God-Like Extraction

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Not Interested

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The white light dissipated and the space crumbled.

Su Jingxing’s consciousness returned to his body.

His ears twitched, and immediately, he could hear all sorts of sound waves clearly.


Su Jingxing scanned around him, matching every sound wave to a source and committing this knowledge to memory.

The final step was to find out its range.

As it turned out, it was a radius of a hundred meters!

With the help of the Martial Arts Practice Card, Su Jingxing had successfully mastered the secret ability Advanced Hearing to the point where his hearing range was a hundred meters.

With Su Jingxing as the center, any sound waves within a hundred-meter radius could be heard.

Within this range, Su Jingxing could walk without bumping into obstacles even with his eyes closed.

On that note, Su Jingxing could also sense anyone or anything that entered his hundred meters hearing range!

Even a mouse or a fly could not escape his senses!

This was definitely a kick-ass ability.

What a nice guy.

Deactivating his secret ability, Su Jingxing silently express his gratitude to the young man who was brutally murdered by the barbarian.

Who was he?

Ordinary organizations could never get their hands on a secret ability like Advanced Hearing, let alone guard it.

Not only did the young man obtain it, he had managed to master it. It wasn’t hard to figure out that he had powerful backers.

Plus, only a powerful organization could have had the resources to capture barbarians.

Shaking his head, Su Jingxing put aside the stray thoughts and began familiarizing himself with the Seven Steps Fist, which he had achieved Godlike Mastery in.

On the following day, he was hard at work moving corpses again.

The cards he extracted were mainly Strength Enhancement Cards and Essence Energy Cards.

Outside of work, Su Jingxing also paid attention to the affairs of Qinghe City.

A day had passed, yet there was no sign of the disturbance he had predicted.

No gossip reached his ears on the second day, and the third day was peaceful as well.

Does that mean…

The barbarian corpse wasn’t exposed to the public?

Had the organization behind the young man managed to suppress the information in time?

After pondering on it at length, that was the only plausible explanation Su Jingxing could come up with.

To think they managed to suppress it so quickly… I wonder which organization is behind all this.

He ended his trail of thought, deciding to not pay any more attention to the issue.

At the end of the day, barbarians and whatnots were way too detached from his reality.

As a nobody, it was best not to get involved in such matters.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the back mountain of the crematorium.

Su Jingxing was punching with the might of a phoenix and moving with the swiftness of a dragon. Between steps, he shifted from one stance to another.

The surface of his fists was wrapped in shapeless, colorless internal force.

His punches stirred the air, producing gusts of wind that fanned his sleeves and ruffled his hair.

With his Seven Steps Fist at the highest level, Su Jingxing was finally able to hold his own in this new world.

He had come to the back of the mountain to test his mastery of internal force.


Without warning, he threw a quick punch at the trunk of a tree.

He then leaped backward.

As he was backing away, his gaze was fixed on the trunk of the tree.

A second passed, then two, then five.

Finally, at the tenth second, the trunk of the tree that had been hit by his punch burst into pieces. The tree, which had a diameter of around 50 centimeters thick, snapped midway up, throwing out myriads of wood chips.

It worked!

He managed to exude his internal force!

Su Jingxing retracted his fist and looked at the fallen tree. His face lit up with joy.

Exuding internal force—the trademark of a bonafide eighth-grade martial artist!

Compared to martial artists of the same grade, the internal force exuded by Su Jingxing had a much longer retention time!

It lasted for a full ten seconds!

In actual combat, it would be a piece of cake for him to deliver internal force from his fist into his opponent’s body and destroy their veins and tendons.

Now that he was an eighth-grade martial artist, he was another step closer to seeking revenge on Wan Rong.


Su Jingxing exhaled and relaxed his body.

A moment later, he scanned the scene and did a bit of cleaning up, then made a hasty exit before anyone else arrived.

The days continued to pass.

Days were spent moving corpses, and nights were spent practicing his Advanced Hearing.

Every night on the way back to the small courtyard, Su Jingxing would listen to the movements around him as he rode his bicycle, memorizing all kinds of sound waves.

For this secret ability, a hundred meters was only the starting point.

If he persevered with the stimulation, it was possible to extend his hearing range to a thousand, or even ten thousand meters!

As the range increased, his corresponding tolerance would also increase.

One of the fruits of his training was that Su Jingxing managed to overhear many secrets.

And certain… bed activities.

But let’s not dwell on that…

That night, after ending his shift, Su Jingxing got on his bike and rode homeward. As usual, he leisurely trained his hearing as he pedaled.

At the beginning of his journey, he didn’t hear anything that was out of the ordinary.

However, a new heartbeat emerged after he passed by a small road.

At first, Su Jingxing thought it was just a passer-by and didn’t give much thought to it.

However, even after a few minutes, he realized that the owner of the heartbeat was still within range—behind him.

Am I being followed?

Su Jingxing’s heart skipped a beat.

Instead of immediately changing routes or pedaling faster, he continued in the same direction for a bit longer.

He listened carefully and realized that the owner of the heartbeat was still there.

It was time to change routes!

Su Jingxing made a prompt decision. Putting his practice on pause, he swerved onto a different route.

A few minutes later, he could still hear the same heartbeat close behind him!

He was actually being followed!

A cold gleam flashed across Su Jingxing’s eyes. He picked up speed before turning into a small alley, where he chose a corner to park his bike. Then, he made a quick dash to a dark spot where he hid himself.

Moments later, hurried footsteps followed.

Let’s find out who you are.

Su Jingxing stood in the shade and strained to see the face of his stalker that was coming out of the alley.

The next second—

It’s her?

Su Jingxing raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect his stalker to be Wei Jiajia.

She was Wei Zhongting’s daughter—the girl he saved the previous time.

She found me?

Does that mean she knows I was the one who saved her?

No, wait!

Su Jingxing racked his brains and analyzed the situation.

If Wei Jiajia knew that he was the person who had saved her, she would have paid him a direct visit at the crematorium, instead of tailing him all the way out here!

Alternatively, she could have waited at the entrance of the crematorium and introduced herself once he came out.

Since she hadn’t done any of that, she clearly didn’t know his identity.

What she recognized was Su Jingxing’s back view!

From his back view, Wei Jiajia might have realized that Su Jingxing was his savior.

However, this was all just Su Jingxing’s supposition. Wei Jiajia might not be sure of his identity yet.

He could simply be one of her targets.

In that case, she must have followed him to confirm her theory!

Having worked this out, Su Jingxing’s eyes twinkled. He took out his mask, put it on, and walked out of the darkness.

He couldn’t carry the cloak around because it was too big, but the mask was fine.

Under the streetlamp.

Wei Jiajia was feeling frustrated about having lost her target. She let out a helpless sigh.

All of a sudden—

“Looking for someone?” asked Su Jingxing, lowering his voice intentionally. His voice resounded in the quiet alley.


Wei Jiajia jerked her head up and looked over her shoulders. Her eyes fell on Su Jingxing, who was standing ten meters away.

She stared at his face.

The back view, the height, the mask; they all matched!

She was certain now!

“Yes! I’ve been looking for you. I need to talk to you,” said Wei Jiajia, thrilled at the sight of Su Jingxing. She began running towards him.

“Don’t move,” said Su Jingxing coldly. “You can talk from there.”


Wei Jiajia stopped in her tracks and drew a deep breath. “First of all, I want to thank you for saving me last time. Secondly, I have a proposal…”

“I’m not interested in your proposal.”

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