God of Cooking

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Grand Chef Preliminaries (3)

7 points. That was the best score Cho Min Joon could achieve at the moment. Compared to 10 points, it sounded low, but Cho Min Joon instinctively sensed it. The higher his score got, the difference of 1 point would become more significant.

For the last 15 days, Cho Min Joon went to all sorts of restaurants. Among those restaurants were Michelin Star restaurants as well. One place had two stars, while another place had one star. Both places were well-known among New York’s citizens.

However, none of those restaurants got 10 points. Most of them were 8 points, and there were some that received 7 points. Fortunately, there was one dish that received 9 points, which was extremely rare compared to the 7’s.

To be more exact, there was only one dish that received 9 points. It was a dish from a two-star restaurant called “East Rabbit Garden”. It was a restaurant of Jamie Rabbit, who was awaiting his third star soon enough.

And the 9-point dish that Cho Min Joon had there was the best experience he had ever had. A well-seared lamb along with curry sauce.

Cho Min Joon never imagined that he would be so shocked by a simple dish. He thought that it was possible to be shocked by bad food, but not good food. Surprisingly, he was wrong. The curry gave off a harmonious scent. Around the time that that scent tickled the tip of his tongue and nose, the lamb followed. A seared lamb that looked yellow on the outside due to the cooking overtook his entire mouth with its meaty scent. The fact that a scent dominated his mouth instead of his nose was a fascinating and entrancing experience.

He only came back to his senses after he finished the lamb. After that, Cho Min Joon was mindblown. That was when he realized just how delicious a dish could be.

For that reason, Cho Min Joon wasn’t discouraged by the fact that he received 7 points. He knew that that was where his skills were at the moment. It was possible that it even exceeded his efforts. Hence, he was thankful for the score he received.

Cho Min Joon put the plates on a cart and headed to the room with the judges. Since multiple chefs went in and out before him, there was a light mixture of scents floating in the air.

Cho Min Joon scanned each judge in the room. He first looked at Emily Porter. To be more exact, he saw the screen on top of her head.

[Emily Porter]

Cooking Level: 3

Breadmaking Level: 6

Gourmet Level: 9

Decoration Leve: 6

The levels were fairly high. In particular, the gourmet level was outstanding. Dishes like those were capable of providing all sorts of different flavors.

Allen also had 9 points for his gourmet level. On the other hand, Joseph only had 8 points. Cho Min Joon wondered if that had to do with his age. After all, once you passed your 40s, your taste buds start to fade as well.

But the cooking level was the opposite. Joseph had 9 points for cooking level while Allen had 8 points. Considering Joseph’s age, it was understandable. He wasn’t sure, but he was probably approaching his 50s. Since he had 10 years of added experience than Allen, it was no wonder why his level was higher.

However, at the same time, Cho Min Joon was fascinated. If such worldly chefs didn’t have 10 points, then what could? Did they even exist? While he thought about that, Allen Graig spoke in a serious tone.

“Min Joon. How long are you going to make us stare at your face?”

“Oh, sorry.”

Cho Min Joon bowed his head and then put the plates on the table. As soon as he did, Allen approached first. Just from his thin yet sturdy body, he sensed that he was strict.

“Is this a snapper?”

“Yes. I’ve also added a sauce to go with it. The spicy bell pepper sauce will definitely go well with the protein of the snapper.”

“We’ll just see about that.”

Allen responded in a strict manner, but Cho Min Joon wasn’t hurt by it. He already saw on TV that he had that kind of personality. He didn’t know if it was all an act though.

Allen sliced the snapper and tasted it. Cho Min Joon quietly watched. The dish received 7 points, which meant that it wasn’t a failure. Therefore, he had no reason to be nervous. The snapper was worthy of praise.

While Cho Min Joon watched, Allen wiped his lips with a napkin and stepped back. He didn’t have a comment, but his face looked calm. After that was Emily Porter. She tasted the snapper with a more anticipated look on her face. She closed her eyes and tasted it. She had no expression on her face, but Cho Min Joon saw a slight smile on her face.

Lastly, Joseph Vincent walked out. He couldn’t perceive what expression was on his wrinkly face. At that moment, Cho Min Joon felt nervous. It wasn’t because he was afraid that he’d receive a low score. He was eating his cooking. One of the top chefs in the world was going to taste his dish. A dish made by a cook that was peeling garlic at a restaurant not long ago. Before Joseph tasted it, he asked Cho Min Joon a question.

“Do you think you did a good job?”

“…What’s on that plate is the best I could do.”

“That means if it’s not good, you’re not qualified at all.”

Joseph spoke with a serious look in his eyes, but Cho Min Joon didn’t back off. Cho Min Joon then answered with a calm voice. It was calm and deep.

“It will be delicious.”

“Good. I hope you’re right.”

Joseph put the last piece of the snapper in his mouth. He tasted it for a long time, smiled, and then went back to his seat.

The three judges spoke to each other. They spoke quietly so that Cho Min Joon couldn’t hear. It didn’t last long. The judges nodded and sat up straight. The first one to speak was Allen.

“Min Joon. How do you think you did?”

“I think I did well.”


“Because if it was a failure, I wouldn’t have put it on the plate.”

In response, Allen smirked and looked at Emily. Emily then gave the evaluation in his stead.

“It was a good idea to cook the snapper through arosser. I liked the savory butter flavor and the fish oil while I chewed it in my mouth.”

“Thank you.”

“The bell pepper sauce was original. Most people like to use a paprika sauce, but the bell pepper sauce had a special taste that was unique. It wasn’t too spicy while it allowed us to taste the snapper appropriately. I enjoyed it. You passed.”

Emily smiled and ended her evaluation. Allen beside her nodded and looked at Cho Min Joon.

“I agree with Emily. Personally, I enjoyed your fish dish the most. Also, the bell pepper sauce was a choice that showed off your own personality. If I had to choose one weakness, it would be on your plating. You used a very typical plating technique. I was hoping to see a more novel plating to go with your novel dish.”

“Sure. I’ll work on that.”

“Good. Then I’ll give you a pass as well. I didn’t like the plating, but let me repeat. Your dish was delicious, Min Joon. You know how to produce flavors. You should be confident.”

In response, he felt himself coming to tears. He felt as though all of his frustration and misery were relieved at that moment. They were just words, but he was thankful for them.

He had thought that those who cried on the show were all doing it for TV. However, after hearing his evaluation, he understood their tears. His life and passion were acknowledged. And if that passion was real, he had no choice but to shed tears.

However, Cho Min Joon didn’t cry. Whether it was real or fake, crying in a place like this was humiliating. He wanted to save his tears for when he won the ultimate trophy.

Luckily, when Joseph spoke, Cho Min Joon was able to better control his emotions. Joseph then spoke with a soft voice.

“Min Joon, when you entered, you said that Grand Chef would become a great stage for you. Well, after tasting your dish, I agree with you. Grand Chef exists for chefs like you. It’s your stage. I hope you continue to produce dishes like this from now on. I enjoyed your dish. Thank you, Min Joon.”

Joseph took a moment, smiled, and then added.

“You passed.”

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