God Level Summoner

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Returning to Miracle

Once Li Cangyu came back from the bathroom, he found Bai Xuan studying something and couldn’t help asking, “What did you buy?”

Bai Xuan smiled and opened his hand. “It is a Miracle point card.”

Li Cangyu was surprised. “Aren’t you still not well? Why are you buying the card?”

“I have stomach troubles but I don’t have to use my stomach to tap on the keyboard.” Bai Xuan joked.

“…” Li Cangyu was speechless.

“Rest assured, I promise to eat and sleep on time.” Bai Xuan patted him on the shoulder. “In any case, nothing is wrong at the moment and it is boring to sit around idly. I have left Miracle for so many years, I just want to go back and see it. I will be your royal healer.”

“…” Li Cangyu knew that Bai Xuan was actually just accompanying him. After all, it would be difficult for him to start Miracle again from scratch. It was completely different if there was a highly skilled healer accompanying him.

There was a saying in the online gaming world—there is milk all over the world but it is difficult to take a single step without a milk. (TL: In Chinese gaming slang, milk = healing. Milk moms/dads are healers).

The importance of having an excellent healer on the team could clearly be seen.

In particular, the complex operations of Miracle meant that a powerful healer was equivalent to a few more lives for the teammates.

Li Cangyu saw Bai Xuan’s gentle expression and couldn’t help reaching out to hug his good partner. He said seriously, “Thank you.”

“Do you still need to say thank you?”

Yes, these friends had known each other for years and there was no need to say thank you.

Li Cangyu smiled and pulled Bai Xuan towards a restaurant not far away. “Let’s eat fish.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

Couldn’t he eat anything else? Did he have to eat fish every time?!


The two men returned home after dinner, connected the Internet cable and turned on the computers.

As e-sports players, they had a habit of carrying high-tech laptops with them. Li Cangyu also brought his usual mechanical keyboard and mouse.

Li Cangyu turned on the computer and directly entered the familiar website address into the web browser. There was a castle design common in Western fantasy movies, with a row of golden characters writing out—Miracle.

Emotions filled Li Cangyu’s heart as he looked at this familiar logo.

He had been on contact with Miracle from a young age. Perhaps it was the so-called ‘chick just born’ story but he had a strange sense of belonging to Miracle. He also felt that this was the most exciting place for him, where his dream of e-sports began.

However, as Liu Chuan said, Li Cangyu had left Miracle for two years. When he went back now, there were many things that would be different. The equipment information, tactical ideas and battlefields recorded in his mind might’ve been eliminated after two years.

Li Cangyu decided to study the official website carefully.

Sure enough, the changes in the game made him dizzy. The level cap had been raised to level 100 and the cross-service world maps ‘Angel City’ and ‘Demon Forest’ were opened. Many class skills were greatly changed and the new equipment was dazzling. Miracle also added ‘racial awakening skills’ in this year’s update, which had never been heard before.

This feeling was really ‘leaving for two years has changed things beyond recognition.’

The game had changed too much and he really didn’t know it anymore.

He suddenly couldn’t keep up with the times, causing Li Cangyu to feel awkward as well as uncontrollable excitement.

Yes, the game had changed a lot in two years. This meant it would be more fun to play when he started from scratch!

Li Cangyu stared at the computer screen and quickly read the contents of the big updates. He looked around and saw that next to him, Bai Xuan had also opened the official website but he was looking at the English version.

The English Department graduate was very formidable. Li Cangyu couldn’t help feeling admiration. “You directly went to the US version of the official website?”

“Yes, I just read the official website and found that Miracle has now been synchronized worldwide. All servers have the same version.” Bai Xuan closed the English version of the page and cut back to the Chinese version. He looked at Li Cangyu and asked, “Is it preparation for the world competition next year?

“Probably. If the game versions aren’t synchronized, players from different countries wouldn’t be able to fight each other.” Li Cangyu spoke while browsing the official website. “Since the client version is the same, we will go to national service. The text is more pleasing to the eye.”

In fact, he couldn’t read English well.

Bai Xuan didn’t reveal the truth and just smiled. “Then we will play in the national server.”

The game Miracle was promoted worldwide and had a more extensive operating range than World of Warcraft, DOTA and LOL, which were popular all over the world. There were many large regional servers such as the United States, Europe, Russia, the South Korea region, the Japan region, the China region etc. The two people were referring to the Chinese server when talking about ‘national server.’

In fact, the networks were now so developed that as long as the home network was fast enough and there were no language barriers, they could cross to other region servers to play the game.

Some domestic people braved using a translation dictionary in order to wear the Korean and Japanese clothing that were widely praised by the people. Li Cangyu was currently in New York and it would be more convenient to enter the US server, but he didn’t want to read English every day. He was most familiar with his mother tongue and found it most intimate.

The two of them went to the official website to download the Chinese server client. This game client was more than 10G and needed a long time to be downloaded with the home network. Li Cangyu looked at the remaining time of one hour and turned to take a shower.

After a while, Li Cangyu emerged from the shower and Bai Xuan couldn’t help looking. He was dressed more casually at home, his white robe opened to reveal a large amount of his chest. He had a perfect body, clear and angular facial features, slender and sexy legs, showing off the charm of a mature man.

Li Cangyu saw Bai Xuan watching himself and couldn’t help saying, “Why are you looking at me? Am I handsome?”

“…” Bai Xuan rolled his eyes and turned back to look at the computer.

This guy had a straight personality and a bit of narcissism… Of course, he was very handsome but was unfortunately busy with the team. Until now, he was a poor single dog and hadn’t even held a girl’s hand.

Bai Xuan couldn’t help provoking him. “What is the use of being handsome? You should find a girlfriend to cook fish for you!”

“Uh… say that again. Li Cangyu immediately ignored this abusive topic and said to himself, “It takes the game a long time to download so I will go to the forum first.”

He used to be a summoner in Miracle so he naturally entered the summoners section of the forum.

A summoner could summon a variety of pets to assist the owner in combat, making it a very popular class in Miracle. However, the operations of a summoner’s pet was very complicated. They had to control their own position while also controlling the position of the pets. This was a typical ‘dual-line’ or even ‘multi-line’ operation mode and was too much for people with slow hands.

The summoner was a powerful control and attack type class. Not only could they use their pets to control the opponents, they could attack themselves. In addition, they could flexibly use different pets to create different effects when attacking enemies.

The summoner’s gameplay was quite rich and varied, which was why Li Cangyu liked this class the most.

The most basic setting of Miracle was ‘race’ and ‘class.’

Just like Earth was divided into yellow, white, black skin etc., the so-called races in Miracle had differences. There were six races in the game, namely the angel race, the demon race, the blood kin, the beast race, the terrans and the elves.

The classes had a different growth route in the later period.

After choosing a race and entering the game, they could select a class according to their own preferences, such as a white magician, an illusionist, a hunter, a summoner, etc. The degree of freedom was very high until the class change at level 20.

According to the official website, the biggest change in the game in the past two years was the new ‘racial awakening.’ In fact, the potential of the six races was only shown after the full-scale awakening. The emergence of the ‘racial awakening’ skills made the gameplay more diverse.

Therefore, even if there were two summoners, the two players could have completely different effects depending on race.

Li Cangyu was a first-class master and the changes in the game could be seen in his mind.

He saw the essence of the forum with a glance and the game client finally downloaded successfully. Once the two people installed it on their computers, they quickly logged into the game, registered the account with the purchased card and completed the data binding.

“AH? There is a new district that just opened today.” Bai Xuan looked at the opening hours of the server list and asked, “Are we entering the new district?”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu used the mouse to select the server ‘Moonlight Forest’ that was glowing purple and quickly created a character. He said, “A new district is the easiest to find talented newcomers. Besides, we haven’t played for two years so we will go to the new district to study the game changes.

Bai Xuan nodded in agreement and entered the new zone with a single press.

A line popped up on the screen. “Please name your character.”

Bai Xuan looked at Li Cangyu’s screen and found that he named his character: Love to Eat Braised Fish.

“…” He really was a cat!

Bai Xuan smiled helplessly and named his character: Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork.

As a result, the two ‘foodies’ joined the Miracle Chinese server’s new district that opened to commemorate the game’s six year anniversary: The Moonlight Forest district.

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