God and Devil World

Chapter 1217: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent (Finale)

Chapter 1025: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent (Finale)!

When the black battle blade flew towards Yue Zhong, a huge amount of information poured into his consciousness.

Everything happening in the Great God World, Earth, as well as the other 800 worlds, could be sensed by him with a single thought.

Yue Zhong tried out by willing something, and on a barren planet, with no signs of life whatsoever, a golden, sacred beam of light shot down, shining on the planet.

Soon, the icy-cold planet began to brim with life, and a sun appeared in the atmosphere of the planet, shining on the planet.

Clouds began to form, while lightning and thunder occurred, and rain fell upon the planet. Water bodies began to form in the huge craters and started to appear similar to the oceans on Earth.

Then, some single-cell organisms began to appear within the ocean, as they evolved into plankton-like creatures, which did not stop evolving into marine life.

As the entire planet continued to evolve, becoming a planet capable of sustaining life, many biological life forms appeared and continued to evolve as well.

At the same time, according to Yue Zhong’s will, the main inhabitants of the planet began to evolve a pair of white wings, as well as a white radiance over their heads, and all of them were female. It was like an entire race of angels.

“Amazing, so this is the power of creation. With this God-Devil System, I’m an omnipotent existence within the 800 worlds!” Yue Zhong watched the planet evolve, his heart filled with excitement.

He was now like the God of the Bible, able to create anything that the System had a blueprint or knowledge of. At the same time, he could easily annihilate anything within the 800 worlds as well.

As he swept out with his will, he could sense that the energy consumption was high, “Ah, it’s too much energy.”

The Red Crystal King spoke, “Creation, Time control, and hastening evolution of any life form all require loads of power. The Mutant Beasts nuclei, as well as those from the Tentacular Beasts, are all good energy sources. Other than them, there are other efficient energy sources out there in the universes, however, Mutant Beasts nuclei and Tentacular Beasts are still among the top few sources. One can also use nuclei as a universal currency.”

He then turned to Yue Zhong with a look of relief, “Now, please kill me.”

After being reduced to a mere head, and nailed to the Red Crystal Throne for countless millennia, the Red Crystal King had enough. He just wanted to be released from his misery.


Yue Zhong took up the black battle blade, his gaze turning cold, as he urged his cells once more, pushing his strength to jump over 48 times. He then slashed down at the head of the Red Crystal King.


When his blade landed on the head of the Red Crystal King, it caused a deafening blast, and the decapitated head seemed to have blocked the attack. Time stopped for a mere second, before the black battle blade from the system burst out with a terrifying radiance, slicing through the Red Crystal King, together with the broken soul.

The moment the head of the Red Crystal King was destroyed, the long spear and nails stuck in him turned into ash and disappeared.

Once he was killed, a pure and abundant life force entered Yue Zhong’s body, nourishing and pushing him to the next stage of evolution.

After killing the Red Crystal King, Yue Zhong willed it and immediately received the information on Tentacular Planet.

Making use of the God-Devil System, he could check the entirety of a planet, and during his search, he came across an interesting thing.

“Ah! That is Amano, interesting, his strength had actually reached the True God Stage, but in order not to be teleported to the Tentacular Planet, he actually suppressed his own cultivation.”

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, and with a thought, he disappeared from his original location.

In the Great God World, there was a secret corner, where the 3 main races were all gathered together. The 10,000-Devils Altar, the Man-Eater Temple, and the Holy Heavens had all disregarded their enmity to face the greatest threat to their existence.

The planet of the 10,000-Devils Altar had transformed into a huge giant, exuding a terrifying and baleful aura, its demonic wings flapping behind. The Man-Eaters Temple had also transformed into a giant with a single horn and possessed long canines and sharp claws. The Great God World had transformed into a silver Battleship.

With these 3 immensely powerful existences, they were the last resorts of the 3 major races. Forming them required the combination of all the elite powerhouses of their respective races. The combat strength was incredibly high, and within a short time, they were capable of displaying the strength of a True God warrior. However, such a method required an incredible amount of resources, with the accumulation of their resources, it would still eat into their reserves. Once this strength was utilized for more than 4 hours, their accumulated resources would be gone in an instant.

In the void, Amano had transformed into a huge black hole, exerting his suction force at a rapid speed. It was a powerful whirlpool, firmly grabbing hold of the 2 giants as well as the battleship.

The 2 giants and the battleship struggled frantically to pry themselves away from the whirlpool, however, regardless of how they struggled, they could not get away.

In the Holy Heavens, the remaining Heavenly Lord Zhuo Jian stared at the whirlpool, his eyes filled with shock, “Damn it!!! This Amano is too ferocious!! What the hell is he? How could he possess such strength!! He could actually take on the final trump cards of all 3 of us. Is he at the True God stage?”

Only a True God would be able to utilize his own strength to move an entire planet, going against the 3 races, while the rest could only watch helplessly.

Currently, in the Great God World, all the experts were standing at their assigned places, continually channeling their strength into vital points. From time to time, there would be Type 5 powerhouses who were absorbed clean of their strength and turned to dust.

Near one particular point, a dozen young men and women stood close by, sending their strength frantically into the point.


One of the young women suddenly turned pale, and let out a scream of despair, as she withered and turned into ashes.

Seeing this, the rest of the young men and women had changes in expressions, their eyes filled with shock.

Among them, Bisiya was pale as she turned to George and asked, “Father, are we going to die?”

All the human experts had been gathered back within the Holy Heavens, including George and his family.

George’s face turned pale and tried to assure, “No, we will definitely emerge victorious! We still have Sir Zhuo Jian, and he will lead us to victory.”

Lina’s face was pale as she screamed out, “No, it’s hopeless! I know that monster, I’ve seen it in an ancient text. That is the first True God expert of ancient times. After he is resurrected, no one is his match. We will all become his food, it’s all over for us!!”

She had always known this fact, which was pressuring her. Now, she could not help but spit it out.

“What?! The ancient 1st True God expert?”

“We’re finished!! Such an existence, as long as he is not exterminated properly, even with a sliver of his soul left, he could resurrect and quickly rise to the True God level once more.”

“We’re dead!!”


At first, everyone had guessed that things were not looking good. However, hearing the truth, their eyes were filled with despair. However, they did not dare relax, as the moment they did so, they would be sucked into the vortex, swallowed by Amano.

Right at that time, there was a tear in space, and Yue Zhong walked out directly.

Seeing Yue Zhong appear, Amano’s heart turned cold, as he retracted his whirlpool, and asked Yue Zhong warily, “I am Amano, may I ask who are you, friend?”

As the first True God expert since ancient times, Amano possessed a terrifying perception and could sense a threatening level of danger emitting from Yue Zhong.

Within the Holy Heavens, George looked up, and was taken aback, “That’s Yue Zhong!!”

Bisiya had an excited look in her eyes as she cheered, “It’s true!! That is Big Brother Yue Zhong!! He’s back from the Tower of Babel!! We’re saved!”

Lina eyed Yue Zhong, her eyes full of shock before turning into excitement. Tears started to flow as she muttered, “It’s Yue Zhong, he’s Yue Zhong. He’s back from the Tower of Babel… we’re saved!!”

Jody heaved a sigh of relief as he smiled, “He’s back. That’s great.”

All the displays of the Holy Heavens had been ignited, broadcasting Yue Zhong’s image for everyone to see.

“What’s going on?” Zhuo Jian could sense the displays of the Holy Heavens lighting up. He frowned, after all, he did not give the order to broadcast any images of the battle in the void.

Yue Zhong spoke coldly, “I’m Yue Zhong. Amano, try throwing me your strongest attack. I know you’re already at the True God level. If you can’t kill me, just die.”

“What an arrogant tone, I’ll let you witness it then. Even if I have to be summoned to Tentacular Planet, I will kill you. ” Amano raged, and tore open his seal, as a terrifying True God fluctuation emitted out. It was vast and caused everyone else to feel a deep sense of terror.

“So strong!!”

“True God!! He’s really at the True God realm!!”

“What a terrifying fellow!!”


Amano’s strength shocked the 3 great races, forcing those of the Type 6 realm and below to their knees. Their faces were pale, and it was hard to even breathe.

For them, it was easy for a True God powerhouse to kill them with a single thought. There was nothing they could do.

Boundless might poured out from Amano’s body, as he began to transform into a golden giant of over hundreds of meters in height, his body covered in golden bone blades.

In an instant, Amano had slashed out with over a million strikes, completely covering the sky, attacking Yue Zhong in a frenzy.

Without any sound, a golden silhouette appeared behind Yue Zhong, as 2 bone blades came slashing down imbued with the Laws of Blade and Slash.

The figure was as fast as light, by the time the 3 peak experts had realized it, he had already appeared behind Yue Zhong, about to slash through him.

“With just this capabilities? Truly disappointing! The 1st True God expert of ancient times, just barely so-so.”

As the bone blades were about to slash through Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong pointed out with a finger on the forehead of Amano.

There was a loud blast, as Amano began to crumble apart.

“No!! Impossible!! I’m the strongest!!! How can I be killed by you!! I’m unwilling!!”

The remnant soul of Amano screamed out in reluctance, before dissipating forever from the world.

Zhuo Jian saw how Yue Zhong took out the strongest being Amano with a single finger, and his eyes were filled with disbelief, “What?! Amano was killed, just like that?! How is that possible?! How could he be so strong?! How!?!”

“Dead!! The first True God expert was killed!!”


“Strong!! Yue Zhong is too strong!!”


Seeing Yue Zhong floating in mid-air, everyone in the Holy Heavens was filled with reverence and worship Many female elites were also smitten.

Bisiya was no exception, her eyes sparkling, “Amazing!! Big brother Yue Zhong!! You’re too cool!!”

George was filled with excitement, “Strong!! Thankfully I became friends with him!”

“The Man-Eater Races shall no longer exist! Die!”

Yue Zhong stood there, coldly eyeing the Man-Eater Race, before pointing down. In an instant, a huge finger congealed out of nothing pressed down towards the giant formed as a last resort of the Man-Eater Race.

The single-horned giant of the Man-Eater Race roared out in anger, punching out with towards the finger.

Unfortunately, the finger of Yue Zhong was enough to crush the entire giant, causing the entire planet to implode on itself, dissipating into nothing.

Just like this, one of the 4 Great Races of the Great God World was wiped away by Yue Zhong.


“Awesome!! Long live Yue Zhong!!”

“Sir Yue Zhong, you’re too amazing!!”


Seeing the Man-Eater Race wiped out by Yue Zhong, cheers erupted throughout the Holy Heavens. The Man-Eaters preyed on humans after all, and many humans had fallen to them. With this great enemy wiped out, the elites of the Holy Heavens were filled with respect and admiration for Yue Zhong.

After that, Yue Zhong turned to face the 10,000-Devils Altar, his voice cold, “Other than the Charming Devil Race, the Flower Devil Race, etc…, the rest is to be wiped out.”

With those words, the various experts of the Devil Race, regardless of whatever corner they were hiding in, all exploded into bits. In an instant, 90% of the Devils had died.

Yue Zhong controlled the God-Devil System now, and all the life forms within the 800 worlds all fell under his control. Only those outside the 800 worlds were outside of the scope of the God-Devil System’s powers.

The remaining Devils were all extremely beautiful and had charms, however, their combat abilities were not particularly high. Furthermore, they were not aggressive, and Yue Zhong could utilize them as wallflowers or maidservants.

Yue Zhong then looked down at them, asking sternly, “Do you agree to submit to me, and address me as your Lord?”

“Yes!! We’re willing! We’ll serve you wholeheartedly, and be your loyal servants forever!”

The surviving Devils all kneeled, their bodies trembling as they swore to Yue Zhong. They were helpless against his omnipotence.

Yue Zhong then swiftly announced, “Very good, Cai Yin, Yue Huo, Ming Xiang and Luo Hua, the 4 of you shall be the new 4 Great Devil Lords of the 10,000-Devils Altar, in charge of managing it for me.”

The 4 of them were the most adept and most experienced at managing the rest of the Devils, and could quickly organize them and resettle the Devils after the turmoil.

When the 4 of them heard it, they replied respectfully, “Yes! Master!”

Having killed Amano, and settling the remaining Devils, Yue Zhong disappeared from his location.

The next moment, he appeared back on Earth.

Due to the Gates of Hell being closed, Earth was currently in a chaotic mess, with numerous races fighting over the right to rule.

At the same time, the number of aliens hidden had proliferated to a terrifying degree, and the entire planet had traces of them.

Currently, there were many aliens gathered outside of China’s capital, intending to launch a crazy assault.

Numerous Mechs and Mech Beasts were on the frontlines clashing with the oncoming aliens.

All sorts of mechanical parts and the corrosive blood of the aliens splattered everywhere throughout the battlefield. Troops were being decimated at every second. As for the humans, other than a few top elites, most of them could not even help.

Through this period, the aliens had already produced over a dozen Type 8 powerhouses. There were even 10 half-step Type 9 aliens, leading the armies to attack the defenses of the capital, forcing them back.

Even with Mech Emperor Zu Yuan Ting commanding the forces, there was no way of beating the aliens back.

Within the command center of the capital, Ji Qing Wu, Chen Yao, and the rest of the upper echelon were watching in rising apprehension.

Although there was Zu Yuan Ting holding the fort, and could maintain the security for a short while, if this continued on, the whole of China would fall sooner or later.

Ji Qing Wu watched the endless horde, and thought to herself amidst the anxiety, “If only he was here.”

“Were you thinking of me?”

Just then, a voice rang out in the room, and everyone swiveled to find Yue Zhong behind them.

“Yue Zhong!”

“Big Brother!”


“Sir Yue Zhong!”


Everyone erupted in cheers. Yue Zhong was an invincible existence in their hearts.

Ji Qing Wu came up to him and asked in worry, “Yue Zhong, when you were not around, the evolution of the aliens were too fast. Right now, the entire Earth is covered with those aliens. What do we do?”

On Earth, the greatest threat to humanity was not the experts of the other races, but the aliens. Their reproduction speed was too terrifying, as long as they were hidden in some corner for a period of time, they would reemerge with insane numbers. Furthermore, if one was not careful, there could be infections of humans, becoming hosts and food for the aliens.

“It’s simple, we’ll just wipe them all out.” Yue Zhong laughed simply and spoke, “I hereby declare, that all the aliens are to be wiped out from Earth.”

The moment those words fell, the billions of aliens rampaging throughout Earth exploded, not leaving even a single cell behind.

Seeing that, everyone was stunned.

“From today onwards, we have no need to fear any strange creatures or monsters anymore.” Yue Zhong laughed and embraced Ji Qing Wu, Floxenia and the various women that came jumping into his arms.

2 years later.

On the beaches of Hawaii, Tong Xiao Yun, Chen Yao, Zhuo Ya Tong, Yin Shuang, Han Qiong, were all playing around in bikinis.

Yue Zhong laid on the sand, while Bisiya was kneeling beside him and massaging his legs, while Lina helped to peel grapes for him.

Ji Qing Wu was also dressed in a black bikini, laying on the sand while donning a pair of sunglasses.

Numerous beauties of the Devils Race, the Angels Race, the Flower Devils Race, etc were gathered around, acting as maids to them. It was practically a heavenly scene.

All of a sudden, Yue Zhong spoke, “Qing Wu, I’m intending to head to Aizhuoma Universe.”

There was a strange glint in her eyes, as she asked in a low voice, “When?”

“In 3 days’ time.”

She stood up, coming up to his side, and buried herself in his embrace, planting a deep kiss on his lips, “Alright. Come back soon. Remember, we are all waiting for you on Earth.”

“Got it!”

Three days later, Yue Zhong brought the God-Devil System with him, as he stepped out of Earth, beginning a new adventure.

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