then said: “I don’t play games and was just asking out of curiosity. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to say it.”

He probably felt embarrassed after hearing that. He said to me: “My game username is also called ‘White Lotus’. I am now level 51….”

Yes. I am sure that this is White Lotus. The same white lotus that was dubbed “The Feminine Goddess”.

Honestly… I could see how this nickname came out, because he… really was feminine.


This is what I secretly took with my mobile phone. I couldn’t help but take a few more shots. I feel like a voyeur…

And finally, here is his medical record [Image]

In case you can’t see it clearly, I will also type it down.

Name: Bai Lian Hua (White Lotus)

Age: 21

The rest was censored.


[No.1 Battle Vest: F*ck… to think that someone who looks so pure is actually White Lotus??]

[No.2 No Longer Using Horse: Peerless little shou!!!!!]

[No.3 You Can’t Buy Love: Crying now that I finally know the truth…]

[No.4ヾ(≧へ≦)〃: Is it only me who thinks that Great God’s position is seriously threatened?]

[No.5ヾ( ̄▽ ̄=ノ: My god! LS! You are not alone!)


[No.197 Passerby: I suddenly regret what I’ve said to White Lotus…….]


[No.815 ==: White little shou ended up being hospitalised because of you scum!]


[No.1192 Caberno’s Sweet Cake: Praying for the Feminine Goddess (o°w°o) ノ



Roommate 21:41:15 I

Heard that you got angry to the point of getting sick?

White Lotus 21:42:01

Who said so?

Roommate 21: 43:00

It isn’t?

White Lotus 21:43:59 of

Of course not! I got acute gastroenteritis + food poisoning = hospitalization.

Roommate 21:44:15

I suddenly realised that…humans can be really amazing….

Recently, Bai Lian Hua had been spending time very comfortably at the hospital and had even gained two pounds. This is many due to Chu Zhongtian who made chicken soup one day, fish soup another…Bai Lian Hua comrade expressed, he will definitely repay this debt once he is liberated!

Moreover, he was also excused from the exam that caused thousands of students to shed blood and tears.

Also, also, with the hospital stay being too boring, Bai Lian Hua slept most of the time eventually eradicating the dark circles around his eyes caused by late night gaming~~ Although due to a variety of reasons he could only log onto the computer for a short time, Bai Lian Hua was still happy.

With all these benefits, Bai Lian Hua wanted this to continue on forever!! – Of course that is if he had the funds to do so.

However, there is one point that bothered Bai Lian Hua. There was a particular doctor who frequently visited his ward, much more frequently compared to the other wards….the doctor’s girlfriend also came once and asked him a lot of questions….it was very strange…

Oh well. The doctor said that he can be discharged tomorrow. Bai Lian Hua released a big yawn and slowly drifted off into his dreams.

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