God Level Summoner

Chapter 392 - Working Together for a Lifetime (6)

Chapter 392 – Working Together for a Lifetime (6)

That night, Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu talked a lot about future plans for their teams. No one could lead a team the entire time. As captain, it was their duty to take care of the team’s future before leaving.

Thanks to Yan Ruiwen’s tip, Ling Xuefeng called the airport to change their flight back to China. They stayed in the Maldives for another day before flying back to Shanghai.

As a result, they just came out of Shanghai Airport when they were surrounded by a group of reporters.. It seemed the perseverance of these reporters were extraordinary. Yesterday was a waste and they willingly ran to the airport today to wait.

Ling Xuefeng saw the reporters and immediately pulled Li Cangyu towards the parking lot.

The reporters chased after them. “Captain Ling, I heard that you went to the Maldives with Cat God. Is this true?”

“Are you worried about the photo on Weibo?”

”What is the relationship between the two of you?”

”Have you been together a long time ago?”

Ling Xuefeng calmly ignored the reporters and quickly took Li Cangyu to the parking lot.

Yan Ruiwen and Qin Mo had said they would come to the airport to pick up their captain. They were shocked by this sight but fortunately, Yan Ruiwen responded quickly enough. He immediately started the car and parked in front of Ling Xuefeng. Qin Mo opened the window and called out, “Master, Cat God, get on!”

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng didn’t say anything. They just jumped into the car and closed the door. Then the car shot out of the parking lot like an arrow.

Yan Ruiwen’s driving skills weren’t bad and he moved through the airport quickly, soon leaving the reporters far behind.

LIng Xuefeng looked in the rearview mirror and found that cars weren’t tracking them. He let go of his worries and asked Yan Ruiwen, “What is the trend of public opinion? Are the Wind Colour fans reacting in a big manner?”

Yan Ruiwen glanced at Li Cangyu. His expression was a bit awkward and he hesitated to open his mouth.

Ling Xuefeng told him, “Cat God isn’t an outsider. You can say it.”

“Yes.” Yan Ruiwen coughed and explained, “Many fans still don’t believe the two of you are together. Most of them are in a wait and see state. Some more radical fans are filling the Wind Colour team’s official website…”

As he said this, Yan Ruiwen stopped and glanced at Cat God’s face in the mirror. The man’s face didn’t show the slightest embarrassment and he was very calm. He was worthy of being the captain of the national team. He was used to big waves and this rumour didn’t have a drastic effect on him.

During the holiday, the two people had a lot of courage because they were abroad. They didn’t avoid the eyes of other tourists. In particularly, they did many kssing actions when sunbathing on the beach in the afternoon. Discerning people knew they weren’t related and most people guessed their relationship.

Li Cangyu wasn’t worried about this. He didn’t kill or set fire to anything. He didn’t do anything wrong. He was just in a relationship with someone he loved. Besides, they weren’t stars in the entertainment circle who relied on popularity to eat. The personal impact of their romance being exposed wasn’t big. The key was the team.

Ling Xuefeng’s thoughts were the same. The two people exchanged a look and Ling Xuefeng gently held Li Cangyu’s hand. “It’s fine, I will face it with you. If the reporters are too much then we will admit it.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes.”

Qin Mo’s mood was very complicated as he listened from the front seat. The holiday passed and Master got together with Cat God? Or had they secretly been together a long time ago?

Thinking carefully, the latter was more likely. Since Cat God’s return, Master had changed. He sent Xiao Han to Qin Mo as a sparring partner and the usually serious and tough man would always listen to Cat God. This was the reason why Cat God stood at the top of the food chain!

Qin Mo had a feeling of dawning realization.

He looked at the two people sitting next to each other and holding hands, only having each other in their eyes and not caring about the two big light bulbs that were Vice-Captain Yan and Qin Mo. Qin Mo felt a bit awkward but… the two of them really matched.


Yan Ruiwen drove Ling Xuefeng back to his home in Shanghai. This was the first time Qin Mo came to Master’s house but Cat God was familiar with it and had clearly been here more than once.

Ling Xuefeng invited the two men in. Yan Ruiwen seemed to have expected this while Qin Mo was flattered. He followed Master into the living room and had just sat down when he heard Ling Xuefeng say, “I called you in here because I have something to tell you. I plan to officially retire next season.”

Qin Mo looked up with surprise. “Master, you want to retire?”

Yan Ruiwen was calm. “You have already thought about it, right?”

“Yes.” Ling Xuefeng explained, “I’ve thought about it for a long time and it isn’t a whim. After this Spring Festival, I will be 26 years old and it is time to leave the league. The overall configuration of the Wind Colour team is very mature. Even if I retire, there is the double summoner team of Qin Mo and Xu Feifan while you and Guo Xuan are still young. The team’s lineup doesn’t need to change very much and I am reassured that you will take care of the Wind Colour team.”

Yan Ruiwen nodded. “I will support Captain’s decision.”

After all, Qin Mo was still young. He couldn’t accept this fact for a while and his eyes were a bit red.

Ling Xuefeng glanced at his apprentice and spoke softly, “Qin Mo, you have been growing up under my protection but people who depend on their masters won’t have too much to offer. In the past, Xu Luo and Song Yang retired and there is no Tan Shitian and Su Guangmo. Master hopes that one day, you will become a true first-class player.”

“I-I know.” Qin Mo’s voice was a bit choked up. In fact, he always had a feeling that Master would leave after the World Competition but he didn’t think about it too carefully. He didn’t expect this day to come so quickly and was at a bit of a loss.

Li Cangyu saw this little one’s red eyes and couldn’t help walking over to touch his head. “Don’t be too sad. You are only 18 years old and your road is still long. Your master can’t cover you all the time. There is a day when you will have to rely on yourself.”

Qin Mo nodded with red eyes.

“I’ll take to the manager later. Once I retire, Vice-Captain Yan will take over as captain.” Ling Xuefeng glanced at Yan Ruiwen. “You are familiar with the captains of the major teams and I will hand Wind Colour over to you. As for the vice-captain… Qin Mo is still young. He can start as vice-captain and slowly learn.”

“Me?” Qin Mo was a bit surprised. He couldn’t believe that Master would make him the vice-captain. He was a young player and Guo Xuan and Xu Feifan were obviously older and more qualified…

“Yes, it is you.” Ling Xuefeng saw his apprentice’s doubts and spoke firmly, “Your talent hasn’t been fully awakened and your room for progress is very larger. You should learn from your predecessors and being vice-captain is also a type of experience.”

“I know.” Qin Mo gazed at his master in a serious manner. “I will study hard.”

His master valued him so much that he naturally couldn’t let his master down.

As Cat God said, he was only 18 years old and his road was still long. He couldn’t always hide under Master’s protection. One day, he would grow up and he needed to solve all difficulties on his own.

Ling Xuefeng smiled slightly and patted Qin Mo’s shoulder. “Refuel.”


Compared to the calm Wind Colour team, the Canglan team was like an exploded pot.

The moment Li Cangyu returned to the club, he was stopped by Gu Siming. The boy’s eyes were wide and curious as he asked, “Cat God, did you really go to the Maldives with Captain Ling?’

“Yes.” Li Cangyu honestly admitted it. Gu Siming kept on wanting to ask questions but was interrupted by Li Cangyu. “Call everyone to the meeting room.”

It was only after all the players were gathered that he announced his retirement.

To make matters worse, Bai Xuan also said he didn’t want to continue playing the game. Gu Siming was crying while Li Xiaojiang lowered his head and didn’t speak. However, Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han were calm.

Zhuo Hang was calm because he already guessed this point. Cat God’s return to Miracle was only for one season. There weren’t many old players in the e-sports circle and Cat God persisted until now. It wasn’t easy to lead the national team to win the World Competition and it was the end of his career.

The reason why Xiao Han was calm was because Qin Mo had privately told him that their two masters were leaving and he was fully prepared.

Li Cangyu asked, “What about Old Zhang?”

Zhang Jueming laughed. “I am older than the two of you. Going back to my studio is more reliable.”

This was literally a blow. Three out of the eight team members were leaving at once…

Originally, Xie Shurong had been holding onto Vice-Captain Bai but now he was the oldest on the team. It wasn’t appropriate for him to act spoiled. The teenagers didn’t speak and it was up to Xie Shurong to break the awkward atmosphere. “It is normal for teams to change between old and new players. Since the three of them have made plans, we shouldn’t stop them. Don’t be too depressed. Cat God should have a plan.” He glanced back at Li Cangyu and asked, “Cat God, I think you should have a plan for what comes next?”

“Yes, the captain will be Ah Shu. You are the oldest and have played abroad. Your competition experience is very rich and I believe you can bring Canglan up. As for the other players, I have already spoken to Liu Chuan and he will pick a few talented newcomers from the training camp.”

“No problem.” Xie Shurong promised. “I will do my best to lead the team well.”

Li Cangyu nodded and patted Gu Siming and Li Xiaojiang’s head. “Don’t cry. I have retired but that doesn’t mean I am leaving the club. I will continue to stay and watch your training.”

This reassuring sentence made them feel a lot better.

Gu Siming raised his head. “Then Cat God will stay as a coach?”

Li Xiaojiang also looked at Li Cangyu with red eyes. “Really, really continue to stay?”

“Of course,” Li Cangyu smiled.

“I will also come over often.” Zhang Jueming laughed heartily. “My studio is running smoothly so call me whenever you need me.”

“I’ll stay as well.” Bai Xuan smiled gently. “I plan to settle in Changsha in the future. I can come to see you at any time and will cook for you when I’m free.” In fact, he had another reason for staying. He was reluctant to leave Xie Shurong.

Xie Shurong glanced at him and smiled, causing Bai Xuan to look away with a bit of embarrassment.

Li Cangyu looked at Zhuo Hang. “The vice-captain will be Zhuo Hang.”

Zhuo Hang was startled before his senses returned and he replied seriously, “Rest assured Cat God. I will work with Brother Shu and study hard. If I don’t understand anything then I will ask you.”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Yes, that’s good.”

This teenager still looked a bit immature but he was committed.

The reason for giving it to Zhuo Hang was because Zhuo Hang was calmer in front of his reporters and his progress in his season was obvious to all. Xiao Han was very talented in the game but his Chinese standards were a bit worrying. Let him adapt for a while and once Ah Shu retired in the future, Xiao Han would directly serve as the captain.

However, Li Cangyu couldn’t predict a few years later. He could only make the best arrangements now.


The atmosphere in the meeting room was heavy but in the afternoon, Li Cangyu brought them good news. Liu Chuan had carefully selected three talented newcomers from the training camp. They happened to be a summoner, healer and assistant.

Liu Chuan obviously had long-term vision and expected Li Cangyu, Bai Xuan and Zhang Jueming to retire at the end of the season. After all, they only signed for one year. Liu Chuan had prepared the candidates to replace them in advance.

The three teenagers were all around 18 years old. Along with Gu Siming, Xiao Han, Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang, Ah Shu would have a hard time playing with many players. However, once they grew up, Canglan would be able to maintain the status of a strong team for a long time in the future.

A team of all young people might lack experience but they could last for a long time.

Liu Chuan’s goal of entering Miracle had a perfect start. Li Cangyu’s dream of winning the championship had also been fulfilled. From the time of the initial cooperation, Li Cangyu knew they would be strong together and wouldn’t be defeated.

Li Cangyu watched the young and energetic people in the training room and smiled happily.

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