God Emperor

Chapter 2134 - The Evil Weapon of the Ancient Times

Chapter 2134: The Evil Weapon of the Ancient Times

In the misty white fog, a tall and graceful figure stood on the surface of the water. Dressed in Elemental Sacred Robe, exuding an extremely noble temperament.

It was Luo Sha, Princess of Rakshasa.

“Zhang Ruochen’s growth speed is really terrifying. He has already become a powerhouse of the first level below the Supreme Saint. In time, he might really be comparable to Yan Wushen. He’s worthy of being the one for me,” Luo Sha said softly with joy in her eyes.

But then, Luo Sha frowned slightly and said. “Great Prince Mara has teamed up with the Nether Clan. He even acted as bait to lure Zhang Ruochen out. Isn’t he afraid of getting into trouble?”

Although Luo Sha’s status was very noble, her strength hadn’t reached the top level yet, so she couldn’t interfere with Great Prince Mara’s affair.

Especially, Great Prince Mara had just made a great contribution by taking the last remaining Saint Ancient Tea Tree. Many Gods of Rakshasa had personally rewarded him, his reputation had reached its zenith, and no one could restrain him.

However, this time, both Nether Demon and Nether Buddha had attacked together. No matter how strong Zhang Ruochen was, he won’t be able to free his hands and deal with Great Prince Mara.

On the ground, Zhang Ruochen and Nether Demon fought fiercely. They caused the land within thousands of miles to sink.

Nether Demon attacked fiercely. Like a storm, he used many terrifying curses and dark techniques.

On the other hand, Zhang Ruochen seemed to have taken root. He stood still and didn’t move at all. He casually used all sorts of mysterious dimensional techniques to perfectly neutralize the attacks. At the same time, he also attacked actively.

Anyone could see that Zhang Ruochen seemed relaxed. It didn’t seem like he was fighting to the death. It was more like an ordinary sparring match.

Zhang Ruochen’s strength isn’t just slightly stronger than Son of Darkness. Is there a mistake in the intelligence, or did he make another big breakthrough in such a short time? The more Nether Demon fought, the more frightened he became.

According to the intelligence he received, Zhang Ruochen had defeated Son of Darkness with great difficulty. Their strengths shouldn’t be too far apart.

Because of this, Nether Demon was more than 80% confident that he could defeat Zhang Ruochen and save the reputation of the Nether Clan.

However, the current situation was beyond what Nether Demon expected.

A flower petal the size of a fingernail suddenly appeared beside Nether Demon.

Before Nether Demon could react, the flower petal transformed. Many Precepts of Dimension appeared on its surface. In an instant, it turned into a dimensional cage and enveloped the Nether Demon.

Then eight more petals appeared. In the same way, they formed an eight-layered dimensional cage.

Nether Demon’s expressions in his eyes changed. He didn’t expect Zhang Ruochen to be able to hide from his senses by carrying hundreds of thousands of Precepts of Dimension on a single petal.

In the nine-layered dimensional cage, Nether Demon’s ability to move was obviously restricted. Even the circulation of Saint Qi in his body slowed down.

“Do you think a mere dimensional cage can trap me? I can easily break through even the ninety-layered, let alone the nine-layered,” Nether Demon said coldly.

As he spoke, Nether Demon attacked. Boundless dark techniques and the Power of Curse surged out of his body crazily, wanting to erode everything.

No one noticed that Zhang Ruochen had condensed a silver light with his powerful dimensional power.


The silver light suddenly cut out and locked onto Great Prince Mara’s qi.


The space was cut open by the silver light. A huge crack appeared, revealing a deep-layered void.

Great Prince Mara’s pupils constricted. He turned into a scarlet hurricane and retreated quickly.

“Damn that Zhang Ruochen. He can actually spare himself to deal with me while fighting with Nether Demon.”

In a hurry, Great Prince Mara crossed his hands. A bright light dot appeared between his palms.

If one looked carefully, one would find that the light dot seemed to contain thousands of Saint Shadows.

He pushed out his palms. The light dot turned into an army of Saint Shadows and collided with the spatial crack. The space between Zhang Ruochen and Great Prince Mara became distorted.


Although the spatial crack was closed, the silver light pierced through the army of Saint Shadows and rushed to the front of Great Prince Mara.

‘How could this be?’

There was no time to use any means and no way to avoid it. Great Prince Mara had to release the power of evil and inject it into his armor, hoping to resist this attack.


The silver light was invincible. It broke through the high-grade ten-thousand-pattern armor Great Prince Mara was wearing.

Even though Great Prince Mara had the Divine Marks carved by the Rakshasa Gods, a wound so deep that the bones can be seen appeared on his chest.

Great Prince Mara flew backward. Saint Blood gushed out from the wound and dyed a large area of water red.

How could the first-level powerhouse like Great Prince Mara be injured by Zhang Ruochen shortly after meeting up? Many cultivators of the Infernal Court were terrified by this scene.

Nether Buddha shouted, “Zhang Ruochen, don’t be impudent. Let me come and ease your passing.”

Nether Buddha could no longer stand idly by.

He could see that Nether Demon alone had no hope of killing Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation speed was too fast. If he wasn’t rid of now, it would be even more troublesome in the future. No one could really control him.

With a shake of his hand, Nether Buddha threw out the prayer beads in his hand and activated them with a powerful curse power.

Instantly, 15 prayer beads grew rapidly. The beads turned into 300 meters long skulls and surrounded Zhang Ruochen.

All the skulls were branded with complicated curse runes. They gave off an extremely evil aura. Powerful Saint Souls were trapped in each of them.

Sensing slightly, Zhang Ruochen discovered that 14 of the skulls gave off the aura of top-notch Saint Kings. The last one gave off the aura of a Neverwither Supreme Saint.

Refining the skulls of a Neverwither Supreme Saint and 14 top-notch Saint Kings into prayer beads, one had to admit that the Nether Buddha was a great cultivator.

“Zhang Ruochen, I am looking forward to refining your skulls into the 16th prayer bead.” A cruel smile appeared in the eyes of Nether Buddha.

Nether Buddha had a unique hobby. His hobby was to suppress powerful opponents and refine them into prayer beads with the secret techniques of the Nether Clan. These opponents would be tortured endlessly and never be freed.

The stronger the resentment of these opponents, the more powerful his prayer beads would become.


The 15 skulls let out a sharp roar and performed different saint techniques at the same time.

Each saint technique was extremely powerful. The weakest was an intermediate saint technique of the exquisite level, and it contained three high-level saint techniques. The high-level saint techniques performed by the Supreme Saint skulls were the most terrifying.

Out of a sudden, the heavenly and earthly precepts and the Saint Qi of heaven and earth within a radius of thousands of miles were activated. The wind and clouds surged, and the color of heaven and earth changed.

Zhang Ruochen maintaining his calm and his hands formed a strange dimensional seal at the speed of light.

“Dimensional Tide.”

A soft voice came out of Zhang Ruochen’s mouth.

Instantly, the incomparably vast power of dimension surged out of Zhang Ruochen’s body. It turned into a surging tide and swept out in all directions.


No matter what kind of saint technique it was, it was immediately submerged after coming into contact with the Dimensional Tide. It was like a clay ox entering the sea, unable to set off any waves.

The 15 huge skulls were all sent flying by the power of the Dimensional Tide.


Some skulls let out cracking sounds and were almost destroyed.

‘How can he be so strong?’ Nether Buddha was shocked.

He already had Zhang Ruochen in the eye, so when he attacked, he took out a string of skull prayer beads that he had spent a lot of effort and blood sacrifice to refine. He didn’t expect it to be destroyed so easily.

Under the influence of the Dimensional Tide, Luoshui raised huge waves thousands of feet high, as if some giant beast was about to come into being.

At this time, Nether Demon finally broke out of the dimensional prison and looked at Nether Buddha.


Both Nether Demon and Nether Buddha moved at the same time and attacked Zhang Ruochen together.

They had already seen how powerful Zhang Ruochen was. Only by joining hands could they hope to suppress him.

Zhang Ruochen waved his sleeve, and the Azure Dragon immediately flew out. It was dozens of miles long, and its body gave off boundless dragon power. A sacred aura spread out.

“Kill him.”

Zhang Ruochen pointed at Great Prince Mara and ordered coldly.

He was waiting for Nether Buddha and Nether Demon to work together. Only then would he let the Azure Dragon deal with the Nether Buddha.

After refining the Dragonvine, the Azure Dragon’s strength had greatly increased. Just the range of the precepts of heaven and earth and the Saint Qi of heaven and earth was close to the first level below the Supreme Saint.

If Great Prince Mara hadn’t been injured, the Azure Dragon wouldn’t have been his match.

But now, the Azure Dragon could at least tie him down and make it impossible for him to escape.

“Yes, Master.”

The Azure Dragon answered immediately.

Seeing Nether Buddha and Nether Demon working together, Great Prince Mara had just breathed a sigh of relief. He hadn’t expected Zhang Ruochen to release a powerful Azure Dragon in the blink of an eye.

Just the aura of the Azure Dragon made Great Prince Mara feel a great threat.

‘Isn’t this the Azure Dragon that Zhou Yu captured in the Hidden Barrens? Zhang Ruochen actually subdued it and became so powerful.’

Many cultivators watching the battle couldn’t help but look surprised.

It was known that Zhou Yu had dragged the Azure Dragon to the Sect of the Blood God.

The Azure Dragon wasn’t weak then, but it was only at the second level below the Supreme Saint realm. It wasn’t as strong as it was now. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been suppressed by Zhou Yu.

Fairy Tianchu was surprised and said, “The Azure Dragon’s Divine Dragon bloodline has been fully activated. It’s about time to turn into a True Dragon. This should be the effects of the Dragonform Grass.”

“Your Highness, you mean that Zhang Ruochen obtained a Dragonform Grass on True Dragon Island?” The fool said in surprise.

Fairy Tianchu nodded. “That should be the case. Otherwise, a primordial being such as the Azure Dragon, wouldn’t be submitted to Zhang Ruochen willingly.”

The Dragon Clan had always been arrogant. Let alone the primordial being, even ordinary dragons were often unruly and difficult to tame.


The Azure Dragon roared and pounced toward Great Prince Mara.

This was the first thing Zhang Ruochen had ordered it to kill. It could feel Zhang Ruochen’s killing intent toward Great Prince Mara and mustn’t make any mistakes.

“Damn it.”

Great Prince Mara was angry and anxious.

Seeing the Azure Dragon pounce, Great Prince Mara had no choice but to take out a demonic saber at the level of a regal weapon to block it.


The Azure Dragon’s claws clashed with the demonic blade, and the terrifying force caused a large area of water to sink.

With this as the center, waves tens of thousands of feet high rose up and slapped out in all directions.


The cultivators watching the battle on the surface of the water immediately retreated.

Even a Nine-Step Saint King might not be able to block such a collision.

Fairy Tianchu didn’t make a move. The golden fog beneath her feet shook and released a mysterious power, instantly dissipating the waves.

In the area covered by the white fog, Luo Sha frowned deeply. Zhang Ruochen’s release of the Azure Dragon was also out of her expectations.

There was no doubt that Great Prince Mara was in big trouble. If he wasn’t careful, he would die in Luoshui.

“Of all the people to messed with, they chose to mess with Zhang Ruochen” Luo Sha was hiding her anger.

After all, Great Prince Mara was a top-notch cultivator below the Supreme Saint of the Rakshasa. If he died here, it would undoubtedly be a great loss to the Rakshasa.

In particular, Great Prince Mara had just made a great contribution. If he was killed at this time, it would also damage the dignity of the Rakshasa.

Unfortunately, Luo Sha couldn’t interfere. She had many tricks and was resourceful, but she wasn’t a match for the Azure Dragon.

On the other side, Zhang Ruochen had already engaged in a fierce battle with Nether Demon and Nether Buddha. He wasn’t at a disadvantage even if he fought against two of them alone. He even seemed to be at ease.

Zhang Ruochen kept using all sorts of exquisite dimensional techniques. Nether Demon and Nether Buddha didn’t even have a chance to get close.

Suddenly, Nether Demon’s glabella lit up. A dark brown furnace flew out, giving off an ancient and evil aura.

Both Nether Demon and Nether Buddha attacked together, pouring their Curse powers into the furnace without holding back.

Suddenly, the surface of the furnace gave off a demonic bloody glow, and a strange fluctuation appeared as if a special life form was recovering.

All of a sudden, the sky of Luoshui darkened. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as if doomsday was coming.

Zhang Ruochen looked at the furnace and whispered, “What an evil aura. It’s very similar to the Hadean Curse summoned by Son of Darkness.”

In fact, the evil aura emitted by the ancient furnace was much more terrifying than the Hadean Curse summoned by Son of Darkness.

“Zhang Ruochen, let me show you what the real Hadean Curse is,” Nether Demon sneered.


The dark brown ancient furnace was opened. It was dark and deep as if it contained a world.

A vast divine force was released and suppressed the space within thousands of miles.

Then, countless curse runes flew out of the ancient furnace and quickly merged into the air. They became invisible and spread in all directions at a shocking speed.

Wherever the Power of Curse passed by, everything turned deathly gray and gave off a strange and ominous aura.

“Not good, it’s the Hadean Furnace. Nether Demon and Nether Buddha actually brought this evil artifact left behind from the ancient era to Kunlun Realm. Once, a Supreme Saint of the Nether Clan used the Hadean Furnace and wiped out all living beings in a great world. All life force was exterminated. This evil weapon is too terrifying. We must retreat quickly.”

Some cultivators recognized the ancient furnace and couldn’t help but reveal a shocked expression.

Hearing this, no one dared to hesitate. They all desperately fled into the depths of Luoshui.

There were countless folded spaces in Luoshui. Only by escaping into it could one avoid being eroded by the Hadean Curse.

Luo Sha’s expression also changed drastically. He cursed inwardly, “Nether Demon and Nether Buddha are two lunatics. They even dare to get their hands on the Hadean Furnace. Aren’t they afraid of getting into trouble?”

Like the others, Luo Sha did not hesitate and used a dimensional technique to escape into the depths of Luoshui at the fastest speed. Even she had to stay far away.

As the Master of Space, she was not worried at all that she would get lost in the folded space.

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