God Emperor

Chapter 1943 - The Battle of Array Masters

Chapter 1943: The Battle of Array Masters

Ming Gu thought that he could easily defeat Lu Baiming as he was in his home court. However, it did not look all that simple now.

“Dragon-Tiger’s Hegemony.”

Ming Gu growled as he controlled the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation with all his might.


The Azure Dragon and the White Tiger flew out at the same time, letting out tiger and dragon roars that shook the lands.

There was a saying, “the wind follows the tiger, and the clouds follow the dragon”.

The moment the tiger and the dragon moved, the winds and the clouds changed as a massive vortex appeared and fell from the sky, trying to take away all of the saint swords.

The vortex was formed by the condensed winds and clouds and was connected to the heavens. The Azure Dragon and the White Tiger were hidden within the vortex, with only their voices heard, but their forms were nowhere to be seen.


The fifty-four saint swords all trembled and let out a series of sword hum.

The suction power of the vortex was indeed terrifying. If it werent’ for the fifty-four saint swords were deeply connected, they would have been sucked in in an instant.

The Azure Dragon and the White Tiger stuck their claws out from the vortex, and struck two of the saint swords.


The two saint swords suffered heavy damage as cracks appeared all over the sword and they almost came apart.

Without waiting for Lu Baiming to shift the positions of the two swords, the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger struck again with another devastating attack.

Both the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger possessed extremely terrifying powers that were comparable to elites of the Path’s Anterior realm. Over on the Celestial Court’s side, there were probably not many that could directly block their attacks.


The two saint swords could not withstand the second blow, and they immediately shattered.

Seeing this, a smile suddenly appeared on Ming Gu’s face. He really didn’t believe he could not do anything to Lu Baiming.

As long as there was a breach in the sword formation, unravelling it would not be too difficult, and he wanted to take the 108 flags for himself.

With Ming Gu’s eyes, he naturally could see that the materials of the 108 flags were unusual, and each flag itself was invaluable.

If he could take those form himself, and then refine it again, he would be able to use it and they were enough to increase his strength.

On the head of the Primordial Demonic Serpent, Lu Baiming was still calm as ever, as if he was a complete bystander.

The two broken saint swords had completely disintegrate, and transformed into two saint lights, as they merged into the adjacent saint swords.

At the same time, the other saint swords also fused with one another.

In a blink of an eye, the number of saint swords in the formation halved again, leaving only 27 swords.

The twenty-seven saint swords shrank dramatically, and each became only a hundred feet long.

Correspondingly, the saint sword became more and more corporeal as countless of precepts of heaven and earth were contained inside the swords.

Seeing this, Ming Gu’s expression could not help but change slightly. “So it could fuse again. Are these swords going to fuse into one in the end?”

He could feel that every time the saint sword merged, although their numbers were greatly reduced, but the power of the formation was constantly increasing and it was already able to shake the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation.

The most frightening thing was, the sword formation seemed to be isolating the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation, cutting off all sources of power, causing the formation to collapse upon itself.

“Cannot go on like this!”

Ming Gu’s gaze sharpened as he stretched his hand out to lightly press the altar under him.

A large amount of evil death Qi was released from the altar, among them was a large number of dead spirits.

All of the dead spirits had no fixed form, all of them were all black shadows, exuding a strange and terrifying aura.

The next moment, the dead spirits gathered, and transformed into a menacing God of Death standing several hundred feet tall.

The God of Death was formed by a formation, and was very different from the God of Death formed from the Will of Death.

In order to refine this altar, and to form this formation array, Ming Gu had slaughtered many Celestial Court cultivators on the Battlefield of Merit, extracting their saint souls, and refining them into special dead spirits, storing them inside the altar.

There were originally hundreds of thousands of dead spirits in the altar. After cannibilizing one another, there were only nine-hundred and ninety-nine left. Each of them was very powerful, comparable to a Nine-step Saint King.

Ninety-nine dead spirits, under the control of the formation, took the form of a God of Death and its power was multiplied. It was now more powerful than the Four Guardian Beasts conjured from the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation.

Under Ming Gu’s control, the God of Death flew out from the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation.


The God of Death swung its death scythe and actually cut through the formation formed by the twenty-seven saint swords.

The main reason was the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation had been holding the sword formation back, causing it to not have enough power to fight against the God of Death.

The God of Death rose in to the sy, waving its scythe as it charged at Lu Baiming.

Lu Baiming was indifferent, and calmly stretched his hand out, and tapped the air before him.

A series of formation sigils appeared one after another, as a total of twenty-four were layered upon one another.

Each of the formation sigils were itself a high-level formation array, with the twenty-four formation sigils layering over on another, it was a twenty-four linked formation.


The death scythe smashed the formations into pieces, and was seemingly unstoppable.

However, it was unable to break all of the formation sigils, and after its strength was exhausted, the remaining seven formation sigils fell upon it.

The God of Death was repeatedly pushed back as the evil death Qi outside its body was unstable and its form almost broken.

Lu Baiming stretched his hand out agian, and a massive formation sigil appeared, from which a Primordial Bull rushed out, and charged straight towards the God of Death.

The Primordial Bull unleashed its terrifying brute force, seemingly being able to shatter a Primordial Divine Mountain with its charge.


Half of the God of Death’s body shattered, and transformed into hundreds of dead spirits.

Just as these dead spirits was about to regroup, Lu Baiming deployed a very ancient formation array.

A large amount of spiritual power emerged from the center of Lu Baiming’s brow, and was infused into the formation.

Suddenly, the formation came back to life as a series of arcane formation patterns emerged, culminating in a series of thunder that struck at the God of Death.

The colors of the thunders from the formation were different, and all five elements were included within them. They were the Five-Element Thunders.

The five elements reinforced and counteract one another, and the Five-Element Thunders unleashed had an arcane connection with one another, their power devastating.


Dozens of consecutive strikes struck the God of Death, and the God of Death’s body instantly exploded.

Not only that, the dead spirits that formed the God of Death were restrained by the Five-Element Thunder, and in an instant, dozens of the dead spirits were destroyed by the thunder.


Ming Gu was anxious, an desperately activated the altar to recall the remaining dead spirits.

He had expended a lot of effort to cultivate these dead spirits, and the destruction of even one caused him pain.

Naturally, Lu Baiming would not allow Ming Gu to recall the dead spirits that easily as he roused the formation array with all his might, causing more and more Five-Element Thunder to strike out, destroying the dead spirits one by one.

In the end, Ming Gu had only managed to recall half of the dead spirits, with many of them damaged by the Five-Element Thunder.

“Lu Baiming!”

A fierce look appeared in Ming Gu’s eyes as he gritted his teeth at Lu Baiming with extreme hatred.

If he had known that Lu Baiming had such a terrifying formation that could counter the dead spirits, he would not have used the God of Death formation.

He could only blame Lu Baiming had hid his trump cards too well. After all, no one had seen him use this Five-Element Formation Array before.

“Senior Brother Lu’s skills in formation is really terrifying.” A hint of surprise appeared in Zhang Ruochen’s eyes.

He had fought against Mister Godcliff, and had seen the formations the latter had deployed before. He had thought them to be terrifying back then, but compared with Lu Baiming, Mister Godcliff was undoubtedly inferior.

Now he somewhat believed what Ji Fanxin had said, perhaps Lu Baiming really had the hope to be promoted to an Arch Array Master before becoming a Spiritual Power Supreme Saint.

At this moment, the formation covering Xianji Mountain had changed once again, going from twenty-seven swords to fourteen, and then from fourteen to seven swords as their strength increased exponentially.

At this moment, the seven saint swords no longer continued to merge, and had seemed to reach their limit.

Anyone could see that the seven saint swords were brimming with power, and if they continued to merge, it was likely they would self-destruct due to their powers going out of control.

Lu Baiming did not try to force them, and instead, controlled the swords with his spiritual power, arranging them into a bizarre formation before slashing them down in a deadly stroke, unleashing a devastating blow.

The seven sword light combined into one, ranging thousands of feet long, and from afar, it looked like a beautiful rainbow hanging in the sky.


The Four Guardian Heaven Lock Formation was instantly crushed as the four Divine Beasts were annihilated and many of the formation inscriptions on the mountains were wiped out in an instant.

A major earthquake shook the entire Xianji Mountain, causing many peaks to collapse, as a massive ravine appeared on the ground, reaching a depth of hundreds of feet.

“Damn you.”

Ming Gu was furious, with fires almost erupting from his eyes.

Everything had happened so quickly that he had no time to stop Lu Baiming from breaking through the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation.

Now even the formation base of the formation array had been damaged, it was impossible to repair it in a short period of time.

“The Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation had been broken, it’s now your turn to strike.”

Lu Baiming turned around and said to the Celestial Court cultivators on the dozens of warships.


Without any hesitation, dozens of warships rushed into Xianji Mountain.

Each of their targets had already been decided beforehand.

As soon as they rushed into Xianji Mountain, the dozens of warships immediately split apart. Four ships were formed into a team for a total of eight teams as each times struck at a barracks.

This was the second line of defense within Xianji Mountain. Only by destroying them could they approach the Altar of Death.

It was because of the eight barracks that the sword light had only caused damage to Xianji Mountain’s periphery, but the central area of the mountain was not affected.

“You dare step foot in Xianji Mountain. All of you will die!” Ming Gu roared.

A powerful spiritual power was unleashed, activating many of the formation patterns that had been engraved onto the ground in advance, wanting to destroy a portion of the warships.

Lu Baiming blasted out the Five-Element formation array, activating the arcane formations contained within it, and actually suppressed the formations Ming Gu had deployed, causing them to fail to function.

“Ming Gu, your opponent is me.” Lu Baiming said faintly.

A cold light appeared in Ming Gu’s eyes, saying. “Lu Baiming, don’t ever think I’ll ever be afraid of you. While you may have broken the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation, that does not mean you have defeated me. I will fight you properly after this, and lets see who is the strongest Array Master.”

Before, he was thinking of relying on Xianji Sect’s Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation so that he could save a little effort.

But since the Four-Guardian Heaven Lock Formation was unreliable, then he had to rely on his own ability, and he did not believe that he was unable to beat Lu Baiming with that.

Ever since he started cultivating, he had never been defeated by anyone on the matters of formation arrays.

Not in the past, and not now.

Lu Baiming smiled faintly, saying. “Then use all of your skills, don’t disappoint me.”

“You won’t.” A powerful murderous intent exuded from Ming Gu.

Now, he no longer thought of anything else, neither did he cared if Xianji Mountain could withstand it or not. The only thing he wanted to do now was to defeat Lu Baiming with his formation array, and let everyone know that he was the strongest Array Master beneath a Supreme Saint.

In this battle, only victory was permitted, or else Lu Baiming will forever become a thorn in his heart that will never go away.

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