Go to Hell, White Lotus

Chapter 60 - Countdown until completion 3

[60. Countdown until completion 3]

Bai Lian Hua didn’t know how he returned to his dormitory. Logging onto penguin, he saw that the avatar that was always lit up is currently grey as if it was in mourning.

Natural disaster. These two words appeared in Bai Lian Hua’s mind.

He didn’t panic and was actually calmer than anyone else. At this time, even if his arms of legs felt weak, it is useless.

He searched on Baidu for the latest updates regarding the earthquake and found that it was indeed reported on the internet. But perhaps because it had happened in a foreign country, the news regarding the earthquake was overall quite calm. At most, some netizens posted a few stickers and comments to pray for their relatives who lived there and the affected people. Bai Lian Hua unknowingly smiled and logged in to leave his blessing.

He quietly browsed through the updates and felt a little tired mentally. Should he call? What a joke. He didn’t even know if there’s still signal over there…..What’s more, he didn’t know if Song Qingge had changed his number. To still keep his phone card and use it while abroad…..Isn’t that a waste of money? Bai Lian Hua opened and closed the penguin interface and couldn’t help but feel a little irritated.

White Lotus: Song Qingge, are you here?

White Lotus: You had an earthquake there, are you okay?

White Lotus: …Once you’re online, give me a reply. You can also call me.

White Lotus: =_= Are you okay?

Without exception, there was not a response. One hour, two hours… Bai Lian Hua searched for the number of deaths and casualties and saw that it was constantly on the rise. His heart felt a little uncomfortable.

Because no one could guarantee that of the many people who had died, the man he cared about would not be one of them. For a moment his heart was chaotic. It was chaotic to the point that it was like thick vines intertwining with each other causing him to be unable to close his eyes at night. He felt that by tomorrow morning, he would wake up looking very haphazard with red eyes and a pale face.

In fact, the person he saw in the mirror the next day was even frailer than he had imagined. Under his eyes were dark circles, his eyes were blood shot, his hair unkempt and his chin was covered with a light stubble. Using a comb, he brushed his hair and borrowed Chu Zhongtians razor to scrape his chin a few times before heading out to have breakfast. After breakfast, he even looked through a few pages of his workbook but nothing written on the pages were processed.

Bai Lian Hua only felt slight panic inside. Didn’t a lot of things only just happen a few days ago? How did things changes so quickly in a blink of an eye? It had changed to the point that even he didn’t recognise it. It’s so….painful. Really painful. It was just simply painful. Like there was something stuck inside and couldn’t be swallowed down completely.

Yet, on the contrary, he couldn’t cry. It was just painful. Painful to the point that he wanted to vomit.

When he logged into penguin at noon, Chen Tian had sent several private messages over.

Long Live Smile Brother: Lian Hua…. Do you have news about Song Qingge?

White Lotus: No

Long Live Smile Brother: …..You are upset.

White Lotus: His line just dropped. That’s all.

Long Live Smile Brother: ….Silly boy.

White Lotus: Thank you.

White Lotus: Chen Tian brother, I want to go find him.

He noticed that his heart was empty. So empty that even he couldn’t recognise it anymore. Fear, worry, anxiety; all kinds of emotions intertwined together causing him to feel painful to the point of tears. That’s right, even if he could ruthlessly say the word “breakup”, it was only because he thought that the other party would still be able to live happily. They could still chat a few times online and when they’re older, their young and frivolous love could transform into true friendship. At least that was what he thought.

But now, it made him realise that he was still too naïve.

“Song Qingge is gone.” This kind of thing, just thinking about it drained him of all his courage.

Not long after the message was sent through penguin, his phone rang. Looking at the phone, he saw that it was actually a call from Smile. It was both expected and unexpected. Bai Lian Hua looked at the name on his screen and finally answered the call.

“You want to go abroad to find him? Don’t you know about the aftershocks? They can still happen after the earthquakes. If you go there now it is equivalent to going there to die, do you understand? Also, are you sure you can find him after going there? The policemen and firefighters will be working hard to save people and you actually want to join in on the chaos?…..Also, the roads are closed over there. Even rescuers need permission from the government to enter. With your English skills, are you an idiot?” Just as the phone call connected, Chen Tian immediately overwhelmed him with lots of questions as if he is ridiculing him for his impulsive thoughts.

Bai Lian Hua felt his throat go dry and even his voice shook a little: “I didn’t realise there were so many problems…..I just-I just wanted to go find him.”

“You……” Chen Tian said this word and then stopped. “……Forget it. If you go abroad, just applying for the visa will take a few days. The plane tickets and your living expenses is another issue in itself. What use will you be when you go?


“Even if the financial aspect of things can be solved, it will still take at least a week for the visa to be approved. How can they approve of it so quickly?”


Chen Tian sighed on the other end: “Well, I can help you with the visa but it will only be for three month stay.”

“Thank you.” Bai Lian Hua felt his eyes become wet.

“If you have a problem with money, I can lend you…”

“Aren’t I troubling you too much like this?”

“Hey, see it as an investment for Great God. He is after all my master…”

“No need……” As if he had thought of something, Bai Lian Hua felt a light bulb go off, “I can sell my account. I think with that account, I should be able to sell it for a good price………”

“The White Lotus account in the game?” Chen Tian’s voice suddenly became weird. “You shouldn’t do this. Great god will cry. He spent more time and effort on that account than his own.”

Bai Lian Hua suddenly felt shocked: “That account, did Song Qingge level up for me?”

Oops! He actually spilled the beans…….Chen Tian quietly looked up to the sky and expressed that he didn’t know anything.

Bai Lian Hua again felt turmoil inside…..To think that Song Qingge actually did so many things for him…..Why…..He didn’t know anything about it.

“Then what should I do?” Seeing that Chen Tian didn’t talk for a long time, Bai Lian Hua decided to ask himself.

“You can sell equipment… I remember the ‘Defamed Emperor’ set was removed from the stores just two days ago. Don’t you have a set? Since it is now no longer being sold, it should be more expensive than it’s original price?” Chen Tian slowly said after a long period of silence.

The Defamed Emperor Set…..This set, Bai Lian Hua remembered. It was what Song Qingge had gifted him when he became his disciple.

But, did he really want to sell it?

Waiting for Bai Lian Hua’s answer, Chen Tian took the lead and blurted out: “Well, since penguin is still connected, I will hang up first.”

“Oh…..okay.” Bai Lian Hua nodded. Immediately, the hang up tone came over the phone.

He looked at the computer, but internally he was conflicted. Selling the set is really a better choice compared to selling his account… But why is he so reluctant to do so?


Li Shenzhou is currently having lunch and today the lunch at the company cafeteria is very lavish. There’s braised duck, sweet and sour pork ribs, preserved egg and cucumbers, and it only costed three yuan. Li Shenzhou happily hummed a small tune and couldn’t help but feel like today is his lucky day.

However, this luck was broken by a phone call.

“Li Shenzhou, it’s time to test our friendship for so many years!” Chen Chen Tian said this sentence in reluctance and Li Shenzhou also listened to the line with reluctance.

Li Shenzhou with a face of seriousness slowly said: “I think………For all these years, I have only loved and hated you. There’s no friendship.”

After listening to Chen Tian’s explanation, Li Shenzhou lowered his head and tapped his chopstick onto the plate before him making a crisp and clear sound: “So you want me to take the set off the market?” “That’s right” “Don’t you realise that you are making things difficult for me?”

“…………I will send you Li Le Yuan’s original photo.” Chen Tian was silent for a long time before he finally spoke up.


“Deal your head!” ……….For some reason, Chen Tian felt that a little regretful of his impulsive decision.

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