God Emperor

Chapter 1945 - The Low-key Feng Yan

Chapter 1945: The Low-key Feng Yan

“The Scion of Time and Space, Zhang Ruochen, it was you who had sneaked into Xianji Mountain earlier. His Highness has ordered to take you back alive. I advise you to not make unnecessary resistance.”

Commander He Yun took two steps forward, his eyes locked on Zhang Ruochen.

For him, the order given by Yuanmo Shenzi took priority.

The others could be killed, but Zhang Ruochen must be taken alive.

Zhang Ruochen indifferently said, “You want to take me in alive? Then you should ask that Yuanmo Shenzi to do it himself because it is beyond your capabilities.”

“Insolent. Since you do not want to surrender, then I can only break you.”

Commander He Yun shuddered, unleashing an extremely powerful aura that smashed at Zhang Ruochen.

His figure flashed, Zhang Ruochen appeared before Xiang Chunan, and completely blocked the qi unleashed by Commander He Yun.

“Chunan, you go deal with the others. Leave him to me.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Xiang Chunan nodded. “Big Brother, teach this b*stard a lesson so hard that his own mother cannot recognize him!”

Having said that, he immediately darted off, and moved away from Zhang Ruochen.

With his current strength, he was indeed no match for a Path’s Anterior elite, so there was no need to look for trouble there.

At this moment, Ji Fanxin, Feng Yan and Pei Yutian all had flown out of the battlefield, ready to fight with the Deathkin.

Tu Di, Tu Ren, and the eight other Precept Dominion elites in this team also flew out of the warship. The battle had already begun, so naturally they could not just stand by and watch.

It’s just that the numbers on their side could not be compared to their opposition, with only a quarter of the foe’s manpower.

Plus, facing them were Path’s Anterior elites, and also four Heaven’s Reach elites, but on their side, only the three Tu brothers had reached the Heaven’s Reach realm.

At this moment, the three Tu brothers all had grim expressions. Together, the three of them could match Path’s Anterior-realm elites, but after sensing the terrifying aura exuding from Commander He Yun, they had no confidence to fight against him.

“Commander, hold Commander He Yun back for a moment. Once we are done dealing with the Deathkins, we will come to help you.” Tu Tian spoke to Zhang Ruochen through spiritual power.

Aside from Commander He Yun, he did not treat the other Deathkin elites with much regard at all.

As long as the three brothers worked together, beneath the Path’s Anterior realm, they were invincible.

Immediately, the three Tu brothers connected their aura together, and unleashed the God King Fist together as they brazenly attacked the Death Knight that Zhang Ruochen had sent flying earlier.

Another Heaven’s Reach Death Knight acted, and joined that Death Knight as they swung their Death Scythes together, perfectly combining their strengths as they slashed out a black scythe gleam hundreds of meters long. Like a dimensional rift, it threatened to swallow everything within it.

The black scythe was extremely sharp, and there was nothing it could not destroy.

“All life shall perish.”

The two Heaven’s Reach-realm Death Knights let out a low growl at the same time, their eyes cold and merciless.


The God King Phantom created by the three Tu brothers were ripped apart by the black scythe’s gleam.

At the same time, the black scythe gleam too was crushed of the God King’s Fist, and quickly dissipating away.


The three Tu brothers all had expressions of disbelief.

They were unable to gain any advantage at all during the first exchange, and only fought on even footing.

What was most unacceptable to them was that the attack by the three brothers only needed two Death Knights to block.

Does this not mean if they were to fight one-on-one they were no match for the Death Knights at all?

Not giving them any more time to think, the two Heaven’s Reach Death Knights attacked again, using another more intricate combination attack.

The Death Knights were very adept at combination attacks, and even dozens of Death Knights could cooperate perfectly, and the power unleashed was far more terrifying than the Rakshasha’s battle formations.

The two Heaven’s Reach Death Knights’s attack was extremely violent, and pushed the three Tu brothers so hard that they could only defend, and could not take the offensive.

The three Tu brothers could never have imagined that they would be put on the backfoot by a combination attack.


The six other Precept Dominion Death Knights also made their move as a chilly death aura exuded from their bodies, like a God of Death descending upon the world, preparing to harvest the lives of the Celestial Court Precept Dominion elites.

Seeing the six Precept Dominion Death Knights charging over, all eight of the Precept Dominion elites of the Celestial Court all shuddered. It was not like they had not fought against Precept Dominion-realm Deathkin elites, but those Precept Dominion elites were nowhere comparable to these Death Knights.

Before they even fought, the eight Precept Dominion elites from the Celestial Court already had thoughts of retreating.

“Lord Xiang is here to play with you lot.”

Xiang Chunan roared, and like a primordial savage bull, charged at the six Precept Dominion Death Knights.

Seeing this, the six Death Knights dared not be careless, and immediately changed their attack target.

They had just witnessed Xiang Chunan killing a Precept Dominion elite with just two punches. This black fool was outrageously strong, and they must not treat him with contempt just because he had not yet culminated his Precept Dominion.

“Demonic Mountain Dominion!”

Xiang Chunan roared violently as hundreds of thousands of fist precepts appeared as a massive surge of demonic Qi converged.

The demonic Qi surged and fused with the precepts of fists, forming hundreds of majestic demonic mountains as they connected with one another, unleashing a domineering demonic aura.

The six Death Knights struck out at the same time, each releashing a dark light that then fused together.

“The Reaper’s Light!”

This was a skill unique to the Fane of Death, and only the Death Knights could learn them, its power devastating.


The Demonic Mountain burst into pieces, and transformed into roiling demonic Qi.


The Metal Demonic Crown blasted out demonic Qi and suddenly became massive, as it crushed at the six Death Knights.

“Death’s Redemption!”

A powerful surge of evil death Qi emerged from the six Death Knights, forming into a Image of Death.

The Image of Death coiled its hands around the six Death Knights, protecting them tightly within its embrace.


The Metal Demonic Crown unleashed a terrifying Supreme Power, and although it managed to beat the Image of Death until it faded a little, it failed to destroy it.

“Third Brother, Second Brother is here to help you.”

Feng Yan appeared next to Xiang Chunan, forming an mystical seal as he blasted it out.

“Fengshen’s Stratagems.”

With gusts of breeze blowing, a Divine Shadow appeared behind Feng Yan’s back, faintly exuding divine aura.

The Divine Shadow reached out and pushed forward as a strong gale appeared, transforming into a divine tiger, pouncing at the Image of Death.


The Image of Death was literally torn apart, and was reduced to fragments.

It was at this moment, a massive surge of Will of Death gushed out of the bodies of the six Death Knights as they fused together and forming a massive Shadow of Death.

This was a conjuration of the Will of Death, and was completely different from the Image of Death created by the Fane of Death’s secret arts.

The six Death Knight’s have all cultivated their Will of Death to a very supremely high level.

The Shadow of Death raised its hand, and a black stallion suddenly flew over from the horizon. It was extremely fast as it charged at Feng Yan and Xiang Chunan like a comet.

“Eye of the Wind God, shatter!”

Feng Yan yelled, as the eye on the Divine Shadow’s forehead ripped open, revealing an vertical eye.


A dazzling divine light shot out from the vertical eye, and collided with the black stallion charging from the horizon.

The black stallion was extremely powerful, but it was still blocked by the divine light and was quickly annihilated.

“Howl of the Wind God!”

Feng Yan wore a solemn expression as he continuously infused his own divine power into the Divine Shadow, and even roused the Precepts of Truth in his body.


The Divine Shadow leaned forward, and let out a terrifying roar.

An endless whistling gale shrouded the Shadow of Death.

The bracelet on the Shadow of Death’s hand flew out, and the five corporeal beads bloomed in dark light as arcane patterns appeared on each beads. They then formed a powerful barrier to block out the wind.

However, the howling gale did not weaken at all, and instead grew stronger as it merged together and transformed into countless menacing dragons and tigers as they attacked the barrier.


The barrier was unable to withstand the howling gale’s assault and soon unravelled.

The Shadow of Death was instantly ripped apart by the howling gale, and the six Death Knights all used their secret life-saving technique to break free. They managed to escape the slaughter and avoided being killed by the gale.

However, they were still badly hurt, their armor rend by the gale, and they have wounds all over their body as blood flowed freely.

At this moment, a look of shock appeared in the eyes of the six Death Kings. They never expected to not be a match for Feng Yan even when the six of them worked together. Was Feng Yan’s cultivation level really just Greater Precept-World?

In one of the warships that had not joined the battle, Zhen Yuan and Xuanyuan Liekong stood side by side, and their eyes were set at Feng Yan’s position.

“I never expected Feng Yan had cultivated the Nüwa Scripture to such a level. Even Feng Wuxing could not compare, right?” Xuanxuan Liekong said with a surprised look.

Zhen Yuan smiled and said. “Although Feng Yan is not a Shenzi, but his potential is definitely no weaker than one. In particular, he inherited Fengshen’s three heads and six arms, and was beloved by Fengshen. Fengshen even personally guided his cultivation, and even used his own divine blood to cleanse his bones and body.

“Back then, Feng Yan’s strength was not all that strong, it was simply because he had yet to successfully cultivated the Nüwa Scripture. How can the paramount talent of the Feng clan be a mediocre person?”

Fengshen, the ancestor of the Feng clan, was a character that was equal to Yueshen. According to the legends, he was a descendent of the the Nüxi Clan of the legendary ancient goddess, Empress Wa, and had received a true inheritance.

As a clan descending from the gods, the Feng clan’s position in one of the four dominant worlds, the Great Pangu Realm, and the Fane of Truth is extremely powerful.

And the Nüwa Scripture was the peerless scripture created by Empress Wa. Even if it was a cultivation exercise, it also have secret techiques and skils in it, and was one of the techniques on the Taiyi Divine Techniques Ranking.

The Nüwa Scripture was extremely difficult to cultivate, and only a few people would have the potential to cultivate it in every generation of the Feng clan. Those who could successfully cultivate it was even lesser.

“In this way, once Feng Yan has fully developed, surpassing his sister Feng Xi is not impossible. The Feng clan is really lucky to have two peerless geniuses in the same generation.” Xuanyuan Liekong said.

Zhen Yuan only just smiled and did not say anything more.

In any case, he personally looked highly upon Feng Yan, and believed that in the near future, the three heads and six arms of the Feng clan will surely have his name spread across the realms.

“Second Brother, awesome! If I knew you’re that strong I’d let you go first instead of putting in so much effort.” Xiang Chunan could not help but to give Feng Yan a thumbs up.

Although he and Feng Yan were sworn brothers, but he barely seen Feng Yan in action, and did not know how strong Feng Yan was, and could only blame Feng Yan for being too low-key.

Now he could see it clearly. Feng Yan was very strong, ridiculously strong in fact.

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