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Chapter 1257 - Invincible at the Same Level

Chapter 1257: Invincible at the Same Level

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“Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and Qi Sheng have also tamed a mature Nanling Dragon Fire.”

All the saints on Dragon Fire Island were shocked.

Black Li Prince and Chi Wansui, who were recovering, opened their eyes at the same time.

Only creatures who had been in contact with the mature Nanling Dragon Fire knew how difficult it was to successfully tame them.

However, Zhang Ruochen, Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and Qi Sheng had all succeeded, which meant they were as powerful as the divine dragons who were at the same level.

“I almost succeeded.”

Chi Wansui sighed, but he put away his frustration immediately.

It was okay to fail. There were other skills in the world that could rival Nanling Dragon Fire. The most important thing was not to lose the motivation and to keep fighting.

Above the volcano.

Zhang Ruochen wasn’t scared at all facing Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and Qi Sheng at the same time. He smiled and said, “You’re not my match. You need to keep refining before you can kill me.”

“You’re overestimating yourself!” Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon said, and then, a dragon scale that was more than a hundred feet long fell from his belly. It surged fifty thousand feet high, and it breathed out ancient dragon Qi.

That was the Ancestral Dragon Scale.

Qi Sheng grabbed God-killing Cross Shield, slapping it on the ground.

Hua La.

The black light from the Ancestral Dragon Scale and the blood-red divine light from God-killing Cross Shield intertwined with each other, freezing the space.

Zhang Ruochen tried to mobilize the rules of space, but he found that the flow of space rules became incredibly slow. He couldn’t tear the space apart, and he couldn’t perform spatial move either.

Ao Xinyan couldn’t breathe from the power of Ancestral Dragon Scale and God-killing Cross Shield, and she felt that her saint soul was being crushed.

Qi Sheng stood in the space, and he stepped on a blood-red cloud. Six different powers came from the six wings on his back. He stared at Zhang Ruochen and smiled. “Are you still so calm?”

Zhang Ruochen shrugged his shoulders. He shot a glance at the immortal vampires and Ancestral Dragon Mountain. He smiled. “You two are calm, so why can’t I be calm?”

The immortal vampires had been crushed by the saints from the imperial government. There used to be more than twenty blood saints, and now there were only thirteen blood saints.

Manlong Dragon Lord had also been crushed by Qing Mo. His ear, claw, tail and nose were all cut off. He became ‘naked.’

Qing Mo still wanted to get some ingredients. It cut the dragon tongue. Manlong Dragon Lord was terrified. He was being hunted by Qing Mo.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t mind fighting them.

The longer the fight lasted, the greater the losses that the immortal vampires and Ancestral Dragon Mountain would suffer.

“Let’s fight now.”

Two fiery pillars gushed out of the dragon eyes of Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and dashed toward Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen was calm. He took off a belt and pressed the belly of Ao Xinyan.

Hua La.

The blood-red belt gave off gleaming light. It turned into Ten Saints Armor and covered the body of Ao Xinyan.

Zhang Ruochen put his palm on her shoulder and pressed down. Ao Xinyan fell on the ground.

Zhang Ruochen stared at the Nanling Dragon Fire rushing toward him. He reached out his palm and wielded another bit of blue fire.

Qi Sheng was following Zhang Ruochen. He said, “Zhang Ruochen gave his Ten Saints Blood Armor to a girl. Without the power of ten saints, how are you supposed to fight us?”

“I don’t need Ten Saints Blood Armor to fight you guys,” Zhang Ruochen said.

The saints who didn’t join the fight stared at the fight above the volcano.

A human elder who was more than three hundred years ago said, “Is Zhang Ruochen being too arrogant?”

“Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and Qi Sheng are both creatures as powerful as divine dragons. Almost no one can rival them at the same level. Does Zhang Ruochen really think he can fight them both?”

A saint beast from Nine Li Palace sneered, “Without the power of space and Ten Saints Blood Armor, Zhang Ruochen is a tiger without claws. I can’t believe he’s this arrogant. He needs to be taught a lesson and crushed.”

Wan Huayu was anxious. Even she didn’t think Zhang Ruochen could win. After all, Qi Sheng and Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon could crush a large group of people at the same level.

“Universe Divine-Stele Palm.”

Qi Sheng held up his hands, and a black divine tombstone that was more than a hundred feet long was condensed. There were blood-red engravings on the tombstone, giving out earth-shattering destruction Qi.

Universe Divine-Stele Palm was the most powerful palm technique from the immortal vampire race. If someone could complete it, even supreme saints would find it difficult to handle.

Blood Queen had used Universe Divine-Stele Palm to injure Emperor Qing.

A large amount of blood Qi was required to sustain Universe Divine-Stele Palm. Only a few people could make such accomplishments after Blood Queen.

Qi Sheng performed the palm technique and condensed the tombstone, which meant he had already accomplished something on Universe Divine-Stele Palm.

Even the saints at Xuanhuang Realm were a bit terrified seeing the tombstone shadow in the sky.

“Ten saints out.”

Qing Sheng yelled again, and the saint shadows rushed out of the Ten Saints Blood Armor. He combined them with his own power and suppressed Zhang Ruochen.

Qi Sheng performed his greatest technique to end the fight as soon as possible. He didn’t want to give Zhang Ruochen any chance to fight back.

“You’re dying today.”

Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon sneered, and the Nanling Dragon Fire that gushed out of its eyes suppressed toward Zhang Ruochen.

“I’m not so sure about that!”

A powerful sword intent was let out of Zhang Ruochen’s body, empowering the Abyss Ancient Sword.

“Sword Seven.”

The Abyss Ancient Sword kept spinning, and it turned into a black trace of light, going through the light pillars formed by Nanling Dragon Fire, flying toward Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon.

The Abyss Ancient Sword was made of fortune iron, so Nanling Dragon Fire couldn’t damage it.

“How powerful the sword Qi is.”

Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon couldn’t dodge it at all. The Abyss Ancient Sword hit its left eye.

Peng. His eye exploded.

The Abyss Ancient Sword pierced through the head of Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, and his blood was spilled.

Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon was severely injured. He couldn’t control Nanling Dragon Fire in his body. That broken eyeball was burnt to the ground.

As Zhang Ruochen performed his sword technique. He turned around, and holy Qi in his body rushed to his arms. The giant phantoms of a dragon and an elephant emerged beside him.

Hong Long. The two palm prints had the power of a dragon and an elephant, clashing with the black tombstone, giving out forceful energy ripples.

One of them was the most powerful palm technique from the immortal vampire race, one of them was the most powerful palm technique of the Thousand Buddha Way. It was difficult to say which palm technique was stronger.

There were no stronger or weaker among palm techniques.

There were stronger or weaker among people.

After a short while, the black tombstone cracked. Qi Sheng was knocked away and fell onto the ground.

He kneeled on the ground with one knee and spit out blood.

After the black divine tombstone cracked, the phantoms of dragon and elephant were also shattered. Zhang Ruochen was knocked away, and there was blood coming out of his mouth.

“I was injured by someone at the same level!”

Zhang Ruochen reached out his finger and wiped away his blood. He had to admit that he had underestimated Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and Qi Sheng.

The human saints and the saint beasts from Ancestral Dragon Mountain and Nine Li Palace were all dazed.

Qitian Crown Prince and Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon were defeated after they teamed up?

As for Zhang Ruochen, he was still wounded, but not as seriously.

“Is Time and Space Descendant really invincible at the same level?”

“Zhang Ruochen has refined the Tenth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm and obtained God’s Destiny. Unless the Thousand-bone Body and True-God body show up, no creatures can rival him. Qitian Crown Prince and Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon are already impressive enough in that they can injure him.”

“The fight isn’t over yet. It’s too early to have a conclusion. The most powerful technique of Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon is Ancestral Dragon Scale, and the most powerful skill of Qitian Crown Prince is God-killing Cross Shield. Zhang Ruochen doesn’t have the power at the same level. How is he supposed to rival them?”

Everyone was rendered speechless.

Neither Ancestral Dragon Scale nor God-killing Cross Shield could be measured by common theories. Once the origin power inside the weapons was activated, Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t be able to resist them without weapons at the same level.


An eyeball of Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon had been burnt to ashes. It couldn’t be angrier as this was the biggest blow since it had started to refine. It hadn’t been this furious even when Zhang Ruochen caught White Li Princess.

“You’ve infuriated me!”

A giant dragon that was more than twenty miles long ascended to the sky. It breathed out some blood Qi on the Ancestral Dragon Scale.

Golden inscriptions emerged on the Ancestral Dragon Scale, and thousands of dragon shadows flew out of the scale.

It stood on the ground and looked to the sky. The entire sky turned black, and there were golden inscriptions in the sky, giving out terrifying energy forces.

They were the forces of an ancestral dragon.

All the saints on Dragon Fire Island were trembling. No one could stay calm.

Immortal Goddess and Siming Goddess walked out of the godly temple at the same time. They were fighting before, but now, they stopped and looked to the golden engravings in the sky.


Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon yelled and mobilized the power of the Ancestral Dragon Scale, hitting Zhang Ruochen.

There was destruction Qi in the sky and land. Some of the saints who were severely injured couldn’t handle that pressure, so they fell on the ground.


A trace of silver light surged and clashed with Ancestral Dragon Scale and made a deafening sound like divine thunder.

Ancestral Dragon Scale was knocked away and knocked off of Dragon Fire Island, and it fell into Yin and Yang Ocean.

Everyone saw that it was a kitchen knife after the silver light was frozen.

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