God Emperor

Chapter 1531 - Behind The Scenes

Chapter 1531: Behind The Scenes

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The Heaven World had four continents: East Divine Continent, South Support Continent, West Oxen Continent, and North Reed Continent.

The four continents were all extremely vast, and filled with Spiritual Qi and resources.

Cultivators from the western universe all cultivated in the West Oxen Continent after entering the Heaven World. It was also divided into more domains according to different geographical locations.

The Shatuo Heaven Domain was a barren domain at the edge of the West Oxen Continent.

When a god was produced in the worlds of the western universe, they almost all stayed in Shatuo after entering the Heaven World. They could only leave after improving the ranking in the Ten Thousand Worlds Merit Rank, and then enter a richer domain.

Now, Kunlun’s Field was number 2,744 on the ranking. It was 549th in the western universe, so it didn’t have to stay in the Shatuo Heaven Domain anymore. It could have a better cultivation environment.

But Guanghan Field had gone from fourth to last on the rank to third to last.

This meant that, even with Zhang Ruochen’s full efforts, he’d only temporarily helped the Moon Goddess save Guanghan Field. He gained the field some time to breathe.

When Hell Blade Field or another battleground was destroyed, the merits battle would start again.

Whether Guanghan Field could win or not was still unknown.

The Moon Goddess clearly knew this too. “One hundred thousand years ago, Guanghan Field was in the top 100 of the western universe. It was a powerful and renowned world. Unfortunately, after a change, it kept failing, bullied by the Heaven World, taken advantage of, swallowed, enslaved… This time, if you and I hadn’t hurried back, Guanghan Field would’ve been at the bottom and fallen towards complete destruction.”

“A change occurred to Guanghan Field 100,000 years ago too?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“In a way, the change was heavily related to Kunlun’s Field. Your cultivation is still too low now, so there’s no point in letting you know. When you reach a certain level, I will tell you.”

Zhang Ruochen grew thoughtful. “Could it be related to that Flame God from the Merits Godly Palace?”

Hearing the words “Flame God,” the Moon Goddess’s starry eyes grew much colder.

She didn’t say anything, but Zhang Ruochen could tell that the changes of Kunlun’s Field and Guanghan Field must be related to him.

“Zhang Ruochen, you must remember something,” the Moon Goddess reminded him. “In the Heaven World, gods cannot attack a Saint, but if a Saint blasphemes, the god can still kill him.”

“I understand.” Zhang Ruochen nodded and then asked, “Earlier, you said that Guanghan Field was bullied by the Heaven World, taken advantage of, swallowed, and enslaved. What does that mean? How could this be?”

The Moon Goddess’s eyes grew even colder. “During the change 100,000 years ago, the gods of Guanghan Field practically all died. Only the tree god was still alive, but he had to support Guanghan Field, so his true body couldn’t come to the Heaven World.

“A world with top treasures of the heaven World but without a god to protect it… Can you imagine the result?

“Ninety thousand years ago, Guanghan Field was in the Mythical Fairy Heaven Domain in the center of the West Oxen Continent. It was pressured by Aofei Red Field and had to pay tribute to it every year. Guanghan Field paid large numbers of saintly sources, medicines, weapons, and even a portion of the merits.

“Eighty thousand years ago, Guanghan Field’s merits rank slipped down and had to leave the Mythical Fairy Heaven Domain. We came to the Shell Heaven Domain. There, we were insulted and bullied by Ruiya Field.”

“In 100,000 years, Guanghan Field virtually became emptied. Our wealth was practically all robbed and we became the weakest field of the western universe.” The Moon Goddess was very emotional. Extreme fury burned inside her.

Guanghan Field had once been a top world with a rich heritage. It ruled over the West Oxen Continent. But now, it had fallen to the point of giving tribute to other worlds every year in order to survive. How could she bear it as the god of this world?

Zhang Ruochen let out a long sigh, feeling the cruelty of the Heaven World.

A person who wasn’t strong enough would be bullied.

A world that wasn’t strong enough would be taken advantage of and enslaved.

“Does Guanghan Field still have to give tribute to the strong worlds of the Shatuo Heaven Domain?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

The Moon Goddess shook her head. “The other worlds of the Shatuo Heaven Domain are all weak. Of course, there are big differences between each of us, but weak worlds aren’t completely unable to fight back. Plus, with the rise of Emperor Jimie and the Wu Ancestor, Guanghan Field isn’t afraid of challenges. So, no world in the Shatuo Heaven Domain can force us to give tribute.”

The most important figures for a world to become powerful were the Supreme Saints, not the gods.

A god didn’t have territory and was unable to fight. Only Supreme Saints could fight for better land and engage in battle.

Guanghan Field had people like the Wu Ancestor, Emperor Jimie, and Supreme Saint Jiuling, so they could stand their ground in the Shatuo Heaven Domain and not fear pressure from other worlds. Even if the other worlds sent Supreme Saints to steal a high-quality domain, the three figures could steal it back.

The Moon Goddess changed the topic. “But there’s a force that is trying to destroy Guanghan Field completely. Any cultivators who leave the Shatuo Heaven Domain will get repressed or even killed.”

“What kind of force is that arrogant?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

The Moon Goddess shot him a look. “That force once caused Kunlun’s Field to be beyond redemption. One hundred thousand years ago, the world that followed Kunlun’s Field was also affected. That cleansing lasted for 100,000 years and still hasn’t ended. As Chi Yao brings Kunlun’s Field back into the Heaven World, that force will definitely reappear. You can say that Chi Yao and Kunlun’s Field will face a much bigger challenge than us. If you want to survive and take revenge, you must face the difficulties and open a bloody path in the black shadows and difficulties. Then, you may see the light of dawn.

“This path is extremely difficult. You may be mercilessly repressed even if you risk everything and still die.”

Zhang Ruochen felt very depressed, but he also understood something. One hundred years ago, Guanghan Field had been one of the worlds that followed Kunlun’s Field.

Because it followed Kunlun’s Field, it was affected and became bullied for 100,000 years.

“What should we do now?” Zhang Ruochen asked. “We can’t continue being so passive.”

“We?” the Moon Goddess asked.

Zhang Ruochen chuckled. “Of course. My identity as the Time and Space Descendant isn’t a secret anymore. That Flame God won’t let me go either. If I want to survive in the Heaven World, I’ll naturally follow you. Who would dare to kill me publicly if I have a god’s protection?”

The Moon Goddess thought for a while. “With the talent you displayed, many worlds will try to get close to you. Those worlds are all stronger than Guanghan Field and can give you more resources.”

“But those worlds may be the ones who caused Kunlun’s Field to wallow for 100,000 years. Wouldn’t it be falling into their trap by joining them?”

Even if Zhang Ruochen joined Guanghan Field now, he still had signs of Kunlun’s Field on him. The forces behind the scenes wouldn’t allow him to mature.

“Okay. Since you’re willing to follow me, I will help you with all my might.” Then the Moon Goddess said, “The first step is that I must recover my divine power, so I need to borrow something from you.”

“What?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“The moon leaf on the Seven Star Sacred Tuber.”

The Seven Star Sacred Tuber had seven leaves. Now, only the moon and sun leaves were still on it.

“Before, I didn’t have enough divine power within me,” the Moon Goddess said. “I wasn’t able to absorb the moon leaf. Now, I’ve recovered 20% of my power. If I refine the leaf, I’ll be able to reach 50%. Don’t worry, I won’t take it for free. I’ll return you a complete divine medicine in the future.”

The stronger the Moon Goddess was, the safer Zhang Ruochen was in the Heaven World.

Thus, he didn’t hesitate. He took the moon leaf from the Universe World and handed it over.

The Moon Goddess extended a pale hand and held the leaf in her hands. A rare smile appeared in her eyes. “I’m a god, but I owe a Saint. People won’t even believe this if news spreads.”

“That’s because you didn’t rob me of it,” Zhang Ruochen said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to keep it at all.”

“The most valuable thing is yourself, not your treasures. If I lose you to get your treasures, then that would be the greatest loss to me.”

After this Saints Merits Battle, Zhang Ruochen now had extraordinary value. The Moon Goddess didn’t hide how highly she thought of him either.

She put the moon leaf away. “I also need to borrow one million saintly sources.”

This time, Zhang Ruochen frowned. He didn’t agree immediately.

He’d indeed received more than one million saintly sources on the merits battleground, but he’d prepared to use that to train the Universe World cultivators. He wanted to rebuild the Sacred Central Empire and counter Chi Yao.

Now, Zhang Ruochen was a member of Guanghan Field. If the Moon Goddess insisted on taking the saintly sources away, Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t be able to fight back. No one could help him either.

But just as the Moon Goddess said, she wouldn’t do something so unethical.

Because Zhang Ruochen himself was far more valuable than any treasure he had.

“Don’t worry,” the Moon Goddess said. “I’m only borrowing them. I’ll pay you back in the future. I’m not borrowing them for free either.

“You want to use the saintly sources to develop a group of Saints in the Universe World, right? But the Universe World’s foundation is too weak now. You barely have any Half-Saints. It’s not useful even if you have a large number of saintly sources.

“The environment of the Heaven World is definitely better than the Universe World. If you’re willing, you can have the Half-Saints enter Guanghan Field and cultivate in the Heaven World temporarily. If you want to take them away in the future, I won’t stop you either. How about it?”

“Use Guanghan Field’s resources to cultivate the Universe World’s cultivators?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“Correct,” the Moon Goddess said.

“Since you’re so genuine, I will lend you the one million saintly sources. But do not forget that you promised to help me do something before joining the merits battle.”

“Tell me,” the Moon Goddess said. “What do you need help with? I will do it if it’s not too much.”

“Take Lingxi as a disciple,” Zhang Ruochen said.

The Moon Goddess was surprised. She didn’t think that Zhang Ruochen’s request would be so simple.

Actually, Zhang Ruochen had wanted the Moon Goddess to do other things, but he’d overruled them all in the end.

He and the Moon Goddess were tied to the same war chariot now and had the same gains and losses. For the things that the Moon Goddess could do, she’d already arranged for him without him asking. And even if he asked for things that she couldn’t do, it would still be useless.

So he decided to pass this chance to Mu Lingxi.

“Okay, I accept.”

The Moon Goddess told him some other things and then the two left the Merit Star. They went toward the Heaven World.

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