Goblin Kingdom


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Chapter 9: Zenobia’s Follower

[Race] Goblin

[Level] 43

[Class] Noble; King of a Group

[Possessed Skills] <<Commander of a Group>> <<Defiant Will>> <<Overpowering Howl>> <<Swordsmanship C+>> <<Avarice>> <<Wandering Soul>>

[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia

[Attributes] Darkness, Death

“Ku… Monster!”

The female swordsman’s hair was red like lilies, flowing, as she hurled insults towards me one after another. Perhaps she’s noticed it already. That there’s no longer anything she can do. And with no other path left, she’s resorted to attacking me mentally. Or then again, she might simply be trying to rid the anxiety of the person behind her.


The thickets swayed, and my subordinates came out group by group. They then gathered around the surviving humans, rose their voices as if to threaten, and began hitting the ground with their clubs.

Watching that scene, the humans’ blood left their faces, and they became pale in fear.

Now, how should I play with these?

As I thought that to myself, the nun the female swordsman was covering caught my attention.

Light overflowed from the girl’s hands, wrapping the unconscious axe-wielding man in light. As that light wrapped the man, the flowing blood stopped.

“Let solace be blesseth to all (Heal).”

At that moment, I was watching in fascination as I looked on from the side at the nun whose eyes were closed.

It was as if all of man’s greed had vanished in that instant. An inhuman elegance that mustn’t be trampled.

It was before my very eyes. Yet it felt as if I couldn’t reach her even if I were to reach out my hands. A height that was beyond my reach.

I want you.

The stretching hand from that sea of longing grasped my entrails, jolting my entire being, and bringing me down to the ground.

I was brought down to my knees, my head, bowed, and my posture prostrated before her feet.

If only…

If I could only pluck that flower, then…

Even if my dreams were to be –

I strongly shut my eyes and shook my head to those resounding thoughts.

Someone is interfering with my thoughts. It’s making me nauseous.

The screams of grief and lamentation lashed out against me, causing my brain felt like it could burst to flames at any moment.

Longing, longing for my beloved, that seemingly endless anguish of madness that is desire tightened itself around my neck, strangling me.

“Fucker, who are you!?”

Filled with hatred, I stared at that unseen being.

It was penetrating into my brain fluids! Into my soul even, directly assaulting my very being, I could not help but hold my head in pain as I unsheathed my sword.

It was so intense that only repugnance could come out of my mouth.

I continued to breathe out roughly while the tip of my sword trembled at my will and pain.

“I am Reshia Fel Zeal, servant of the goddess of healing, Zenobia.”

Her amethyst-like eyes seized me. The goddess of healing, Zenobia. It was that, that was causing something within me to scream.

“GruuuaAaaAAaaA a aa a aa a a a!!!”


The female swordsman came rushing at that opening.

She held her sword high, and with a slash, she aimed for my lowered head.

But, it’s slow. I reflexively brought my sword up, crashing with her falling sword.

My stronger sword went against the female swordsman’s sword that was backed by centrifugal force, repelling it away. Having put too much power, my arms screamed in pain at the recoil, but I don’t have time to bother with that right now.

Continuing like that, the female swordsman fell to the ground without any time to fix her posture.

But at that moment, instead of attacking, I faltered to my knees.

I cut my own knees with my sword, and as blood flowed, I regained my consciousness.

Kill –––

If I don’t kill this woman now, the one who’s going to be eaten is me.

That thought which could be said to be instinctual flashed at the back of my head.

Seething with bloodlust, what stood before my gaze was a holy woman revered by humans.

“Please, run, Reshia-sama.”

That holy woman gently shook her head at the incapacitated female swordsman.

“For me to abandon you guys… Let solace be blesseth to all (Heal).”

In a twinkle, the female swordsman’s wound was healed.

“Kuk kuk kuk kuk…”

What came out of my mouth was a low-toned sneer.

Devoured? Me?

I ended up laughing at my own thoughts.

Fuck off…


I’m going to become a king!




“Catch them. And absolutely do NOT hurt them!”

Blood rushing to my head, my pupils focused on the holy woman as I ordered my subordinates to catch them.

Watch me. I’m going to surpass you.

I refuse to accept you bastards that mess with my thoughts.


[Skill] <<Defiant Will>> has leveled up to <<Insurgent Will>>

From now on this skill will mitigate not only the pressure from monsters, but also from far higher races.

Spiritual reliance on the Goddess of the Underworld has weakened.

You are defending against the mental attacks of the Goddess of the Underworld.

Because of the weakened mental attack from the Goddess of the Underworld, the urge towards the Goddess of Healing will be soothed.

[Skill] <<Wandering Soul>> will evolve.

<<Distant Soul>> acquired. <<A Ruler’s Wisdom I>> acquired.

[Skill] Because you have acquired the skill <<Distant Soul>>, the loyalty of your subordinates will increase. The influence you receive from the gods will also decrease.

[Skill] Because you have acquired the skill <<A Ruler’s Wisdom I>>, in the instance where you name yourself and fight against an opponent with the same weapon, then you will receive physical strength 20% UP, Agility 20% UP, and Damage received will be reduced by 20%.

[Skill] <<Eyes of the Green Snake>> acquired. If your opponent’s number is lesser than your subordinates’, then you will be able to see their weak point regardless of level.


Author’s Note:

A heroine candidate finally makes an appearance.

Eh? But the protagonist’s not human?

That’s exactly why it’s exciting!

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