Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 25 - Longing for Yet Unable to Meet

[25. Longing for Yet Unable to Meet]


Great God’s Baidu page has recently been very lively. From posters who liked to generate gossip, to the commenters below who liked to add oil to the fire, the site administrators been very troubled. Posts with [Person AXPerson B] themes had started popping up like mushrooms after a torrential rain.

Original Poster · Hundred Days Red (Full of Blood and Tears): Last time, I accidently clicked on one of the popular posts. The title was “[Great God X Lotus] I Love You so Much I want to SM You”. I controlled my urge to vomit as I read through the story. Your mom, White Lotus’s chrysanthemum can actually fit three vibrators….I……I instantly fell to the ground!

Passerby · Moon is Round (Face of Confusion): Recently, whenever I visit this page, I feel like I have come to a H page. Since this is Great God’s page, I understand seeing posts like [Great God X Smile] and [Great God X Lotus] but why are [Smile X Lotus] posts also appearing here?

Page Moderator · Half Crazy Smile (Nauseous): We have already stated in the top post that “YY stories about real people is inappropriate’, but it looks like this page has been taken over by rotten women. If you want to share these, you should share it at “**stories” or “BLstories”. Please leave wuwuwuwuwu…..I feel like this page will soon get taken down.

BLstories Page Moderator: I remember hearing from an insider that White Lotus became Great God’s disciple only superficially but is actually Great God’s sex slave. I almost believed that but fortunately I remembered the name of my page…

—— The above section is an extract from “<Shenzhou Shenlu> Official Hall of Fame · White Lotus Interview Record”


Hundred Days Red 10:48:14

Great ancestor!! This one’s chrysanthemum is about to be played until it becomes disabled!

Roommate 10:49:05

What happened?

Hundred Days Red 10:49:51

[Picture][Picture] This page is about to be taken over by BLH stories!!

Roommate 10:50:08

What does that have to do with me? I’m not the page moderator. You can just delete those posts~

Hundred Days Red 10:51:00

My dear ancestor, even when I delete them they still appear! It’s about the master and disciple engaging in ***, do you understand?!

Roommate 10:52:34

But I don’t do that with him >///<…Even if I am happy to do so, Lotus sister may not be willing.

Hundred Days Red 10:52:57

Great ancestor, please send me a protection software. Anything with [Person AXPerson B] theme will be blocked! /vomits blood

Roommate 10:53:17

Ok, you wait~~~I remember I played around with one of those before.

After a few minutes…


You have successfully accepted the file “Display Customizer Beta. Gif” (73.00KB). Open the file / Open the folder

A few more minutes later……..

Hundred Days Red 11:07:29

Ahhhhhhhh! Why did it only block [Great God X Smile] and [Smile X Lotus]?! Why didn’t it block [Great God X Lotus]?!

Roommate 11:08:02

That’s why I said that it is a Beta version ah~~~~>////<

Hundred Day’s Red 11:08:47

Great God…Compared with your former glamorous and noble image, I have to say that your entire image is about to collapse!

In fact, what Hundred Days Red wanted to say was: Great God, how can you switch so easily between the glamourous noble image to a stupid chuunibyou image?! No…Great God is currently playing as a renyao…Great God are you schizophrenic?! You are aren’t you?! Please tell me ah…..

Qushui Rogue 11:09:01

So you want me to use this account to talk to you

Hundred Days Red 11:09:35


Qushui Rogue 11:09:49


Hundred Days Red 11:09:54



Bai Lian Hua is very glad that he could still use the transmission skill inside an instance. Otherwise, he didn’t know how long it would take him to walk from the east to the west of the village…..and this is without being instantly killed by monsters along the way. No that’s wrong, he now has G open and shouldn’t be killed so easily. Unless the G provided by Roommate glamorously fails to work at the critical time….

Once he had arrived to the west of the village, compared to the warm spring scenery in the east side of the village, the scenery here is as cold as winter. Snow drifted across the screen and cold wind smashed across with a “Whooosh—–” sound effect. Hoho, luckily they are virtual characters, otherwise Bai Lian Hua couldn’t imagine how someone could live in such a place for hundreds of years……

Wait….. this is the west of the village right? But….why can’t he see a single house? This can’t be. Bai Lian Hua rotated the angle 360 degrees several times, and didn’t even see a shadow of a house let alone a human figure.

Could it be that the fairy had actually left? Or is he on top of the snow mountain?….Bai Lian Hua didn’t know the coordinates of the snow mountain and could only use his mouse to manipulate his character to follow a small path.

The white snow made the scenery appear very bleak. The surrounding array appeared to be lit with golden light, circling around and trapping people in the middle of the snow capped mountain, unable to escape.

[Shenzhou Goddess: Who… are you?]

Bai Lian Hua suddenly remembered Wang Huan’s description of the fairy: “He’s like a light a cloud, a moon, and a swaying wind.”At that time, he disdainfully scolded the technical department for only copying ancient poems….now all he could think was: how did the technical department create this 3D effect?! The picture of the character in the dialogue box was indeed an absolute beauty.

[Me: This one is looking for the fairy. →]

[Shenzhou Goddess: It is I. →]

[Me: This one is looking for a male fairy. →]

[Shenzhou Goddess: I am a man. →]


[System prompt: You have completed [Tao Hua Yuan] Task 3: Find the Fairy].

As he received the notice of task completion, the system prompt also sounded.

[System Tip: You have been levelled up to level 52. ]

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: White Lotus?

[Private chat] White Lotus: !!!!

Isn’t Shenzhou Goddess an NPC? Why can this thing still talk privately!?

[Private chat] White Lotus: Are you not a system NPC? Why can I still talk privately??

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: Because I am also a GM. Your career is something I designed.

[Private chat] White Lotus: …..You bastard! Give me back my hair!!

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: -__, – Sorry, you can’t transfer professions.

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: But once you advance to “Buddha” level, you can grow your hair.

[Private chat] White Lotus: What style?

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: Search Buddha’s photos…..

[Private chat] White Lotus: Can I PK you?

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: My setting is level 70. You can’t beat me.

[Private chat] White Lotus: …

[Private chat] White Lotus: Why are you called the goddess?

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: For the plot

[Private chat] White Lotus: Wang Huan said that you are a man and that you did things with him.

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: He wanted to increase viewer ratings.

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: You should leave this Instance.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Why?

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: Because you opened G. Don’t think that I can’t see it! This is very bad!

[Private chat] White Lotus: …

[Private chat] Shenzhou Goddess: If you withdraw now, I won’t confine you inside the sky cage.

Sky cage, also known as the prison is mainly used to contain red named players and ignorant teens…..

Bai Lian Hua weighed the pros and cons and decisively opted out of the Tao Hua Yuan Instance.

[Private chat] Great God: He came out.

At this moment, the eyes of official website reporter who was crying snot and tears instantly lit up. He’s out…White Lotus is finally out!

Cotton had been waiting for this moment for too long! She had almost changed from a youthful white cotton to an rotten black cotton! Her superior had sent her along to interview White Lotus and she happily accepted because she liked beautiful faces and enjoys being together with beautiful men. Although she knows that in the game, White Lotus is a hairless monk………


Private chat with White Lotus: [System prompt: Sorry, the other party refused to private chat with a stranger. ]

Add White Lotus as a friend: [System prompt: Sorry, the other party refused to be added as friends.]

Sending White Lotus an e-mail: [System prompt: Sorry, the other party does not accept mail from strangers. ]

Cotton young lady had almost given up. Fortunately, she remembered that White Lotus had a good master surnamed Great, named God, full name Great God….but just when she wanted to find the coordinates of White Lotus through the Great God….

[Private chat] Great God: White Lotus in an instance

Cotton young lady tirelessly stayed before her computer screen for three days and three nights. Countless minutes and seconds passed as her blood and tears accumulated…And finally, Great God finally said, Hey! Cotton young lady, White Lotus is out~ (brain supplementing…). Who can understand how excited she is at the moment?!

[Private chat] [Administrator 27] Cotton: Where is he??

[Private chat] Great God: I’ll ask

Cotton young lady clicked onto the coordinates of Great God and transmitted over….

[Private chat] White Lotus: Master, why did you call me?

[Private chat] Great God: Someone is looking for you

[private chat] White Lotus: Who?

[Private chat] Great God: Administrator

Bai Lian Hua’s heart quickly went cold – the administrator is knocking on his door? Did they find out that he opened G?! Didn’t Shenzhou Goddess say that he would let him off?

Or did the other administrators also find out? Bai Lian Hua went silent for a few seconds, his palms filled with cold sweat.

And then… Bai Lian Hua turned off the game as fast as he could. So fast, that others would have thought that he had directly pulled the electric plug…

[Private chat] Great God: White Lotus just suddenly went offline

[Private chat] [Administrator 27] Cotton: …

[Private chat] [Administrator 27] Cotton: I am about to go crazy! Great God, save me! ! ! ! (> д <;)

[Private chat] [Administrator 27] Cotton: ヽ < (# `Д)> ┌┛〃づ. Дζ `) づ I really want to smash that White Lotus!!!

[Private chat] Great God: What is the purpose of you coming to earth

[Private chat] [Admin 27] Cotton: …

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