God-Like Extraction

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Big Haul

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Su Jingxing was pleasantly surprised.

At long last, a new type of card had appeared!

He had seen Essence Energy Cards, Strength Enhancement Cards, Internal Force Cards, Requiem Cards, Martial Arts Practice Cards, and Skill Cards.

And now, there were Equipment Cards!


Different types of cards gave different rewards when unlocked.

Unlocking Equipment Card…


Su Jingxing was stunned when he received the information related to the card.

“What kind of reward is this?”

Corpse Dissolving Liquid!

The reward in the Equipment Card turned out to be two bottles of Corpse Dissolving Liquid.

Could it be that the members of the Black Tiger Gang and the Flying Cloud Sect were carrying these with them during the clash?

Otherwise, how could he have extracted them from their corpses?

His cheat ability could only extract things that were once possessed by the owner of a corpse.

The name “Corpse Dissolving Liquid” was self-explanatory of its function.

What surprised Su Jingxing was that the gang members had carried Corpse Dissolving Liquid around even during the clash.

Were they prepared to get rid of their opponent’s corpses from the get-go?

The thought sent a chill down Su Jingxing’s spine.

Plus, if extracting Equipment Cards was a possibility, how come I never came across any in the past?

It had been some time since he started moving corpses, and he found it odd that this was his first time obtaining an Equipment Card.

It wasn’t just the martial artists; even ordinary people should carry something on them just before they die.

Yet he had failed to extract any Equipment Cards from them; something wasn’t adding up!

Could it be that corpses were sent to the crematorium too long after their death?

Su Jingxing pondered.

This time, the corpse collection operation had taken place quickly. Within a few minutes of the clash between the two syndicates, the crematorium received a call, and Su Jingxing and his colleagues rushed over at once.

Come to think of it, Su Jingxing was the first person to arrive at the scene.

At that time, the bodies of the dead syndicate members had not yet been deprived of their belongings.

As a result, his cheat ability ended up extracting their physical possessions.

And, for him to extract these items, it must mean that they were as important as the likes of Strength Pills and Internal Force Pills!

That was the only way to explain how he randomly extracted an Equipment Card.

With that in mind, Su Jingxing quickly browsed through the other cards.

Sure enough, he found four more Equipment Cards.

They contained several items—three throwing daggers, a bottle of Bone Strengthening Pills, a human skin mask, and a fake tooth.

But in what world is a fake tooth considered important?

Astonished, Su Jingxing began examining the tooth closely. Then the answer dawned on him.

“Seems like it’s filled with venom.”

Hidden in the fake tooth were two drops of venom; each drop potent enough to off an elephant.

The other items—throwing daggers, the Bone Strengthening Pills, and the human skin mask—also had their own uses.

The throwing daggers, far from ordinary, were prized weapons that cut through iron like mud.

Bone Strengthening Pill, as the name suggested, could strengthen one’s bones. Ultimately, they could harden one’s bones to the point where they are as tough as steel.

The human skin mask was not crafted from human skin—despite its name—but from a special material instead. Once worn, it allowed its wearer to take on the appearance of someone else!

The items contained in these five Equipment Cards were great in and of themselves.

In high spirits, Su Jingxing put away the Equipment Cards.

This field mission had proved extraordinarily fruitful.

His haul consisted of five Equipment Cards, two Skill Cards, three Strength Enhancement Cards, four Essence Energy Cards, and a bunch of Internal Force Cards.

The Internal Force Cards contained internal force cultivation ranging from two months to three years.

The two Skill Cards were Black Tiger Fist and Falling Cloud Palm respectively.

Su Jingxing held the cards in his hand and obtained their relevant information. As it turned out, both martial arts were inferior to the Seven Steps Fist.

Most likely, these were low-level martial arts that were given to low-rank members of the two syndicates.

Su Jingxing wasn’t interested in learning this sort of martial art, since it was nothing but a waste of his time.

What about selling it on the black market?

He entertained the idea but decided against it.

Although these two martial art manuals could each fetch 100,000 Great Yu dollars in the black market, they were hard to get rid of since they were exclusive to the two syndicates; no one would bat an eye if anyone from the Black Tiger Gang or Flying Cloud Sect cultivated these basic martial arts, but outsiders would get into trouble if they were found cultivating them.

Therefore, even if he took them to the black market, they wouldn’t attract many buyers.

Worse still, he might end up catching unnecessary attention from the Black Tiger Gang and the Flying Cloud Sect.

It’s worth mentioning that in the black market, the base price of any martial art manual was 100,000 Great Yu dollars.

That was why Su Jingxing did not buy any martial arts manuals on his previous trip.

He couldn’t afford it!

The 90,000 Great Yu dollars he got from selling Essence Energy Pills wasn’t even enough to afford the most commonplace martial art manual.

For ordinary people, the most economical way was to learn martial arts from a dojo.

That had been Su Jingxing’s plan before he got hold of so many martial arts manuals.

This haul had been equivalent to Su Jingxing’s half a month of moving corpses.

To celebrate, after the shift change, Su Jingxing went out of his way to buy some good food before returning to his rental courtyard.

On the way back, Su Jingxing took a detour, then subconsciously followed a narrow path near the foot of the mountain.

To his surprise, he heard the sound of a fight coming from ahead when he was about to reach his residence.


The wheels of the bicycle dragged against the ground before coming to a forceful stop.

Su Jingxing got out of the bicycle and parked it by the side of the road. Stealthily, he took a few steps forward and hid in a corner, where he could see the source of the racket.

A dozen of lis away from where the foot of the mountain met with the road, there were two groups of people…

That wasn’t it!

More accurately, it was a group of people ganging up on one person.

Under the light from the street lamp, Su Jingxing saw that the person who was being ganged up on was heavily built and over three meters tall.

All alone, he fended off his group of assailants; at times he pushed them back, and at times he closed the gap.

Under the night sky, the two sides fought fiercely.

Oddly enough, despite the ferocity of these fighters, not a single one of them uttered a word.

The whistling of the night wind echoed through the empty path—the only sound present apart from weapons whooshing through the air and the sound of flesh on flesh.

Su Jingxing hid in a corner and looked on for a while. He noticed that for some reason, the burly man that was getting ganged up on was gradually losing ground.

Rip! Rip! Rip!

The attackers’ weapons—long sabers and long swords—bit into the burly man’s flesh from time to time, tossing drips of blood and strands of flesh into the air.

Among them was a dandy young man in a fancy suit who had his hair all spruced up. With his bare hands, he forced the burly man into a steady retreat.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dull sound of impact filled the air.

The burly man remained silent throughout the fight, not uttering so much as a groan when the blade of a sword pierced through his palm.

As though he was incapable of feeling pain, all he did was cycle between counterattacks and attempts at escaping.

However, with more than ten people on his tail, he would get caught as soon as he took a few steps.

In the end, the number of wounds on his body kept stacking up.

And at last…


With a loud thud, the burly man fell to the ground motionless.

The one who dealt the final blow was the well-dressed young man who wore a cold expression.

His last palm that struck the burly man in the chest had stopped the latter’s heart.

Having eliminated the target, he converged his energy and exhaled.

Then, turning around slowly, he looked towards where Su Jingxing was hiding and said calmly, “Greetings, friend.. You have been watching us for a while now. Don’t you plan to introduce yourself?”

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