Goblin Kingdom


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Chapter 15: A New Power

[Race] Goblin

[Level] 10

[Class] Duke; Horde Chief

[Possessed Skills] <<Horde Commander>> <<Insurgent Will>> <<Overpowering Howl>> <<Swordsmanship B->> <<Insatiable Greed>> <<Distant Soul>> <<A Ruler’s Wisdom I>> <<Eyes of the Blue Snake>> <<Dance at Death’s Border>> <<The Red Snake’s Eye>> <<Magic Manipulation>>

[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia

[Attributes] Darkness, Death

Passing over the lake, the gentle wind blew past me, a gentle caress.

The image reflected on the lake’s mirror-like surface was nothing like that of a goblin noble’s.

Tawny skin and a human adult’s height. The image of a spiraled red snake on the arm, a lone horn reaching out to the heavens from the head, black fur much like that of a horse’s mane reaching from the head until the hips, and that nostalgic sensation of having five fingers… Is this really a goblin?

The image before me is enough to make me doubt that fact. But since my goblin subordinates have become more subservient, I shouldn’t dwell on it too much.

The changes truly are quite shocking though. Look, even my face has changed! That expression that once couldn’t be thought of as anything but brimming with repugnance has now turned into this turtle-like apathy.

A smirk surfaced at that thought.

But then at that, a dreadful, brutish image reflected on the lake’s surface…

Don’t say anything.

One’s appearance is the shape of one’s soul… was it? Hogwash.

Speaking of which, I’ve started to use the loincloths Lili’s sewn. I’ve always been naked all this time, but lately, I feel like I’ve begun to regain my sense of shame.

It might be because I’ve started talking to the humans again.


After repelling the orc leader who had attacked the village, and after my class had gone up and after going through that unpleasant experience again, we went to the hunting grounds right outside the village to aid Gi Gu.

I could barely feel the weight of the Iron Second on my shoulder.

After reaching the hunting grounds, I managed to find some good targets to test my body out.

Those orcs that were trapped and unable to move were literally felled in one sweep. With my new strength, I can now tear through the orcs and crush even their bones easily.

Having confirmed that is enough for now.

Regarding the female swordsman, Lili, who was knocked out in the village… well she’s safe.

Not that I care, but from the looks of things, the orcs prioritize food over women.

Taking only the unconscious Lily into custody, I ordered the surviving goblins with overpowering howl to gather.

Amongst the gathered goblins there’s Gi Ga who’s been healed, Gi Gu who would obey despite his injuries, and then the rest of the other goblins. The number’s visibly decreased.

The horde that once numbered 50 has gone down to 40.

And the number that can fight, number to 30 at most.

The injured goblins that can’t move number to 7. Aside from the ones healed by Reshia, the number of subordinates that can be used to hunt has significantly decreased.

The numbers could reach only this much even after including the surviving larvae and females as part of the war forces, showing just how much damage the orc attack did.

And the number of females preparing the materials are 6.

The one female goblin that’s finally gotten pregnant has also been killed by the orcs. Most likely because she was pregnant, she couldn’t run, and in the end she was killed.

In order to prevent something like this from happening again, I should train them to run ahead of time.

The captive humans are all safe. Although it’s quite ironic, it seems the goblin prioritized protecting my treasures over their fellow females.

As expected, a beast is a beast.

Because they actually thought that I’d be happy hearing what they did. Be that as it may, the old goblin seems to have some intelligence.

But even if you tell me that their sense of values is just different, it’s no use.

The captive humans are behaving better now than before the orc attack. Especially the female swordsman, Lili. Even though she kept snarling at me before, now she’s so subservient to the point it feels like a lie.

In fact, the annoying one now is Reshia.

I think it’s because she saw my level up. Now, every time she sees my face, she bombards me with question after question. What a hassle.

The more I talk to her, the more it feels as if I could get swept by her charm.

Because of [Skill] <<Insurgent Will>> I’m able to keep it in check, but it’s not easy.

I once asked her if I wasn’t scary, and she just looked at me blankly and shook her head. Apparently, because I’ve already put a lot of thought into things regarding her and the others, she doesn’t think I’ll do anything bad.

After all, I’ve already made Lili and the other male humans sew, and Reshia’s been assigned to healing duty. So there’s no other way left for me but to keep on going like this.

Right now, the power I have is still too weak to encroach into the territory of humans.

So I won’t have any choice for a while but to continue to increase my power like this.


Afterwards, I went to check my new skills.

[Skill] <<Insatiable Greed>>

——The number of subordinates you can lead will increase greatly.

——Charm towards the same race will increase greatly.

Focusing my will, I checked the new skills I’ve acquired.

“Charm towards the same race will increase greatly”… So only the charm towards the goblins will increase. Unless I misuse this skill, it should serve me well.

I’m not fond of female goblins, so if I make a mistake, it could turn into a disaster though. A two-edged sword so to speak.

[Skill] Swordsmanship <<B->>

Most likely due to having five fingers, I’ve become able to do more delicate movements. As expected, having five fingers which I’m used to the most is best. And now it’s possible for me to beat others down, and then immediately switch to slashing with my sword.

[Skill] <<Magic Manipulation>>

——It’s now possible to manipulate magic according to one’s attribute.

In as sense, the true charm to living in a different world is the ability to use magic.


I didn’t want to meet Reshia, so I went to ask the old goblin to teach me magic. Considering its age, I thought it might know something, but as expected, a goblin’s a goblin.


It couldn’t be helped, so I ended up having to go ask Reshia.

“Teach me how to use magic.”

When those words entered Reshia’s ears, she looked at me as if she’d just seen a dog talk. Of course, she tried to keep that from showing on her expression, but I can read even the slightest change in her expression.

I can read even the slightest change in her expression? Seriously, how far have I fallen!? Shit!

“Magic is the world. That is to say that the gods cannot be replaced. And magic is the miraculous incarnation of that contract.”

Is what Reshia said… Somehow this conversation’s turned really abstract.

After that Reshia started to prattle endlessly while carrying a hint of pride. Wanting to just get it over with, I pestered her to just tell me what I want to know.

“So in other words, how do I use it?”

Having been interrupted in the middle of talking, Reshia scowled at me.

“Magic can be invocated with the use of an aria and an image. As for what to say, it’s fine to speak freely what’s in your mind.”

It would’ve been fine if you just said that from the start. What’s the point of putting on airs?


When I thought of that, what floated to my mind was that friar’s fireball and barrier.

I wonder if it doesn’t matter what attribute I have.

“Let my body be inviolable.”

Suddenly, darkness wrapped itself around my body. And an armor of darkness that dimmed my visage, capable of stopping my enemies’ attacks, appeared.


Surprisingly, I actually managed to pull it off.


Contrast to my slightly surprised reaction, that woman who’s always been poker faced all this time, Reshia, suddenly forgot to keep her appearance up, and her face twisted, completely dumbfounded. Beside her was Lili whose mouth was wide open, also shocked.

“Why… why are you able to do it!?”

Reshia became serious all of the sudden as she inquired that while drawing near me. Well it’s because you taught me obviously! Is what I wanted to say, but I decided to keep that tsukkomi at bay.

“How do I cancel this?”

Ignored, Reshia pouted, annoyed.

“Chant the aria of cancellation… As for the wording, do whatever you want!”


Just as she said, I recited the aria.


Seeing the darkness recede, I was satisfied.

From now on, I should experiment with this. As I was thinking that, Reshia suddenly spoke up.

“Isn’t this against the contract?”

What is?

“I’m only supposed to heal and talk with you.”

“What do you want?”

“I wish to bathe.”


I might have made a dumb expression, as Reshia repeated her words angrily.

“I said I want to bathe!”

I called Gi Ga over, and had them escort her.

There are too many things that need to be done.


[Level] has increased.

10 -> 11

The buff has been cancelled.


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