God of Crime

Chapter 6 - This is all Thanks to Good Neighbours #2

Chapter 6 This is all Thanks to Good Neighbours #2.

Chapter 6 - This is all Thanks to Good Neighbours #2

"You came for the bounty?”

“Yes. I am the person who caught Yoo Cheol-ho, andhe is the one who made the crucial tip.

A man in an Aloha t-shirt and a person wearing a school uniform came forward, claiming that they caught Yoo Cheol-ho.

The receptionist made a strange expression.

"I haven’t heard about something like this...”

“Cough. Is that so?”

While Kang-suk made a trouble expression, Tae-hyuk intervened.

"Director Cho Hun-il of the Personnel Administration Department... I mean, Team Leader Cho Hun-il. Maybe he will know. He is the person directly involved in the bounty.”

"Team Leader Cho Hun-il...? Ah, yes! I understand. I’ll check it straight away.”

As soon as the name of the person in charge was mentioned, the receptionist was surprised and hurriedly made a call.

Kang-suk’s eyes widened as he saw it.

“Wah. How did you know that?”

“Didn’t you hear that I deliver for a Chinese restaurant?”


"I heard about it during a delivery.”

“You deliver here as well?”

“Yes. It is quite the famous restaurant.”

"I see!”

Kang-suk’s eyes shone.

How delicious would the food be if even a large company ordered it?

A detective and his jajangmyeon had an inseparable relationship. He vowed that he would order from the restaurant to try it out one day.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting!”

The receptionist’s attitude had flipped on its end. They bowed respectfully and guided the two people to a VIP room.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t Team Leader Cho Hun-il who was waiting there.

There was a beautiful woman, so beautiful that it wouldn’t be strange to see her on TV, sitting in a chair.


The woman in the chair bowed her head.

She had neatly cropped, shoulder length hair.

"I apologize for greeting you while sitting down.”

She pointed to the wheelchair next to the chair.

‘Her legs are disabled.’

She was unable to walk, so it was natural for her to greet them while sitting down.

“I am Jung Yuri. I hear that the both of you have caught Yoo Cheol-ho.”

Kang-suk was so nervous in front of the pale beauty that he couldn’t speak for a while.

Tae-hyuk then pressed against his side andexclaimed.

“Ah! This schoolboy... Seo Tae-hyuk made a crucial tip that led to his arrest. I am Cho Kang-suk of the Kang-dong police station’s 2nd team.”

Kang-suk pulled out his business card from his wallet.

The woman tilted her head in confusion. Even that small movement made her look beautiful.

"I thought that detectives would be more upright than this.

“Haha! I am a bit unique.”

‘He completely fell for her. However, Hyung falling for her is a type of crime.’

At the most, she looked like a university student. The age difference between she and Kang-suk was at least one zodiac cycle large.

'By the way, who is she?’

This was the VIP room of Sungjin Group, the largest corporation in South Korea. She definitely wasn’t any ordinary woman.

The president’s secretary? ... I don’t think so.

She gave off a strange feeling of elegance.

Yuri bowed her head.

“Yoo Cheol-ho... Thank you for catching him. I want him to be judged by the law.”

Kang-suk made a pleasant smile when he heard her saying ‘judged by the law.’

While she was still speaking calmly, Yuri had strange emotions showing in her eyes.

Anger. Hate.

He was confused over why she had such feelings.

Although he was just sent here, Tae-hyuk had worked here as a security guard for two years. It was the first time seeing or hearing of someone named Jung Yuri, however.

She was either unrelated to the company, or a super VIP that Tae-hyuk could never approach.

Tae-hyuk thought about the identity of the woman.

He might be able to find a connection.

‘If a bounty was issued, then he must have leaked core secrets from the company. Either that, or he hurt a VIP. However, Yoo Cheol-ho wasn’t someone who would have any confidential information to leak.

This meant that one of his victims was related to Sungjin Group.

Usually, the victim’s identity wasn’t exposed to the media, especially if the person was a big business owner.

However, Tae-hyuk happened to be Yoo Cheol-ho’s neighbour.

‘Yes. He boasted about killing the daughter of a very important person. The name...’

At that moment, the name popped into Tae-hyuk’s head.

Currently, he was the president that oversaw one of Sungjin Group’s divisions, and also one that would climb up to be the vice-chairman of the company in the future.

‘Vice Chairman Jung Gwan-mok!’

That reminded him, Jung Yuri had the same surname. Maybe...

"Are you perhaps President Jung Kwan-mok’s daughter?"

Jung Yuri’s eyes widened at Tae-hyuk’s words.

"H-how did you know?”

"I work at a Chinese restaurant. Sometimes he comes in to eat jajangmyeon. He has been a regular for 20 years. I noticed that you resemble him.”

"My father and jajangmyeon... At any rate, I wasn’t trying to hide it. I will greet you again. I am Jung Yuri, the director for the 2nd Public Relations Support Team.”

The daughter of a president of a large company. Kang-suk’s mouth hung open from where he watching, while Tae-hyuk nodded as if he already expected it.

‘Well, because she got to her position at such a young age, most would think she was gliding off her father’s success. That’s why she hides it.’

"If Noona is involved then you must be related to one of Yoo Cheol-ho’s victims...”

Jung Yuri laughed at being called ‘noona.’

Then her expression became cold and hard when she heard Yoo Cheol-ho’s name.

“...Yes. My unni. Please don’t tell this to the press. Of course, I’d obstruct you if you tried.”

Yuri’s face looked like the manager of a big company.

Tae-hyuk nodded.

Kang-suk replied awkwardly like a broken robot.

“Yes. I will be careful.”

"Then sit down and relax. I'll get to the point.”

Tae-hyuk and Kang-suk sat down as a tea set came out. There were also sweets prepared in advance.

"Please eat.”

Kang-suk instantly put the sweets in his mouth and swallowed hard without chewing.

"The sweets are delicious.”

“Ahaha. I made them myself. So please eat more.”

“Ah, yep!”

"So, about the bounty. Seo Tae-hyuk, who played a crucial role in catching him, will receive 100 million won. Of course, you won’t need to pay any taxes since it is a reward.”

One hundred million!

That was enough to get a decent home in the area.

Tae-hyuk received the bounty, but Kang-suk was the one who made a fuss.

“Wah Tae-hyuk! Amazing. 100 million won! Let’s see, with that money... You can get a 3LDK house!”

Tae-hyuk bowed with gratitude and opened his mouth.

It was lacking.

"Jung Yuri noona. I’m talking to the director of the Public Relations Support Team, not a family member of a victim.”


"The bounty money should be 200 million, not 100 million.”

"No, it is clearly 100 million per person...”

Jung Yuri stuttered due to her confusion. She had thought of him as a cute younger brother, and never imagined that he would insist on doubling the money like this.

"100 million per person is correct. But clearly, ‘we’ are two people. Surely there aren’t any restrictions on a detective receiving a reward? There clearly wasn’t one stated.”

"T-that is correct but...”

Normally, detectives didn’t receive rewards for catching criminals.

"Of course, the criminal was able to be caught due to my tip. However, he probably wouldn’t have been caught if it wasn’t for Kang-suk hyung. He believed in the report of a high school student and went to investigate. Kang-suk hyung also threw his body to catch the criminal when he was running. So, did I catch him alone?”


"Ah. I thought I was talking to a director of a big company. So let's look at it from the perspective of the Sungjin Group. Isn’t the Sungjin Group launching a new crime prevention business? Its concept is justice,which is why you put up bounties to catch criminals.”

"You actually know so much.”

"I accidentally heard the president talking.”

"Ah, Father.”

"At any rate, I don’t think it would harm a company to support a detective who caught a criminal. Kang-suk hyung is even appearing on this evening’s news as the detective who caught the criminal. If Kang-suk hyung receives the reward then it will be quite the picture. What do you think?”

Tae-hyuk stopped for a moment.

Jung Yuri was watching Tae-hyuk with wide eyes. Kang-suk was already half collapsed.

"The justice you have created. We will protect it with all our might.”

The detective who caught the criminal had the whole country in an uproar. This was including the big company that was supporting him.

It was a chance to completely change any negative image about the Sungjin Group.

The money spent on corporate image making every year was in the tens of billions of won.

When looking at that fact, 100 million wasn’t a large sum of money.

Tae-hyuk’s words were strangely persuasive.

"Could you please wait for a moment? I will contact my father.”

Jung Yuri's hands were shaking.

She picked up the intercom on the table and called someone.

“Ah, Father. This is Yuri. About the bounty for today? Because...”

Yuri explained for almost 10 minutes.

"Yes, I understand. Of course, I will fill out a report. Yes. A high school student... that’s right. I’m sure.”

After finishing the conversation, Jung Yuri slowly took a few deep breaths.

Then she smiled brightly and made the victory sign.


Kang-suk looked like he was going to cry.

He had unexpectedly gained 100 million won.

Tae-hyuk inwardly smiled with satisfaction.

Anyways, he had obtained a bounty of 100 million. It would be good to make the most of that, now that Kang-suk would completely become his protector.

He obtained a trustworthy person with someone else’s money.

'It is all thanks to Vice President-nim.’

The words he said about Jung Kwan-mok were half true.

Of course, Tae-hyuk had seen him when working as a security guard here.

Furthermore, it wasn’t now but 20 years ago that he went to eat jajangmyeon. The chef still boasted about serving the president of a large company.

The manner in which he managed to learn about the new business was a lie, because he actually had memories of the future.

Jung Yuri didn’t seem to have the personality to talk about her father’s mistakes.

In the first place, her title was exaggerated.

Her father had probably given it to her in order to protect her.

The evidence was that Tae-hyuk, who had been working here for two years, never saw her.



Kang-suk hugged Tae-hyuk so tightly that it felt like his bones were going to break.

"Hyung. I’m choking...”

“Brat. It is so touching. Really, thank you. 100 million, 100 million. I think I can get married if I have this much money!”

He would have to find a person first.

Tae-hyuk glanced at Kang-suk but didn’t say it.

"I'll contact you directly through the Gang-dong police station. Ah. You might have to do some interviews or CF shoots for corporate promotion."

"I’ll have to ask the chief first,but it will probably be a positive answer.”

"At any rate, congratulations Detective-nim. You have received 100 million won.”

"This is all thanks to my younger brother. Haha. Tae-hyuk!”

Kang-suk hugged Tae-hyuk, this time pounding him on the back as well.

[Robbery has been used.]

-You have succeeded in stealing the opponent’s belongings!


Tae-hyuk couldn’t resist crying out loud.

“...D-do you not like it?”

‘That's not it! The crime skill was triggered!’

Additionally, this time it succeeded without any failures.

Tae-hyuk searched through his pockets.

He touched a somewhat damp piece of cloth.

He took care not to be noticed by Kang-suk and Yuri while checking it.

His expression instantly became rotten.

‘Crazy. Panties!’

He managed to steal a piece of clothing that someone was wearing.

Robbery was scary!

Kang-suk started dancing without being aware that his underwear was gone.

It was the joy of winning a lottery.

In fact, Tae-hyuk was the same.

'100 million won, a jackpot! Yes. I should obtain a house so I can surprise Noona.’

Obviously, it would help Kang-suk as well.

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