God of Crime

Chapter 22 - Criminals #4

Chapter 22 - Criminals #4

Unlike the bloody atmosphere it was conducted in, the talk proceeded rather smoothly.

Besides, Moonlight Flower was a surprisingly good help.

‘Joking around with Big Mama...’

The image of the Big Mama that Tae-hyuk knew was like the difference between heaven and earth.

She built up her skills while working as a stolen goods broker, before entering the counterfeit art industry. It seemed like now was that time.

'Still, her ability to make counterfeit goods is already huge.’

Big Mama was painting a copy of something. In Tae-hyuk’s eyes, it was hard to distinguish between the original and the fake.

Tae-hyuk’s eyes lit up.

Moonlight Flower had disappeared into the warehouse in order to find a stick to use.

This was his chance.

Tae-hyuk organized the information he had about Big Mama in his head. The details had been written down in his blacklist, but he was still able to come up with some important points on the spot.

He remembered something very unusual.

“So, Kid. What did you need?”

Big Mama asked with the smile of a salesperson.

"Hello, I am Seo Tae-hyuk. There are many rumors about Mama. It is an honor to meet you. Then, I’ll speak bluntly. I want to make a deal with Mama.”

Big Mama made a surprised expression while her eyes sharpened.

“Hoh. You aren’t an ordinary kid.”

"Aren’t you always saying that the appearance on the outside isn’t important?”

“... You know me very well.”

“You are famous.”

"What type of deal do you want to establish?”

She wanted to know what he wanted. Tae-hyuk had no intention of showing all the cards in his hand.

"Do you happen to know the thief who stole an item called the Rosario in this neighbourhood yesterday? The appearance looks roughly like this.”

Tae-hyuk showed a picture of Rosario that he drew in advance.

Big Mama replied in a relaxed tone.

"I trade in many stolen goods in one day, and I can’t remember all of it.”

"I know that Mama has such a good memory that Mama can even remember a piece of merchandise from a week ago.”

Big Mama was famous for her tremendous memory.

“Hoh. Not many people know about my specialty... You are a kid that I really can’t look down on. No, shall I call you Tae-hyuk?”

The title coming from Big Mama’s mouth changed.

Tae-hyuk knew what that meant.

"I would like to deal in information. If you give me information about the thief who took Rosario, then I will give you one piece of information.”

"I will listen first and decide.”

Tae-hyuk spoke casually, as if he was ordering jajangmyeon from a Chinese restaurant.

"The Trail of the Sunset.”

It felt like time had stopped.

Big Mama froze.

“... How do you...?”

There were two implications.

Tae-hyuk smiled gently.

He said it because he knew the future of Big Mama.

"It is a piece that all art collectors desire.”

Big Mama’s hand trembled in response. It was an expression like she had been hit.

"It is very important that the information is reliable. There is no guarantee that you won’t lie.”

Tae-hyuk knew that Big Mama would say this. The answer was also prepared.

"Aren’t you in a position to look through straws right now? If my information is unbelievable, then it can’t be helped. I will give up on the deal.”

Tae-hyuk said boldly. If the box wasn’t opened, then the person wouldn’t know if they had received what they ordered from the Chinese restaurant. Of course, it was the same for the other person.

This was the risk with trading information.

“Tae-hyuk is telling me to betray the money making game. Do you know that?”

"The Trail of the Sunset, or money. Select one of the two."

There was no need to even weigh it. No matter how many ping pong balls were stacked up, they still wouldn’t be able to beat a bowling ball.

Big Mama was still smiling, but her eyes were burning with a strange fire.

"If you are lying then be ready, for I will give you a very painful punishment.”

"Then, I’ll tell you the location of the painting. Mama, please tell me the name and phone number of the person I am looking for.”

Big Mama said to him.

"I don’t gamble, but I will try to believe Tae-hyuk just once. The thief...”

Tae-hyuk was able to get the information he desired by trading with Big Mama.

* * *

"What are you going to do now?”

"I have to make a trap that he can’t run from, so I will have to prepare something to tempt him.”


Moonlight Flower spoke in a strange tone and laughed.

Tae-hyuk spoke in an apologetic voice.

"I'm sorry, but I’ll have to leave you here.”

"Bah. You ate everything, and now you want to discard me like a used tissue?”

“I’m sorry. Instead, I promise to talk after catching K.”

K was the initial of the criminal.

"You promise?”


Moonlight Flower extended a finger.

“I will add one more thing. Go to the aquarium with me on the weekend sometime. There is something that I want to discuss with you there.”

“...Well. Ok, I understand.”

This time, Tae-hyuk owed a big favor to Moonlight Flower, so he decided to listen to her request.

Moonlight Flower continued waving until Tae-hyuk disappeared from her sight.

'I never thought I would meet two blacklist members in one day.’

Tae-hyuk inwardly sighed.

Moonlight Flower and Big Mama. It seemed like they were attracting each other. There were 120 people on the blacklist. It was impossible to think that he could go against all of them, even with his crime skills.

'First of all, I have to watch the situation...’

While Tae-hyuk didn’t know much about Moonlight Flower, he knew that Big Mama was as sly like a fox.

Was it possible for him to leave her alone?

Tae-hyuk’s mind became complicated.

'Let's just think about catching K for now.’

Tae-hyuk dialled the number given by Big Mama.

The plan for catching K was already in place.

There were a few beeps.


The call was connected.

* * *

Kim Sang-hyun didn’t feel good in the morning.

He didn’t know how many days it had been since he had found something good.

Yesterday, he went to collect from a newly discovered prey. There was a family who recently moved into his area. Usually, in such cases, there were large amounts of money in the owner’s house.

However, they were already diligent and entrusted it all to the bank, so he had to resort to taking various miscellaneous things around the house. There wasn’t even a single gold ring.

Kim Sang-hyun spat on the floor.

“Che! Ara, you bastards.”

He wanted to move on to another area, but the situation wasn’t right. Maybe there was already someone else...

He pulled out a cigarette and put it in his mouth. He had just bought a new pack, but it was already the last one.

“Crazy. I have no cigarettes left.”

It was dangerous if he couldn’t hit the jackpot.

He was enjoying his cigarette when the phone rang.

He didn’t know the number. Perhaps it was a spam call.

Kim Sang-hyun suddenly came up with a good idea. He would swear at the people on the phone to relieve stress.

Sang-hyun pressed the call button and brought the phone to his ear.


He first had to check who the person was. If it was someone he didn’t know, then he would curse at them.

Sang-hyun concentrated on the other person’s voice.

-Sang-hyun, it is Mother.

Kim Sang-hyun couldn't believe his ears. Mama was calling him directly.

"Ah, Mother. What's wrong?”

-Well, I am calling because I thought I should bring something to your attention.Earlier, some kid was looking for you.I don't know who he is, but you ought to be careful.He asked about you.

"For me? What did you do?”

-How long have we been working together?Of course, I gave him the wrong number.

“Haha... Thank you, Mother.”

He heard a soft laugh over the phone.

-Well, there is a fee for the information.”

“I see.”

She wouldn’t hand over false information for free.

Kim Sang-hyun felt sweat flowing, as Mama wasn’t just a simple stolen goods broker.

-I know what you are thinking.I’m Mama, I’m not that cold.I got free income thanks to Sang-hyun.Sang-hyun should also receive a prize.I received some very good information, sohow about it?Do you want to give it a try?

At that moment, Kim Sang-hyun wanted to cheer.

It was a great opportunity for thieves. A place that held a lot of valuables.

"I accept! No, I will do it! Please let me do it!"

-Hoho!I understand.Indeed, Sang-hyun.You are dependable.

Stolen goods brokers often handed over information.

If so, there was an implicit rule when doing business with that person.

Kim Sang-hyun barely refrained from laughing.

Mama’s spot was rumored to be a jackpot.

"Then what should I steal?”

-There will be lots of diamonds.Please help Mama steal all of them.

“Haha. Just believe in me!”

Kim Sang-hyun combed through the information given by Mama.


"Hahaha! I will be rich! Rich!”

* * *

The spot wasn’t far away.

Kim Sang-hyun did a final equipment check. HIs equipment variety ranged from locksmith tools to levers for lifting heavy objects.

It seemed like he was going to rob a bank, not a house.

“Then... This isn’t my area. Is it okay?”

He came here under the name of the greatest information broker, Mama.

Even the owner of the territory wouldn’t be able to have any complaints.

The spot was a two-storey house with a spacious courtyard. In recent years, expensive security systems were often found in homes like these. It was really hard to eat and live in this world.

‘It doesn’t look like there is one common CCTV. A big jackpot!’

Kim Sang-hyun cheered.

As expected from Mama. He wondered how she found information about this spot.

It was late at night, so there was no one in the house. The fireplace was turned off, and no loud sounds could be heard.

A golden opportunity to steal!

The hum of a song came out.

Kim Sang-hyun was a thief with considerable skill. He was even able to get into a safety deposit box in five minutes because he was the child of a locksmith.

He opened a locked door using his skills.

According to Mama’s information, the diamonds were in the bedroom. He walked towards the destination while visualizing the structure of the house in his head.


Kim Sang-hyun excitedly opened the door.


Pang pang!

Suddenly, there were the sounds of firecrackers popping.

The dark room lit up.

The people hiding in the darkness cheered.



"Happy birthday, Chief-nim!”

"Chief-nim, I love you!”

"Milk-coloured Chief-nim!"

Kim Sang-hyun stopped moving.

Diamonds. There were a lot of diamonds. Three representative diamonds.

"Kim Sun-kyung. No matter how much we look, isn’t that not the chief?”

The second diamond answered.

"Yes, that’s right!"

A diamond was a diamond, but they weren’t jewels. However, they were covered with diamonds.

Inside the room, dozens of people were dressed in police uniforms. In the center of the room was a large cake, as well as beer and chicken.

Surprise? Birthday? What the hell?! This was the chief of police’s house?

Why did Mama send him here...?


Kim Sang-hyun screamed.


The police!


Kim Sang-hyun tried to flee back the way he came.

The diamond said.

"Who is this? Kim Sang-hyun! Did you come to surrender yourself for Chief-nim’s birthday?”

Today was the police chief’s birthday.

Kim Sang-hyun had to sing a congratulatory song in handcuffs.

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