God Level Summoner

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Night of Yisu City (1)

Night of Yisu City, it was the lowest level six member team instance in Miracle.

The low level instances weren’t designed to be too hard, so as to not let novices lost confidence in playing. This instance was known as the ‘experience book’ and could be successfully cleared as long as the player’s hands weren’t disabled. The experience of the mobs was very high and it was a space opened independently for the team. There were no outsiders to disturb the team, meaning teams could kill the mobs and level very fast.

However, this was based on the premise that it was a full six member team.

Li Cangyu’s team currently only had three people. If these three people were general players and encountered such a large number of mobs after entering, it was likely they would be destroyed. Gu Siming had some worries in his heart but the other two players were professional gods. He soon left this type of worry behind.

This instance had a dimly lit night view and had a relatively simple map. After entering the gate, there was only one road leading to the boss’ residence. There were many ‘mutant humans’ on the roadside patrolling in groups of four. Killing these mutant humans would give a high amount of experience. The group of four mutant humans had a hatred-linked mode. This meant that no matter which one was attacked, the four mobs were simultaneously come over.

Li Cangyu observed the distribution of mobs in the instance and said, “We will take the left four. Xiao Gu will pull them while I will kill them.”

“Okay!” Gu Siming obediently rushed forward and used the knight’s lowest level Howl skill to attract the four mobs on the left.

He was a knight with thick flesh but he was besieged by four mobs at the same time, causing the speed of his blood loss to be amazing.

Bai Xuan immediately gave him a bit of treatment and filled up his blood by a small amount.

Li Cangyu picked a mob and used the summoned water elf to trap the mobs in the same place. Then he attacked the mobs with the water spirit’s primary skill, Water Ball.

The elf summoner’s water spirit pet didn’t have a strong attack. Fortunately, Li Cangyu wasn’t in a hurry and slowly hit the mobs in an orderly manner.

The pressure on Gu Siming was big. One mob might be taken away by Li Cangyu but there were still three mutant humans who were madly attacking him. After seeing that his blood was reaching the bottom and his healer wasn’t responding, Gu Siming had no choice but to start walking away from the mobs towards Bai Xuan, jumping twice in the air.

Bai Xuan saw him jumping and gave him the gift of a small healing.

“…” Gu Siming wanted to cry.

He didn’t move after the healing, surely he hadn’t fallen asleep? Or perhaps Gu Siming guessed wrong. Was this healer not Vice-Captain Bai Xuan?

Li Cangyu saw the little boy anxiously jumping around the three mutant humans and laughed. He looked back at Bai Xuan and whispered, “You haven’t changed your nature of bullying newcomers?”

Bai Xuan shrugged. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he won’t die. I’ll just take this opportunity to see his level of movements.”

—I’ll make sure he won’t die.

A healer who dared say this sentence obviously had a strong confidence.

The facts also proved this. Every time Gu Siming’s blood volume was about to run out, Bai Xuan accurately pulled his health back with healing. It felt like dancing on a steel wire.

The frightened Gu Siming dragged the mobs around for a long time and found that while his blood reached the bottom several times, he never really died. After thinking about it, he finally understood. The gods were testing him!

Gu Siming figured this out and immediately became energetic. He dragged the mobs and started to walk in a skillful way, minimizing the burden on the healer.

The three people didn’t speak as they slowly killed the four mobs. Gu Siming was still somewhat confused about the operation of these two people.

Maybe it was because there were too few skills and the instance was too simple?

The level of Li Cangyu’s kiting was really high and the mobs basically couldn’t touch his clothes. However, many veterans of online games could do this so it was impossible to see his true strength.

As for God Bai Xuan… He was a complete soy sauce, only occasionally giving heals to Gu Siming. Gu Siming wondered if he was actually watching a movie…

(Soy sauce=bystander, person minding their own business)

After five minutes, all the mobs in the instance were cleared. Gu Siming saw the boss and immediately rushed forward. Then Li Cangyu said, “Go out then enter again. We will continue to kill the mobs.”

Gu Siming stopped and asked with surprise, “Captain, we aren’t fighting the boss?”

“It’s a waste of time.” Li Cangyu continued, “Once we reach level 12, we will learn the skills and fight it!”

“Oh!” Gu Siming didn’t ask anything else. He just obediently followed them out of the instance. Li Cangyu reset the instance and they entered again. The mobs had really refreshed and they followed the same method again.

The process of killing the mobs was simple and boring. Fortunately, Li Cangyu was very patient… the captain didn’t say anything So Gu Siming was even more embarrassed to raise objections. After killing the mobs for 20 minutes, Gu Siming had almost become sleepy when the three people finally reached level 12.

“Okay.” Li Cangyu said, “Go back to the main city and learn the skills.”

Gu Siming’s spirit was shocked and he returned to Yisu City with the two great gods.

There was a building next to the fountain in Yisu City that contained 12 class skill instructors. The level of the skills increased based on the floor. They were level 12 novices so they could only learn skills on the first floor.

Li Cangyu found the summoner skills instructor and learned the second skill of the elf summoner, Summon Fire Spirit.

The water and fire spirits were the most commonly used pets of an elf summoner. The water spirit was for control while the fire spirit was the main output. Before, only the water spirit killed the mobs so fighting the boss would be very slow. Li Cangyu sensibly chose to level up first to receive the fire spirit skill.

Bai Xuan learned the priest’s ‘Healing Array’, which was the priest’s first ability to add blood to the group.

Gu Siming learnt the knight’s ‘Guardian Power’ skill, which generated a guardian to enhance defense by 800% in order to protect himself or a designated teammate for 8 seconds. The skill effect created a golden shield around the body.

After learning the skills, the three people entered the instance again.

Gu Siming just entered the instance and wanted to pull the four mobs on the left side. However, Li Cangyu’s actions were faster than him. He called the water spirit to trap one and used the fire spirit to pull away the other three. He moved quickly while attacking the mobs with fireballs. Beautiful flames emerged from the body of the fire elves one after another, causing a dizzying effect.

In the blink of an eye, four mobs fell to the ground. This killing speed really made Gu Siming stunned!

Gu Siming, “…”

He basically didn’t act as the main T. He just watched Cat God soloing out the four mobs!

Gu Siming felt tearful.

Bai Xuan saw the knight standing in the same place and typed privately to him: [Just follow Cat God and act as soy sauce. He has more pets so killing a few mobs isn’t any trouble for him.]

Gu Siming recovered and agreed. [Yes! Let’s just follow him as soy sauce!]

Li Cangyu’s gameplay was greatly limited when he had only one water spirit pet. He couldn’t show any difference between him and other summoners. Once the fire spirit appeared, his skill level was immediately revealed. He accurately switched between the two pets by taking into account the cooldown time and smoothly connected the pet skills, dazzling people.

He was so powerful with only two pets. Imagine how terrible Li Cangyu would be after gaining seven pets in the late game!


Gu Siming excited asked, “Cat God, your elf summoner’s movement speed is so fast. Are you taking the full agility route?”

This little guy’s eyes weren’t bad to be able to see this. Li Cangyu smiled and said, “Yes, I am used to playing this build.”

The so-called full agility meant adding all stat points to ‘agility.’

From level 5 onwards, Li Cangyu added his five points from levelling up to agility. Combined with the natural agility of the elf race, the advantage of his full agility gradually started to be revealed at level 12.

High agility meant that not only was his movement speed faster, the cooldown time of skills also decreased.

Using this premise, Li Cangyu quickly summoned two elf spirits, the water and fire spirits, while using Flying Feather Steps to walk between the mobs. There was almost no blood loss as he killed the four mobs at the fastest speed.

Bai and Gu basically didn’t need to do anything as Li Cangyu dealt with the mobs.

Gu Siming had only heard rumours about Cat God playing the elf summoner. It was only once he saw Li Cangyu’s operations today that he realized the full agility elf summoner required a very high hand speed. How much psychological pressure would the opponent have once the seven pets were complete?

The elf summoner itself moved very quickly. If he summoned the seven pets quickly and used the pet skills…

Wouldn’t it be 1V8 for his opponent?

Fortunately, they were teammates!

Gu Siming thought that he was lucky. He was already dizzy seeing the light of the dazzling pets summoned. How could he fight against them?

He hugged Cat God’s thighs and gained experience as a soy sauce. Gu Siming didn’t need to do anything and just happily counted the experience appearing above his head. Meanwhile, he was bored and chattered with God Bai Xuan in a private chat.

[Great god, are you Vice-Captain Bai? Are you with Cat God?]

[Yes. You guessed right.]

[Hehe. Gu Siming smiled and scratched his head. [Did Cat God play the elf summoner before?]

[Yes, a few people challenged him and were beaten up by him.]

[So strong!] Gu Siming exclaimed. [The most common summoner in the Miracle Professional League are the demon and blood kin type. How can he play an elf summoner?]

[The elf summoner is strong due to the quick summoning of pets and a very high speed is required. Only those who have an explosive hand speed of more than 500 can complete such complicated operations. There are few players in the Miracle Professional League with a speed of over 500 so it isn’t rare for few players to play the elf summoner.] Bai Xuan patiently typed and explained.

The hand speed, which was the number of times the fingers pressed the keys per unit of time was referred to as APM.

Hand speed was extremely important for e-sports players but it wasn’t the only evaluation for a player. The requirements for different classes weren’t the same. For example, a 220 hand speed was sufficient for a defensive type knight while a healer usually required a 300 hand speed.

Li Cangyu liked the extremely quick gamely of a summoner. Once he broke out with his attacks, his hand speed would break the limit of 500. Therefore, while he was playing Miracle, he had the nickname of Lightning Cat God to describe his lightning fast fingers.

Gu Siming thought about it carefully and suddenly realized. “The blood kin’s pet can suck blood while the demon summoner has a high survivability so their speed requirements isn’t as high as the elves. That’s why blood kin and demon summoners are currently more popular in the Miracle Professional League?]

Bai Xuan sent a smiling expression. [You are really clever.]

Gu Siming was very happy to be praised. His hands excitedly hit the keyboard as he typed: [Right! Talking about hand speed, the faster player in the Miracle League is currently Ling Xuefeng?”

Bai Xuan was stunned when he saw this familiar name and his mood became a bit complicated…

After a moment of silence, Bai Xuan typed: [It seems you know a lot about Miracle and Ling Xuefeng?]

Gu Siming typed seriously: [I might be a newcomer in the training camp but I will be playing the game in the future. I should always know about the opponent. Besides, Captain Ling is very popular. He is the captain of the Wind Warriors team and the league’s strongest demon summoner!]

Bai Xuan sent a smiling expression. [Yes, he is currently the fastest player in the Miracle League. His hand speed is similar to Cat God.”

Gu Siming became even more excited after finding a common topic. [I have seen many videos of Captain Ling playing the game. The use of the demon pets to suppress the opponent’s gameplay is particularly powerful, causing the opponents to be breathless! His single player win rate is super high and he is ranked first in the demon race. Fans call him the devil!]

Bai Xuan wondered: [You know him so well. Are you his fan?]

Gu Siming was embarrassed once his thoughts were pierced and scratched his head. [Hehe, I really like his style of play. I feel it is particularly cool!]

[The demon summoner is cool but you will cry when you meet him in the field.] Bai Xuan joked.

[Of course! I certainly can’t beat Captain Ling!] After thinking about it, Gu Siming asked with bright eyes: [Can Cat God beat Captain Ling?]

[Not necessarily.] Bai Xuan didn’t give a definite answer but he said: [They have rarely fought alone.]

Gu Siming was stunned by this remark. According to his understanding, Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu should be players of the same period. When Li Cangyu played Miracle for two years, how could he not fight alone with Ling Xuefeng?

Moreover, since both of them played summoners, shouldn’t they have competed in the 1V1 Summoner Competition?

Gu Siming was filled with curiosity and wanted to ask more details when Li Cangyu suddenly spoke in the voice channel. “Are you two still chatting? It is time to face the boss.”

“…” A drop of cold sweat immediately form on Gu Siming’s forehead!

They followed Cat God all this way while acting as a soy sauce. Now it was time to hit the boss but the two soy sauces were still standing there chatting.

[I understand!] Gu Siming immediately raised the knight’s shield and actively rushed to the boss.

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