God Emperor

Chapter 1818 - Seeking Help

Chapter 1818: Seeking Help

A hundred thousand years ago, when the Kunlun Realm was at its most glorious era, it had many saints and everyone was like a dragon; surpassing all of the heavens as the most powerful realm.

And even in the face of a massive disaster, not all of their powerful people would fall at the same time, that was not normal.

It was like a massive vessel sailing in the sea of gods, and even if it was crushed and sunk, the remaining mass of the ship was still formidable and was not something those tiny little boats could compare to.

Was the vessel that had sunk about to resurface?

Zhang Ruochen’s heart could not be calmed for a long time.

“It’s a good thing,” he said.

“If all those major sects, schools, and families have some really incredible people reappearing in the world, or walking out from history, then the rise of the Kunlun Realm would come sooner than later.

“Did anyone from the Zhang Clan survive, though?”

Zhang Ruochen took a silent guess, and even if there was a group of elites from the Middle Ages who did not die, and would soon awaken, their numbers would be few.

After all, not many would survive a great catastrophe, to begin with.

As the Kunlun Realm continued to recover, Royal Mountain’s cultivation environment got better and better.

Many types of sacred medicines grew across the entire woods, as saint springs flowed between the mountains, and even the birds and wild rabbits gained spirituality and could speak human language.

Cultivating here for a year gained him more than what he did in the past ten years.

Moreover, the defensive arrays protecting Royal Mountain had been completed, and Zhang Ruochen was no longer afraid of any challenges.

Be it the various realms of the Celestial Court, or the Ten Clans of the Infernal Court, anyone that dared to trespass Royal Mountain would die.

So, Zhang Ruochen quickly wrote a Communication Light Talisman, and sent a message to Mu Lingxi, asking her whereabouts alongside the cultivators of Guanghan Realm.

If possible, Zhang Ruochen wanted to bring all of them to Royal Mountain.

After waiting for a moment, Mu Lingxi sent him back a message. “I’m at the ancestral Phoenix Lake of the Mu clan. This is an awakened sacred land. Senior Gu and Senior Feng, and many other saints of the Guanghan Realm are stationed here. It’s very safe…”

Mu Lingxi sent a lot of information over and allowed Zhang Ruochen to understand her current situation.

Concubine Lin, Zhang Shaochu, and Zhang Yuxi were indeed picked up by Mu Lingxi and were all now at Phoenix Lake.

In addition, Gu Songzi, and the Crazed Drunk had gotten a large number of God’s Will and God’s Soul from Yueshen and were collecting sacred medicine all over the place as they prepared to refine a kind of heavenly sacred pill and a type of top-notch wine to help the cultivators of Guanghan Realm quickly increase their cultivation level.

Even the Guanghan Realm also wanted to rise again amidst the chaos of the world.

This was really an age of perils and opportunities!

Zhang Ruochen knew that after the Battle of Mount Yueshen, Yueshen not only repelled gods like Yanshen and Bloodlord Erjia, she had also taken away almost ninety percent of their divine will and souls.

By infusing a god’s will, one could refine sacred pills that enhanced spiritual powers.

By infusing god’s soul, one could instead refine sacred pills that promoted one’s saint soul.

Moreover, when Yueshen took away the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron and faintly revealed her preparation to slay a god. Should it work, Guanghan Realm would be received a steady stream of divine-level medicinal materials.

“It seemed like those old coots have actually gotten quite the number of benefits from Yueshen.”

Zhang Ruochen sent a message to Mu Lingxi and asked her what other sacred medicines she needed.

There was a large amount of sacred medicine on Royal Mountain that came in many varieties, and they might be of help to them.

Not long after, a Communication Light Talisman with a list of items needed flew into Zhang Ruochen’s hand.

Zhang Ruochen gave the list to a female Saint and asked them to immediately collect them.

While Guanghan Realm was weakened, it still had three thousand Saint Kings, and many of them were as strong as Su Jing.

So, Zhang Ruochen did not need to worry about their safety for the time being. It was not too late to pay the Phoenix Lake of the Mu clan a visit once he had collected enough sacred medicines.

“It had been a while now, and by right, the Godstones sent by Murong Yefeng and Kong Lanyou should have arrived. Did something happen?”

Just as the idea popped up in Zhang Ruochen’s head, a light talisman flew over from the horizon.

Grabbing it, Zhang Ruochen held the talisman in his hand as he read it.

Zhang Ruochen’s expression suddenly sank.

“Your Highness, the Godstones have been seized. I was set upon by a group of rather powerful cultivators and is heavily wounded. I’m not hiding in the Holy City of the Eastern Region, and they are after me.”

It was a message from Murong Yue, and there were bloodstains on the Communication Light Talisman.

“Who is it who dare to snatch the Godstones that I wanted?”

Zhang Ruochen immediately set out to the Holy City of the Eastern Region with his Golden Dragon Carriage. This time around, he only brought Xie Chengzi, who was clad in thick armor to drive the carriage for him.

The rest of the cultivators stayed back on Royal Mountain.

There was something odd about this.

Zhang Ruochen sat in the carriage and calculated the various possibilities.

“Murong Yue is a cultivator native to the Kunlun Realm, she is very smart and has the Black Market as her front. Who could accurately track her whereabouts? And who actually knew that she was escorting a Godstone?”

As he thought about it, Zhang Ruochen finally locked onto the Fane of Youshen.

Zhang Ruochen had once sent a message to Murong Yefeng and Kong Lanyou, but it was intercepted by the Fane of Youshen.

After Feng Chengdao escaped, the Fane of Youshen knew that Zhang Ruochen was in urgent need of Godstones and his people would definitely focus their efforts on monitoring every single move Murong Yefeng and Kong Lanyou made.

“This is really a case of letting a tiger back to the mountains, and for it to cause me endless troubles.”

Zhang Ruochen immediately sent a message to Kong Lanyou and asked if the person escorting the Godstone had reached the Eastern Region.

But after a long while, Zhang Ruochen did not receive any replies from Kong Lanyou.

“Lanyou used to be a Supreme Saint, and while her immortal Saint Body was shattered, her cultivation base was still quite rare. The strongest duo of the Fane of Youshen, Cang Long and Ruan Ling are probably not her match.” Zhang Ruochen comforted himself that way.

After a moment of silence, he took out a Communication Talisman and wrote his message down.

This was a communication talisman meant for the Holy Scripture Maiden.

“Miss Nalan, I am Zhang Ruochen. Please use the Chessboard of the Realms and help me look for Kong Lanyou’s position. Plus, I want to know the movements of the cultivators of the Fane of Youshen, the more detailed the information is, the better. Thank you.”

If it had not been a last resort, Zhang Ruochen would not have wanted to ask the Holy Scripture Maiden for a favor.

However, whether it was for Kong Lanyou, or for the Godstone, before rushing over to the Eastern Region Holy City, he needed to gave everything investigated. Only be knowing himself and his foes that he could defeat them.

Two hours later, a message came back from the Holy Scripture Maiden. “The Chessboard of the Realms is unable to capture Kong Lanyou’s location. It is very possible that she had entered a certain awakened land or ancient ruins.”

“The information held by the First Central Empire of the Fane of Youshen is incomplete, and it’s difficult to find their specific locations. I can only do my best to organize it for you the positions of the cultivators of the Fane of Youshen that had already been entered into the Chessboard of the Realms. Give me half a day.”

On the light talisman was a list of the well-known elites of the Fane of Youshen, and Zhang Ruochen quickly scanned through it.

After passing through the teleportation array of the Qianshui Royal City’s Terminal of Merits, and several other wormholes later, Zhang Ruochen arrived at one of the eight main crossings outside the Holy City, the Tiankun Crossing.

Each crossing itself was a city.

One needed to register their identity and name at the crossing first, before taking the White Dragon Ferry into the Holy City itself.

The Holy City of the Eastern Region was a planet descended from the heavens in ancient times. With a diameter of over tens of thousands of miles, it towered over the lands of the Eastern Region.

As the Kunlun Realm recovered, the Holy City of the Eastern Region became more and more sacred, as it was completely enveloped by the holy Qi of the heavens and earth, illuminating both the skies and the land as if it was the abode of the gods.

The Holy City of the Eastern Region was a treasured star with a large number of spirit crystals and saint stones in it as well as various precious materials for refining.

In the Middle Ages, the Holy City of the Eastern Region had a massive reputation in both the Celestial and Infernal courts. Now that the Kunlun Realm had been weakened, there were countless of cultivators who wanted to grab the resources within the Holy City for themselves.

Just like that, many greedy folks from various realms have gathered here.

At Tiankun Crossing, Zhang Ruochen saw a lot of saint-realm beings, some of them were domineering, arrogant, and had a haughty air about them. If not for the ancient wards of the Holy City, they would probably have rushed right in.

“I’ve heard that 100,000-year-old ancient medicines are born in the Holy City every day. If I can get my hand on them, my cultivation will definitely improve by leaps and bounds.”

“Yesterday, a 100,000 year old Nine-colored Glazed Coral was born in the Ximang Sea of the Holy City and was snatched away by the elite of the Heavenly Realm, Ni Canghai. Some speculate that with the Nine-colored Glazed Coral, Ni Canghai had an eighty to ninety percent chance to form his Immortal Saint Body.”

“It shouldn’t be that easy, right? While Ni Canghai is strong, he should be still quite the distance away from forming an Immortal Saint Body.”

“The day before, in the Bronzebeard Continent of the Holy City, a 100,000-year-old Longevity Fruit was born, and the light of the fruit shined over thousands of miles, and attracted countless of saint-realm beings to take it. The battle lasted a full day and night, and in the end, it was taken by one of the Ashuran Heavenly Kings. That Ashuran Heavenly King was extremely cunning and disappeared without a trace soon after. Some powerful people had used their Supreme Saint Artifacts but were still unable to locate him.”

Zhang Ruochen had heard a lot of news. The Holy City today not only had a gathering of various cultivators from the Celestial Court, but it seemed like even the elites from the Infernal Court were hiding in the dark to seize resources.

A hundred thousand-year-old sacred medicine would be born in the Holy City of the Eastern Region every day, and that interested Zhang Ruochen quite a bit as he wanted to seize one or two for himself to prepare for his breakthrough into the realm of an Eight-step Saint King.

Of course, the first thing he had to do was to go to Murong Yue’s hiding place.

Sitting on the White Dragon Ferry, a voice of resentment rang out not too far away from Zhang Ruochen. “The sacred medicines born in the Holy City should belong to the cultivators of the Kunlun Realm, but they were all snatched away by outsiders. A shame, a colossal shame.”

Zhang Ruochen wore a mask, as he turned his head and saw a man in his thirties.

He wore a cyan brocade, and a jade emblem hung on his waist with the character ‘Chen’ branded on it.

That represents his identity as a member of the Chen clan of the Eastern Region.

The Chen clan, who sat on the throne of the Saint King Palace in the Eastern Region was the overlord of the land since ancient times.

The former overlord was now reduced to nothing but a foil, and could only survive within the cracks of various cultivators of the macroworlds. The difference was just too great, and no wonder he was so angry.

A laugh rang out. “Kunlun Realm trash like you can stop the Infernal Court? Boy, you have to understand the truth, that we are here at the Kunlun Realm to help you resist the incursion of the Infernal Court. Taking some resources away is nothing but just recompense.”

Another cultivator added, “Instead of letting the Infernal Court get their hands on it, might as well give it to us. Plus, how precious are the sacred medicines born in the Kunlun Realm. Giving them to you, Kunlun Realm cultivators is no different than feeding them to the pigs, a total waste.”

The cultivation bases of the two cultivators were the realm of a Saint King and were not ordinary persons.

It was because of this that they were arrogant and did not put the member of the Chen family in their eyes, and regarded him no better than native livestock.

This scene was very familiar to Zhang Ruochen.

Once, when the cultivators of the Kunlun Realm fought against the Badland Realm, didn’t they too bore the same look when they looked at the indigenous cultivators of the Badland Realms.

There was a message in their eyes. “All of you are mere natives, and you are not qualified to negotiate terms with me. Only by surrendering to me, and being my slaves will you survive.”

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