God Emperor

Chapter 2399

Chapter 2399: Lord Hornless

The gravity of the Dark Star was immense. For those cultivators below the Supreme Saint Realm and without spiritual Qi or Saint Qi, it was a forbidden land of death.

Even a Supreme Saint’s strength and speed would be suppressed to an extremely low point on the Dark Star.

That was why Yan Wushen calculated that the “3000 steps” was a safe distance to negotiate with Lord Hornless.

The divine chains that bound the feet of Lord Hornless had long been cut off by the Pentastone Sword.

However, the divine chains on both of Lord Hornless’s hands were still there. They could only be pulled apart by afoot, which would greatly limit the power of Lord Hornless. If that was not the case, the safe distance of three thousand steps was far from enough.

The true form of Lord Hornless was a green hornless dragon. It has cultivated for eight thousand years before it reached the Supreme Saint Realm.

Compared to the Supreme Saints of the Infernal Court who participated in the Battle of Celestial-Hunting, Lord Hornless was a late bloomer. If he had not met Empress of Thousand Bones, he would not have been able to break through to the Hundred-Shackle Realm.

Right now, although his cultivation had reached Banshi Isshou Realm and became an important figure in the Avīci Pavilion, he was already over 10,000 years old.

He was nearing the end of his lifespan.

Rather than dying of old age in another 100 years, he might as well die with some value to repay the great empress for her kindness.

Perhaps the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting was a good place to die.

Lord Hornless was in human form. He held the Pentastone Sword in his hand and stood tall. His body was sturdy and his skin was covered with scales. He didn’t look old at all.

After a long time, he withdrew from his thoughts and looked at Yan Wushen and Pan Ruo in the distance.

“What the empress did must be done by obtaining the Destiny Token and Canon of Destiny. Therefore, I must help Pan Ruo reach first place among the ten clans. However, with the Nether Clan and the Deathkin’s points, how could they compete with the Immortal Vampires and the Yanluo clan? Could it be...”

Lord Hornless’ gaze swept over Yan Wushen, leaving no trace.

Could it be that Pan Ruo wants to tell me that she has cooperated with Yan Wushen to help the Yanluo clan get first place in the ten clans?’ Lord Hornless felt that Pan Ruo wanted to say something to him, but she didn’t dare to say it. That was why he guessed so.

Perhaps the great empress had some kind of arrangement with Yan Wushen that allowed her to get the Destiny Token and Canon of Destiny from him.



A Communication talisman tore through the darkness and fell into Yan Wushen’s hand.

Yan Wushen grabbed the talisman and looked at it. At first, he was startled, but then his eyes became bewildered.

Pan Ruo didn’t see the content of the Communication talisman. She was curious about what had happened that could make Yan Wushen lose his composure.

Yan Wushen quickly regained his composure and stared at Lord Hornless, he said, “The Star-Shield Grand Formation of the Immortal Vampires’ home planet has been broken. You can teleport there without worry. There are no Nether Clan, Deathkins, Stone Clan, Immortal Vampires, and the Rakshasa’s legion of Supreme Saints surrounding you. You can escape wherever you want. Moreover, you can also absorb the colorful divine fog in heaven and earth to recover the severely depleted Saint Qi in your body.”

“Kid, it sounds nice. I believe that a large number of your Yanluo clan cultivators are guarding over there, ready to hunt us down at any time to increase their points, right?” Lord Hornless said in a deep voice.

Yan Wushen smiled bitterly and replied, “I originally planned to do so, but unfortunately, something went wrong. The Yanluo clan powerhouses sent to the Immortal Vampires’ home planet are engaged in a fierce battle with the Immortal Vampires. I’m afraid that both sides have suffered heavy losses.”

Lord Hornless’s eyes were filled with disbelief, he said, “Most of the Supreme Saints of the Immortal Vampires are here. How can they have the ability to start a war on their home planet? You, Yan Wushen, are just trying to lure us to teleport over as soon as possible. Since that’s the case, I will stay here for a while longer.”

Yan Wushen was not anxious. He said, “You are also an elite who has cultivated for more than 10,000 years. Don’t you know that there are heroes who could face a group of enemies of the same realm single-handedly in this world?”

“One versus many?” Lord Hornless sneered.

When their realm was low, there were indeed some cultivators who could fight one against dozens.

After all, there were too many mediocre people in the same realm.

It was impossible to fight one against many after reaching the Supreme Saint Realm! Because every Supreme Saint could fight one against many when they were young.

Yan Wushen said, “Zhang Ruochen of the Immortal Vampires is such an existence. With him guarding the planet, he is comparable to thousands of soldiers and horses. Even a hundred Supreme Saints of the same realm might not be able to suppress him.”

“Is Zhang Ruochen that strong?” Lord Hornless asked.

Here comes the opportunity!

Pan Ruo quickly spoke, “When Zhang Ruochen became famous, Lord Hornless had already been captured by the Fane of Destiny and locked up. It’s normal that you didn’t hear about him,” she said. “That man was born in Kunlun. On the Battlefield of Merits, he had wielded the Divine Artifact—Imperial Ruler. He had single-handedly fought against the legion of Saints of the entire Infernal Court. Wherever he transcended, he swept through everything. He and Yan Wushen were the most outstanding talents of this era. They were known as geniuses of the Yuanhui-level. Let alone the Supreme Saint realm, they can fight against a group of people. Even if they become gods in the future, they can fight against ten people in the same realm.”

Lord Hornless’ pupils contracted slightly when he heard the name “Kunlun.” He showed a glimmer of comprehension.

“Why would a cultivator from Kunlun come to the Infernal Court?”

Lord Hornless inquired to confirm his guess.

Pan Ruo looked at Yan Wushen.

Yan Wushen said, “Because Zhang Ruochen still has half of the blood of the Infernal Court. He is the grandson of Wargod Bloodximius.”

“The grandson of Wargod Bloodixmius... Then his father would be... I see. I understand!” said Lord Hornless. He was moved. He could confirm what Pan Ruo wanted to tell him.

Lord Hornless’s expression didn’t change.

However, Yan Wushen sensed a faint killing intent from Lord Hornless.

Who was this killing intent directed at?

Yan Wushen was very vigilant and secretly guarded against it.

“As a cultivator of Kunlun, he willingly defected to the Infernal Court. Such a traitor deserves to die,” said Yan Wushen.

Lord Hornless exuded a venomous hatred for Zhang Ruochen. “All Supreme Saint Celestial Captives, listen up,” he said with a wave of his hand. “We’ll teleport to the planet of the Immortal Vampires. I won’t be able to control the other cultivators once we arrive. We can each flee separately. But would the Celestial Captives of the Avci Pavilion and the Celestial Court dare to murder Zhang Ruochen alongside me?”

“I’ll follow your orders, Lord Hornless.”

Almost half of the 700 Celestial Captives spoke. Their voices were filled with strong killing intent.

They hated Zhang Ruochen bitterly for being willing to surrender to the Infernal Court.

Besides, they knew very well that it was hard to escape from the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting. Only by following Lord Hornless would they have a better chance of survival.


The first batch of 300 Supreme Saint Celestial Captives teleported away instantly.

Following that, Lord Hornless and the remaining 300 Supreme Saint Celestial Captives entered the teleportation array.

The moment they stepped into the teleportation array, Lord Hornless suddenly turned around. He held his sword with both hands and slashed at Yan Wushen.

The colorful sword radiance surged and locked onto Yan Wushen.

No one expected Lord Hornless to suddenly attack. If it was any other cultivator, they would definitely be killed instantly. However, Yan Wushen was prepared. He pressed his hands on his temples and the Bridge of Vaitarna shot out from between his eyebrows.


The colorful sword light was blocked by the stone bridge.

Blood oozed out from between Yan Wushen’s eyebrows and he flew hundreds of meters away. On the ground, he crashed into a long ravine and his body was covered in blood. Pan Ruo was also sent flying by the shockwave. The Nether River that protected her body was turned into water droplets.

“Audacious Celestial Captive, you are courting death.”

Deep roars rang out in the sky. Wujiang and Supreme Saint Yuan Fei led the Supreme Saints of the three clans and rode?The Scroll of Truth and Deceit. They quickly rushed to the seventh Dark Star.

Unfortunately, the light of the dimensional teleportation array dimmed. All the Supreme Saint Celestial Captives were teleported away.

Yan Wushen got up from the ground and touched his bloody forehead. He looked at Pan Ruo. But he found that Wujiang had already helped her up. Wujiang pressed his palm on her back to heal her. He even said something like “You’re taking too much risk”.

Pan Ruo pushed Wujiang away and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. She looked very determined and said, “This little injury won’t kill me!”

Wujiang was not angry. If Pan Ruo was not such an independent and strong character, he would lose interest instead and would no longer see her as attractive.

There were thousands of beautiful women, but very few who weren’t pretentious.

Yan Wushen walked over and said, “It’s strange. I didn’t sense any killing intent from Lord Hornless at the beginning. But just now, when we talked about Zhang Ruochen’s background, he seemed to have changed his mind and wanted to kill me. What’s going on?”

Of course, Pan Ruo guessed what was going on.

At first, Lord Hornless must have thought that the cultivator chosen by the empress was Yan Wushen, so he would not kill them.

But after knowing that Zhang Ruochen was the cultivator chosen by the empress, his killing intent increased greatly. He wanted to kill Yan Wushen with one sword strike and help Zhang Ruochen kill a powerful enemy.

Unfortunately, Yan Wushen was too vigilant. He actually blocked the sword strike and was not killed.

Pan Ruo said, “Lord Hornless is a cultivator of the Avīci Pavilion. The master of the Avīci Pavilion was born in Kunlun. When Lord Hornless found out that Zhang Ruochen was a traitor to Kunlun, his emotions would naturally become extreme. Besides, the cultivators of Infernal Court and the Celestial Captives are mortal enemies. How could Lord Hornless not have killing intent towards us? He just wanted to escape and hid it well.”

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei and Wujiang nodded their heads lightly.

Yan Wushen shook his head and did not agree with Pan Ruo’s point. This matter was not as simple as it seemed on the surface. He felt that there was a crucial point that he had overlooked.

Pan Ruo interrupted Yan Wushen’s train of thought and said, “Let’s hurry up and teleport to the Immortal Vampires’ home planet. If we delay any longer, those Celestial Captives points will be collected by the Yanluo clan and the Bone Clan!”

The cultivators of the three upper clans teleported away one after another.

Yan Wushen stood alone on the seventh Dark Star. He looked at the Communication talisman in his hand. What it said was, “Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation has improved greatly. Yan Zhexian has been expelled from the battlefield. Supreme Saint Yanhong has fallen. Yan Huangtu is heavily injured. The situation is extremely critical.”

“The situation seems to be different from what I expected at the beginning! What went wrong? Cough, cough!” Yan Wushen coughed out a mouthful of golden blood.

It was not easy to block a sword from a Banshi Isshou Realm Supreme Saint. He had sustained serious injuries.

The hundreds of Supreme Saints of the Yanluo clan received Yan Wushen’s message. Under the guidance of Xi, they quickly descended to the seventh Dark Star and stood at the edge of the teleportation array.

“Greetings, Lord Wushen.”

After Yan Wushen went to the Asuras’ home planet alone, he became extremely powerful. Now, the Supreme Saint of the Yanluo clan was extremely respectful to him.

After a short period of recuperation, Yan Wushen’s injuries had recovered, he said with a powerful aura, “Yan Huangtu, Yan Zhexian, and the Eight Sons of Life and Death have already been defeated by Zhang Ruochen. Next, we will shoulder the responsibility of taking the first place of the ten clans for the Yanluo clan. The glory of the supreme clan must not be lost to our generation.”

“Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight for the glory of the supreme clan, and fight for the first place of the Yanluo clan.”

The Supreme Saints of the Yanluo clan were filled with fighting spirits. They followed Yan Wushen and stepped into the teleportation array.

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