God Emperor

Chapter 2139 - Comprehending Sword Technique at Luoshui

Chapter 2139: Comprehending Sword Technique at Luoshui

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Although Fairy Tianchu’s training manor was inside the Nine Carols Star, it was like a fairyland. The manor was spacious and built using rare cultivation resources. There stood a sacred mountain full of exotic flowers and ancient trees. It was filled with dense light and abundant Saint Qi of heaven and earth.

Zhang Ruochen sat cross-legged at the bottom of the sacred mountain. A rainbow-colored stream flowed past him, making the sound of flowing water.

Seven days later.

With the help of the Heaven Grade Sacred Pill and the Spring of Life, Zhang Ruochen’s injuries had mostly recovered.


“Yan Wushen’s Yama Naraka is really powerful. My Five-element Chaotic Body has almost reached the limit of a Supreme Saint, but it still can’t withstand it. If it was an ordinary Neverwither Supreme Saint, he would have already destroyed his immortal saint body.”

Fortunately, with the Spring of Life, my body could recover completely. Otherwise, I would have to re-condense the Five-element Divine Object and start from scratch. All my previous efforts would have been in vain.

Zhang Ruochen’s body was as smooth as white jade, and his insides shone with brilliant divine light.

It was the Sacred Seven-star Lingzhi’s Sun Leaf. It had turned into a divine sun and used his body as a lamp, continued to light up his body. While recovering his injuries, it also strengthened his non-immortalize brain and organs, even the Precept became thicker and more condensed under the light of the divine sun.

The benefits of divine medicine were endless.

Although the battle with Yan Wushen had severely injured Zhang Ruochen and almost shattered his internal organs, it was a blessing in disguise.

Zhang Ruochen vaguely sensed that traces of immortal light appeared in his internal organs. After he recovered, he was actually in a half-immortal state.

In this case, Zhang Ruochen naturally wouldn’t let go of this good opportunity. He took out a Heaven Grade Sacred Pill that could help him cultivate the immortal saint body and swallowed it.

He delivered the medicinal power of the pill to his six internal organs and refined it repeatedly.

Heaven Grade Sacred Pills were rare for other Saint Kings. Each one was like a priceless treasure. But to Zhang Ruochen, they were just like candy.

It was such a luxury.

Another three days passed. Six of his internal organs were completely immortalized. Zhang Ruochen’s strength had improved again.

Now, only Zhang Ruochen’s five other internal organs—heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys—and his brain weren’t immortalized yet.

If he could improve and cultivate his five internal organs to immortalized, he wouldn’t be as badly injured as this time when he met Yan Wushen again.

‘I should have been more seriously injured than Yan Wushen in this battle. Moreover, I had to use the Sundial to severely injure him.

‘After Yan Wushen left, he will definitely look for the sacred artifact that can restrain the Sundial. Once he finds it, he will definitely come to the Eastern Region to fight with me again, hoping to defeat me or even kill me.’

Zhang Ruochen felt a sense of crisis in his heart.

With Yan Wushen’s identity and the reasons to kill Zhang Ruochen, he could even borrow a half-divine artifact from the god of Infernal Court. Let alone a Regal Artifact or a Supreme Artifact.

If Zhang Ruochen lost the advantage of the Sundial, how could he defeat Yan Wushen?

Zhang Ruochen analyzed secretly and thought of a way to deal with it.

‘When Yan Wushen fought with me, he didn’t use various sacred artifacts. Instead, he used his own power.

‘His attainments in the Path of Dimension were much better than mine. Not only did he cultivate more Precepts of Dimension, but his understanding of space and the dimensional saint technique he cultivated were both profound and mysterious.

‘To break his Thousand Yama Shadows, is there any other way apart from using the Yanshen’s leg? It consumes too much Saint Qi.

‘Yan Wushen’s most powerful move, Yama Naraka, could be based on the Path of Dimension and the Path of Origin. It could be combined with other Paths to draw upon the Precepts of heaven and earth and the Saint Qi of heaven and earth. It’s a comprehensive technique.’

Zhang Ruochen let out a deep sigh. He had to admit that Yan Wushen was indeed amazing.

Neither the Thousand Yama Shadows nor Yama Naraka should be a technique that a Saint King could successfully cultivate. But he did it.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t fear Yan Wushen because of this. Instead, he was filled with a fighting spirit. Only when Yan Wushen was strong enough could he motivate him to become stronger.

As he recalled the battle with Nether Demon, Nether Buddha, and Yan Wushen, Zhang Ruochen’s heart suddenly throbbed.

Like a flash of inspiration, he seemed to have caught the most profound mystery in the world.

Out of thin air, the Ancient Abyssal Blade flew out and stuck in front of him. With the sword body as the center, circles of mystical circuits emerged and gradually spread out.

Soon, the entire training ground was covered by the circuits.



Illusory sword shadows rose around the Ancient Abyssal Blade. Thousands and thousands of them reaching infinite, covering every corner of the training manor.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen’s inner world was also completely covered by sword shadows.

Just now, Zhang Ruochen sensed that when he used Sword Ten in the battle with Nether Demon and Nether Buddha, its sword comprehension was not complete. He felt like he had not perfected it yet.

It was like playing the zither. When he reached the last string, he realized that the zither music should not be broken here. He could continue playing and form a more beautiful tune. It would become a true sound of nature.

‘Impossible. Sword Ten is only at the fifth realm. I have cultivated it to perfection.’

Zhang Ruochen found it hard to understand, so he began to comprehend Sword Ten again. At the same time, he tried his best to find the mystical feeling that he felt connected to.

Although he sat cross-legged next to the stream, meditating.

However, a human figure that looked exactly like Zhang Ruochen appeared. The figure pulled out an illusory sword stuck in the ground and begun to cultivate Sword Ten.

Then, a second human figure appeared. He also pulled out a virtual sword and cultivating Sword Ten.

A third human figure appeared.

These human figures were Zhang Ruochen’s Sword Path consciousness.

Soon, thousands of Zhang Ruochen’s phantom appeared in the entire training manor. They all held an illusory sword and cultivating Sword Ten repeatedly, performing various sword moves.

Sword Ten represented the “Ten Directions,” which were: heaven, earth, east, south, west, north, life, death, past, and future.

Zhang Ruochen’s Sword Path consciousness was cultivated for an unknown amount of time. Finally, he had a glimmer of understanding.

‘Heaven, earth, east, south, west, and north. These six directions correspond to space.

‘If I integrate the Path of Dimension into Sword Ten, will I create the sixth realm of Sword Ten?’

The fifth realm of Sword Ten was actually comprehended by the predecessors from the Wordless Sword Manual. Different people would naturally comprehend different versions of Sword Ten.

However, the predecessors might not have comprehended Sword Ten to the maximum.

Even the Wordless Sword Manual might not represent the maximum.

Zhang Ruochen wished to surpass the predecessors of Kunlun Realm, and even the genius who wrote the Wordless Sword Manual. Only in this way could he have a chance to become a true ruler forever and break the existing order and precepts of the world.

This was unprecedented enlightenment!

However, these were not new to Zhang Ruochen. Since he had created the “Realm of Sword”, which was a combination of Path of Dimension and Sword Path.

The sixth realm of Sword Ten might be the higher form of the Realm of Sword. The two complemented each other.

While Zhang Ruochen was trying his best to comprehend the sword, Moyin and the Azure Dragon were sitting at the top of the palace hall in the Nine Carols Star. Both of them had transformed into human forms.

Moyin had a devilish and beautiful face. She had a graceful figure and wore a purple dress, like a demon concubine or a demon empress, poses in lazing manner.

On the other hand. the Azure Dragon was tall and sturdy. He wore dragon scale armor and his arms were thicker than a bucket. He looked like a brute force giant.

The two of them were comparable to first-level powerhouses. Being able to fight against a Neverwither Supreme Saint, their auras were naturally extraordinary.

Below them stood dozens of Saint Kings of the Rakshasa, both male and female. They were bound by the dragon breath that the Azure Dragon spat out and could not move.

The Rakshasa Princess, Luo Sha, was also standing below. She was bound by Zhang Ruochen’s dimensional chains. She was staring coldly at Moyin and the Azure Dragon sitting above her.

As the most honorable Rakshasa Princess, Luo Sha had an extraordinary status. She could lead the Path army to attack a great world. Even some Supreme Saints had to give her face. When had she ever suffered such humiliation?

Great Prince Mara was even more miserable. The roots that extended from the Moyin’s feet penetrated his body. A large amount of his cultivation was devoured and absorbed. He was miserable and weak, laid on the ground, dying slowly.

Luo Sha was as beautiful as Fairy Tianchu, Fairy of a Hundred Flowers, and the others. She had a noble aura and was about 1.8 meters tall. Her figure was flawless. Every line on her body was filled with charming beauty. Her snow-white skin and slender neck, her slim waist were like a water snake, and her pair of slender jade legs that even Moyin was jealous of. It was as if the heavens had carefully polished them, and no man in the world was worthy of her.

Luo Sha said, “You’d better let go of me immediately, or an unpredictable disaster shall fall upon you.”

Moyin was very jealous of Luo Sha’s beauty. She stood up and walked over seductively. She stretched out five sharp fingernails and brushed past Luo Sha’s crystal clear face. She smiled and said, “I’m really scared. Your Highness, please don’t scare Me.”

Luo Sha’s eyes turned cold.

Moyin snorted. “Yan Wushen, Nether Demon, and Nether Buddha were all scared off by my master. How dare you still put on the airs of a Princess? Do you believe that I’ll suck all your life essence and turn you into an old ugly monster?”

Luo Sha wasn’t afraid and she sneered. “Even Zhang Ruochen doesn’t dare to be so arrogant. I didn’t expect you to be so ignorant.”

“Why you…”

Luo Sha immediately added, “Yan Wushen, Nether Demon, and Nether Buddha are indeed powerful, but they are only individuals. In a one-on-one fight, Yan Wushen is invincible except for Zhang Ruochen. But, wasn’t he chased by The Four Heavenly Kings all over Kunlun Realm? No matter how powerful Zhang Ruochen is, he would probably die if he met ten Saint King powerhouses of the first level. “It’s pretty easy for the Infernal Court to select ten powerhouses of the first level to deal with Zhang Ruochen.”

Moyin was silent for a moment and said, “Do you think there are no powerhouses in the Celestial Court? And they would allow the Infernal Court to simply do as they wish with my Master?”

Luo Sha narrowed her eyes and smiled. “Haven’t you had enough of ambushes by the cultivators from Celestial Court? There was a group of forces in the Celestial Court, who’d afraid that Kunlun Realm would rise again. Zhang Ruochen’s defeat of Yan Wushen had touched their nerves and made them completely vigilant.

“Why do you want to go against me? Why don’t you leave yourself a way out? If there’s no place for you in the Celestial Court and Kunlun Realm in the future, I’m magnanimous enough to take you in.”

The Azure Dragon said, “Don’t let her bewitched you. Leave her for now. Let’s deal with Great Prince Mara first.”

Moyin stared into Luo Sha’s eyes and snorted. She dragged her long dress and walked towards the dozens of Rakshasa Saint King captives.

They were all the subordinates of Great Prince Mara.

Moyin released a powerful Saint Aura, shocking all the Rakshasa Saint Kings, “I’d heard that the Rakshasa likes to eat meat, especially human meat. Originally, Master would never let you go, but now, he has decided to give you a chance to live.”

The dozens of Rakshasa Saint Kings knew that Celestial Court and Infernal Court were incompatible, and they were ready to die. Who would have thought that they would have a chance to live?

Hearing this, some of the Saint Kings were delighted.

Moyin said, “Great Prince Mara is an ace cultivator below the Supreme Saint. There shouldn’t be many strong cultivators as such in Rakshasa, right? If you eat his flesh, your cultivation would improve greatly and benefit immensely.”

“What? You want us to eat the Great Prince? Impossible, absolutely not possible. Why don’t you just kill us!” One of the Saint Kings who was loyal to Great Prince Mara roared.

“Alright then, as you wish.”

Moyin stretched out a hand and her fingers turned into sharp roots that pierced into the Saint King’s head.

As the Saint King screamed in pain, Moyin sucked him into a dried corpse.

The wind blew and turned the corpse into dust that scattered all over the ground.

The remaining Saint Kings was instantly frightened.

Moyin withdrew the roots and turned back into five jade fingers. She placed her snow-white index finger on her lips and gently licked it, she said, “I will let you go after you consume Great Prince Mara. If you don’t, I will be the one who eats you. Think carefully before you make the decision.”

The Rakshasa Saint Kings all stared at Great Prince Mara, their eyes turning blood red.

“How dare you! What are you trying to do?” Great Prince Mara roared as an unprecedented fear rose in his heart.

Luo Sha could not stand it any longer and said, “Isn’t this too much?”

Moyin said in a deep voice, “Too much? What you Rakshasa did have gone even further in Kunlun Realm, remember? We are giving them a taste of their own medicine. Your Highness, if you are willing to take a bite or two, I will let you go. Don’t you want to try?”

Although Luo Sha belonged to the Rakshasa, she did not cannibalize before. On the contrary, she detested the evil habit of cannibalism because humans and Rakshasa were similar in many ways.

To the Rakshasa, cannibalism felt like consuming one of their own.

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