Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 28 - Ten miles of Red Lotus

[28. Ten miles of Red Lotus]

On the morning three days later, the senior brother is already awake and playing his game very happily.

His LOL was reaching a critical moment where with one more kill, and they can eliminate the opposing team! Hell yeah!

Suddenly, a stream of electric current rushed through his fingertips causing the senior brother to shudder. Static? To think that there would still be static during summer….The senior brother pondered silently: maybe he should find a time to fix his keyboard.

He looked his blood meter which had instantly halved. The senior brother couldn’t help but get angry and, unafraid of death, he placed his hand back onto the keyboard….Again, damn that static. He reflexively retracted his hand away from the keyboard.

Forget it… if I can’t use the keyboard, then just using the mouse is also possible. Although he had the urge to smash mouse, he still resisted it….it’s currently a crucial moment in the game, he can’t just drop out!

He clicked onto his skill bar with his mouse, but the result was that right at the most critical moment in the game……..his computer……black screened……


Without Great God, Bai Lian Hua had lost his appetite to eat.

Ok fine… .Even if he had lost his appetite, his love for this game cannot be changed….what sadness…you can just be sad a few more times. If you have a glass heart, just let them break it into pieces!

As he logged into the game, Bai Lia Hua prepared himself to be ‘forever alone’, but no more than three seconds later, several privates chats appeared.

[Private chat] Hundred Days Red: Master, Great Ancestor released you from his sect?

[Private chat] Half Crazy Smile: Lotus, you’re online…?

[Private chat] Great God: Little Lotus >////<~~~

Well, the first two messages, Bai Lia Hua could understand and I believe the readers could too….but that last one….what is this? Even if the readers understand what is happening, Bai Lian Hua is puzzled.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Master…?

[Private chat] Great God: >////< Yes, Lotus sister, I am your master.

[Private chat] White Lotus: … You are… Roommate?

[Private chat] Great God: I am your master >////<

[Private chat] White Lotus: …Roommate…. Hurry up and return master’s account! [Smash table]

[Private chat] Great God: …..I really am Great God >////<

[Private chat] White Lotus: -__, – Is this the surprise you were talking about? This is not a surprise, it’s a scare

[Private chat] Great God: >///< Humph. I don’t want to return it. This account’s strength is amazing~~ My HPP is about to explode~~ (HPP= life value in the game, also internet slang for to “Meng Point”)

[Private chat] White Lotus: Don’t make me hate you……

[Private chat] Great God: …..

[Private chat] Great God: Fine, I will return the account.

Song Qingge sitting in front of the computer had a face covered in blood. Bai Lian Hua….cant you be like a normal child and…..send a congratulatory message?

[Private chat] Great God: In your heart is Great God more important than me…..? T_T

[Private chat] White Lotus: If your mother and your wife fell into the water, would you save your wife first or your mother first?

[Private chat] God: Of course I would save my mother first. I still haven’t married yet. >///<

[Private chat] White Lotus: Hurry up and return it. What if master logs in and misunderstands?

[Private chat] Great God: …..Ok. I’ll do it now……

Song Qingge calmly wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth with a napkin and expressionlessly threw it into the trashcan. He then closed Great God’s account…..you can’t afford to hurt this fine man! You can’t afford to hurt the fine mine who posed as an inferior man! You can’t afford to hurt the man you had unexpectedly become a rival to himself!

Song Qingge’s blood supply had been emptied by Bai Lian Hua’s vicious attack. Fortunately, the quality of his heart had improved a lot and these blows are now nothing to him.

Changing into Lonely as Snow’s account, Song Qingge once again threw off his tempo and started acting clingy.

[Private chat] Lonely like snow: Lotus sister ~~~>///<

[Private chat] White Lotus: You returned it?

[Private chat] Lonely like Snow: Returned. I will never forget the things I have promised Lotus sister >//<

[Private chat] White Lotus: Thank you very much… OJZ

[Private chat] Lonely like Snow: Lotus sister, let’s go and sweep an instance! The East Sea. Let’s go and catch a dragon!

[Private chat] White Lotus: Wait, I’ll go in a second.

Bai Lian Hua slowly typed those words and then opened the private chat with Smile.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Yes, I am online.

[Private chat] Half Crazy Smile: As a comrade who was also discarded at the end of the world, lets celebrate with a group hug……

[Private chat] White Lotus: Celebrate your head…

[Private chat] Half Crazy Smile: Compared to me, you are much better off. The game I played back then broadcasted the news to everyone…….

[Private Chat] Half Crazy Smile: How did you get dumped by the Great God?

[Private chat] White Lotus: The Great God wanted to let me catch a dragon from the East Sea yesterday afternoon but I was late… OJZ.

[Private chat] Half Crazy Smile: Don’t worry. Lotus, I will take you to get a dragon.

Bai Lia Hua originally wanted to refuse. After all, Roommate said that he would take him to the instance but when he thought of Roommates horrible techniques……Bai Lian Hua quickly swallowed back the words that were about to leave his mouth.

[Private chat] White Lotus: Ok, come to the East Sea entrance immediately.

As he said this, he also clicked onto the transmission skill and entered the coordinates of the East Sea. When he arrived, there were not many people. It was probably because there was a level limit. To go to the East sea, the captains level must be at full level or you cannot enter the instance.

Therefore, Bai Lian Hua found Roommate immediately. Dressed in women’s clothing and with the title “Lonely like Snow”. Apart from the orange tiered shoes, everything else on the character was the basic equipment. His appearance was so pitiful that even he, who is dressed in Jiasha, couldn’t look at the character straight on.

[Nearby] Lonely like Snow: Lotus? Come ~~

In a blink of an eye, the system prompts popped up. [System Tip: Players [Lonely like Snow] invited you to join the team].

Bai Lian Hua naturally clicked to consent, but the name of the team on the upper left corner made his mouth twitch: Lotus come inside my bowl!

—- Come your sister! You go into the bowl!

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Go, go to the instance ~~

[Team] White Lotus: Wait, there another person.

[Team] Lonely like Snow: ∑ ( ゚д ゚lll) Who?

[Team] White Lotus: Half Crazy Smile

[Team] Lonely like Snow: F*ck! Why him??

[Team] White Lotus: Why?

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Smile is too ugly. I don’t want him to come~~

[Team] White Lotus: Smile is dressed better than you.

[Team] Lonely like Snow: …..

[Team] Player [Half Crazy Smile] joined the team [Lotus come inside my bowl!]]

[Team] White Lotus: And I think he is stronger than you

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Like Snow MM hello, I am Smile…

[Team] Lonely like Snow: ….. I am not a woman.

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Why do I always encounter renyao OTZ

[Team] Lonely like snow: …..Why do I always meet you OTZ

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: ???

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Nothing, let’s go.

[Team] White Lotus: Roommate, are you going into a level 70 instance wearing that?

[Team] Lonely like Snow: I don’t have clothes OTZ…

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Want me to sponsor?

[Team] Lonely like Snow: Okay.

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: Sponsorship fee is a kiss.

[Team] Lonely like Snow: …

[Team] Half Crazy Smile: I was saying that to Lotus.

Subconscious thoughts: Don’t be so full of yourself!

Song Qingge’s expressionless face revealed a slight fissure and crack. The calm demeanour he had maintained for many years looked like it was about to break down….He once again clicked onto the game icon and logged into his own main account. He then added Lonely as Snow as a friend and selected transaction.

Lonely like Snow is an archer account that had converted into a Legendary Marksman. Just by its name, Legendary Marksman may sound good but it actually only had about a 70% successful hit rate. It’s attack power is also a lot less than the other professions…Most importantly, his main account was that of a swordsman that had converted into a Immortal Warrior and so he had very few equipment that an archer could use. The only thing that can be used is….The Defamed Emperor set that he had spent more than 20,000 gold coins to get and had gifted to White Lotus….Well, he had actually bought that set very early on and didn’t have anyone to give it to…..After accepting White Lotus as his disciple, he didn’t bring him to sweep instances/dungeons because….he was busy sweeping dungeons to collect a red tiered gear set for White Lotus. Unfortunately, before he could collect the complete set, White Lotus had unexpectedly become a Monk.

What was he thinking at that time……..he wasn’t disappointed. He wasn’t angry. He was just thinking, what a pity…..that red set looked like a wedding dress; from top to bottom it was bright red and trimmed with gold at the edges. The light effect was that of a shining butterfly. The moment he saw this set on the official website, he thought that if White Lotus wore it, he would definitely look good.

Now, the red set slowly gathering dust in his inventory not knowing when it would be able to be put to use.

Song Qingge picked out the red set from his inventory and sent it to Lonely like Snow’s account.

Even the name of this set was very nice, “Shili Lotus”.

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